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How To Search Items Sold By Amazon

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Getting Started: Choose A Top


So from the Amazon homepage, you have to choose a category to start your searching. Once youve got a category, for this example its Garden & Outdoor then just type the negative key plus any random set of numbers. Your input should look something like, -53453, now you just click search.

Your search should look like:

After youve hit search, and youre now in that category, click on your product finder tool to launch it. Youll see that it will start pulling up all the top-selling products in that category on Amazon.

From here you can begin setting the five filters which are required to find the .

How To Convert Your Items To Fulfillment By Amazon Items

I know what youre thinking, Why do I need to convert my items to FBA items if I just selected them to be fulfilled by Amazon?. This just gives you the option to use Amazon FBA. You dont have to use FBA for every item you sell. There are some items that cant be shipped through Amazon FBA either. Therefore, you need to go into your account and manually select which items you want to fulfill through Amazon FBA.

To do this, go to the Inventory tab in your Seller Central homepage and click Manage Inventory. From here youll want to select the Actions drop down for each produce and select Change to Fulfilled by Amazon.

Please note: Once converted, your listings will be temporarily removed from until the inventory has been received at Amazons fulfillment center. So, you must finish the entire process to list and sell your items through Amazon FBA.

Once you change your inventory to Fulfilled by Amazon, youll be asked about two preferences:

  • FBA Label Service
  • Stickerless, Commingled Inventory
  • If youre selling new items, you can use stickerless, commingled inventory. This means that Amazon will commingle your inventory with other sellers matching units. If someone orders from you, Amazon might ship a matching unit that is actually from a different seller, but in warehouse closer to the customer. This allows Amazon to ship items faster for better customer service.

    In my case, I accepted this because I was not selling anything new.

    How Can You Find Out Of Stock Products On Amazon

    Heres how:

  • On, enter in the search bar the item you are looking for .
  • Scroll through the first few pages of results to see if you can find your item.
  • If you cant find it, scroll up to the top of the page and pick a category to narrow your search results. Pick the most likely category.
  • After you pick a category, a new search button will appear on the left column. Near the bottom of the Show Results For section, you can click the button for Include Out of Stock.
  • Now you can scroll through the results again and see the items that are both in and out of stock. The out of stock items will not have a price listed with the image. You might find what you are looking for.
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    Manage Inventory Using A Bulk Upload Or Inventory Feed

    If you manage a number of products, reorder products, or need to balance inventory between Amazon and your website or store, you really need a better solution than manual adjustments. Like adding listings, you also have several options for managing inventory.

    Bulk Inventory Upload Using a Spreadsheet

    You can make inventory adjustments to some or all of your Amazon products using a bulk upload. To do this, youll build or change your in a spreadsheet using Excel or similar software, save it as a CSV file, and upload it in your Amazon Seller Central dashboard.

    Inventory Management Using Ecommerce Platforms or Inventory Software

    The ecommerce platforms and listing management tools listed in the previous section also manage and update your Amazon inventory. So, if youre already using a tool that uploads products to Amazon, you can manage inventory the same way. If not, there are plenty of other Amazon seller tools that can help you manage inventory as you grow on Amazon.

    5 Top Amazon Seller Inventory Management Tools

    Sellers on Amazon & multiple marketplaces $99/mo.

    After you have your Amazon listings in place and inventory in-hand, its time to watch those orders roll in. And when they do, youll need to get products to your buyers. Next, well see how you can handle that task.

    Can I Drop Ship On Amazon

    How to Find Products to Sell on Amazon

    The short answer is yes, but the actual answer is no. Confused? Dont worry, it will all become clear as you read on.

    The way that most people think about dropshipping is that theyll be sitting on an island somewhere, not having to deal with customers or suppliers. And, thats exactly where youll wind up if you try to dropship on Amazon.

    Selling on Amazon does allow dropshipping but there are many rules attached to this type of selling.

    Here are some examples of the Amazon dropshipping rules:

    • Be the seller of record for your products
    • You must identify yourself as seller on all product packaging
    • Not identify any third-party drop shipper on your packaging
    • Be responsible for all customer returns
    • Comply with all of your Amazon seller terms

    If youre looking to hand off a lot of the sellers duties to another party, you may want to sign up for Amazon FBA. With an Amazon FBA business, you store your products at the Amazon fulfilment centers and the Amazon team will pick the products, pack them, ship them to your customers, and also provide customer service for these shipped products. A lot of vendors are using Amazon FBA for their sales.

    Amazon FBA offers all-in-one sales assistance and makes it easy for sellers to entrust many sales duties to others. When you entrust these tasks to the Amazon FBA team, youre using a method that can be carried out in an efficient way by those in the know. Fulfillment by Amazon makes the job a bit easier for you.

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    When Selling On Amazon:

      You can add new products to the Amazon catalogue whenever you want.By using Fulfillment by Amazon, we take care of customer service, product shipping, and all logistics.You can check our help pages within Seller Central to help answer any questions you may have. Our seller support team will help you manage your account.Sell your products in Canada, United States, and Mexico. You control what you sell and where you sell it, managing your business from a single seller account.Earn a better location on the product detail pages.Customize the shipping rates of your products.

    How To Find Items Shipped And Sold By Amazon

    Disclosure: We get a commission for some links on this website. You dont have to use our links, but were very grateful when you do. Opinions expressed here are the author’s alone, and have not been reviewed, approved or endorsed by our partners. Heres our Advertiser Disclosure.

    Most of the free money deals on Amazon apply only to items shipped and sold by Amazon. Fortunately, Amazon ships and sells a TON of stuff, but sometimes these specific items can be difficult to identify. I will teach you how we find these products and take advantage of the promotions to get free stuff. We compiled a list of 20 travel gifts under $20, using these techniques. Follow along

    As an example, I will show you how to find this awesome Magnetic Cell Phone Car Mount, which is shipped and sold by Amazon.

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    How To Search On Amazon

    By now youve probably signed up for your account and learned how to make purchases, but you may be wondering how to find exactly what youre looking for. If you dont know where a certain kind of item is in a store, then you ask someone who works there where it is, right? You can do sort of the same thing on Amazon, except you have many more options for narrowing down what youre looking for until you find exactly what you want.

    If youre interested in something in any of these categories, or are looking for something very specific, be sure to read our instructions below on how to search on Amazon.

    Ways To Find Best Selling Products On Amazon

    What Sells On Amazon? (How to find best selling items)

    Whether youre curious about how to find best sellers on amazon, or you want to find out what you can sell to climb to the top, there are ways to do it all.

    There are approximately 400 million individual products in Amazons line up, and you wont be wrong in thinking thats a lot of sorting to go through.

    So in this list, there will be guides to finding out the best selling products online that are of interest to you, in whatever category you choose.

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    Find Listings With Few Customer Reviews

    One of the best ways to successfully list and sell a product on Amazon is to have the item listed on the first page of the search results.

    As mentioned before, this isnt a guarantee to make your item a best seller, but it helps for sure.

    If you look for products that have less than 30-50 customer reviews, then youll find that theyre very easy to compete against. Amazon heavily ranks products based on reviews.

    The fewer reviews a competing product has, the faster you can climb up the rankings.

    For example, if you see a custom stylus for a smartphone or a tablet on Amazon, and it has 43 reviews, you can beat that product by offering something better priced.

    Itll be much easier to upstage than something like the Apple Pencil or the Surface Stylus.

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    Is Fulfilled By Amazon Worth It

    Amazon FBA is definitely worth it in 2020 for some sellers. Before you determine if it will be a profitable solution for your business, you need to calculate how much youre likely to spend. You may even like to try Amazon FBA with just a few types of products to see if it works for your business.

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    How To Search For Products Sold And Shipped By Amazon Itself

    Benj Edwards is an Associate Editor for How-To Geek. For over 15 years, he has written about technology and tech history for sites such as The Atlantic, Fast Company, PCMag, PCWorld, Macworld, Ars Technica, and Wired. In 2005, he created Vintage Computing and Gaming, a blog devoted to tech history. He also created The Culture of Tech podcast and regularly contributes to the Retronauts retrogaming podcast. Read more… acts as a middleman in the sale of millions of goods from thousands of vendors all over the world. The quality of those goods varies wildly. To avoid concerns about third-party sellers, you can choose to only buy products procured, owned, and sold by Amazon itself. Heres how.

    How Do I Turn On Filters On Amazon

    How To Find Wholesale Products To Sell on Amazon


    While were unable to respond directly to your feedback, well use this information to improve our online Help.Turn Explicit Filtering On or Off in the Alexa AppOpen the Alexa app .Open More and select Settings.Select Music & Podcasts, and then Explicit Language Filter.Switch the feature on or off..

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    What Are You Looking For

    Youre looking for products that meet your criteria:

    Sales Rank

    Although some sellers only look at products in the top 500 in each category, the sales rank value in each category reflects a different monthly unit volume because of the difference in customer bases visiting each category and the number of listings within each category. Dont lose out on potentially great product ideas by using a standard rule of thumb that doesnt follow sound logic. Instead determine what type of volume you want to sell and then research the product categories on Amazon and determine what your general cutoff is. Maybe its top 1,000 in Sports & Outdoors but only top 300 in Pet Supplies.

    Product Reviews

    Resellers are looking for products with lots of reviews and a high average score. You definitely dont want a lot of returns so a high rating is crucial where as the number of reviews doesnt matter too much as long as the sales volume is there. If anything, a high number of reviews for a lot of similar products means that type of product has been in the market for a while and you will have a harder time penetrating into the top tier.

    Product Attributes

    Weight, size, category, complexity, durability, and how niche your product. Those qualities respectively determine its functionality for shipping, storage, warranty needs, customer expectation levels and level of competition. Thats a lot to digest, but its important.

    Buy Box Price



    Profit Margin

    Sold By Amazon Vs Shipped By Amazon

    Before you start searching for Amazon products, know that there is a difference between sold by Amazon and Shipped by Amazon.

    Sold by Amazon Meaning: These products are sold directly by Amazon themselves. No third-party sellers are involved at any point during this transaction. Manufacturers ship these products directly to Amazon, the transaction is completed on the site, and Amazon ships the products to a customer.

    Shipped by . A third-party seller advertises the products on Amazon, which are located at an Amazon warehouse. Once the transaction is complete, Amazon picks, packages, and ships the product to the customer on behalf of the third-party seller.

    Amazon store and ship products for third party sellers under their Amazon FBA program.

    Now that weve cleared that up, let me show you how to find items sold by Amazon.

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    How To Shop Only Items Sold By Amazon

    Learn how to make sure what you’re buying is actually coming from Amazon.

    Avoid ordering goods from third-parties on Amazon with this crafty add-on for Chrome and Firefox.

    If you’re concerned about the shipping or packaging methods that other companies use, this is a great way to avoid buying from those companies. When you are looking for particular items, only the ones that Amazon has for sale will appear. Keep in mind that while Amazon does have a lot of items for sale, you may not be able to find every item you seek. Here’s how to get started:

    How To Decide What To Sell On Amazon

    How To Find Products To Sell on Amazon FAST! (New Method)

    Once you know the ways to find products to sell on Amazon you have to decide what youre going to sell via the Amazon marketplace.

    Maybe you already have an idea of what you want to sell and you have the data to support selling this type of product. Or, maybe youre still considering your options and need some additional help in this department. If the latter category sounds like you, there are specific ways to decide what to sell.

    • Using data: Amazon search volume, Google search volume, competition, SEO difficulty, market trend data.
    • Profitability analysis: How do your wholesale prices compare to retail? Do you have at least 40% margin?
    • Presence of big brands: Are there established brands already selling products in this niche?

    Lets dive into each one in more detail.

    Compare Product Ideas Using Data

    Before picking a product or products to sell online, you want to compare your product ideas by using concrete data.

    Reviewing available data will help you find out information such as search volume, keywords, and more to prepare you prior to selling on Amazon.

    Product Search Volume

    If youre wondering what site, Amazon or Google, is more popular for product searching, theres conflicting data out there. So, with this in mind, you want to understand the search volume of both.

    Comparing the search volume of both Amazon and Google will ensure that you have a clear and true picture of what products people are searching for online and what you should

    Google Search Volume

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    Create Your Product Listings On Amazon

    As an Amazon seller, you can create product listings in two wayseither add your items to existing product listings or create a new product listing for an item. Either way, youll want your product to show up in the top results when customers search for it. With keyword research, youll know the exact words potential customers type in when looking for a product like yours.

    Sellics is an all-in-one Amazon software that offers a free keyword research tool. You can either add the keywords Sellics finds to your product listings yourself or use the software to help you optimize and scale your Amazon store. .

    Adding items to existing listings is by far the easiest of the two, and this is how most new sellers get started on Amazon. So well begin here.

    Understanding Who Owns And Ships Amazon Products


    Sold by tells you who provided the product. Many times, this will say Sold by Amazon, meaning its both acquired and sold by Amazon. This might be an Amazon product, like a Kindle, or another item the company has acquired directly from the manufacturer.

    Shipped by tells you who will be shipping the item. Shipped by Amazon means the product is stored in an Amazon warehouse and it will ship from there.


    A product Sold by a third-party and Shipped by Amazon has been sent to an Amazon warehouse by that third-party. Amazon then takes care of the shipping and gets a cut of the profits.

    Youll find a lot of products on Amazon that arent shipped or sold by Amazon. Just like eBay, individuals and small businesses can sell used products on Amazon without the companys involvement.

    A third-party sells the product through Amazon, and then ships it to youAmazon merely lists the product and acts as a middleman.

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    Learn From Amazon Product Listings

    Heres an Amazon bestselling game called What Do You Meme. In the product description, you can find all the information on what makes it a sellers goldmine.

    Image via Amazon

    In the product description, you will find various information about the product, such as product dimension, weight, etc. From there, you can determine if your product is an evergreen one.

    Lookout for the following criteria to find the most sellable and profitable items:

    • Item pricing: The item is priced at $29.99. The pricing is perfect as it falls under the pricing bracket of $10 to $50.
    • Product dimensions and weight: Here you can find that the product weighs 2.78 pounds and has dimensions of 6.5 x 4.5 x 3 inches. This size and weight will help in cutting down the shipping cost.
    • Overall specs and sales ranking: You will find that the Amazon BSR of this product is 3. This is way under the BSR 5000 rank. Also, it can be found under the toys and games category easily.
    • Customer reviews: You will find that the product has more than 2000 reviews from consumers. This is way beyond the 500+ reviews rank making it a well-trusted product. This also indicates that the product has a lot of demand in the market.

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