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How To See How Many Items Sold On Amazon

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What Is A Good Best Sellers Rank On Amazon

Amazon FBA Tips: How To See WHAT Sold on Amazon Sellers App!

Best Sellers Ranks are different for every category. So what one might consider a good Best Sellers Rank for Patio, Lawn & Garden a category with high sales volume, might not be as strong as a product in a category Appliances which has products with much slower sales.

The best way to pinpoint what you consider a good Best Sellers Rank is to consider the number of sales that you want your product to have each day . Then, reverse engineer what your Best Sellers Rank for that total of sales would be.

For example, if I wanted to sell a Kitchen & Dining product that had 11 sales per day, I would need to find a product that had a Best Sellers Rank of 15,000 in that category, or an estimated 330 sales per month.

You can use the Jungle Scout Sales Estimator to help you determine what rank you should look for.

Optimization Of Current Listing

What we mean by this is that if there are results on the first page that have poor listings, there exists an opportunity to outrank and outsell them even if they are selling well now.

This generally means that the competition is going to be weak and that it will be easy to reach the first page ourselves even if we have a product very close to it!

  • Zero or Only One Product Image
  • Low-Quality Product Images
  • Important Information Left Out

Shipped By Amazon Vs Sold By Amazon

Amazon offers many items that are owned and sold by third-party sellers but fulfilled by Amazon. How does it work? Third-party sellers ship items to Amazons warehouses. Once the items are sold, Amazon ships them to customerseven with speedy Prime shipping. In return, Amazon gets a cut of each sale, and Amazon keeps costs down by not having to own as much inventory.

In general, buying from third-party sellers on Amazon is safe and works well, but a third-party sale can also be risky. You might not receive the product as advertised or in the condition specified. Some unethical vendors even .

Were going to show you a way to find items sourced and owned by Amazon until they are sold and shipped to you. That way, the items you buy are more likely to be authentic and in the condition advertised. Amazon sometimes offers promotional credits that only apply to items sold by Amazon itself, too.

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Amazon Sells Over 11 Million Home Improvement Products

For some time, the home improvement industry was believed to be immune to the dreaded Amazon Effect.

The spontaneous nature of many home improvement projects and comfort of having a professional help you pinpoint the perfect product continued to drive shoppers to major brick-and-mortar stores like Home Depot and Lowes.

However, a recent report by Jumpshot shows that Amazon has more than 80% market share across the home improvement industry, and its growth continues to outpace everyone else in the category.

Home improvement sales are a clear indication that more and more shoppers are transitioning to ecommerce, even in industries previously thought to be dominated by brick-and-mortar stores.

Want more insights like this?

Amazon Usage By Device

How many products does amazon sell

Even though the tech world is increasingly adapting to mobile first, online shoppers using Amazon still prefer desktop over mobile when theyre making a purchase. prefer to shop using their desktop computer or laptop . In comparison, 24 percent of shoppers preferred to shop using mobile devices. This statistic shows us the types of devices used by online shoppers in the United States when shopping on Amazon. Amazon Echo had the lowest reported usage rate. But the real question remains as to why this is the case? And what could this Amazon stat tell us about the future of online shopping?To begin with, theres a difference in the device preference when it comes to different age groups. Those that are 35 and younger have a clear preference of mobile devices, whereas online shoppers of 55 and over preferred to use desktop or laptop devices. Another thing to note here is that this statistic points out device usage based on purchase action. This may not seem like a noticeable difference at first, but other studies have shown that shoppers are more likely to browse on mobile and buy on desktop. So, when it comes to the future of online shopping, mobile will continue to be an important step in Amazons buyer journey, helping shoppers smoothly transition from the browse to buy stage. Additionally, current investments in AR and app updates that are catered toward faster purchases is a hint in the direction of ease for the online shopper.

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Target Locations Where Your Book Has Already Found An Audience

Plan Future Promotions

Armed with knowledge of which promotion efforts have led to sales, you can plan how best to spend your time and money promoting your book. Guest blogs and webinars may not generate great sales for my books, but they put the titles in visitors minds, take little effort, and cost nothing. A paid ad is a different story. If I dont see an uptick in sales, I may think twice before continuing or repeating the ad.

Look at your sales over time. If they peak in certain months, concentrate your promotion to hit buyers at or just before the peak. You might even want to visit Amazon pages for related books to see if their sales ranks improve at certain times. Readers may be buying these books seasonally, and you can target your promotion to inform potential buyers about your book before they blow their budget on competing content.

Use information from the geographic BookScan reports, available through Amazons Author Central, to plan a virtual or live book tour. Target locations where your book has already found an audience.

Laurie Lewis is the author of the award-winning book, What to Charge: Pricing Strategies for Freelancers and Consultants, and the brief e-book, Freelance Fee Setting: Quick Guide for When a Client Demands a Price NOW. She bases these books on more than twenty-five years of experience as a freelance medical editor and writer.


Power Browse Amazon Listings With A Chrome Extension

Another way to choose a hot selling product is to power browse Amazon listings by using a Google Chrome extension.

There are quite a few Google Chrome extensions that Amazon sellers use to research products and determine how well these products will sell on Amazon. Some of the top Chrome extensions include the following:

  • AMZ Base
  • AmazeOwl

When you use any of the Chrome extensions listed above, you can browse Amazon listings quickly and fully, determining what products should be on your sellers list. In addition to zoning in on the best sellers, you can compare product prices, mull over sales estimates, dive into revenue projections, and consider keyword insights.

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How To Search On Amazon

By now youve probably signed up for your account and learned how to make purchases, but you may be wondering how to find exactly what youre looking for. If you dont know where a certain kind of item is in a store, then you ask someone who works there where it is, right? You can do sort of the same thing on Amazon, except you have many more options for narrowing down what youre looking for until you find exactly what you want.

If youre interested in something in any of these categories, or are looking for something very specific, be sure to read our instructions below on how to search on Amazon.

Use Jungle Scout To Find Low Difficulty Niches

How to Find Number of Sales of a Product Selling on Amazon

You want to choose a product that has low competition. offers a way for you to input the keyword associated with your product and determine if its a low difficulty niche.

This site makes product research easy and effective in an online manner and will help you decide what to sell on Amazon.

Finding the best niche market is determined by various aspects, including sufficient demand, low competition, physical product opportunities, and additional monetizing opportunities.

When your product meets these features, you can rest assured that you are choosing a product to sell on Amazon that falls within a low difficulty niche category.

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Reverse Engineer Top Industry Amazon Affiliate Publishers

To focus your efforts on products that are likely to sell, try to uncover where the major players are pushing traffic to on Amazon. After all, they have massive marketing and analytics teams in place to avoid wasting time on products that dont sell. Take advantage of their research!

Step by step guide to finding proven products:

  • Find the big publishers in your space and pop their domain into Ahrefs site explorer.
  • Sort by linked domains to see how many links they are sending to Amazon.
  • Dig into those links deeper by studying anchor text to see which products they link to.
  • In the screenshot above, youll see that I used Ahrefs to identify the Amazon pages that MensHealth.com is sending their viewers to. They almost certainly earn a commission on Amazon sales they generate. So, with all of their industry expertise, theyre sending customers to the Best Earphones for Working Out.

    And those items are around $180 meaning theres a nice chunk of change to generate an affiliate commission at the end of the sale. Use clues like this to jump inside the head of major players in your space.

    Youll also want to consider if what times of years an item sells best. Is it seasonal? You might want to avoid investing a ton of time into something that only sells well for a few months a year. Or, maybe youll decide that the crazy volume is worth the months of famine.

    View The Number Of Offers/sellers On Keepa

    Clicking on More Historical Data will open another chart right below the main Keepa graph. This chart shows the number of New and Used offers at any given time.

    For the toy we’ve been looking at , the New Offer Count has been relatively stable. This suggests that supply and demand are relatively equal.

    A steadily decreasing offer count is a good indicator of hard to find stock. This may indicate that prices could go up as supply becomes limited.

    When the number of sellers keeps going up, it shows that the stock is being replenished faster than it is selling. I think of rising Offer Counts as a red flag.

    Here’s an example of a Toy that went from 5 offers in September to over 200 offers by December 1.

    Even though the rank is super low, once Amazon came on the listing, they got all of the sales. In the meantime, the number of third-party offers just kept increasing. Those sellers were waiting their turn to get sales.

    You can actually see that when Amazon goes out of stock, the offer count drops by about 50. This is a great example of how you can use all of the Keepa data together to make a buying decision.

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    A Purely Amazon Based Business Is Not A Long Term Play

    You need to keep in mind that selling on Amazon as a do-it-all vendor or using Amazon FBA exclusively is not a long-term move to make.

    As the competition grows, selling on Amazon is only going to get tougher. The more competitors your Amazon business has, the less likely you are to make huge profits. Andrew Youderian from put together this seller research study on Ecommerce Fuel.

    With that said, youll want to spread your wings and get off of Amazon. Selling on Amazon is a good sales method to start with but shouldnt be a permanent thing. And, its important to know that brands that invest off of Amazon have a higher rate of profitability.

    Ive worked with successful brands on Amazon that have hired me to help them get off of Amazon and launch a lucrative sales career through other avenues. Its never been the other way around. Nobody has asked me to help them launch a professional business on Amazon.

    Maybe because launching an existing brand on Amazon is quite easy. It just takes an Amazon pricing strategy, sending the product to FBA, and just an app or plugin to integrate with Amazon. For example, Shopify and BigCommerce both have this capability. You can just turn it on as soon as you have your APIs and prepare to sell on Amazon.

    Plus, youll find that other options provide a less risky and more lucrative option to consider. One example of this is an Amazon affiliate marketing option which allows you to tap into the Amazon ecommerce money-making ecosystem.

    How To Search For Products Sold By Amazon

    Can I sell on Amazon from Nigeria?

    Currently, to find products sold by Amazon itself through a search, you have to access the desktop version of the Amazon.com website through a web browser. So first, load up or your countrys version of Amazon. Once there, type what youre looking for into the search bar and hit Enter.

    When results appear, look in the sidebar on the left side of the screen. Locate the Department section and click one of the departments that applies most to what youre looking for. This step is necessary to further narrow down results.

    For example, here we searched for headphones, so we picked Electronics as the department.

    After you choose the department, scroll down in the sidebar until you see the Seller section. Place a check mark beside Amazon.com.

    After checking Amazon.com, the search results will reload, and youll see Amazon.com listed in the search criteria just above the results. The items listed below will only be items procured, owned, and sold by Amazon.com itself.

    Also, whenever youre looking at a particular item, you can double-check that it is sold by Amazon by looking under the Add to Cart and Buy Now buttons. If you see Sold by Amazon.com, then youll know it will come directly from Amazon and not a third-party seller.

    Sometimes this information is instead listed under the price as part of a single sentence, such as Ships from and sold by Amazon.com.

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    Use As Many Filters And Sorting Options As You Can To Make Your Search As Specific And Refined As Possible

    Make sure you check out our steps above on filtering and sorting your search results, especially by price or by seller. This will really help you narrow down what youre looking for. Remember that you can combine multiple filters, so each time you click one, youre reducing the options available to you significantly. Amazon has countless products, so the more you filter, the more specific you can be.

    The Top 10 Apps For Amazon Sellers

    Are you an , or do you want to be? If thats you, I discovered some great apps to help you streamline the selling process, communicate with buyers, and stay organized. These helpful apps can be game changers for your business! After all, the more efficient you are, the more potential you have to earn.

    Some of these apps are free. Others have a one-time purchase price or a recurring fee. Of course, always remember to do your own research before making a purchase. That way you have the most up-to-date numbers and can plan accordingly.

    Also, if you are paying any fees or monthly subscriptions on apps, remember to keep track of the expenses. That way when tax season comes around again, you wont have to go digging for the information you need.

    When youre ready to level up your , check out these top 10 Amazon seller apps.

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    Find And Vet Suppliers For Products You Want To Sell

    If you find a product that sells well, the next step is to find a way to manufacture the private label products. This will help meet the needs of future customers.

    If you deliver poor quality products, your brand will sink into a sea of negative customer reviews.

    Heres how to find reliable suppliers.

  • Use very reputable sites like Alibaba.com and Bossgoo.com to search for overseas manufacturers that have the necessary experience.
  • Send feeler emails to ten different potential manufacturers. This way, they can handle communication with two different suppliers to see if their quality is as good as they claim it to be.
  • Related :

    When your business grows, you can build relationships with the overseas suppliers and other individuals in the industry that can tell you their trusted vendors overseas.

    This will give you further insight into to what sells best. This is a long process, however, and requires a lot of hard work.

    Evil Strategy #: Amazon Sellers Can Leave False Positive Feedback On Your Products

    What Sells On Amazon? (How to find best selling items)

    Similar to the negative feedback strategy above, there are groups of malicious sellers who are leaving mass amounts of positive reviews on listings as well.

    Now you would think that getting a bunch of positive reviews on your listings would be a good thing.

    But because Amazon has been cracking down on sellers who buy 5 star reviews, Amazon now has algorithms in place to detect unusual spikes in positive review activity.

    Well guess what?

    If your listing all of sudden gets 100 5-star reviews, Amazon will detect this anomaly and instantly suspend your account.

    As a result, not only do you need to monitor your negative feedback but you also have to be on the lookout for 5 star reviews as well!

    The downside is that if you get banned for positive review manipulation, its really hard to prove your innocence. After all, why would someone else purchase 5-star reviews for listings they dont own?

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