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How To Rotate Screen On Amazon Fire Tablet

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Tools For Replacing A Tablet Display

how to turn on/off auto rotate on amazon fire tablet

As well as a replacement display, youll need to buy the right tools to fix your tablet—assuming you dont already have them.

Typically, that will include:

  • Plastic plectrum
  • Optional suction cup to help position the display

Youll often get some of these tools included with your replacement display. However, the quality varies, and theres no guarantee theyll fit your tablet. If you find thats the case, then you should look to buy better tools separately. Toolkits for opening phones and tablets can be found online for a few dollars.

For most tablets, youre also going to need a heat gun to get the screen and the back casing off. Its common for them to be glued in place, and warming that glue makes it possible to unstick it.


Youll also need to replace the glue. There are specialist glues you can use for this purpose, but other adhesives may work as well. Just dont use anything brittle like superglue or weak like wood glue. In a pinch, double-sided tape will work, but only short-term.

Finally, make sure you wear safety goggles. When youre removing the display from your tablet, the glass may shatter, sending debris flying.

How To Enable Or Disable Kindle

You won’t find this option anywhere in the settings. Fortunately, it’s hiding in plain sight.

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As you probably know, you don’t need a Kindle to read Kindle e-books. You need only the Kindle app, which is available for Android and iOS devices, among others.

And if you’ve ever plunked down in bed or on the couch to read something, you’ve probably discovered that the screen will automatically rotate between portrait and landscape orientations depending on how you hold your phone or tablet. This can be useful, or it can be a huge hassle — especially if you move around a lot and don’t want the screen constantly shifting back and forth.

Fortunately, it’s a simple matter to disable screen rotation in the Kindle app — and enable it again should the need arise. The process is the same on both Android and iOS devices.

Step one: Run the app, then load any book.

Step two: Tap the lower right corner of the screen. You should see a little padlock icon.

What’s more, this toggle appears nowhere in the Kindle app’s settings, so I don’t blame you if you’ve been tearing your hair out trying to find it. Amazon hid it in plain sight.

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Recovering Your Uninstalled Apps

If the apps arent the reason why your rotation stopped working, you can recover them. If you dont remember the apps names anymore, you can see them using your Google Play app. Tap the hamburger icon to look at the options.

Once youre there, go to My Apps & Games and pick the Library tab. There, youll see a list of all the apps you uninstalled. Just tap on the Install button to re-install them.

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Opening A Broken A Tablet

Although it varies per model, you normally have to remove the back from your tablet before you can even begin to take off the broken display.

If youre lucky, this is a simple case of pulling off the back or using your spudgers to pry it away. Unfortunately, most tablets these days are glued together—front and back. There are some signs that manufacturers are open to making their devices more repairable, but there’s still a lot of work to be done in this area.

If your tablet’s back case is glued on, youll need to carefully warm the casing around the edges using your heat gun. Then you need to push your spudgers between the back case and the body of the tablet to break the glue and get them apart.

When youve gained access to the insides of your tablet, you will probably have to remove most, if not all, of the components before you can safely take the screen off. That usually means the battery, the motherboard, cameras, various other cables, the power switch, and the display itself.

When disconnecting any cables, use your plastic tools to do it gently. Never exert unnecessary force, because you could easily break something.

How To Navigate The Fire Interface

For Amazon Kindle Fire HD 8 7th Generation 2017 Rotating Case Cover ...

Navigating your Amazon Fire tablet is slightly different than other tablets you may have used before, but it’s simple to understand.

One of the first things you might notice about the lock screen and login screens is they are essentially ads . If this bothers you, you can pay to remove these ads by opening your Amazon Account menu, opening Content & Devices, finding your tablet, selecting Remove offers, and then selecting End Offers and Pay the Fee.

  • Once you’ve logged in, you’ll see a home screen with three menu items at the top. The Home menu is the default and it’s where you’ll find all of the apps installed on your Amazon Fire tablet.

  • Similar to other tablets, if you swipe down from the top of the tablet screen, you’ll see Quick Settings icons that let you enable or disable certain tablet features. These include brightness, wireless, airplane mode, blue shade , do not disturb, Bluetooth, low power mode, auto-rotate, Alexa hands-free, and show mode.

  • Navigating across multiple open apps is very simple on the Amazon Fire tablet. You just need to swipe left or right across the tablet screen. This will slide the display across all of your open apps. Just stop swiping when you find the open app you want to use, and tap the app you want to use to switch back to full screen.

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    Launching Set Orientation On Amazon Fire Tv

    You can launch Set Orientation now from the notification box in the lower right-hand corner of the screen. Otherwise, exit Downloader and go back to the home screen.

    If you didnt launch it right away, you can find Set Orientation in the Your Apps & Channels tab.

    After launching the app, youll get a message telling you that the app was built for an older version of Android and may not work correctly.

    As I mentioned earlier, this app was created back in 2015 right around the time the first FireTV came out.

    Ive been able to use it without any issues on my FireStick, but just be aware that it may not work on every app.

    Go ahead and to continue.

    The main screen of the app has a single drop-down box for its one setting.

    Click the down arrow on the box to continue.

    I recommend choosing the Automatic setting. That lets Set Orientation decide how to rotate the screen for each app. In most cases, it wont do anything at all. However, itll automatically take over when it needs to.

    Set Screen Lock Orientation On Fire Hd

    First, put your Fire HD in the orientation you want it either portrait or landscape. Then swipe from the top of the screen down to bring up the menu screen. Then tap on the Auto-Rotate button.

    Thats all there is to it. You will see a lock icon on the Auto-Rotate button and the screen will stay in place. To unlock the screen tap the Auto-Rotate button again.

    When youre watching a movie or playing a game, it will automatically stay in its default orientation, so you wont need to worry about locking the screen when doing certain activities on the tablet.

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    Disable Screen Rotation On Kindle Fire Hd

    The Kindle Fire HD has Screen Rotation enabled by default. If youre reading a book or browsing the web it can be annoying. Heres how to turn it on or off.

    The Kindle Fire HD has a screen rotation feature enabled by default. The screen will automatically flip to landscape or portrait view depending on how you hold it. If youre reading a book or browsing the web, it can be annoying heres how to turn it on or off.

    How To Rotate Your Android Tv/fire Stick Screen To Landscape

    How to Disable Screen Rotation – Amazon Fire Tablet #shorts

    By: Author Tim Wells

    One of the issues with sideloading an app designed for your Android smartphone on to your Android TV or FireStick is that it doesnt always look like it should.

    Sometimes the screen is rotated into portrait mode when you need it in landscape mode. Other times, the orientation is stretched out across the screen, making it difficult to read. Occasionally the app will display sideways and the screen wont rotate no matter what you try.

    I came across this problem while writing a tutorial on how to install TikTok on an Android TV and FireStick.

    When I installed it on my FireStick, the app was sideways, so I couldnt use it. On my Mi Box Android TV, the app was right-side-up. However it stretched all the text and pictures to fit landscape mode.

    So I did a little research and found an app that will automatically rotate any apps so they look great on your Android TV or FireStick screen.

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    How To Add Apps

    The Amazon Fire tablet comes preinstalled with a number of apps and services that let you use the internet, watch and listen to media, and much more. However, you can easily install new apps from the Amazon Appstore app.

  • Another thing you may notice is most standard apps installed on other common tablets like Android or iPad are missing from this one. Instead of Google apps or Apple apps, you’ll see a collection of Amazon apps.

  • The Amazon Fire tablet also comes pre-installed with a number of utilities, including clock, calendar, calculator, and even maps.

    None of these utilities are anywhere near as feature-filled as similar Google or Apple apps.

  • You can add additional apps to your Amazon Fire tablet by opening the Amazon Appstore app. You’ll find apps you can install across numerous categories by selecting the Categories tab. The Home tab provides featured apps, the Videos tab is focused on Amazon video content, Family lists child-friendly apps, Best Sellers are the most popular apps, and For You are apps related to the apps you’ve already installed.

  • Just tap the app you want and select the GET button to install that app.

  • Keep in mind that even popular apps like Facebook or Twitter are vastly scaled-back versions of the same app you might be used to using on other mobile devices. These are very simple and often miss basic features. For example, the Google Drive app lacks the ability to create new folders or filesâonly viewing is available.

  • Sharing A Screenshot On Social Media Or Through Email

    Of course, if youre looking for a way to share your unedited photos, that doesnt require any additional apps from the Amazon Appstore. You have two ways to share your screenshots from your tablet. The first is to open your notification tray and to select the share icon on the bottom of your notification. This will open a basic sharing interface that will allow you to share to system and user-installed applications.

    You can email your photo, share over Facebook or Twitter, print your images using the Amazon Fires print service, or share the image with another device over Bluetooth.

    You can also open Prime Photos on your device to view the full collection of your images you have saved, as we previewed above when adding photos to edit from the app. Select the image you want to view, then tap the share icon.

    Tapping the share icon will load the same dialogue box pictured above, but within the Photos app itself, enabling you to send it to other users of the Photos app. This is useful if you accidentally swiped the notification away from your device, but still want to share your screenshot.

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    How Do I Change My Kindle App From Landscape To Portrait

    The process is the same on both Android and iOS devices.

  • Step one: Run the app, then load any book.
  • Step two: Tap the lower right corner of the screen. You should see a little padlock icon.
  • Step three: While it’s still visible, tap that icon to toggle between locked and unlocked settings.
  • Dec 2, 2013

    Auto Rotate For Older Kindle Fire Models MoKo Case for All
  • Go to the op bar and then tap the Locked/Unlocked option to toggle the setting.
  • When it says Unlocked, screen rotation is enabled. Now kindle screen will auto rotate.
  • When it says Locked, screen rotation is disabled. Kindle fire screen will not rotate.
  • My Kindle Fire is not rotating automatically as of today. I double-checked my drop-down menu settings, and they are all set to auto rotate. It is also configured to rotate contents of screen when device is rotated, which I discovered while looking at display options. Ive tried putting it into safe mode and hard rebooting it twice without success. Its still not working. Do you have any suggestions for things I might try? I truly dont want to go through with a factory reset.

    The first thing you want to do is check to see if it is locked before proceeding. Tap on the little Settings symbol in the upper right corner of the screen, and you should be able to see a button that allows you to lock and unlock the screen position. See what happens when you unlock it.

    Is it seeming to be shut down for all apps, or only certain of them? It is possible that certain programmes have been configured with a locked screen or that they have their own rotation settings. If an app is structured to only operate in one screen orientation, there is nothing you can do to change it.

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    How To Install Set Orientation On Android Tv

    To start the process, open up the Downloader App. If this is your first time using it, you can check out my tutorial here to get you up and running quickly.

    The Home tab of the Downloader App has a search bar. There you can enter in the exact URL of the page you want to go to, or a search term.

    In this case, well be searching for the Set Orientation APK. Enter that in the search bar and .

    That will open Downloaders integrated browser and search Google for us. Here we can see the top results are from APKPure and APKMirror, which is what we want.

    It doesnt matter which site you choose. Both will take you to their download pages for Set Orientation 1.1.4. For this walkthrough, Im going to click on APKPure.

    Once you get to APKPure, youll see the button near the top of the screen. Click on it to start the installation process.

    The APK file for Set Orientation is only 114 KB, so the process should only take a few seconds. If the installation process doesnt start automatically, on this pop-up box.

    Set Orientation only requires one permission to work. to continue.

    Once the installation has finished, delete the APK file to free up space on your Android TV.

    Taking A Screenshot On Your Fire Tablet

    If youre coming primarily from an Apple iOS lifestyle, it may not be immediately clear how to take a screenshot of something on your phone without first having access to the home button.

    Android users are used to a different style of taking screenshots, which doesnt involve using the home button. Android phones typically use three virtual keys along the bottom of the display for their navigation.

    Amazons Fire tablets, which run software based on Android, are no different, using identical virtual home keys thatwont allow you to take a screenshot. Instead, you use the physical keys on your device to capture your screen, just like any Android device.

    The Fire tablet power key is typically on the right side of the top of the device, while the volume rocker is off to the left. Android often includes the buttons on the side.

  • To take a screenshot, ensure your tablet is on the app or webpage you would like to capture.
  • Press the volume down button first, but you need to act fast when tapping the power button, almost as if you pressed both simultaneously. This procedure helps reduce the power off scenario when the Power button somehow registers first. A camera or chime sound gets played and the screen flashes to confirm the capture.
  • A quick preview gets displayed followed by animation pushing the photo to the top of your screen. If you swipe down from the top of the display to open the notification tray, youll see a notification that reads Screenshot captured.
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    Editing And Sharing A Screenshot On Your Fire Tablet

    Once youve captured your screenshot, you may want to edit or share the photo with others. Editing functions represent everything from adjusting the picture to cropping out parts of the image. Sharing functions typically represent posting the content to your favorite social networks or sending the photo to a friend in an email or message.

    Your Amazon Fire tablet does both editing and sharing, though youll need a dedicated app to start editing your screenshots. Lets dive into both.

    Is It Worth Trying To Replace A Broken Tablet Screen

    Fire 7 Kids Edition Tablet: How to ‘Auto Rotate (Turn Side Ways)

    While its usually possible to replace a broken tablet screen, its not always easy. Whether its worth it depends largely on how much a replacement display will cost you, compared to the price of just buying a new tablet.

    While you might enjoy the challenge, fixing your own electronic devices is always going to be a risk. Its usually much cheaper than buying a new tablet or paying a repair shop, but if you get it wrong, then its money down the drain.

    The most important thing is to do your research before you start. If its too expensive or beyond your abilities to fix your tablet yourself, its best to find out sooner rather than later.

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