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How To Sell Amazon Products On Facebook

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How to Sell Amazon Affiliate Products on Facebook Pages
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Amazons marketplace is just as lucrative as it is crowded.

To profit as a seller, you have to stand out against over two million merchants. But if you do grab buyers attention, youre bound to make sales since so many shoppers flock to Amazon. The average conversion rate in the marketplace is roughly 15%, roughly three to five times that of other e-commerce sites.

The key to reaching Amazon shoppers is maximizing your listings visibility. There are so many products on the marketplace, and buyers dont have the time or patience to sift through every single one. Make it easy for buyers to find your products and youre on track to win greater sales.

To boost your listings visibility, well highlight nine key ways to drive external traffic outside of Amazon and internal traffic within the marketplace to your products. Using these strategies leads buyers right to your listings, so they can make their way down your sales funnel and grow to become a customer.

Emil Kristensen Cmo & Co

If someone is selling the same items as you on Amazon, then you should consider creating a unique offer by bundling products together in new configurations.

The beauty of this is that your bundle will be listed as a unique product by Amazon, and when youre the only seller carrying a listing, youll be able to win that all-important spot in the Buy Box.

Use Amazon Reviews To Find Product Market Gaps

When deciding what items you should purchase for selling on Amazon, its important to get a feel for what the customer wants. Vendors might have the time and budget for focus groups to get consumer feedback as to desired products and what they like and dont like. But, this doesnt work for all vendors.

Since many vendors dont have the time or budget to do so, mining Amazon customer reviews is a timely and cost efficient way to decide what you should be selling on Amazon and why.

If youre thinking about selling a specific product, research Amazon reviews and keep the following things in mind:

  • What items people are raving about
  • Look for unsatisfied customers with a particular product
  • Use the complaints to modify your prospective product

When you dive into Amazon reviews youll get a firsthand look at what people love or hate about a certain product. You can take that information into consideration when you decide what products to sell and if you should make any modifications to the product you are going to sell.

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S To Selling Amazon Products On Your Website With Woocommerce

  • Step 0 Setup you WooCommerce Website
  • Step 1 Purchase & Install the WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment Plugin
  • Step 2 Upload your products to your WooCommerce Online Store
  • Step 3 Setup 1-Click Upsells, Order Bumps Cross Sell Funnels to Sell like a PRO
  • Step 4 Sit back and make more profit as you grow with WooCommerce
  • Step 5+ build yourself a real defensible eCommerce business

The Seller Of Oversized Or Hazmat Products

How To Sell Amazon Products On Facebook page

While Amazon does allow sellers to offer oversized and hazmat products to Amazon customers, the cost or FBA restrictions may be such that it doesnt make financial sense for such companies to sell on Amazon.

If you are such a company, we encourage you to do extensive research on Amazon before signing up to be an Amazon seller.

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Maintain Strong Product Ratings

First impressions matter when youre on a marketplace as competitive as Amazon. Buyers are browsing through thousands of products, so they wont settle for items that seem low-quality.

A clear way to give shoppers a positive first impression of your Amazon listings is to maintain high-star ratings. When buyers are browsing through their Amazon search results, the star ratings are visible for each product.

Along with price, these star ratings are a major factor in whether shoppers decide to click on your listings. They cant see your products in-person, so this feedback from other buyers is especially meaningful to shoppers trying to make a purchase.

Here are a few tips for maintaining high-star ratings on all of your Amazon listings:

Ratings are a key way for buyers to quickly assess your Amazon products. Make sure your items scores stay high to keep buyers interested in your listing.

Power Browse Amazon Listings With A Chrome Extension

Another way to choose a hot selling product is to power browse Amazon listings by using a Google Chrome extension.

There are quite a few Google Chrome extensions that Amazon sellers use to research products and determine how well these products will sell on Amazon. Some of the top Chrome extensions include the following:

  • AMZ Base
  • AmazeOwl

When you use any of the Chrome extensions listed above, you can browse Amazon listings quickly and fully, determining what products should be on your sellers list. In addition to zoning in on the best sellers, you can compare product prices, mull over sales estimates, dive into revenue projections, and consider keyword insights.

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Setup Your Woocommerce Website

Historically, this was potentially a challenge for the less technical ecommerce entrepreneurs of us. This is ultimately what made Shopify accessible its already setup

Well, right now the game has changed.

You can literally go to SiteGround, signup for an account, buy a domain name as part of the process and have your WooCommerce website all ready to go with essential plugins and the core Storefront theme already installed.

If youve read other guides that say you need to 1. sign up for hosting, 2. Install WordPress on your Domain, 3. Install WooCommerce on your site, 4. Add a theme to your WooCommerce store etc. etc. these guides are now out of date, defunct and useless.

You can go to this SiteGround link below and simply signup for what they call a hosting package and follow the sign up flow.

You DO NEED to go to the link Ive provided to have WooCommerce Pre-Installed

SiteGround have a number of Website Hosting Packages available to purchase, but only on this package does WooCommerce come pre-installed along with the Storefront WooCommerce Theme.

You can find out why we recommend SiteGround WooCommerce Hosting by or click on Tools > Why we recommend SiteGround WooCommerce Hosting

I call this Step 0 as you might already have a Shopify Store and nows the time to get on board with an eCommerce platform that can grow with you, sucking in multiple forms of traffic and integrating deeply with the technology players out there.

Larry Kim Founder Wordstream

How to Sell Amazon Products on Facebook (on a Shoestring Budget.)


Theyre not the most vendor-friendly platform and make changes from time to time that arent in the best interests of sellers.

Not saying Amazon isnt a big deal, just suggesting that Amazon should be just one pillar of four or more major channels including Facebook Ads and Google Ads and, of course, your own direct web storefront.

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The Private Label Seller

In the past five years, there has been a huge increase in the number of sellers on Amazon that are building their own brands .

Combing Amazon product reviews and sales rank data of national brands, these sellers identify product or price gaps they believe they can fill with their own, newly-developed private label brands.

Typically, these sellers can enjoy 3-6 months of decent sales before their products do well enough to be identified by other private label sellers to target for their own private label versions.

If the private label seller becomes effective at evolving its catalog quickly and capitalizing in the short-term on its newly launched products, such a seller can do reasonably well on Amazon.

Check Amazon Best Selling Categories

Whats one of the best ways to come up with product ideas? Check the Amazon best sellers list!

Since youll be peddling your wares on Amazon, it makes sense to see what Amazon sellers are hitting it big with when it comes to item sales on the site.

From toys and games to electronics, youll see the top hot sellers on Amazon when you visit the Best Sellers section.

Knowing what items are the best sellers on Amazon will help point you in the right direction as you select your inventory to sell on Amazon.

Combine this tip with #2 and youll come up with some interesting ideas.

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Daniel Townsend Managing Director Plum Tree Group

With more than 2 million sellers worldwide selling on Amazon, gaining the necessary visibility to succeed can be difficult.

However, all hope isnt lost.

Amazons latest release, headline search ads, may help new and experienced sellers by putting their products front and center in Amazon search results.

Headline search ads are pay-per-click ads that help sellers target customers based on specific search terms.

Once campaign parameters are set , headline search ads appear at the top of search results a powerful opportunity to outrank similar products , drive shoppers to your listings and increase sales.

David Tendrich Ceo & Co

How To Sell Amazon Product on Facebook

Get. More. Reviews.

I dont care how many you have. Get more.

People buy the product on Amazon that has the most positive reviews.

When were scared about making a decision, our brain falls back to certain factors and uses that limited information to make a decision.

That first factor we fall back on is social proof.

We look around at everyone else and see what they think is a good idea.

If a product has 10x more reviews than other products we literally have to resist our biology to buy a different one that has less reviews and therefore more risk.

So get reviews.

Give away as many of your product as you have to in exchange for fair and honest reviews.

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Jordan Brannon President And Coo Coalition Technologies

There are a million review generation tips out there. Most of them will work at some level.

Beyond that, really consider promoting Amazon through marketing channels typically reserved for your own website.

Amazon listings can be SEOd. They can be advertised using PPC. They can be promoted via email and social.

Also make sure youre planning ways to segment Amazon sales away from other sales channels to avoid creating your own competition.

Bill Bailey Ceo Nodal Ninja

FBA Fulfilled by Amazon.

Amazon sells 24/7 and setting up a FBA account on products you know will sell well will certainly increase your sales.

FBA comes at a higher cost so a little Googling prior to doing this is best advise.

Having an Amazon store as well will help to keep abreast of the competition, which most likely is already selling on Amazon.

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Amazon Wants Its Sellers To Use Fulfillment By Amazon

thats offered to all third-party sellers.

Sellers put their products into Amazons network of fulfillment centers, and when a customer places an order, Amazon does the individual order fulfillment, rather than the seller.

Such products in FBA are eligible for Amazon Prime / Amazon Super Saver Shipping, two programs that have consistently been found to improve most sellers customer conversion rates.

While a seller may have comparable fulfillment capabilities of its own, this FBA advantage is granted as part of Amazons efforts to ensure the highest quality, consistent shopping experience for Amazon customers.

Every Seller On Amazon Is Required To Answer Customer Inquiries Within 24 Hours

How To MAKE MONEY Dropshipping Amazon Products on Facebook Marketplace | STEP BY STEP

This requirement applies to any day of the year.

Amazon holds every seller to the highest industry standards regarding shipping times, confirmation emails, order cancellation rates, and a myriad of other criteria.

For many businesses new to Amazon, these standards may well be beyond what they can handle, and hence the Amazon marketplace may be out of the realm of possibility to sell on.

With these conditions in place, lets discuss how different kinds of businesses are likely to do on the Amazon marketplace.

Want more insights like this?

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Complement Your Shopify Store By Selling On Amazon

At first glance, Amazon can seem like a challenger to your small business: a global marketplace, a massive audience, a go-to destination for consumer search. However, when approached properly, Amazon can actually help you make money online.

Listing optimization can help you get discovered by a global audience and unlock new markets for you. In-Amazon promotions can elevate your brand atop the competition, giving you center stage in front of a highly qualified audience.

Your online store is your home base, and Amazon is your opportunity to reach massive new audiences. Strategic planning, experimentation, and some hustle will get you a long way to successfully selling on Amazon.

Use Shopifys step-by-step guide to open up your new Amazon sales channel. Refer to this guide as you begin launching new products on Amazon.

Rieva Lesonsky Ceo Growbiz Media/smallbizdailycom

Amazon also allows you to sell your service on Amazon.

When people buy products, your service can be offered as an add-on and everything is handled through Amazon.

This is something I know from personal experience.

We bought a ceiling fan and at the same time, I bought the installation from a local small company.

Payment was handled through Amazon and then the company called me to set up an appointment.

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Sit Back And Make More Profit As You Grow With Woocommerce

Did I mention that WooCommerce Core is free software? OK you need to pay for hosting

But ultimately you dont have the Apps that take not only a monthly fee, but a percentage revenue.

You dont have Apps that ultimately break your store. Read this thread of reviews on the Shopify App store for the official Pinterest App some people got banned from their Pinterest accounts for using it. INSANE!

Less monthly costs, means more profit in your pocket.

More feature rich and well developed plugins and extensions mean that you can do anything with your store without a single line of code.

Purchase & Install The Woocommerce Amazon Fulfillment Plugin

How To Sell Amazon Product On Facebook

As you may have guessed this plugin answers the question Can I fulfil orders on my website using Amazon FBA?

The answer is very much YES

The WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment plugin is available from the WooCommerce Extensions store which means that this plugin is EXTENSIVELY compatibility tested against all WooCommerce Core, Theme and Extension updates for Themes and Extensions available on the WooCommerce Marketplace. Great peace of mind!

Obviously once the WooCommerce Amazon Fulfillment Plugin is installed you then need to setup the connection with your Amazon Seller Accounts.

The great news is that you can connect ALL of your Amazon accounts to your store, meaning you can fulfil from anywhere you have stock in Amazon FBA. SWEET.

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The Reseller: No Exclusive Sourcing Relationships

Unless a reseller with no exclusive sourcing relationships has a significant pricing advantage, its not likely that this type of seller will be able to get any more than its fair share of sales from Amazon.

In other words, if this type of seller is competing against nine other resellers, this individual seller isnt likely to get more than 10% of the sales unless its willing to undercut everyone else on price.

A race to the bottom on price eventually lowers margins to an unsustainable level, making it pointless to be selling on Amazon.

For the general retail business considering offering some of its products on Amazon, this channel is likely to be only a secondary channel if your entire catalog is readily available to any number of other retailers.

, its critical for you to have paperwork that shows a clear provenance of where your product is sourced.

While some gray market sellers may do well on Amazon, once Amazons Seller Performance team challenges them asking them to provide paperwork showing where the product came from the seller may not be able to address a claim of selling counterfeit or inauthentic product.

And, even for sellers with solid paperwork from manufacturers or authorized distributors, Amazon may still give the seller a hard time if too many customer complaints come in about the legitimacy of the product.

To Make Money On Amazon Or Any Business You Need Certain Things

Before you even start to have visions of handfuls of cash coming your way, you need a few things checked off the checklist in order to make money on Amazon or with any business:

  • A sufficient gross margin
  • Determine your overall startup costs
  • Figure out your break even point
  • Forecast your revenue
  • Implement performance-based marketing based on revenue projections
  • You have to move inventory-if you dont move the inventory youll lose money due to product costs and storage fees

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When A Seller On Amazon Gets Orders It Does Not Own The Customer Relationship

Each sale is viewed as a one-time transaction, and sellers arent allowed to market or re-market to these customers after the sale.

So while sellers may have sophisticated CRM capabilities for their non-Amazon channels, almost all of that expertise and technology is irrelevant for customers generated through the Amazon marketplace.

Harrison Dromgoole Content Creator Ordoro

How to sell Amazon products on Facebook page

Focus on the buy box.

Unless youre selling truly unique products, youre likely competing with other sellers to be the merchant behind the Add to Cart button.

There are two big ways to get in Amazons favor and, Amazon being Amazon, they center around shipping.

Utilize Fulfillment By Amazon, their fulfillment service, to store and ship orders, and if youre a quick-shipping, high-volume e-retailer, try to qualify for their Seller Fulfilled Prime program, which guarantees access to lucrative Prime customers.

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