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How To Resell Items On Amazon

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What Is Amazon Vendor Central

How To Start Reselling On Amazon FBA For Beginners (Step By Step)

Amazon Vendor Central is a simple selling tool that simplifies your life, eliminates headaches and reduces the amount of time you spend on other business tasks. This article shows you how you can quickly and easily sell your products on Amazon and earn a significant income. In the article you will learn about the best items to resell on Amazon.

Create An Inventory Strategy

One of the biggest mistakes resellers make is that they dont properly analyze their inventory levels. They assume that inventory levels dont matter as much for reselling as they do for private labeling.

But inventory is a foundation of the reselling business. A surplus of unsold goods can be intensely expensiveespecially if you are forced to liquidate for a lower cost than purchasing price. On the other hand, too few goods in inventory can leave you without products to sell to your customers. This can cause you to constantly spend time looking for new products and orders, which takes up time and resources.

Before you invest in reselling a specific product, youll want to forecast your sales and inventory based on competition, pricing, quality, and market need.

Key Differences Between Selling & Reselling On Amazon

If youre considering finding a reselling venue on Amazon, youll certainly want to know what makes your practice different from other brands on the platform. However, its hard to tell who are the resellers or sellers if you dont have an eye for it and experience.

So how do you spot a reseller? Do they all look the same? There are some significant differences between selling and reselling that will help you learn where the difference truly lies.

Difference #1: The Sold By Name Wont Match The Brands Name

The easiest way to spot an Amazon reseller is to look at the Sold By name listed on a products page. To find this information, you need to look in the Add to Cart area of the page. There will be two lines that say, Ship From and Sold by. If the Sold By name is not the same as the brand name youre purchasing from, it is being sold by a reseller. For example, the Nike socks shown below are Nike Brand but are sold by Fitline Supply.

Difference #2: No Specific Warranty Available On Reseller Products

Resellers do not typically carry any separate warranty for their products. Plus, if theyre not an authorized seller, the manufacturer warranty wont apply anyways. Check into the product description to see what type of warranty or guarantee they offer. If you cant find any answers, check the question area or reviews to determine if a warranty exists.

Difference #3: The Resellers Amazon Page Sells Multiple Products from Multiple Brands

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Tips To Resell Items On Amazon How To Resell Your Products On Amazon

Wondering how to resell item on Amazon?

It is very profitable selling on Amazon. The primary objective of listing your product or service on platforms like Amazon and eBay is to get eyeballs. The more eyeballs you get, the chances of your making a sale improve. This is true for both eBay and Amazon.

You will be surprised to know that people make decent money selling on both these sites. Selling on these sites is a privilege and if a merchant is offered the same, he should count himself lucky. This article will give you tips on how to resell products on Amazon. These tips will not make you rich overnight, however, if they are followed diligently, you are sure to create your own brand name on the site.

Find A Perfect Product For Reselling On Amazon

Reselling On Amazon FBA For Beginners

To start with, it is a good idea to get product samples from the manufacturer, test them and see if this is what you expect in terms of quality and functionality. The reason for this is that if you find a product, for instance, on eBay or Alibaba, the picture could essentially differ from what the item really looks like.

7 Tips to find a perfect wholesale product that sells on Amazon

  • Avoid items with extremely high competition
  • Select product with good margin
  • Avoid oversized, bulk, fragile, or too heavy items
  • Avoid extremely seasonal items

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Free Product Flipping Training

This post wouldnt be complete without a mention of my favorite Flea Market Flippers, Rob and Melissa Stephenson of Florida.

This husband and wife team consistently earn thousands of dollars a month by flipping items part-time, enough to support their family without getting a real job!

They put together this free online training on how to get started and make your first sales in as little as 2 weeks. Check it out to learn:

  • whether or not flipping items is a good fit for you
  • how flipping can lead to freedom and security
  • insider secrets on how to grow your flipping profits

Offer A Low Price On A High

High-competition products are hard to break into, but they have a proven track record of sales. Selling a popular product can help you get an influx of sales to your seller account, which quickly boosts your seller ranking and stats on Amazon.

But you wont get sales if youre up against a lot of competition, especially competitors that already have strong seller rankings and stats.

To overcome this, we recommend you offer a low price for these highly competitive products. This can help you stand out in the crowd and boost your sales. A lower price can help you win the Buy Box and attract value-driven customers who are ready to purchase.

However, there are some risks to this technique as well. Selling products at a low price can start to establish your business as a discount brand, attracting discount shoppers. This can make it harder for you to raise your prices in the future, and you likely wont gain the clientele that you want as you start to cultivate your business.

You also want to be aware of how this will impact your margins. You dont want to sell at too low a cost just to get a high number of sales, because this could actually cause you to lose money. This quickly adds up and can run your business into the ground.

How do you know if its a low-competition or high-competition product?

Search the ASIN on Amazon. You can see how many sellers are on that ASIN, which will give you a general idea of your competitors.

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Get The Money For Your Initial Investment

The number one thing youll need to get started in retail arbitrage is the money to invest in your first items for resale.

But if youre strapped for cash, you can turn to your own goods lying around the house to get started: kitchen appliances you rarely use , old DVDs and video games, clothes youve grown out of and furniture youre not in love with.

List it for sale on Craigslist or Facebook Marketplace . Once youve sold enough, you should have enough seed money to start your venture for real.

Power Browse Amazon Listings With A Chrome Extension

5 Places to Find Items to Resell on Amazon & Ebay

Another way to choose a hot selling product is to power browse Amazon listings by using a Google Chrome extension.

There are quite a few Google Chrome extensions that Amazon sellers use to research products and determine how well these products will sell on Amazon. Some of the top Chrome extensions include the following:

  • AMZ Base
  • AmazeOwl

When you use any of the Chrome extensions listed above, you can browse Amazon listings quickly and fully, determining what products should be on your sellers list. In addition to zoning in on the best sellers, you can compare product prices, mull over sales estimates, dive into revenue projections, and consider keyword insights.

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Different Types Of Amazon Restrictions

  • Brand restrictions Sometimes Amazon will restrict an entire brand for some sellers. Some examples might be Nike, Cuisinart, or Hasbro. In these cases either Amazon or the brand owner has decided that the entire brand needs to be protected on Amazon, and you will need approval to sell that brand.
  • Category restrictions Sometimes Amazon will restrict an entire category for some sellers. In the past such categories as Clothing, Shoes, Grocery, and Beauty have been restricted categories, and you would need to either be grandfathered in or apply for approval in these categories. At times Amazon will suddenly begin gating a category for new sellers, and at other times they will suddenly ungate the category for all sellers.
  • Subcategory restrictions Sometimes Amazon will leave an overall category ungated, but they will gate certain subcategories within the main category. You might be ungated in a main category but gated in a subcategory. You would need to get approval for the subcategory before you can sell items within that subcategory. One example is that you might be approved to sell in Toys & Games, but not approved for Building Block Toys or Learning Game Toys.
  • ASIN restrictions Sometimes Amazon will restrict specific individual ASINs and will require approval before a seller can list that particular ASIN for sale.

There may be other types of selling restrictions that come up, but the ones Ive listed above are the main ones that impact most FBA sellers.

How Much Does It Cost To Sell Items On Amazon

Amazon offers two plans for sellers a paid monthly subscription plan for those planning to sell more than 40 items a month , and a per-item plan for those who plan to sell fewer than 40 items a month .

Depending on which plan you choose, you can expect to pay somewhere between 99 cents per item sold, plus fees and $39.99 a month, plus fees:

  • Per-item fee: Applies to Individual plan 99 cents per item sold
  • Monthly fee: Professional plan only $39.99 a month
  • Referral fees: Applies to both plans amount varies by product category
  • Closing fees: Applies to both plans $1.80 per media item sold

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Best Items To Resell On Amazon

  • Post author

In this article we show you how the best items to resell on Amazon works, step by step. You will learn the advantages and disadvantages to the Best items to resell on Amazon and using Amazon as a selling and drop shipping platform.

Online sales of new and used merchandise is exploding right now. Recently, many small business owners have begun to buy and re-sell items on platforms such as Shopify, eBay and Amazon. Online selling platforms drive lots of traffic and business to a single website through powerful search engines. As a result, selling bulk items on these websites can be a lucrative way to make money. In this article we explain what the best selling items on eBay right now are and how to run an e-commerce business.

According to the , there are many best selling items on Amazon right now. They include things like electronics, toys and clothing.

Make Reselling On Amazon All About Your Brand

How I Find Easy Products to Resell on Amazon FBA with ...

A cookie-cutter product without a story to tell is just another gadget that will end up in the drawer in just a few days, never to be seen again. You have to make reselling all about the brand story.

Telling a story with your products is an easy way to connect with your customers. Good product stories tend to follow a comfortable or familiar pattern. These types of mental shortcuts help our brain to cut out extra thinking. Plus, good stories will impact a customer intellectually and emotionally to make them pay attention.

The Storybrand framework is an excellent method to follow when crafting your brands story. In seven short steps, you can create a memorable branding experience for your customers.

If the idea of building premium branded experiences sounds like too much work, you can always contact a professional Amazon marketing agency, such as Sunken Stone. Sunken stone will help optimize your reseller Amazon account by using reseller best practices to save time and money on Amazon and provide success to your brand in the reseller world.

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‘i Watched Videos On Youtube’

Hayden has taken a lot of inspiration from other young entrepreneurs he’s learned from online over the years. When he was in middle school, Hayden says, “I watched videos on YouTube about other people who sell candy. And then I did it myself.”

As he got older, he became interested in e-commerce and again went online to learn about what he calls “textbook business concepts like gross revenue versus profit margin differential advantage over other companies.”

“It’s definitely a lot of learning that you can do online in terms of starting your business.”

As far as learning goes, Hayden also still has his final year of high school to look forward to. He says that the hours per day that he spends focused on his business has forced him to “to learn a lot about prioritization and organization with my time” , but admits that it’s still been hard to maintain an active social life.

“I’ve definitely had to put some plans on hold.”

Hayden does have time to think about the future, though. He’s hoping to lease a large commercial space that can serve as an exclusive warehouse for his business. But, Hayden also plans to attend college and wants to major in management information systems “because it kind of takes the world of data and computer science and merges it with the business world,” he says.

Additional reporting contributed by Sunny Kim

The Issue Of Shipping

Since I have a short time-frame for this experiment, I choose mail to sellers directly. It’s not terribly cost effective and it takes my total profit down to about $35.

Grant, on the other hand, is working at a larger scale–but he says even a part-timer can do this.

Grant buys as many of an item as he can and sends it all to an Amazon warehouse. They do the shipping to individual customers. Its what that phrase fulfillment by Amazon means next to an item. It saves him the hassle of shipping, but he factors 50 cents per pound in cost on every item he has to bulk-mail to the Amazon warehouse.

Individual sellers like me can mail directly to customers, but theres a lot of postage costs that Amazon can even out at its scale. Its this fulfillment by Amazon that Grant says makes the business viable in ways it wasnt in the past by using eBay or Craigslist.

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To Make Money On Amazon Or Any Business You Need Certain Things

Before you even start to have visions of handfuls of cash coming your way, you need a few things checked off the checklist in order to make money on Amazon or with any business:

  • A sufficient gross margin
  • Determine your overall startup costs
  • Figure out your break even point
  • Forecast your revenue
  • Implement performance-based marketing based on revenue projections
  • You have to move inventory-if you dont move the inventory youll lose money due to product costs and storage fees

How Much Can You Earn Selling On Amazon

How to make money on Amazon reselling new products

Exactly how much you can earn selling on Amazon is up to you and how much you want to commit to growing your business. Selling on Amazon can be a great side hustle where you sell items here and there to make some extra cash. Or you can go full time and sell professionally. For instance, a seller who focuses on baby items might build an entire brand out of it, designing and sourcing items, and signing up for FBA to warehouse inventories of thousands of items.

According to Jungle Scout, an Amazon selling tool, most Amazon sellers make at least $1,000 per month in sales. Some super-sellers, however, make upwards of $250,000 each month in sales.

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You Dont Consider How Long It Takes To Ship Items

For many consumers, time is of the essence. If someone purchases a buy box from you for a low price that unfortunately takes a long time to arrive, the price factor goes out of the window.

As an Amazon reseller, you need to keep time in mind because your goal should be to offer the best value items that you possibly can and have them delivered as quickly as possible.

What To Sell On Amazon Fba

Regarding what to sell on , its crucial to remember that its a price-drivenmarketplace. This means that people visit the website to find the best deal. Thus, your products must be attractive to your target audience and often in a particular price range.

When selling on Amazon FBA, the criteria for the products you choose to sell remain the same as when you sell on Amazon and manage and ship orders yourself.

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How Reselling Works On Amazon

If you want to be a successful reseller on Amazon, using FBA is the way to go. The FBA program offers advanced and cost-effective ways to reach millions of customers through Prime.

Though FBA costs you money to pick, pack, refund, and handle returns, a reseller can manage these costs and would be able to make decent profits.

You just need a few documents, items in the inventory, and listings in place to start selling on Amazon. However, competition on Amazon is cutthroat. If you want to successfully sell on Amazon, you need more than just that.

Choose Your Product Carefully

How To Sell On Amazon FBA For Beginners

There are two approaches to consider here:

  • Sell products with proven success and high competition.
  • Sell products with no proven success and low competition.

If you are a newbie, then B is your go-to option even though success is unproven. A level of product research is, of course, required as there is a risk. There may be a reason why no resellers are listing the product yet, for example, it may not be in-demand, or profit margins may be small.

Still, it is also an opportunity to immediately win the Buy Box and improve your visibility. The Buy Box is the box on the right side of the Amazon product detail page, where customers add items to their basket. It can help you firmly establish yourself as a top seller in your chosen category without the worry of competition more on this later.

Option A should be considered if you have some experience with reselling and already have a strong seller rank, although you will run the risk of much lower profit margins.

Top Tip: To discover whether a product has high or low competition, search for it on Amazon using its ASIN . This is found within Additional Information on the bottom right of the listing, and then look at the total number of sellers listing under that ASIN.

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