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How To Self Publish On Amazon

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What Kind Of Content To Publish Using Amazons Kdp

Publish a Book on Amazon | How to Self-Publish Step-by-Step

The KDP help page has a list of things that can be published using Amazons self-publishing platform. They are ;

  • Textbooks
  • Book Series;

Although the type of content KDP allows you to publish isnt confined to the aforementioned categories, it doesnt allow the creation of magazines, periodicals, or spiral-bound books.

Im An Experienced Author But Im New To The World Of Marketing How Can Amazon Help

When you self-publish with Amazon, you gain access to a retailing and marketing powerhouse. You can promote your book using , limited-time pricing, and other promotional tools.;

Publishing your own book can feel like a daunting task, but it doesnt need to be a big stressor. There are a thousand factors that go into making your book successful. KDP offers a lot of additional services and resources, but you should keep it simple for your first time around.

If your book launch doesnt go as planned, you can always adjust your title. There is no limit to how many times you can modify your book. When all else fails, try and try again.

Before you know it, youll experience the self-publishing success you deserve!

How Much Will A Cover Design Cost

Book cover designs range in price.

Some designers offer a stock cover to which they add your book details. These usually range from $50100. If you are on a very tight budget and can find a pre-made cover that works for your book, this is a possible option. Remember that someone else may choose the same design.

Generally, beginner designers charge between $300 and $500. Experienced designers will charge between $500 and $800. Top-tier designers charge between $800 and $1,500.

As you can see, you have a wide range of fees. Choose a designer in the range you can afford to give your book the best stand-out treatment.

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Amazon Publishing Has Some Amazing Levers It Can Pull

Amazon is a company that knows how to move units. It has developed and continues to develop various methods of promoting books like the Kindle First program, special offers for Kindle Fire owners, targeting emailing etc. From what I understand, every Amazon published book gets a basic marketing package that would cost most publishers thousands of dollars to replicate. That means actual advertising as opposed to just promotion which is the limit of what many authors get these days.

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Amazon Publishing Is Now One Of The Big Six Publishers

How To Start Self Publishing With Amazon Kindle?  Self ...

You always used to hear about the Big Six before the Random-Penguin merger. Now they call it the Big Five, but they are not counting Amazon. It is clearly in their leagues, from editorial to production to overall units sold. You are not self-publishing. Other than the marketing channels, everything about the Amazon experience can be found in a big publishing house. They just have some extra stuff the others dont.

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Save To Draft Until Youre Ready

Choose Save as Draft until youre ready to choose a publishing date and launch your book.

I cant stress enough how important it is to think through every aspect of your books marketing before you publish. That goes beyond your books cover, layout, pricing, and marketing plan.

It also includes your Author branding.

The moment your book goes live, youll need to set up your with your and bio. Youll also need to add any blurbs to your books detail page.

Get those ready now.

Finally, pay attention to your gut. No matter how impatient youre feeling to see your book on the Kindle store, your gut will tell you if something isnt ready. If youre feeling pulled to wait and fix anything, do it.

How Do I Publish On Amazon

I see or hear some version of this regularly. Authors call and specifically ask: How do I get published on Amazon? The answer is: You dont. But the question is understandable.

In this article well describe how Amazons publishing arm, Kindle Direct Publishing, works and how you can self publish your book on Amazon with a step-by-step guide.

Amazon has made its name in books, and even though they now sell everything from vacuum cleaners to shampoo to build-it-yourself sheds, they are often the first to come to mind when people think about books, whether its buying or publishing.

But Amazon itself is not a book publisher, its a retail site with publishing arms: Kindle Direct Publishing for print and e-books. So while is a place for your customers to find and purchase your book, it is not a place to publish your book.

So what are authors asking when they query how to get their books published on Amazon? I believe this question breaks down into three categories.

Making a book available for sale on Amazon, whether its a print or ebook, is ridiculously easy . But creating professional book files, recording metadata, setting retail pricing and obtaining your ISBN are the details you will need to focus on before youre ready for online sales. KDP offers information about book formatting, and Ingram Spark offers a helpful file creation guide, or you can set up a free consultation with Luminare Press.

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Choose Your Amazon Keywords

If you want your book to show up in Amazon and Google search engines, youll need the right mix of keywords. Since Amazon allows only seven keywords per book, keyword selection requires strategy.

But what;are keywords exactly?

Keywords are specific words or phrases used to describe your book. If someone was looking for a book on your topic, they might type one of those keywords into Amazon or Google in order to find it. Amazon self publishing is all about becoming relevant in the niche you need to be. This not only gets you the type of readers you want, it also helps tremendously to have the correct visibility.

For example, if your book is about perseverance, you might find keywords like this useful:

  • how to have perseverance
  • persevering
  • persevering when its hard

These are all phrases or words people looking to better themselves with perseverance would type into search engines in order to find what theyre looking for, like in the image below.

Amazon Keyword Research Tools

Make a list of possible keywords for your book, then leverage the tools above to test your keywords. Putting in the time to get keywords right will have your book rank higher and appear more frequently to readers.

Activate Drm Ensure You Enable Drm

How To Self Publish A Book On Amazon (STEP-BY-STEP TUTORIAL)

Digital Rights Management deters people from duplicating your book and delivering it to other people; without payment. Even with DRM activated, people are still afforded the opportunity to lend the book to friends for a short period through Kindles lending system. DRM only prevents them from stealing your book.

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Put Your Idea On Paper

I had been mulling around an idea for a children’s book for years.

My mother in law and I had often joked about how there was a growing list of places she was unwilling to drive as she got older. It started with bridges and then expanded to tunnels, highways, night driving and more.

We thought a neat idea for a story would involve a very circuitous route to Grandma’s House for a weekend sleepover with our daughter. That idea eventually became “Grammy Doesn’t Do That.”

I sat on that idea for years until my mother in law finally asked me if I was ever going to write it down. I put it on my To Do List and within 15 minutes, the book was written. I guess it came out as fast as it did because I had been thinking about it for so long. What seemed like the scariest, hardest part of the process ended up being one of the easiest once I just sat down and did it. If you’re sitting on your own book idea, follow my lead and just start writing.

You can always delete it later if you don’t like it but sometimes, just starting is the hardest part.

How Much Does It Cost

The KDP website states that even when creating a paperback book, You don’t have to pay any costs upfront or carry any inventory. Your book is printed on demand when customers purchase it. Obviously, this can be a huge asset if you have a limited budget or minimal space to hold your copies. You dont need to print 1,000 copies, with all the costs that come with it, and hope you can sell them all to recoup your investment — the very last thing you want to do is invest so much time into a book, only to lose money on the project.;

Amazon does calculate a printing cost, based upon variables like the length of the book and whether its printed in color or black and white. This number is typically used to subtract from the total price of each book before royalties are calculated, but as the author of the book, you can also choose to buy copies of the work at cost .

Amazon offers a calculator to help you determine how much it would cost them to print a copy of your book, but I found it quite confusing. Fortunately, Amazon also offers a fairly basic table for the American market:

  • Black ink with 24 to 108 pages: $2.15 per book
  • Black ink with 110 to 828 pages: $0.85 per book + $0.012 per page
  • Color ink with 24 to 40 pages: $3.65 per book
  • Color ink with 42 to 500 pages: $0.85 per book + $0.07 per page

So, a 300-page book with black ink would cost $0.85 + $0.012;* = $4.45 total. A 300-page book with color ink would be;$0.85 + $0.07 * = $21.85.

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The Process Of Writing And Self

Before embarking on learning how to publish a book, I suggest you first write your own book. Indeed, resources are available to instruct you on how to write a book, including local writers groups, and books on how to write a book!; In addition, I personally,; have written many articles and produced many videos with tips, tricks and writing hacks for how to write a book. First, educate yourself with theses resources. Secondly, prepare your manuscript for digital publishing, by transfering your manuscript to a Word document.

How To Distribute & Sell Your Book

How To Self Publish A Paperback Book On Amazon?

Once your book is set up, proofed and ready to release, you need to decide how to distribute and sell it.

Here are the steps you need to follow

Step 1 Choose Your Channels Step 2 Setup Your PricingStep 3 Cover FinishStep 4 Add Your Description

You can set this up while your book is going through the review process to save time later.

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Amazons Kindle Store Is Algorithm

Unlike other online bookstores, Kindle does not have a merchandising team. This means that the algorithm will only care about data and not famous authors.;

Why is this good news? you might be thinking? This is because other online retailers may use big-name or popular new releases as features to boost interest, Amazons Kindle relies on its algorithms that select books based solely on their sales metrics through cold numerical analysis. This, in turn, will increase the chances of new authors maximize sales and reviews and gradually watch their listing skyrocket in its category.;

Set An Amazon Publishing Date For Your Book

Your last step is to choose a release date. If you dont already have a release date in mind, make sure to choose one in the distant future. You wont be able to go to the next page without one.

If your release date is within 90 days, people can start pre-ordering your book.

If youre not sure how to properly schedule your books release date, make sure to keep in mind:

  • Outstanding tasks. Is there anything that needs to happen before your book is ready to launch? Factor in these tasks before setting a date and make sure you dont overlook any. Its easy to do with so many moving pieces!
  • Buffer time. Launching a book is as stressful as it is exciting. Give yourself some buffer time as things often take longer than anticipated.
  • Seasonality. Does it make sense to launch your book at a certain time of year? Are there any events or dates you want to tie it in with?
  • . If youre coordinating a marketing campaign for the time of your book launch, make sure any and all promotional services are confirmed before setting a launch date. Getting this wrong can seriously harm your books initial momentum.;

After youve launched your first book, youll have a better idea of logistics and timing. For your first launch, play it safe. Give yourself some breathing room.

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Amazon Publishing Is Still A Publisher

Dont get me wrong I have had a fantastic experience with Amazon and will be eternally grateful for them reviving my career and taking my books to the next level. But as I mentioned above, they have to make choices. And they dont always share their reasoning. Like any publisher, sometimes their authors can be disappointed with the results. This is life in publishing. If you want total control, self-publish.

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When Does Amazon Pay Royalties To Authors

How to Self-Publish an E-Book on Kindle Direct Publishing 2021 – Amazon – Full Tutorial

Amazon starts paying royalties 60 days after the first sale is made, with further payments coming through every month. Depending on where you do your banking, you can elect to be paid through direct deposit also known as Electronic Fund Transfer wire transfer, or check. However, no matter which avenue you go down, theres no way to receive your royalties any sooner than 60 days. So if you have bills to pay, make sure youre not counting on your royalties coming in right away.

In terms of which payment method is best for you, you should know that theres no payment threshold for direct deposit. For check and wire payments, youll be paid only after you make a certain amount in royalties . See the full list of payment thresholds here.

Now lets talk about the programs ebook and print royalty plans which, as you can imagine, are pretty different from one another.

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Amazon Publishing Has User Friendly Royalty Statements

When I get my statements from my other publishers, I still often have to speak to my agent to understand them. Amazons monthly statements are straightforward and easy to understand. And yeah, they are monthly, not every six months. At the end of September I will receive the royalty statement for August. Real time reporting!

Enter Your Book Description

Amazon lets you enter up to 4,000 characters for your book description. This is the writeup that will appear on your books detail page.

Your book description is a sales pitch for readers.

Its a key part of your books marketing materials. Write it carefully. For guidance, read my step-by-step guide to writing a great book description.

Amazons description box accepts the old html tags for bold and italics. Use them wisely.

For even more control over your books detail page, join Author Central once your book is listed on Amazon.

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How To Find A Cover Designer

If you see a cover you like, check the inside flap to see who is credited. Or, if you have friends who have published, ask them about their cover designer. The beauty of working with an individual designer is you will have input about things like color schemes and images.

Alternatively, go to Reedsy to search through their stable of cover designers. All the designers listed have been vetted for professionalism, and you can read reviews from other authors to make sure you’re making the right choice.

New writers often use a crowd-sourced service like 99Designs, CrowdSpring, and DesignCrowd. Make sure to collect a variety of samples before choosing a designer. You submit your request and different designers will respond with ideas. Then, you choose the design you like best.

What Are Amazon Publishings Submission Guidelines

How To Get Amazon Kindle Self Publishing Reviews?

Because Amazon Publishing acquires books through agents and literary scouts, there are no submission guidelines for most of their imprints. However, Amazon Crossing and Amazon Crossing Kids do invite authors to submit books written in 14 select foreign languages for English translation. Learn more here.

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Choose From The Best Self Publishing Companies

I considered print on demand options like Lulu, iUniverse and ultimately landed on Createspace because it allowed me to distribute my book through Amazon’s powerful, global channel with absolutely;NO;upfront printing costs.

While I was more limited in page size and printing options, I needed a solution that wouldn’t cost me anything upfront and Createspace offered me that.

How To Successfully Self Publish On Amazon

I tried a lot of things in 2018, but these are the main things that led to success with self-publishing. Ill go into more detail on each in future episodes and posts, but for now, here are the top things I did. The first three are related to writing and craft and the second three are related to marketing.

  • Writing in a series
  • Set up newsletter swaps with other authors in my genre
  • Paid for promotions through other email newsletters

Other than the two on the list, those three main things ALL deal with email! Email is and always will be my foundation for what I do.

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