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How To Sell Coloring Books On Amazon

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List Your Books On Amazon

Make a KDP Coloring Book SUPER FAST to Sell on Amazon
  • Type the book’s ISBN code into Amazon’s search bar. If the book was printed before 1970, enter the title manually.
  • Once on the product listing page, click the “Sell on Amazon” button.
  • Enter the SKU. This can be an SKU of your choice, or if you leave it blank, Amazon will generate one for you.
  • Select your price. To match the lowest price, simply click that button.
  • Enter the total quantity. The default is one unit.
  • Choose the condition. It’s vital to be 100% honest about the quality of each book.
  • Select your fulfillment channel .

Get At Least 10 Reader Reviews

Next up: reviews. For indie authors, book reviews furnish all-important social proof, the e-commerce equivalent of street cred. Just like positive word-of-mouth can prove a new coffee shop is worth dropping in on, strong reviews show that a new book is worth picking up.

You might think that, unlike your cover and your book blurb, this ones out of your hands. But the truth is, you can actively cultivate reviews even before you launch your book! Want to know how? Check out our simple, 5-step guide to getting book reviews both on and off Amazon. It all comes down to finding reviewers who read your genre and getting them to notice your book.

If youre concerned that a less-than-perfect review will tank your conversion rate, dont worry. Weve found that the number of reviews trumps the average review score when it comes to attracting buyers, provided your average doesnt go below 3.5. In fact, a small slate of reviews that are all 5-star can come across as suspicious: it may look like the author conscripted their extended family to shower them with artificial praise. So when youve done your part, let the honest reviewers youve tapped do theirs.

Reassess Your Book Cover

Let’s say youre a huge fan of Enders Game, and youre browsing the Kindle Store for something in the same vein. Do you know how many books are in the Military Science Fiction category? More than 20,000.

To attract readers in a competitive market and sell ebooks on Amazon, youll need to hold your own among Big 5 books starting with your cover design. This is why we recommend that self-published authors hire a professional cover designer. Think of it as an investment: youve spent all this time writing your ebook, so dont give readers a reason not to read it by publishing it with a cover that looks unprofessional.

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Amazon Hot New Releases List

As weve mentioned above, Amazon gives extra exposure to new releases books in the first 30 days of their launches. You might have heard of the Amazon 30-day cliff: a term authors use to describe how their sales plummet a month after their books release.

Whats responsible for the extra exposure given to new books? Mostly, the Hot New Releases list. The list itself isnt that easy to find while browsing Amazon its also hidden in the sidebar. But its often featured on the main Kindle Store homepage, and is also a primary driver of email recommendations. Whenever you receive an email from Amazon promoting the best new releases in Self-Help, you know where that email is coming from.

Don’t Explain Every Detail Just Give The Reader A Taste Of What To Expect

How to Draw Mandala for Beginners and Make Money Selling Coloring Books ...

The blurb is where you tell readers what your book is about without giving away the goods before theyve paid. Dont overwhelm them with a blow-by-blow summary. The last thing you want is to sound like youre trying to prove youve actually read your own book.

Instead, focus on high-impact keywords that play to your target market. Terms like serial killer for a thriller or personal development for a self-help book will signal to readers that they will find exactly what theyre looking for. In the end, your blurb is all about building intrigue and drumming up anticipation for the moment when buyers get to read the book in full.

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Write Or Design Your Book

In this example, I created an adult goat coloring book. The creative process is what will take the longest in this process. You can hire this out or do it yourself. If you do it yourself, you will need some art and design skills. You can create coloring book pages in Adobe Illustrator. I think this is the most popular tool artist use for this type of work. Or, you can do hand drawn designs too. Just scan them and upload them. I know people who do this option also.

Write An Author Bio That Doesn’t Put Readers To Sleep

A strong author bio humanizes you in the eyes of your readers. Write a strong one, and theyll feel like theyre tapping into a genuine connection every time they read your words. The world of online advertising often feels faceless and cold, so playing up the personal touch can boost your sales. Think of your author bio as a perfect opportunity to do just that: showing off the brain and heart behind your book.

As a KDP user, youll set up your bio through Amazon Author Central. This service, available to all authors on the site, gives you access to a dashboard for tracking your sales and managing your reviews. Most importantly for our purposes, it also allows you to personalize an Amazon Author Page with a warmly engaging bio. You can learn all about how to set this up on our tutorial.

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Creating An Adult Coloring Book To Publish On Amazon Kdp

Today, I begin a new sub chapter of my low content book publishing journey. Since I began this quest back in October of 2019, I have uploaded lined journals, log books, note taking journals, and recipe journals. I have 121 low content books in my KDP book shelf, and I am so excited to add these coloring books.

Adult coloring books are a hot genre. I have been wanting to get into creating them now for quite some time. Even though the competition looks kind of fierce, and there are a lot of really nice ones out there that have obviously been made by very talented artists, I have done some research and have found a niche that looks penetrable. I am hoping to break into it by focusing on a certain type of coloring book with a certain theme I can build upon and add more volumes of the same.

Here is an example of a best selling adult coloring book on Amazon. As of this writing, this coloring book has a BSR of 389! And most of the coloring books I have seen in my research on Amazon have BSRs in the hundred thousands or lower, which tells me they are selling well and they are selling consistent.

Just look at the detail on that lion. Its absolutely beautiful. If you take a look at the Look Inside feature on Amazon, you can see some of the inside coloring pages, and they are just as detailed and awesome as the cover art.

For more PLR coloring resources, both free and paid, check out this post.

Good luck!

Contact Amazon To Get 8 Bonus Categories For Your Book

How To Create A Coloring Book To Sell On Amazon KDP Part 1 – 3 Different Ways Make A Coloring Book

Pro tip: youre prompted to select up to 2 categories when you go to , but you can also add up to 8 additional categories post-publication by .

You should absolutely take this step. Note also that not all of the sub-categories are available through the publication dashboard. Some can only be added post facto, or by using a specific keyword as part of your seven keywords.

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Enter Your Book Description

Amazon lets you enter up to 4,000 characters for your book description. This is the write-up that will appear on your books detail page.

Your book description is a sales pitch for readers.

Its a key part of your books marketing materials. Write it carefully. For guidance, read my step-by-step guide to writing a great book description.

Amazons description box accepts the old html tags for bold and italics. Use them wisely.

For even more control over your books detail page, join Author Central once your book is listed on Amazon.

# 3 Creating Print Ready Coloring Book

In this third and final step, we will import our colorig pages into a PowerPoint document to create a print-ready pdf file.

To this, we need to open a powerpoint blank document and then resize the slide to create an 8.5 x 11 template. All you need is to click on the design tab> slide size> custom slide size and then set the page with and height as shown below.

Once you click on Ok, you will see a blank document. Now you can drag and drop your coloring page onto this template. To create multiple pages, you can duplicate this slide and then replace the image on 2nd slide. In this way, you can create a 50 or 100-page coloring book.

Lastly, you can export this document as a PDF file that you can upload to Amazon kdp as a coloring book interior.

I also have a video on formatting a coloring book in PowerPoint, you may like it

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Save To Draft Until Youre Ready

Choose Save as Draft until youre ready to choose a publishing date and launch your book.

I cant stress enough how important it is to think through every aspect of your books marketing before you publish. That goes beyond your books cover, layout, pricing, and marketing plan.

It also includes your Author branding.

The moment your book goes live, youll need to set up your with your and bio. Youll also need to add any blurbs to your books detail page.

Get those ready now.

Finally, pay attention to your gut. No matter how impatient youre feeling to see your book on the Kindle store, your gut will tell you if something isnt ready. If youre feeling pulled to wait and fix anything, do it.

Head Over To Canvacom

8 Best Adult Coloring Books 2020 is a free image editing software that is all online so you wont need to download it like Inkscape. All you need to do is sign up for a free account and youre good to go.

Now the next step is important. You need to go to Create new design and select Custom size as shown below. You then need to enter the size of your template in inches. This isnt as simple as just adding 8.5 + 11 because were creating a wrap so you have to take into consideration the margins and the front and back next to eachother. Youll need to enter the height and width of your design to match your template.

To find out what the width and height of your canvas, you first need to take a look at your dimensions on the template you downloaded from Amazon. Open up the PNG and look at the figures on it like the below

If we use the example above, the width of your canvas should be 8.5 + 8.5 +0.125 +0.125 + 0.2 for the spine. This amounts to 17.45.

To calculate the height of your blank canvas, you need to add the height which is of course 11 inches and .25 to get your total so this will come out at 11.25 inches. Once youve done this you can then create your blank canvas on Canva and then upload your PNG template. You can then drag and expand your template to the edges of your blank canvas until it snaps to fit. Ive shown this as below

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How Do You Create Low Content Books

We found the best program to create low content books on a platform called BookBolt. BookBolt was designed to create low content books to post to Amazon. It was also designed for those who are not a graphic designer.The current price is only $10 a month AND we have a 20% off lifetime coupon code, so be sure to use whitneybonds20 when purchasing. In this video, we show you how to create a low content book in MINUTES on BookBolt with absolutely no GRAPHIC DESIGN experience AND how to upload it to Amazon KDP.Start the video at 08:20 to learn how to create a book.

If you rather read than watch, well explain it here

To get started Log-in to BookBolt to create your book cover.

On the top left-hand side, click on research and click on the drop-down tab that says Create. Then click on BookBolt Designer.

You will be prompted with a pop-up to enter your book dimensions. This is where youll want to use your competition as a guide as far as best practices for book size and page length.

Look on Amazon for similar types of books and find the books with good reviews to get a feel of what a good page count is and book dimensions.

It is also a good idea to look at the negative reviews of similar books to use as your competitive advantage.

Those things will be what you highlight in your book description and possibly the title.

Selling books on Amazon is very competitive and youll need to take advantage of everything you can to outperform the competition.

Write A Catchier Book Description

Your book description tells would-be readers what your book is about and, more importantly, why they should care. Use it as an opportunity to hype it up think sales copy, not high school book report!

Remember, your book description will be most readers first point of contact with your writing. If they dont like what they see, theyll have no reason to want another several hundred pages of the same. Heres a guide on how to craft a perfect book description, but lets quickly go through the basics right here.

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How Long Does It Take To Publish A Book On Amazon

Some articles promise that if you follow their steps, you can be published by the end of the day. Thats true, I guess. But rushing through it will usually make your book, and thus you, look bad.

So I wrote this guide to accomplish two things:

  • Lay out the technical steps to publishing on KDP
  • Walk you through the right way to do that so that you look as good as possible
  • Note: Amazon offers two types of publishing options. These steps are specifically for Kindle Direct Publishing and not Amazon traditional publishing .

    Doing each step the right way might take a few extra hours. In some cases, it might take a few extra days. But its worth it to end up with a book youll be proud of, and a book that will sell.

    I wont promise that you can be published by the end of the day. Heres my promise:

    If you follow this guide, youll end up with an exceptional Amazon listing, a solid marketing plan, and a book youll be proud to call your own.

    Can You Make Money Selling Coloring Pages

    How To Make $ With Your Art: Amazon / KDP Coloring Books

    It is definitely possible to turn a profit on Etsy with coloring pages. A coloring page is the perfect tool to begin to make passive income, unless it already sells. In this case, digital graphics are best to produce and sell for you. If you wish to make money with this venture, you need to get serious about investing some time into it.

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    Do Low Content Books Sell On Amazon

    Yes, in fact, that is the most popular way to sell low-content books. Amazon has a platform called where they have the capability to print a book on-demand. will print the book, ship the book, and handle any customer service issues. As the author of the book you earn 60% of your list price less the printing costs. The printing costs vary, it is dependent on page count and ink type. Books published on Amazon KDP will automatically be on the Amazon website ready to sell. If you ever wanted to actually write a book, you could use the same platform.

    Assign An Isbn Number

    First, the ISBN number is a 13 digit number that uniquely identifies books and book-like products that are published internationally. It identifies the title and edition of the title from the publisher. When creating my Goats Adult Coloring Book on CreateSpace, I had CreateSpace assign my ISBN in the process. You can read more about ISBN numbers from

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    Create A Coloring Book With Your Own Art

    August 24, 2020 By Rachel Harrison-Sund

    If youre an illustrator or other type of visual artist, or perhaps you just like to draw or get creative in general, then you might be interested in learning ways to monetize your art skills.

    In todays video Im going to show you how you can take your original works of art and use them to create a coloring book in Affinity Designer, either for your own personal use, a gift, or a money-making asset that you can sell on a self-publishing platform such as Amazons Kindle Direct Publishing Platform.

    # 2 Changing The Stroke Color

    8 Best Adult Coloring Books 2020

    Next, we will change the stroke color. To do that just select the stroke option from the swatches panel as shown below.

    Just change the stroke color to black.

    Next, I will change the thickness of the stroke. To do that, just click the Stroke panel next to swatches and then move the slider from right to left to increase the thickness of the stroke.

    Next, you can adjust the thickness of the stroke to your likings.

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