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How To Sell Alibaba On Amazon

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How Should I Pay For Samples On Alibaba

Make $250,000 Using Alibaba To Find Products To Sell On Amazon FBA

Use PayPal but send as goods and servicestheyll charge for the service fee but thats ok.

Use PayPal for payments up to around $2000, then start wiring from bank accounts.

After multiple transactions ask if you can go back to PayPal and send money as friends to save money on fees on both sides.

The sample should be the cost of your wholesale product + 25USD for the first kg and about 6.00 per kilo after.

You should most likely be paying around 50.00 for this sample if it weighs under 5-6lbs.

What Are The Risks Associated With Buying From Alibaba

One of the most common risks associated with Alibaba is scammers. This might be the reason many people ask is Alibaba safe to use?The answer would be yes if you follow some basic guidelines and precautions so that you will never get scammed.;

The most common types of risks faced by sellers on Alibaba are:

  • ;Payment fraud
  • This can happen when scammers access the suppliers account and find out which orders are about to get paid. They communicate with the buyers over the same email and give different bank account details to the buyer for payment. And, the buyer wires the money to the scammer account without the knowledge that he/she is being scammed.;

    To avoid scammers, compare the suppliers bank account name with the company name listed on Alibaba. If it is different then its a red flag. Confirm the payment details on multiple communication channels like WeChat and email;

    2. Low-quality products

    This is quite a common issue while dealing with wholesalers. Often, quality issues are the result of misunderstandings or lack of attention to detail or fraudulent suppliers who try to scam you by sending cheaper items than you originally chose.;

    If the scam is from the manufacturers end, it can be more difficult to identify. Since the manufacturer purchases low-quality materials to manufacture their products hoping that the buyer wouldnt notice. They commit these scams to reap higher returns by charging higher amounts for quality from the customer.;

    Select A Reliable Supplier

    Look for gold suppliers with a perfect reputation. They invest a fortune in their rating and care a lot about it.

    Verify your manufacturer to ensure its not a middleman. Ask the importer questionsabout their production and products, a copy of their business license, and a phone number. Make sure he is English-speaking. Have a Skype meeting. Ensure he is ready to ship out small consignments within agreed deadlines. Include all your quality control, lead times, and other terms and conditions in the order contract.

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    Getting Reviews And More Sales

    Its important to encourage customers to leave reviews. If you have more positive reviews, your listing will get more visibility on Amazon and will convert much better.;

    Being proactive in getting positive reviews will ensure that occasional negative reviews are overlooked.;

    Send emails to your customers after their product has arrived asking for feedback and ask them to leave a review if they are satisfied. You can also send your customers emails when you list a new item you think they will like.;

    Product Research Is Where It All Starts

    How to Source Products From Alibaba to Sell on Amazon ...

    Itâs tough to be successful selling products on Amazon that do not have demand. Make sure and use the new Helium 10 Demand Analyzer on your next search so that you can shine some light on your product research journey.

    This week’s #B2BTuesday Tip:

    Do your product research before choosing a product to sell. Make sure the product shows demand but still remains a low-competition profitable niche.

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    Research Products And Suppliers

    Once youre familiar with the nuts and bolts of how an Amazon store operates and how you can sell, its time to figure out what youre going to sell and who youre going to get it from.;

    There are various Amazon product research tools out there, including Jungle Scout, the StartupBros Product Research Workbook, and the free Unicorn Smasher Product Research Tool. Ive put together a list of you can use, too.;

    Sellers Guide To Understanding Alibaba

    Starting up as an needs proper planning and research. Like any business, you will need to be able to know your market, the right sources for your product, supplier information, etc. Thats where Alibaba comes in. You probably have heard, and read a lot about Alibaba. What exactly is Alibaba?

    Alibaba is the leading platform for global wholesale trade. Alibaba is used as a global sourcing platform for Amazon sellers as it helps them find product and suppliers quickly and efficiently.

    Alibaba is an international business-to-business platform. Using Alibaba, you can find a manufacturer to create your private label product and have it imported right to your market or to an Amazon fulfilment centre. Alibaba is also an e-commerce store that mainly operates through its Taobao and Tmall brand, in China.

    Taobao is the largest e-commerce store in the world. It connects consumers to consumers. Taobao is similar to eBay, it allows consumers to sell products to each other. Tmall is the Amazon of China, it primarily connects merchants to consumers. Tmall is also quick, offering delivery in two days or fewer similar to Amazon Prime.

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    How To Choose An Alibaba Supplier

    While Alibaba is a great place to find a supplier for your product, one massive downside is that there are a huge amount of manufacturers listed, which naturally leads to a massive range in quality.

    Luckily, the site does offer some tools and filters that help you weed out the bad options, so lets take a look at that first.

    You will come across different types of suppliers within Alibaba, the most common of which are:

    • Wholesalers
    • Manufacturers
    • Importers

    Wholesalers focus on storing large quantities of items in order to offer a discounted price. You dont necessarily need to buy from them in huge quantities, but they do prefer this and it helps to keep costs low.

    Dropshippers allow you to buy items one at a time and ship them directly to your customers for you. Generally we wouldnt recommend this route as it means your customers will have a long waiting time and often items will turn up in packaging that is obviously Chinese although this route can work excellently if you can find a dropshipper in your own country that is relatively unknown.

    Importing agents dont directly sell products but are a middleman between yourself and the supplier, often offering more comprehensive shipping solutions at a better price than the other suppliers can offer.

    Follow Up Questions To Ask Suppliers On Alibaba

    How to Buy from Alibaba and Sell on Amazon Complete Sourcing Guide 2021

    Before and during the negotiation phase, you should be talking to half a dozen suppliers or more, depending on the product. While questions can vary depending on the product, here are a few to ask to use as a reference.

    • Do you understand what FBA is and what the packaging requirements are?

    • Have you ever exported to the USA ? If so, how often?

    • Do you have the proper certification to ship to the USA?

    • Do you have SINOSURE or other trade insurance?

    • If I place a full order, how quickly can you ship it?

    • What payment terms do you require for a new customer?

    • Can you refund my sample fee if I place a full order?

    • What is the best-selling product made in your factory?

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    How To Source Products From Alibaba To Sell On Amazon

    China is on pace tosurpass the United States as the largest retail market in the world by year-end. Total retail sales for the country are on pace to reach $5.636 trillion. Alibaba is the Chinese e-commerce company that provides manufacturing and sourcing options for businesses of all sizes. It owns more than half of Chinas total e-commerce sales. Retailers that are new to Amazon and those that are scaling and diversifying their businesses use the platform. They can use it to source items from an extensive network of suppliers and manufacturers. In this post, we will discuss how you can do so.

    Identify What To Sell On Amazon

    One of the most important things that you need to think is that what you are going to sell?

    You can use Amazon and Google platforms to know about what is selling these days on Amazon but the thing that you must pay attention to is validating the product idea.

    No one needs to invest in an item that wonât sell, so try to do your statistical surveying and validating your product idea.

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    How To Dropship From Aliexpress To Amazon In 2021

    Did you know that around 27 percent of online retailers have shifted towards dropshipping as their primary eCommerce method?

    Dropshipping is still the craze, and many people are starting to use the dropshipping model due to its low startup costs.;

    In this 10-part guide, you will learn what dropshipping is and how you can start an Amazon dropshipping business from scratch. Lets get straight into it.;

    Why Do Amazon Sellers Use Alibaba

    How to Sell Alibaba Products on Amazon In 2021 For Easy ...

    Many Amazon sellers use Alibaba to source products because of the simplicity of its user-friendly site and well, the low prices. Most manufacturers that you come across on the platform will be based in China, where they can produce quality goods at a much more affordable price than, say, in the United States or Canada.;

    Any seller can go to Alibaba right now and search for the type of product theyre interested in selling and come across thousands of potential suppliers. Finding a manufacturer for your product has never been easier.

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    How To Sell Products On Amazon For Beginners: Free Guide 2021

    • Leeline helps you find high-quality Chinese suppliers and ensure that you provide Amazon customers with the best product experience
    • Do you need Leeline to help you find the best Chinese factory
    • Let Leeline handle your Amazon FBA logistics shipping business
    • Leeline also provide amazon fba prep servce if you sell products on amazon
    • One-to-one product quality testing can be performed before the product is shipped

    Avoiding Scammers On Alibaba

    Alibaba constantly works to pinpoint middlemen who are masquerading themselves as manufacturers and mark up prices and buy from the suppliers themselves, allowing more room for miscommunication between the buyer and actual manufacturer.

    When importing from Alibaba with the end goal of selling on Amazon, buyers should always be on the lookout for scammers who will take their money. Although Alibaba works diligently to remove scammers from their platform, there are still dishonest suppliers out there that can botch an entire sourcing process. The marketplace has their own verification program in place, which includes several levels of verification. The chart below summarizes the three different levels and the verification badges will appear on product listings and supplier profiles if they have them.

    It will also be critical to ask the suppliers questions about their business and products as buyers get closer to making a supplier decision. They shouldnt hesitate to ask for a copy of their business license and a phone number that can be tested to make sure its valid. Buyers can also have a Skype meeting with their contact and ask for photos of the factory and sample products before the physical samples are sent. If a supplier places ample attention on the payment process , buyers should be cautious through the entire transaction.

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    How To Create An Fba Shipping Plan

    Step 1:;In your Seller Central dashboard, click on edit inventory and click Change to Fulfilled by Amazon.

    Step 2:;;Click on Convert Only wait a few minutes, refresh the page, and now that its fulfilled by Amazon click on Print Item Labels.Step 3: Click edit and then Send/replenish inventory

    You want to select case-packed products. What this means is that you are going to send all of your products together in one big box. If you are sending multiple products in one box into Amazon FBA then you will select individual products.

    Next, fill in the Ship from field. In the beginning, its your house but it can also be your FBA inspection service that will be prepping your products after receiving them from your Chinese supplier.

    Dont Forget the Hazmat Review Form

    Step 4: Fill out the Hazmat Review Form

    Depending on your category just to be safe Amazon will ask you to fill out a hazmat review form.

    You want to tell Amazon how many units per case youre sending to their warehouse and then how many cases youre sending them.

    Since your product is most likely not hazardous you want to download the exemption sheet that you need to fill out.

    Step 5: Fill out the dimensions of your actual individual product, and prep information. Its okay to be approximate, just dont be completely wrong.; If you dont know then ask your supplier and they would be more than willing to help you!

    Then fill out the units per case and the number of cases youre sending.

    Some Recommendations When Buying A Product From Alibaba For The First Time

    Alibaba To Amazon FBA Explained! Product Shipping Tutorial

    If youre purchasing a product for the first time, I recommend that you click the Contact Supplier button rather than the Start Order button. Reach out to the seller and start a conversation.

    Heres how:

  • make a list of all the questions that you have
  • hit the Contact Seller button or the Chat Now link
  • ask or send all your questions
  • wait for a reply
  • This simple process enables you to get a feel for what it may be like to do business with the company youre contacting.

    But theres more

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    Where Your Product Is Most Popular

    Just as showing you the popularity of your item or service after some time, it can show where it is popular too.

    You probably wonât have the option to relocate to Russia upon learning that interest for your item is higher there, yet in case that your business is online, this could give you some valuable and unexpected insights about markets you could be tapping into.

    Alibaba Is A Great Place To Find High

    Even better, you can find low price suppliers and manufacturers. What I love about Alibaba is that you can get samples sent to you to verify that the product is in fact good. You want to make sure that the supplier you decide to work with on Alibaba is assessed and verified.

    This will ensure that you’re picking the most reputable suppliers and that you don’t encounter issues down the road. Alibaba protects you as the buyer. They have a service called Trade Assurance, which ensures that the payments you make through are safe.

    Right now Alibaba is offering a promotion called Super September. They are providing 3D showrooms where you can have a 360-degree view of products. With over 18,000 live broadcasts, you can browse through $3.7 million products, interact with suppliers, and ask them questions.

    It’s a virtual tradeshow that offers everything you would expect from a physical event. During the month of September, you can save 10% of the live broadcasts, receive more than 150,000+ supplier videos, and 2,000+ popular products. If you’re a new buyer, you can save $60 U.S. on transaction fees and $200 on logistics.

    Watch the video above where I share my computer screen and show you how you can make money on the Alibaba marketplace!

    You have two options when it comes to shipping your product.

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    How To Start Alibaba To Amazon Fba

    Generally, you pay a supplier to fulfill products as a customer places an order. The typical process of Alibaba to Amazon FBA follows the below sequence:

    • Product Research

    You should find the low-competition products that are high-demand to sell on Amazon.

    • Create an Alibaba account
    • Then go to tab Sourcing Solution, and submit a Request for Quotations or a RFQ
    • You will get many responses. Organize them according to the best supplier.
    • Rate your suppliers and contact them.
    • After that it is the time to negotiating the prices and minimum order quantity or MOO.
    • As selecting your suitable supplier, check all requirements of Amazon FBA.
    • Finalize your shopping after verifying all the necessary supplier information.
    • If you like you can have your orders shipped to an Amazon FBA warehouse.
    • Create an Amazon seller account

    You can get one by registering on as an individual or professional seller. Enter all the information on Manage Inventory page.

    • A customer places an order
    • Getting approval in your product category

    For selling, specific product types need to be approved by Amazon.

    • You process the payment

    Which one is better?

    Pros Of Sourcing Products From Alibaba

    Learn how to sell products using Amazon and Alibaba for ...

    There are loads of benefits to sourcing your products from manufacturers on Alibaba, including:

    • Low-cost products;
    • Thousands of products to choose from;
    • Lots of different manufacturers in one place
    • The platform is easy and convenient to use
    • Saves days of time sourcing products
    • You will usually deal directly with the manufacturer, cutting out the middleman
    • Alibaba offers Trade Assurance, so you will get your money back if you dont receive your products

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    How To Use Alibaba

    Alibaba is more than just an online market for buying and selling. You can use it for:

  • Finding a product or manufacturer on Alibaba
  • Alibaba is one alternative you can choose for all your sourcing needs. Alibaba has a similar layout to Amazon making it easy to navigate. You have two main ways to find a supplier for your product:

  • Product Search: On the Alibaba home page, you can enter the item or related keywords that you wish to source in the search bar and search by suppliers. Then Alibaba will display relevant results.
  • Request-for-Quote:;;This method for searching for products on Alibaba involves putting out an advertisement for the product you need to have manufactured, and inviting interested merchants to contact you through your Alibaba account directly. An example of an RFQ is shown in the screenshot below.
  • The picture above shows an RFQ being filled in before submission. Its pretty easy to do as Alibaba has already provided categories you can choose from. It also gives you a field you can fill in to give the suppliers your product specifications.

    The second screenshot now shows where you can track the progress of your RFQ. From here, you can see that the RFQ was approved and what was left was to wait for quotations from suppliers to come through.

    For Private Label Manufacturing

    3. For Dropshipping

    If you are a dropshipper or are planning to start dropshipping, you can use Alibaba to get products straight from the manufacturer and to your customers.;

    4. Wholesaling

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