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How To Revise Feedback On Amazon

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When Choosing The Condition Of A Product Round Down Not Up

how to leave or remove a feedback on amazon

If you have a book and you think its condition is somewhere between very good and good condition, round down and list the book as good. Buyers can be very picky and if they think they are ordering a book in very good condition but get a book they believe is only in good condition, you might get a negative review for the order. Remember, people grade items differently, so its best to play it safe. Plus, if someone orders an item in good condition, but then gets it and thinks its in very good condition, then it is much more likely youll get a positive feedback rating.

Create And Optimize Messages To Be Most Effective

Its hard to know which messages will get the best results. Sometimes a simple tweak to a subject line can dramatically increase an emails open rate. But you cant know unless you test.;Try both methods to see what works.

With;A/B testing, you can systematically determine which messages deliver the best open rates and most conversions.;These message analytics provide a wealth of data to help you reach more people and inspire them to leave seller feedback and product reviews.;

Deliver Proactive Customer Service at Just the Right Time

One important factor to test is your messages timing. For Buyer-Seller Messaging and Request a Review to be most effective,;emails need to reach buyers at the right times.;

For example, if the product requires assembly, the buyer might need additional instructions. In this case, you might use Buyer-Seller Messaging to send a PDF with directions. But you wouldnt want that message to arrive at the moment that the order is placed. Youd most likely want the message sent as soon as the package has been marked as delivered. Sending timely messages will increase your star rating as a seller or for your product.

Amazon Product Reviews Frequently Asked Questions

Did you know Amazon provides a list of frequently asked questions on their product reviews help page?; Some of these you will be familiar with such as youre not allowed to ask for a positive review or offer an incentive in exchange for a review. Some of the other questions and answers that you may be less familiar with are detailed below.

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Can A Buyer Change Their Review After An Issue With A Product Is Resolved

Yes. Buyers can change their reviews at any time. However, you may not ask buyers to change their reviews.

Amazon states that buyers do not have to remove a review if an issue with a product is resolved and sellers are not allowed to ask buyers to change or remove reviews.

What can you do?

If the product review does not comply with , you can ask Amazon to delete it. Just click on the Report abuse link below the review and report it.

If you want to respond to a review, you can comment on it and your comment must comply with the;Community Guidelines.

Responding to a product review can a good way to learn more about the customers concerns which be useful for future sales. Commenting can also show that you offer excellent customer sserviceand care about the customer experience.

Best case scenario, the customer reconsiders and removes or edits his negative product review.

How To Leave Packaging Feedback On Amazon

how to leave or remove a feedback on amazon

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Amazon packages sometimes come in nice, correctly sized boxes, but sometimes they come in large boxes with no packing material to keep them from sliding around. Formerly, Amazon offered a one-click path to leaving package feedback through your “orders” menu, but now offer a different process. If the content was packaged and shipped by Amazon, this is the way to let them know about problems.

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What You Should Consider

The most important thing you should be aware of reviews on Amazon is the position they are placed on your Amazon page.

There are two things you should note here:

  • Ensure that the complaint is about your product and not the service. For example, a review might say it took 2 weeks for the product to get to me. Thats a fault by Amazon and they will remove such negative reviews from your account.
  • If its a genuine negative review related to your product, theres not much you can do since it wont be removed by Amazon. However, you can ensure its not very visible on your page.
  • The first thing you should do when someone has a problem with your product is to refund them, as you dont want to risk getting them more upset.

    If they submit an email to you complaining about the product, you should write back saying that were willing to offer you a full refund and you can keep the product.

    When you do that youre practicing good customer service.

    Even though you may end up losing money on the product, you will at least not have a disgruntled customer leaving a negative review on your Amazon page.

    Chapter Iicommunicating With Amazon Buyers: The Dos And Donts Of Messaging

    Many sellers wrongly believe that Amazon no longer allows them to ask buyers for seller feedback and product reviews. The marketplace has certainly cracked down on incentivized reviews in recent years. However, sellers can and should pursue feedback and reviews for every order they just need to do it in compliance with;.

    Unfortunately, Amazon compliance is much easier said than done. To keep up with Amazons continual refinement of its messaging policy, we keep our;Communications Policy Changes article up to date, but here are some basic dos and do nots.

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    How To Edit My Amazon Negative Reviews

    Product reviews on Amazon can have a major impact on the buying decisions of potential customers. A product with a high number of product reviews can lead potential buyers to purchase with confidence while a handful of negative reviews could leave that same buyer searching for another option. Understanding how to edit negative Amazon reviews is important for both buyers and sellers on Amazon.

    Amazon Reviews Vs Feedback

    How to Remove Negative Feedback on Amazon

    Customers can leave both reviews and feedback. This is often confused and considered one and the same, but its important to know the difference to keep your account healthy.


    • Should be based on the quality and perhaps value for money
    • Detached from the business that sold the product


    • About the customer service displayed by seller
    • Likely to be influenced by any communication received and convenience of delivery
    • Detached from the products being sold, unless the condition is substandard

    Customers are usually emailed by Amazon post-transaction with a request to leave feedback and a review. Responses to these requests are shockingly low .

    Only the feedback should be important to you, unless youre selling private label products. Reviews arent associated with your account at all.

    Customers have the ability to leave a public comment with their feedback, giving sellers an understanding of why they may be happy or dissatisfied with their services, and help other shoppers gauge how trustworthy the seller is. Sellers then have the ability to respond to the feedback, whether positive or negative.

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    Last Resort If You Fail To Remove Amazon Feedback

    For instances where the customer refuses to work with you then your last resort would be to leave a merchant response below the bad review. Leave an explanation as the seller addressing the customers concern.

    This way other customers will see that you did try to resolve the issue in that particular scenario.

    Do this only if you have tried your best to resolve the customers concern and the customer is still not responding. Leave an explanation that will shed light on the cause of the issue and the solution that you provided.

    Your seller rating will still be affected, but at least your reputation as a reputable Amazon seller will not be too damaged. Again it is critical to provide remarkable customer service at the beginning of the sales experience; this will help prevent a customer from being non-responsive.

    A simple email to let the customer know that you are excited to get their order out to them at the same time letting them know to contact you immediately if a problem arises with their order.

    Proactively being approachable is a great way to prevent any possible negative feedback.

    Think Twice About Selling An Item In Acceptable Condition

    I almost never sell an item that I think is in acceptable condition. Just like I wrote above, different people grade items differently, and what I think might be acceptable, someone else might see as completely unacceptable. Even if you provide the buyer with the most detailed condition notes describing exactly what the items faults are, they probably wont remember when they get the item days later and are more likely to post negative feedback on your account.

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    How To Ask A Customer To Remove Negative Feedback On Amazon

    In this quick, but super handy blog post Im going to give you a free and effective email template for if youre wondering how to ask a customer to remove negative feedback on Amazon.

    So lets get into it

    Someone has left you a negative customer review on your listing and its affecting sales. This could be due to a problem with your product, your listing communication, or youve just been unlucky enough to have sold to an unreasonable or cranky customer .

    What should you do?

    Ill assume you are going to do the usual due diligence by quickly identifying and rectifying any issues with your product with the help of your supplier, and pre-empting any issues in your listing copy .

    But first you need to urgently stop the leak!

    Asking a customer to remove their negative feedback can be an effective way to solve the problem, if only while you fix any bigger issues.

    Heres a template for the email and how you could potentially turn the problem around to your advantage

    How To Revise Feedback

    How to Remove Amazon Seller Feedback Negative Ratings and ...

    After reaching out to a customer who was initially dissatisfied, this customer has asked me to provide her instructions for how to revise feedback. Praise be!

    However, I have never had the occasion to revise feedback from the buyers side, and I want to get this exactly right. How would you explain to a customer exactly how to do this?

    Cant ReviseBut Can Cancel Old Feedbackas far as I know there is no Re-Do.

    Buyers no longer have the option to revise feedback but they can remove it all together

    +To remove third-party seller feedback:++Do one of the following:+± Go to Your Submitted Feedback .+± Go to Your Account and click Seller Feedback Submitted by You under Personalization.++Click Remove link next to the feedback you would like to remove.+

    Buyers cannot revise feedback. They can remove their feedback. Send them this link:

    Buyer can only remove the fb, theres no way to revise fb.

    Edited by: trg911 on Jun 17, 2015 1:21 PM

    Can a buyer revise the star rating?

    So if Im understanding correctly, the Remove box makes both the comment and the star rating go away. . .?


    There is no way for a buyer to change the Star rating, or the feedback they have given. The only option is to have them remove the feedback. If this is a negative rating, then it would be adventageous to have them remove it so it does not affect your metrics.

    So if Im understanding correctly, the Remove box makes both the comment and the star rating go away. . .?

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    Mitigating Risk Of Buyer

    How do you get product reviews AND avoid incurring restrictions on my Amazon seller messaging privileges? Follow the rules. Many Amazon sellers get restricted from Buyer-Seller Messaging for 30 days when they dont.

    Admittedly,;;are lengthy and confusing. They are subject to change and Amazon does not hesitate to make frequent changes, often without notifying sellers.;At the end of the day, its your responsibility to keep up with Amazons guidelines because;a 30-day Buyer-Seller Messaging restriction is not likely to be overturned nor is it worth the time it will take you to try.

    What to Do When You Are Restricted from Amazon Buyer-Seller Messaging for 30 Days

  • Stay calm, remember that its just 30 days. While you will be temporarily unable to use Buyer-Seller Messaging, still able to get unsolicited seller feedback and product reviews.
  • Switch to using Request a Review.;While it is more limited than Buyer-Seller Messaging, Request a Review is effective and still available to you even when restricted from Buyer-Seller Messaging.
  • Audit your messages;and make sure that everything is compliant so that you dont receive another restriction for the same infraction. If you find a violation, rectify it immediately. If you see nothing wrong, reread the Amazon Communications Guidelines just to make sure you didnt miss any points or updates.
  • Always be up-to-date on the latest industry news and best practices.

    Connect with Seller;Labs

    What Does The Request A Review Email Look Like

    We received Amazons Request a Review email four days after purchasing fundraising bracelets from the online store. This is what we received:

    Along with the links at the bottom of the email, two clickable 5-star graphics take buyers to their Amazon account where they can leave both a star-rating and a review. And above those, the copy of the email reads:

    Did your recent Amazon order meet your expectations? Review it on Amazon

    Your opinion matters!

    Seller Scott Berget Designs requests you to share your experience for your recent order with other Amazon shoppers. Please take a moment to review your recent Amazon purchase.

    Bontog Four-Pack Cancer Research Bracelets with Signature Stainless Steel Charm. Adjustable from 6 to 11 for Men, Women, Children. Waterproof Nylon.

    Aside from the title of the product purchased, the email offers no customer-personalization. This is likely to ensure that all review requests contain the same information: the sellers name, the products title, and a link to the shoppers Amazon account.

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    Amazon Feedback Removal Request

    Getting that nasty review removed from your seller page could be as simple as asking Amazon to remove it for you.

    As long as the customer feedback violates the guidelines Amazon has in place regarding customer feedback, then you have a chance of getting the review deleted. Double check the details of the review and alert Amazon if the feedback contains any of the following:

    • Curse words, obscenity or any profanity.
    • Any personal information such as full names, email addresses or telephone numbers.
    • If the entire feedback is a product review, then it may be deleted by Amazon. Take note that customer feedback with only partial product reviews does not qualify to be removed.
    • Contains URL links to different websites or other merchants.

    In case the feedback you received falls under any of these categories, then you can submit an Amazon feedback removal request for the bad review.

    Editing My Amazon Reviews As A Seller

    How to edit/delete an Amazon review

    Amazon goes to great lengths to protect the integrity of its product reviews. This means that as long as a review doesnt violate any of , it is unlikely that the site will agree to remove it. Amazon also protects each customers right to leave honest and fair reviews and does not allow sellers to ask buyers to remove negative reviews.

    These rules may leave you feeling powerless as an Amazon seller, but there are steps that you can take to mitigate the effects of negative reviews. Here are some important Dos and Donts when it comes to combating negative reviews on Amazon as a seller.

    DO: Respond to the review in a professional manner

    In many cases, great customer service can go a long way in resolving the problem. FeedbackWhiz offers 24/7 product monitoring that will notify you every time that you receive a neutral or negative review on one of your products.

    Respond as quickly as possible. Dont be defensive or confrontational; instead, apologize for your customers dissatisfaction and offer a solution to the problem, such as advice on a problem they might be having or instructions on how to make a free return. Your professionalism and customer care could prompt an unhappy customer to remove or edit their negative review due to you turning their experience into a positive one. But even if the negative review remains, future potential buyers navigating reviews will see that you care about your customers.

    DONT: Contact the buyer to edit or remove their review

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    Amazon Has Rules Of Its Own

    Before we talk further and explain how to remove review on Amazon, we must understand this.

    Its considered a good policy to deal with negative reviews immediately but you should also have knowledge about the rules set by Amazon.

    There are three main rules that all sellers must follow if they want to deal with negative reviews or even if they want to learn how to get reviews on Amazon. These are as follows:

    Amazon Early Reviewer Program

    A more affordable alternative to Amazon Vine is the . It asks customers who have already bought a product to give honest feedback about that product in exchange for a small reward .

    The program is meant to help products with few or no reviews acquire some early reviews that help future shoppers. Just like with the Vine program, sellers are prohibited from having any contact with the reviewers to prevent them from influencing the review.

    You have to be enrolled in before you can join the Early Reviewer Program, which you can learn more about here. Once you enroll, you will gain access to the Early Reviewer Program portal in the Seller Central dashboard. The portal is under the Advertising tab.

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