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How To Sell Baseball Cards On Amazon

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Best Basketball Rookie Cards

Know Your Stuff Baseball Cards for Resale on Ebay Amazon Etsy and more!

Right now we are investing in the following basketball rookie cards:

Unlike baseball, these are players in the league now contending for the 2021 NBA ROY. The above card is a sick Anthony Edwards Prizm RC Parallel in the form of the Purple Ice!

  • 2020 LaMelo Ball Panini Panini Prizm RC #278
  • 2020 Anthony Edwards Panini Prizm RC #258
  • ALL Justin Herbert Rookie Cards
  • 2020 Joe Burrow Panini Prizm RC #307

Why Sell Baseball Cards To Cardboard Connection

The Cardboard Connection is the fastest growing go-to source for collectors, investors and anyone else looking to sell and/or consign their collections. We bring the same integrity, collector-centric business practices and brand recognition to selling and consigning collections as we do to our editorial coverage of the sports card, entertainment trading card and memorabilia industry. This has allowed us to provide you with extremely honest and;reasonable top-dollar offers on collection purchases and among the highest returns on consignments in the business.

In order to ensure we can provide the best possible offer, we use a combination of directly purchasing and consigning collections as well as outsourcing leads using exclusive deals to the;top buyers in the business with the goal of ensuring you get the best possible return on your collection.

We encourage you to share your experiences dealing with any of these buyers by contacting us directly.

Buying Sports Cards On Amazon: Finding What You Need

December 16, 2015 By Rich Mueller

You might think of them as a place to buy books, music or maybe a gift for your Aunt Jane but some collectors have discovered that buying sports cards on Amazon is a viable option with some benefits.

Some of the biggest sports card dealers in North America have their inventory on the website, but so do thousands of other sports memorabilia dealers, big and small. ;Amazon also has a partnership with sites like COMC, offering access to millions of items.

A few years ago, Amazon ramped up its commitment to the sports collectible market. ;The company has been a sponsor at the National Sports Collectors Convention, taking a more active role than eBay. ;A few years ago, it launched its;Sports Collectibles section, which encompasses everything from the newest unopened boxes to autographed memorabilia to ticket stubs.

If you are a sports card collector, its just one click to the Trading Cards category, which offers over 12 million single sports cards for sale, more than 96,000 complete sets , nearly 4,000 hobby and retail boxes and over 3,000 lots.; Amazon offers a very attractive and graphically enhanced organizational breakdown there that allows you to immediately shop for graded cards, vintage, factory sets, inserts or rookie cards. You can refine by year, by sport, by team and use other filters as well.

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Fulfillment By Amazon Fees

Both Individual and Pro sellers can use Fulfillment by Amazon, or FBA, to stock, pack, and ship their Amazon products. Of course, Amazon charges fees for this, but many Amazon sellers find the FBA fees are quite reasonable for certain items. Plus, it takes time-consuming daily order packing and shipping tasks off your shoulders and even makes your items Prime-eligible.

FBA fees vary based on product size and weight. Like every other facet of selling on Amazon, you need to understand the total fees youll pay to store and ship your products with FBA before jumping onboard.

How does FBA compare to other fulfillment solutions? Read Best Order Fulfillment Services

Send Out Those Baseball Cards That Have The Most Potential Profit Michael Jordan PSA GRADED 10 (Basketball Card ...

After youve gone over your collection and judged which ones you can sell at a relatively high price, weigh the costs of grading against the potential profit.

Send the ones that are potentially valuable off to professionals to have them officially graded. These tend to be worth more than ungraded or raw cards. Read this article on whether or not to get your cards graded to help you decide.

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Best Hockey Rookie Cards

Like basketball, we are buying the best hockey cards containing players competing for the ROY in 2021.

Only one kid here worth buying as hockey isnt fun as it used to be. Bring back goal scoring!

We think Kaprizov would have been a lock for 50 goals in 50 games if he was playing in the early 90s.

  • 2020 Kirill Kaprizov Upper Deck Young Guns RC #451

Best Hockey Cards To Invest In

Jaromir Jagr is one of the most underrated players/rookie cards in the hobby.

The 1990 Jagr Upper Deck RC is an icon in our eyes as many of us on staff can relate to tearing open more than a few packs of 1990 UD in search of this bad boy.

We consider it to be a great-looking card that is somewhat undervalued based on where it will be 10 years from now compared to other HOF-type players who dominated their sport similar to the way Jagr did.

For a time, this was the only hockey card on this list and should be seen as a must-have for long-term investors.

In our opinion, Ovie is already the best player to ever lace up the skates and is a scoring machine even in the dead puck era .

The 2005 SP Authentic Alexander Ovechkin RC will cost more than $2,000 but is worth the price long-term as this card will only go up over the years.

The card is numbered #190 and the back reads The top overall pick in 2004, Ovechkin can play both the physical and the finesse games, blending blazing speed with a 212-pound frame.

The 1990 UD Pavel Bure card ranks right up there with the 1989 Ken Griffey Jr. UD RC as an iconic card for kids who came of age during the junk wax era.

Numbered #526, the Bure Upper Deck Young Guns RC is a thing of beauty and should have a tremendous potential ROI moving forward.

For whatever reason, it seems hockey cards were more popular than any other sports card for a brief period of time during the early 1990s.

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How To Sell Baseball Cards For Top Dollar: The Expert Guide

If theres one thing Ive learned from selling baseball cards over the years its this:

the marketplace you choose means everything.

What do I mean by that?

Theres a right and wrong market for every type of baseball card collection.

Each type of collection attracts a certain type of buyer.

Reaching the right buyers for your collection is key.

So if you have baseball cards for sale, this guide will walk you through which options are right for you.


Ross Uitts – Owner

Are you selling sports cards that were produced from 1868 – 1975?

If so, then please fill out the form below and I’ll be in touch right away. Or, feel free to call/text me at 305-684-6680!

Best Soccer Cards To Invest In 2021

How to Sell Sports Cards in Bulk

Potentially the top soccer RC in the hobby, its no surprise as the 2004 Panini Sports Mega Cracks contains an image of Lionel Messi in his trademark Barcelona kit.

The only drawback is it will cost you the price of a brand new Range Rover at higher grades and is only going up as he edges closer to retirement.

A much more affordable soccer card to invest in for the average collector also happens to feature one of the greatest midfielders of all time.

To be honest, we have always loved Zinedine Zidane since the headbutt heard around the world, which was a shocking end to a World Cup final, as well as the players career.

Zidane went on to manage Real Madrid, leading the team to an unprecedented three Champions League wins in a row.

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Where And How Should I Sell My Old Baseball Cards

After deciding you want to sell your collection, the process is not over.; You must decide where and how, as this is ultimately the most important part.; Trying to sell them on your own requires hours and hours of work, and does not guarantee you sell them at all.; The most painless way to sell your collection is through Deans Cards. We make the process quick and offer much more than other vendors.; However, not all cards fall within our specific interest. In that case, there are alternatives to selling to Deans Cards but require more effort with the risk of being ripped off. Dealers and vendors often give lowball offers on collections when they are unsure of the current market value. This is never the case when selling to Deans Cards, as our purchasing software generates a fair price based on what each item sells for. This eliminates the need for negotiation and haggling which was commonplace in pre-internet card transactions.

Amazon Individual Seller Accounts

Geared for occasional and low-volume sellers, Amazon Individual Seller accounts require little setup and have $0 monthly fees. But you have some restrictions compared to the Pro accounts:

  • Allows up to 40 product sales per month. This is not the number of product listings, but actual products sold.
  • You have to create listings manually in the Amazon Seller Central dashboard. Bulk uploads arent supported.
  • Cannot offer gift wrap

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Kobe Byrant Lebron James Topps Chrome Refractor #24


Although not officially a LeBron James card, the 2009 Kobe/LeBron Topps Chrome Refractor has broken out from a cult following to reach mass-market appeal.

We named this card one of the best-looking cards of all time. The 2009 Kobe/LeBron Topps Chrome Orange Refractor may go down in history as one of the most iconic cards in the hobby.

The card obviously looks amazing but it also seems to hold a hidden, deeper message in the image.

Two of the best of all time, one on his way up, one on his way out, and the passing of the old guard to the new guard with the ball being the key.

We would love to have this card as we feel it is one of the more undervalued cards in the hobby.

Should I Have My Sports Cards Professionally Graded 1990 Topps # 751 Steve Lyons Chicago White Sox ...

Many people looking to sell their collections are told that getting their cards professionally graded makes them more valuable.; While this is sometimes true for rare and expensive cards, sending a bunch of mid-grade common cards to PSA is not worth the expense.; With the expensive shipping and insurance fees the cost is routinely $14 – $17 per common card, and much more for stars.; At Deans Cards, we do not usually advise getting a card graded unless it is old, in great condition, or a star card .; We often see people that inherited collections spend far more on grading fees than the collection is actually worth.; The key is knowing which cards to submit for grading.; Dean says that if a card has a high value it’s because of the card, not the graded case it’s in!; Usually, the safer and more profitable move is to sell your cards ungraded.

For more information, check out this page dedicated entirely to this topic:Should I Get My Baseball Cards Graded by PSA?

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What Football Cards From The 90s Are Worth Money

Now that we got that out of the way, lets take a look at the top ten:

  • 1990 Score #101T Emmitt Smith Rookie Card.
  • 1990 Score #1 Joe Montana.
  • 1990 Score #302 Junior Seau Rookie Card.
  • 1990 Score #20 Barry Sanders.
  • 1990 Score #200 Jerry Rice.
  • 1990 Score #10 Bo Jackson.
  • 1990 Score #95 Deion Sanders.
  • 1990 Score #50 Lawrence Taylor.

Best Cards To Invest In Now: Advice And Tips

Now please check out our Ideal Sports Card Investing Portfolio write-up to determine how to allocate your sports cards in terms of risk.

Card Grading: Before you get a card graded please readPSA Grading vs BGS Grading vs SGC Grading

We will email you back within 24 hours or even call you on the phone if you would like .

  • We recommend buying via eBay 7 day auctions as its usually a great way to get the card you desire at a reasonable and even sometimes cheaper price.
  • Buy now on eBay should be avoided as in almost every scenario the cards are marked up from the actual value .
  • Its hardly ever worth it buying non-graded cards. Stick with PSA 10, PSA 9, BGS 10, BGS 9.5, and SGC 10. One side note; modern Bowman Chrome baseball cards are about the only set of cards that holds up well when being submitted to PSA . Comment below if you disagree or can name another.
  • When listing your card for sale on eBay check out the listing of top-rated sellers and consider using them as they are experts in getting the card the most views possible via keywords.
  • Avoid buying hobby boxes or packs of cards as your return on ROI will be terrible. Unless you are doing it for entertainments sake.
  • 99% of sports cards are not worth your time. Stick with high-grade HOF players with a few stud prospects, rookies, or second-year players mixed in.

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Which Account Is Best For You

If youre an established ecommerce seller moving to Amazon, the Pro Seller account is your best pick. The Individual account is very limited in comparison and requires more hands-on management.

However, if youre just starting to , you can get started on Amazon with no up-front costs at all using an Individual account. It costs $0 to register an Individual Seller account and list products. Youre only charged fees when your product sells. In fact, youre not even charged. Amazon takes its cut from your payout, so you really dont pay a dime out-of-pocket.

Private Online Auction Houses

Making Money Buying & Selling Baseball Cards. Let’s Talk

Does your collection consists of pre-War or vintage cards?

Can you afford to wait for potentially a few of months to sell them?

Then consigning your cards to a private auction house can be a great option.

There are multiple private online auction houses that do nothing but sell old sports cards and they are great at what they do.

They already have networks of collectors eagerly awaiting to buy and they promote heavily to them via email, print catalogues, and even personal phone calls.

You don’t have to worry about taking pictures of your cards, shipping them to buyers, or collecting payments–these companies handle all of that.

The downside is that there are many of them today so knowing which ones are professional and trustworthy can be difficult.;

Additionally, some of them will hold auctions only a few times a year so you may have to wait a while to finally sell your cards and collect payment.

But, if you can afford to wait in order to maximize your sell prices then I would recommend you choose this route.


  • Can take weeks or months to sell
  • Few offer fixed-price selling formats
  • Some companies are untrustworthy

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Start Your Own Collection

While there is so much more I could go over in this article, you should now have a good foundation for building your baseball card collection. I hope you find as much joy in this hobby as I have for the past almost 30 years. From sorting and learning statistics as a kid to working on player collections today, this hobby has always been a part of my life. Sometimes, it is more prevalent than other times, but at the end of the day, the cards are always there on my desk.

Keep in mind, this is as much a business as it is a hobby, and some people treat it exclusively as a business. Personally, I have a solid balance between hobby and business, but some business dealers are all business. That may ruin it for some, but don’t let it keep you from collecting. There is always someone else to buy from or trade with.

If you have any questions about how to collect baseball cards, click here for an expansive encyclopedia on baseball cards, or leave me a comment, and I’ll try to get your question answered as soon as possible.

Now, go get started!

Where Can I Sell Baseball Cards Near Me

Okay, so perhaps you dont want to sell your cards online. Maybe you would prefer to sell your baseball cards locally?

When you sell in person, you can often get cash on the spot, and you dont have to worry about shipping your cards anywhere!

If you want to know, who buys baseball cards near me? then give these places a try.

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Best Cheap Sports Cards To Invest In

Here are some cheap cards that could turn into expensive cards.

Please note there is a decent amount of risk in these purchases as the players are not exactly proven at this point. In our opinion, they still have the potential for great things.

We like to buy Bowman Chrome when possible as they grade well when sent into PSA and lots as you can get them cheaper vs buying singles.

Here are a couple of options to purchase when it comes to investing in the best cheap sports cards;

  • 2013 Byron Buxton Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP1
  • 2013 Tyler Glasnow Bowman Chrome Prospects #BCP134

Special Shows Or Events

Sell Baseball Cards Cincinnati / Amazon Com 1966 Topps 30 ...

These fall in one group but can look very different depending on the area. Whether wrestling meets in the Midwest, a local flea market, or anywhere you can rent a table, theres potential here.

When you have a space in a high traffic area sales can follow.

No doubt having the ability to socialize and pitch in person helps, but its not necessary. Enough people with an interest will lead to some sales.

You could also put down garage sale, which might be required for commons. Or any cards of players who arent all-stars or future hall of famers.

Make sure the venue is one that is good for selling baseball cards.

You want the best match possible because if youre spending several hundred dollars for a table, you want to make your money back.


  • Potential for some big selling days
  • Great way to bundle commons & good players to sell excess stock
  • May bring more customers than you could find solo


  • Usually pay to play scenario
  • A bad fit might mean low sales or even losses
  • A lot of work to set up and tear down

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