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How To See Your Reviews On Amazon

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Editing Or Deleting My Amazon Review On The Computer

Where To Find Your Reviews In Amazon

1. Once you are on Amazons main page, click on Accounts & Lists in the top right corner of the page.2. Under the Ordering and shopping preferences list, select Your Amazon profile.3. On this page, you will see all of your reviews listed under Community Activity.4. Click on the three dots in the top right corner of any of your reviews. This will prompt you to Edit Review or Delete Review. Make your selection, and your review will be deleted or you will be brought to the review page where you can make whatever edits you would like.

Deliver Proactive Customer Service At Just The Right Time

For Buyer-Seller Messaging and Request a Review to be most effective, emails need to reach buyers at the right times. Regardless of whether you use Buyer-Seller messaging or Request a Review, youre going to have to do it manually. If youve got a big email list, manual communications wont usually happen at the right time.

Sending automated messages to buyers is the most efficient way to build a strong reputation. Youll save countless hours weekly, and can deliver messages when customers want them, not when you have time to send them.

Black Hat Tactic #: Facebook Review Groups

On Facebook there exist A LOT of Review Groups where you give away your product to group members and refund them after theyve posted a review. Heres an . Search for review group on Facebook and youll see tons more.

On Facebook review groups you give away products in return for 5-star reviews

This is explicit exchange of a refund for a review is one of Amazons most suspendable offense. Given that the entire exchange takes place off of Amazon it is difficult to track, however, all it takes is one customer messaging you through Amazon asking for their refund to immediately arouse significant suspicion from Amazon.

Account Suspension Risk Level: Medium

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Does Amazon Support Editorial Reviews

What exactly is an editorial review, and why does it matter for your book?

So far, weve talked about customer reviews, which are exactly what they sound like. A customer reads your book and leaves their opinion. If they purchased it from Amazon, this would count as a verified review.

The other type of review to utilize is the editorial review. This involves a trusted source such as a magazine or publication giving their take on your book.

While editorial reviews arent included in your books review score and dont show up with the customer reviews, this is actually a good thing.

Some of the main benefits of editorial reviews are:

  • They wont get lost in the middle of the large number of customer reviews your book has
  • You can add them to your page
  • You are allowed to leverage your connections as Amazon cant remove these in the way that they can remove customer reviews
  • A reputable publication or individual may carry more weight in the mind of a potential book buyer than an unknown customer reviewer

Theres no denying the value of editorial reviews, but think of them as icing on the cake.

Make customer reviews your priority, at least initially, as they will move the needle in terms of the Amazon algorithm.

White Hat Tactic #: Great Packaging

How to find your reviews on Amazon in 5 simple steps

In ecommerce, great product packaging leads customers to overlook product flaws and bad packaging makes them find flaws. Your product packaging is the first impression a customer will have of your product and often what customers will leave their review based on. You can see an example of one of the packaging for one of our previous brands below.

If you want to have a 4.5 star or 5 star product you need to spend a little bit more time and effort on your product packaging. This means no poly bags and no plain boxes. Use full-color boxes when possible. Include adequate use-manuals and other product inserts that give your product a polished feel.

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When It Comes To Getting Amazon Reviews The More The Merrier

Social proof is some powerful stuff, and the more proof you have, the more potent it becomes. An item rated as 4.5 stars reviewed by 10 people wont sell as well as an item rated as 4 stars reviewed by 300 people. More reviews look better, are more convincing, and boost your visibility when someone .

What Can I Do If No Archived Orders Appear

If youre looking for an order that doesnt appear on the Archived screen, youll need to search all of your orders for it. Simply click View all orders. This option appears in the middle of the screen when no orders appear.u003cbru003eu003cbru003eThen, use the dropdown box at the top left to toggle between years. Narrow down the list using this function to quickly navigate to the order youre looking for. Although it may take some scrolling, this is another method to finding an order youve placed during the history of your Amazon account.

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How To Get Legitimate Reviews

To protect consumers, Amazon is actively improving the platform to thwart review fraud.

The good news is you can get tons of reviews on Amazon for your book or product in a legitimate and honest way. The key is to proactively seek out reviewers. There are a number of people on Amazon who have bought and reviewed products or books that compete with yours. If you simply identify who these people are, and then offer to send them your product for an honest review, they are likely to do it. And since they already reviewed a competing product to yours, their review is highly credible.It is a simple process that works, and here is an overview of the steps you need to take. If you want the exact details you can read my Unlimited Amazon Reviews article that I posted to my own site.

1. Create a tracking system. You will need to identify and track to whom you are going to send your book or product. Not everyone that you contact will respond , and of the people who respond about 50 percent of them will ultimately do a review. That means about one out of four people you identify will post a review , which is not too shabby. To track everyone, I use a simple Google Spreadsheet.

What Are Amazon Customer Reviews And Rating

How to Find and Share Your Amazon Review Link (Browser Method)

It goes without saying that one the keys to success on Amazon is having good customer reviews and ratings.

Good customer review ratings not only increase the likelihood of people buying your products, but also help with your overall product ranking. The better the product rank, the easier it is for customers to find product and purchase your products .

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White Hat Tactic #: Launch New Products To An Email List

Hopefully, youve been building your off-Amazon email list. If you have an email list, then when you launch new products do not send them links to your website to purchase, instead send them directly to your Amazon product detail page on Amazon. This accomplishes two things:

  • You get vital initial sales velocity for your products
  • Your email list is more likely to produce satisfied customers who will subsequently leave reviews

Sales velocity is critical for Amazon. There are some who believe Amazon also rewards brands that produce sales on Amazon from outside of Amazon.

Second, your email list is likely to be an audience of people who like your product. Subsequently, theyll be more likely to leave positive reviews. You can also get into grey-hat strategies and in your email blast ask customers to email you after purchase and offer them some kind of refund via PayPal. Youre not refunding them in return for a review youre just offering a product discount. Of course, once they email you, youve gotten that critical customer engagement and its easier to solicit reviews from them.

Add A Smoldering Author Photo

Adding an author profile picture is perhaps the easiest way to personalize your Author Page! Make sure the photo you upload is a high-def color headshot, like the examples above. Bonus points for interesting attire or posing though of course, professionalism takes priority here.

And don’t stop at just one photo, as you’re allowed to include up to eight! Add photos of you with your book, photos of you at literary events, and anything else that relates to your author brand.

For instance, if youve written a story steeped in Celtic mythology, you might attach a picture of yourself on the Scottish Moors. Or if you’ve written a book about social media, you could include a photo of yourself formatted to look like it would on Instagram. Use this opportunity to get creative .

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Buyers Confuse Seller Feedback For Product Reviews

Amazon may sometimes strike off or remove a product review that talks about the delivery, shipping, or packaging as all of these matters are related to seller feedback. Buyers are known to confuse the two. Such reviews may be removed by Amazon if the products are sold through the FBA method.

This is one instance where itâs better not to have such a review show up. If it does, you can request removal by:

  • Accessing your Seller Central Account
  • Going to the Performance Tab
  • Selecting Feedback

White Hat Tactic #: Request Reviews From Customers Who Have Left Positive Seller Feedback

How to Write,Edit,See,Delete your review on ...

Most buyers on Amazon dont quite understand the difference between seller feedback and product reviews. Most of us have probably seen product reviews left in Seller Feedback at some point. It is essential to constantly review your seller feedback.

Proactively email all customers who have left positive seller feedback, especially those who left product reviews, and request them to leave product reviews. I even include an attachment like this with my emails explaining how exactly to leave product reviews. Only a small minority of buyers leave any feedback and those who have left seller feedback are more likely to leave product reviews.

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How Do I Remove Feedback I Have Left

Sometimes there are situations when the user needs to edit or remove something in “My reviews” section. This is quite an easy process:

  • Go to your profile. Once again, you will need to go to your personal profile.
  • Find the feedback that you want to change. You will see the community activity section where you can find the review you want to edit or remove.
  • Select “Edit” or “Remove” review. Depending on what procedure you need to complete, you should choose either “edit” or “delete” when you click on your feedback and see the available options. Click the button and complete the action.

Why Is This Happening

If your listings are experiencing any of these problems, you want to know why. The problem is, Amazon keeps most details under wraps, to avoid people gaming their system. So its hard to get a clear answer.

They do leave breadcrumbs, and if you follow the trail you may be able to get to the source of the issue.

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Make Sure Amazon Isnt Posting To Facebook Or Twitter

If you want to make sure that Amazon isnt sharing your information with Facebook or Twitter, follow these steps.

From, put your cursor over the Account & Lists button in the upper right-hand corner and click on Your Account. Scroll down to the Ordering and shopping preferences section and click on the Social media preferences link.

If your Amazon account is connected to your Facebook or Twitter accounts, youll see two links that say Disconnect my Facebook account from Amazon, or Disconnect my Twitter in separate tabs. Click the links, then OK to disconnect. Its that simple.

Note: By default, your Amazon account is not connected to Facebook or Twitter.

Amazon Review Strategy #: Use A Review Tool Like Feedback Genius

Reviewer Tutorial – How to Find the Permalink to Your Amazon Review

According to Amazons terms of service, you are allowed to request a review from a buyer as long as you dont try to bias them in any way.

Now you can send emails to buyers manually or you can use an automated service like Feedback Genius.

Note: There are many email feedback services out there, but Feedback Genius was one of the first and arguably has the most features.

In addition, Feedback Genius is free up to a certain number of orders which makes it a no brainer to sign up.

Heres a sample email that I send out to customers who purchase.

This is Jennifer, the owner of Bumblebee Linens.

We are a small family-owned business and our goal is for you to be completely satisfied with your transaction.

I wanted to thank you for your purchase and let you know that it was a pleasure doing business with you. I hope everything turned out fantastic, and that our linens are everything that you expected.

If youre open to it, we would appreciate it if you could tell others about your experience by leaving a review on Amazon.

If youre NOT totally satisfied for any reason, please hit reply to this email and we will help you resolve any issues. Just let us know what you need and well make things right.

Please click the link below, find our product and tell us your experience. It only takes a minute.

Your feedback and business are GREATLY appreciated!!

Thank You,


So dont panic if you get an email like below.

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Why Amazon Reviews Get Deleted

A customer can decide to remove their own review. The review is on a page that incorrectly links multiple items. We remove these reviews when we separate the items. To protect the privacy of our customers, we do not share information about specific reviews with anyone other than the customer who posted it.

Why Does Amazon Remove Book Reviews

Amazon can remove reviews for violations of any of their guidelines mentioned above.

However, some of the most common reasons for a review to be removed are:

  • You have reviewed your own book
  • Someone with the same address with you has reviewed your book
  • A reviewer has attempted to leave multiple reviews of your work
  • The review is obscene, defamatory or otherwise unacceptable
  • The reviewer is a customer who has spent less than $50 on Amazon
  • The reviewer appears to be a spammer who leaves too many reviews in a short space of time
  • You have reported the review to and Amazon agrees it is unacceptable

Having some reviews removed is a fact of life for most authors. Although it might seem frustrating, try and see the system as being in place to preserve the integrity of the entire process.

We hope youve found this guide to the dos and donts of Amazon book reviews useful.

If you have any tips on getting book reviews ethically, or warnings about Amazons rules and regulations, feel free to leave a comment and help your fellow authors out.

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Reference Keywords From Your Google Shopping Campaigns

The Ultimate Guide to Getting Amazon Reviews Tips To Get More Customers and Sales!

Google has made it easier than ever for people to find your product online. You need a few keywords to get found by potential customers, but the more you have on your page, the better you will see. The following article provides some tips that can help with increasing this ranking factor on Googles search engine.

Amazon Review Strategy #1: Buy Positive Reviews

How to find your reviews on Amazon in 5 simple steps, and ...

As I outlined in my post on , there are services out there where you can purchase positive reviews or leave negative reviews on your competitors.

Almost all of these services are run out of China and there are steep penalties if you are caught.

Even though many dirty sellers are using these services and getting away with it, I strongly believe that Amazon will eventually crack down on all of the illegal review activity at some point.

Amazon is following Googles footsteps. Once upon a time, you could easily buy links and rank in Google search until Google started penalizing every site suspected of link manipulation.

Amazon will eventually invent a more sophisticated fake review detection mechanism. I guarantee it!

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How Do You Avoid Negative Reviews

The first step towards avoiding a negative review is having a great product since you wont manage to sell a product long-term if its not high quality.

Therefore, you must ensure that your product goes through all the relevant quality control checks or brace yourself for an avalanche of negative reviews.

Its considered better to have a thin margin on a high-quality product instead of a high margin on a low-quality product.

This way youll know that you have a quality product that will for years.

For instance, we list a product on Amazon with a thin margin, with thousands of reviews, and not a single negative review but well pay more for a product that comes from a quality supplier, simply because its a premium quality product.

How Many Reviews Can I Leave On Amazon

Amazon is putting a limit on how many verified product reviews a single product can have in a day, according to some sources. They already limited unverified reviews to 5 per week. If you blow past that daily limit, your customers will receive a message from Amazon that states their review cannot be accepted.

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