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How To Sell Auto Parts On Amazon

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How Can I Specify Part Fitment On Ebay And Amazon

5 Reasons why you should sell auto parts on Amazon 2021

On eBay, you can manually enter the cars or other vehicles that your parts are compatible with. This is time consuming and may be impractical if you have a high volume of parts to list.

You can also create listings using any eBay listing tool or multichannel management solution that includes a fitment section. More specialized options include the auto parts tools myFitment, PartsPal and BreakerPRO which you can use to manage your inventorys fitment data and create eBay listings.

Amazon does not provide a user interface for providing parts compatibility data. Instead, you have to generate a file which conforms to the ACES industry standard and follow for uploading the data. There are several steps to this, including signing up for membership of the Auto Care association, registering as an Amazon MWS developer, and downloading specialized file transfer software. A blog post by Shawn Livengood of RSM breaks down the process clearly.

Many private label sellers find this is too complex to undertake on their own so they use a third-party vendor instead. Providers include myFitment and PartsPal as mentioned above, and the Amazon fitment data tool PC Fitment.

Note that Amazon expects fitment data to be provided by the brand owner only, so this only applies to private label sellers and brands. You cant provide fitment data to Amazon for brands that you resell but do not own.

The Top Selling Auto Parts & Accessories On Amazon

Amazon is the elephant in the room when it comes to selling your auto parts onlinesimply due to its market penetration and captive customer base. What makes Amazon uniquely successful for those of us in the parts and accessories space is Amazons auto parts finder which is especially potent when combined with the ability to add fitment data to your listings . When paired with listings that take advantage of color variants and customization fields, your customers have an unrivaled way to find the auto parts by vehicle they need in no time leaving eBay Motors in the dust.

Discover the Top 3 Best-Selling Amazon Auto Categories

After youve determined that you want to list your auto parts on Amazon, your next step is to figure out the top selling auto parts & accessories on the Amazon Marketplace to drive maximum sales. Obviously, the best place to start is to look at the broad set of categories that are available to automotive parts and accessories sellers on Amazon. Pairing away specialized niches that tend to attract a small audience as well as vehicle specific categories like Replacement and Performance Parts, were left with three major categories:

  • Exterior Accessories for Cars
  • Lighting and LED for Cars
  • Car Exterior Accessories

    Car Interior Accessories

    Car Lighting & LED Products

    Other Automotive Categories

    • Air Filters
    • Car Covers
    • Weatherstripping

    What Kind Of Auto Parts Sell Best On Amazon

    Automobiles are made up of thousands of parts, which can make it kind of intimidating to get started when assembling an inventory. But there are certain tips you should keep in mind that can make the road easier for yourself.

    As for what to avoid, pretty much the opposite of the above-bulleted list. Stay away from large, bulky, breakable, expensive-to-ship items, as well as those meant for a niche audience.

    And unless youve got a ton of experience in high volume sales, avoid selling open-box/pre-owned/refurbished items. Youll need special approval from Amazon to sell these types of items.

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    Tip : Read Customer Reviews

    Customer reviews are an easy way to spot a fake part or a bad seller. Only buy from sellers with good reviews If you bought a car part and werent satisfied with the quality or packaging, you should contribute to the online community by leaving your own review.

    And if you were pleased with your purchase, leaving a positive review will help the honest seller and other shoppers. And remember, theres a difference between product reviews and seller reviews.

    How Much Do You Need To Make A Profit

    How to Sell Auto Parts on Amazon?

    At the end of the day, you need to make money from selling car parts online. Otherwise, whats the point?

    Look at how much youre spending for example, on sourcing parts, paying for an Amazon seller plan, storing inventory, or paying a dropshipper and work out how much you need to charge in order to profit.

    A good way to ensure you make profit is to use a pricing strategy like this:

    Total cost of product + Markup % = Final Product Price

    Total cost is made up of factors such as cost of materials, labor costs, and overheads. Markup is usually around 50%, but youll need to use your own judgement as to whether this works for you.

    Find out more

    • Want a bit more detail on exactly how to calculate your products pricing? Our full guide on How to Price a Product explains all, step-by-step.

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    Amazon As A Competitor

    Another challenge of selling on the Amazon marketplace is that you can also face Amazon as a competitor. Clearly, Amazon has a leg up on other competitors due to its size, buying power, and access to search data and sales patterns, and its knowledge of its own algorithms. In addition, within the past year or two, Amazon has made agreements with some of the largest parts makers in the US, including Cardone Industries, Federal-Mogul, Robert Bosch, and Dorman Products.Amazon seems to be trying to find a balance between being a powerhouse and a leveler for small and large sellers. While Amazon seems to be trying to stake a claim to many huge markets like clothing and auto parts, in a recent press release at the end of 2018, the company states that, more than 50 percent of items sold in our stores this holiday season came from small and medium-sized businesses.So all is not bleak. The market is huge. While you may be well advised not to sell the same products that Amazon sells, it is possible to succeed as small retailer selling auto parts and car supplies on Amazon. A good part of your success will boil down to knowing which products you should sell, at what prices, and the markets that offer you the greatest sales opportunities and profits that your business needs to grow and succeed.

    Selling Auto Parts On Amazon

    Success on Amazon is all about understanding and following the best practices.

  • Understand that drop shipping orders is hard when youre selling on Amazon. Amazons system is geared towards retailers who use fulfillment by Amazon , as Amazon is looking for 1-3 day delivery times. Retailers who rely on drop-shipping will find it hard to generate a large amount of revenue on Amazon. . By the way, you can learn more about drop shipping in this article.
  • Even if you get fulfillment knocked out, Amazon is going to hold you to a very high standard in terms of accuracy and customer service. If you perform, youll get lots of business from this channel. If not, youll wonder why you bother listing here.
  • Amazon listings have to be optimized to get traffic. You need to use popular search terms in your product description and bullet point features. Fill out as many details as you can for each product. Upload great images. Try to answer common questions. If you do these things for each product, youll get more sales. You also need a pile of great reviews to hit big volumes, at least if youre selling a unique product.
  • Basically, selling on Amazon is best for retailers who want to hold inventory. You must also be willing to do all the little stuff in terms of optimizing listings. Still, despite the negatives, serious revenue is possible.

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    How Do I Get Approved To Sell Auto Parts And Accessories On Amazon

    Automotive and Powersports is a gated category on Amazon. This means that sellers have to apply for approval to sell products in this category. Requirements include:

    • A professional selling account.
    • Compliant product images, viewable on your own website or an image hosting site.
    • The use of UPC codes for all major brands.
    • Reviewing Amazons Part Finder and Fitment Data page if you plan on selling products that only fit certain vehicles.
    • A warranty from the manufacturer or remanufacturer for any refurbished products that you sell.

    You apply for approval to sell car parts and accessories through Seller Central. New sellers on Amazon might be asked for additional information, such as supplier invoices or the URL of their own website.

    Its important to understand that category gating is not the only type of restriction on Amazon. There are also gated brands, which means that a separate approval process is in place for specific brand names. Selling genuine BMW parts, for example, requires approval to sell in the automotive category and then approval to sell the BMW brand. Brand approval usually requires supplier invoices, and sometimes a letter of authorization from the manufacturer.

    Amazon restricts the auto category, and specific auto brands, to help ensure that only genuine sellers and authentic products are sold on the marketplace. While this adds some admin and delay, it also acts as a barrier to keep out the more speculative sellers.

    Tip #: Take Your Time

    Should you be selling auto parts on Amazon in 2021? | #PitstopPodcast 29

    As you search for car parts lets say, a set of lowering springs for a Honda Civic Amazon will present multiple pages of lowering springs from different brands, sellers, resellers, and retailers. When you find what youre looking for, take a minute or two to read the product descriptions.

    Heres a hint: comprehensive descriptions are usually created by legit sellers with favorable ratings. Take a moment to go through these additional resources before buying anything so you know what youre getting.

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    Source From A Wholesaler

    A wholesaler is a company that sells products in large batches to retailers, usually for a reduced price. This means you can bulk buy, then charge a higher retail price when selling to your customers to make a profit.

    This makes most sense if youre selling directly to individual customers, rather than other businesses.

    Some wholesalers even offer dropshipping services. This is where you place your customers orders with the supplier, and they then process, package, and send the products directly to the customer.

    This dropshipping business model is ideal if youre just starting out and dont have space to store large inventories, or money to hire a warehouse.

    Find out more

    Choose The Right Products To Sell

    Before moving to the selling part we have to study our audience needs first. In addition to that, we have to ensure product quality and deliver the products at the right time. Likewise here are some pointers to make your online store inventory more compelling for future sales.

    • Buyers requirements

    Always aim a sizeable number of audience. If you are focusing on the average automobile dealers then you cant shoot up your sales. Therefore make sure your services reach to all the discerning group of buyers. On the other hand, always engage your buyers requirements to reach a futuristic position in marketing.

    • Size and weight of the product

    Keep your products small and lightweight as customers are not looking forward to large size products from you. In short, as the customers can get it by driving to the nearby store sticking to lightweight products can cut down your shipping costs.

    • Broaden your inventory

    Broadening your inventory with more auto parts and models can help you to target a large number of audience.

    • Regularly used auto parts

    Stay more focused on the frequently used auto parts for better sales. For instance, Instead of timing belts or windshields that are replaced very infrequently tend to engage with the products like spark plugs, headlights, mirrors and wires.

    • Differentiate the optional ones and emergency

    • Easily installed

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    Avoid The Race To The Bottom

    On platforms such as eBay and Amazon, your products are in direct competition with hundreds of other products, all on the same page meaning it can be a struggle to stand out from the crowd. This can make it tempting to offer cheaper prices than everyone else, to attract more sales.

    There are a couple of reasons why you shouldnt do this.

    First, it can make it difficult to achieve the golden rule of selling make a profit. If youre not charging enough to cover your costs, youll be running at a loss, which isnt sustainable. Other competitors may also lower their prices, forcing yours even further down just to stay in the game.

    Secondly, people dont like products that are too cheap. Yes, shoppers love a deal, but they also want high quality, trustworthy products they can rely on especially when it comes to car parts! Pricing your auto parts too low will make customers think that theyre low quality, making them more likely to avoid your products.

    Dont get so hung up on price that you forget the real worth of your products. You shouldnt be afraid of charging a little extra people will pay as long as they have trust in what youre selling!

    Before moving on, make sure you have:

    • Evaluated your outgoing costs

    Car parts can be pretty hard to ship. Bulky, heavy, and awkwardly shaped, they have the potential to bring on a headache. The shipping methods you choose will vary depending on your business model, sales channel, and the products you sell.

    Source Car Parts Yourself

    How to Sell Auto Parts on Amazon

    Maybe youre in a position where you can source car parts yourself. Whether youve been collecting parts for years, or have a yard full of unwanted cars, sourcing your own parts is a great way to cut costs.

    However, theres more room for poor quality products to slip into your inventory with this method, so be careful. Our top tip here is to be honest. If youve gone rummaging through your local scrapyard, make this very clear on your storefront, price your products accordingly, and always make sure the parts you sell are in good working order.

    This method works best if youre dealing more in collectible car parts or older models, rather than mainstream, modern replacement parts.

    Before moving on, make sure you have:

    • Explored different sourcing options

    You know what youre selling, and who youre getting your products from but where are you going to sell your car parts? There are plenty of places to sell car parts online, but were going to walk you through the main three.

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    Sell Genuine Parts Profitably On Amazon: A How

    But without the right knowledge and setup for dealerships specifically, success and profitability on Amazon can be very difficult to achieve.

    Whether youre a new seller on Amazon or have an established store, this article contains fundamental information to help you sell genuine parts successfully.

    Why Do You Need A Website For Amazon

    When you sell products on Amazon, it is important to have a website that can act as a landing page for your products. This is because when people are searching for automotive parts and accessories on the internet, they will likely come across both Amazon and your website. Therefore, it is important to have a website that looks professional and trustworthy so that potential customers will be more likely to buy from you!

    Your website doesnt need to be anything fancy in fact, we recommend using a platform like WordPress or Shopify to create a simple site quickly and easily. You can then use this website to list all of the automotive parts and accessories that you are selling on Amazon. You can also use it to provide additional information about your business, such as your company history, the team behind it, and any awards or accreditations you have received.

    You should also use your website to provide high-quality images of your products. This is important because potential customers will want to see what they are buying before purchasing. Having clear, professional product images on your website will help to increase conversion rates and sales.

    When it comes to this site being found online, we highly recommend proper SEO Services such as content creation , a Google Business Listing, and more. You can read more about this here.

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    What Type Of Car Parts Or Accessories Sell Best On Amazon

    There is no definitive answer to this question because it varies from one market to the next. However, we can give you some general tips based on our experience selling automotive parts online. First of all, make sure that you are stocking high-demand items. Car owners are always looking for new accessories and parts to improve their vehicles, so there is a lot of potential for sales here! It would help if you also considered targeting niche markets with specific products that cater to their needs.

    For example, if you know that a particular car model is popular in your area, you could focus on selling parts and accessories specifically for that vehicle.

    Here are some great examples of parts you can sell on Amazon:

    • Service items: These include filters, brakes, tires, and suspensions.
    • Electrical items: These include bulbs, starter motors, alternators, fuel pumps, and injectors.
    • Mechanical items: These include bushes and engine mounts
    • Interior and exterior items: These include wiper blades and door handles

    Which Products Are Hot

    How to Ungate Automative Category on Amazon

    Okay, so youve thought about your niche and your target audience, but what about the actual products?

    A great way to find popular products is to head to . There, you can see which products are most popular across different categories, such as:

    Next, you need to ask the question: where am I going to get my car parts from? You have a few options, which well go through in just a second.

    But first, its worth saying that however you decide to source your car parts, its vital to ensure theyre authentic, reliable, and high quality. The success of your business depends on your customers trusting you and your products. Dont fall into the sketchy car salesman stereotype!

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