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How To Sell On Amazon Fba For Beginners

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How to Sell on Amazon FBA For Beginners [2021 FULL Guide]

Yes. You can most certainly start out with that intention. Maybe youve heard about other people making money online through Amazon FBA and you want to join the fray. And you very may well setup your Amazon Sellers Account before you even have something to sell. But youll need to quickly find a good product if you want to make any money at all.

So, once youve decided to sell, you have to start scouring the annals of Amazons best seller lists to discover an in-demand product you can sell right now. Keep in mind that youre going to have to find the right balance here between your upfront costs and your anticipated returns on your investment.

In the beginning, youll probably find this hard to do. Costs are difficult to measure until you get into the swing of things. But keep in mind that youre going to have to shell out for some inventory here. So, if you end up picking a pricey product to sell, its going to be costly. Why? Because you have to secure a solid amount of inventory for that product.

You also have to do things like checking trademarks, patents, securing manufacturing, branding, production, shipping and so on. If it seems overwhelming right now, its likely because youre just starting out. But there is light at the end of the proverbial tunnel. And that light equates to the ability to make an incredible amount of money by tapping into the worlds largest ecommerce store.

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Create A Profit Margin Based Business Plan

Here comes the fun part creating your business plan. Where should you start?

Amy Wees, Amazing at Home

Start with the end in mind. There are many different business models to explore in e-commerce. Getting familiar with all of the options and the risks and rewards to each, as well as how each model aligns with your personal goals, will help you decide which model to start with.

Ask yourself, What do I want to get out of my experience selling online? Do you want to build something you can sell, or do you need money right now? Do you want to dip your toe and learn the process or dive deep into higher quantities and bigger risks for potentially bigger rewards down the line?

At a minimum, your plan should include:

  • Who your target audience is
  • The kind of business model youll use
  • What youre selling

Andrew Buck, LandingCube

Treat it like a business, not a side hustle. Things have changed on Amazon in the last 5+ years. Its harder to compete if youre only in it for an hour here and an hour there. Draw up a business plan and map out how youre going to start and grow your business. Starting blindly and without a plan will only end up wasting a lot of money for minimal return.

Chapter : Use Zonbase Amazon Seller Software To Dominate On Amazon

If you are a seller on Amazon and looking for the best software that can provide you with the instantaneous promotion of pages, books, courses, and all your products and become a successful seller on Amazon, try ZonBase for a better experience and optimum outputs.

What is ZonBase?

ZonBase is an online platform for Amazon sellers to get their leading products conveniently. This is a simple and user-friendly software that provides fast and one-click results for Amazon busy sellers. You dont need to check hundreds of reviews and posts to get valid information. By providing ideas of reverse and hidden keywords, this software enhances the sale of your products. You just have to put accurate and simple information, and your profits will be auto-pilot.

Important Tools of ZonBase:

ZonBase software features the following tools:

  • Amazon keyword research & Analysis
  • You can try it now. Its available on a free trial
  • The registration process is effortless. It will take almost ten seconds to get registered.
  • Start using the tool if you want to find the best products in your niche that are selling well on Amazon, which can work well for you.
  • ZonBase offers free training by Amazon experts so that you can leverage their experience and skill to up your game.
  • The software provides excellent 24/7 customer support.

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Create And Optimize Your Listings

Your listings determine how far you can get. Product listings are the secret weapons of the A-players in this game. Include the following in your listings to optimize them.

  • Product Title: The title should encapsulate the essence of the product.
  • Product Descriptions: Explain in detail how your customers will benefit from your products. Dont forget to Include relevant keywords in your descriptions.
  • Product Images: Include high-quality, attractive product images. Using more than one product image is not a bad idea.
  • Product Reviews: Add product reviews from satisfied customers. This will help to convince new buyers.

These are the core features of optimized listings. Others include using bullet points and maintaining your product ratings.

Selling On Fba Gets You Rich Quick

How To Sell On Amazon FBA For Beginners in 2021  ( EASY ...

Nope. Yes, you can earn money as an FBA seller, but it will not be an overnight success. Many new and inexperienced sellers have this delusion that Amazon FBA is an easy way to get rich quickly. However, this is not the case, and it takes blood, sweat, and tears to earn your first hundred or thousand dollars on the platform.

Tip: Hard work and dedication are the keys to be a successful Amazon seller. There is no such thing as magic bullets and quick hacks. You need to roll up your sleeves and get to work. There is no other way.

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How To Sell On Amazon Fba

If youve found your way to this blog, chances are you want to know how to become an Amazon seller using Fulfillment by Amazon . Selling your products on Amazon is a great way to turn a side hustle into a profitable venture and continue growing your business. With Amazon FBA, you can take fulfillment off your plate and increase your profit margins.

But how exactly do you start selling on the retail giants platform? Selling your products on a new platform can be intimidating, especially if you dont know where to begin. Were here to answer that very question with our Amazon FBA guide for beginners. In this post, well go over everything you need to know about how to set up an account and sell products on Amazon FBA. Read from beginning to end for our step-by-step guide or use the links below to skip to the sections that interest you.

Prepare Your Amazon Business With These Free Trainings

Starting an Amazon FBA business is easymaking it successful is hard work. Let us help you.

Our courses can teach you everything you need to know: from writing top-notch product listings to outpricing the competition.

Check out our list of free masterclasses to find the right course for you. Each class is taught by an expertnot a gurumeaning youll get actionable advice from someone whos done it before.

to gain the competitive advantage you need to succeed on Amazon.

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Finally Time To Launch Your Amazon Fba Store

You can now start uploading your product images and description to launch your Amazon store. And start selling!

Your Amazon FBA launch is crucial. When done right, it will help to maximize your products visibility on Amazon and get them to rank higher. To do this, you may need to invest in:

  • Promotional giveaways
  • Amazon ads

One of the best resources for promotional giveaways is JumpSend. Its a platform with readily available buyers that are specifically looking for discounted products.

The website attracts nearly a million visits every month, so you can imagine the sheer volume of people browsing the platform looking for discounted products.

You can register on the platform and list your product in the deals section. An interested buyer will select the product and theyll use the coupon code on Amazon.

Using a service like JumpSend is a great way to pull in your first few sales, get ranked for some keywords, and receive your initial batches of reviews.

The next step is to run some . It may add more marketing spend for your launch but its a sure-fire way to be noticed by potential customers and get ranked for your keywords. Heres a short tutorial video about how to create a new Amazon ads campaign for your pay-per-click ads:

Using these tactics and tools wont guarantee that youll succeed right away and start pulling in five-figure revenues immediately. Though it sure does increase your chances of succeeding as an Amazon FBA entrepreneur.

Searching Suppliers On Alibaba


One important thing to note when searching on is that youll find lots of the most popular products for sale that are also available on Amazon. These products are also often a fraction of what they cost on Amazon. However, you have to also understand that some of these products are being sold by middlemen. And you dont want to deal with middlemen.

Pay very careful attention to the search parameters when you search on Alibaba and be sure to change the search criteria to suppliers rather than products. When you do this, youre dealing directly with the suppliers and avoiding the middlemen. This will help you to source quality products fast without having to haggle with people who are going to simply take a cut, so to speak.

Once you conduct your search, you need to take a look at how many years the suppliers have been in business and what their response rate and ratings are. Its all very clear when you do a search for any product on Alibaba. Also, keep in mind that if you want to order sample products you can use

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Selling On Amazon Fba With Retail Arbitrage

The way that we teach people to source in our course is Retail Arbitrage.

This means buying products from retail stores and then reselling the products on Amazon. This also goes hand in hand with Online Arbitrage. The main difference is if you are going to an actual store or not.

So as we talk about retail arbitrage in this post and give tips, know that they apply as easily to Online Arbitrage.

The goal of Retail Arbitrage is to find products that are being sold at enough of a discount in the store that we can flip them on Amazon for a profit even after paying for the item and Amazon taking its cut, which is about 30% of the total selling price.

To find the products, we head to local stores with our smartphones in hand. Then we use a scanning app on our phone that will tell us what the item is currently selling for on Amazon. We can then enter our cost of the item, and the app will show us if we would make any profit.

In stores, we scan all kinds of things looking for stuff we can sell on Amazon. Usually, we start with the clearance items, then we look at specialty / seasonal items.

We’ve scanned so many different types of products. From boring stuff like toilet wands and iced tea bags to fun things like Hatchimals and Nerf Guns.

We aren’t shopping for our inventory at special stores. These are just the regular brick & mortar stores that you have in your area like Walmart, Target, CVS, Walgreens, Home Depot, and even grocery stores.

The Best Repricer For Amazon Fba Sellers

If you want to be a serious seller on Amazon, you need the right tools to grow your business. Repricer is a software that automatically adjusts prices of your products. Eva Intelligent Repricer is an AI-powered solution that considers all the different factors and ensures you win the Buy Box with the optimal price. It allows you to handle repricing effortlessly while maximizing profits.

Unlike other repricers, Intelligent Repricer does not limit the potential of your Amazon business. Evas advanced technology is capable of managing thousands of SKUs and provides you insightful data in a single Dashboard. Since the monthly pricing is based on your revenue, you dont need to worry about excessive costs.

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Amazon Uk Fulfillment Method

Once you decide on your product, the next thing you need to choose is the fulfillment method. You can either manage the product delivery yourself, or let Amazon take the charge. If you choose to deliver the items, Amazon will send an email notification when an order is placed. Once it is placed, you need to pack and deliver the product. So ensure you do enough research about reputable third-party distribution centers to understand shipping and storage costs. However, choosing this option means that you wont be eligible for Prime.

Learn How To Advertise

How To Sell On Amazon FBA For Beginners (A Complete, Step ...

Amazon offers advertising solutions for sellers to reach and engage shoppers. You can use these advertising methods through Seller Central:

  • Sponsored Products: These ads for individual product listings on Amazon help drive product visibility and, ultimately, sales. You can find them on search results pages and product detail pages.
  • Sponsored Brands: These search-result ads feature your brand logo, a custom headline, and up to three of your products. They help to showcase your brand and product portfolio.
  • Amazon Stores: These custom, multi-page shopping landing pages enable sellers to share their brand story and product offerings.

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Research Products And Suppliers

Once youre familiar with the nuts and bolts of how an Amazon store operates and how you can sell, its time to figure out what youre going to sell and who youre going to get it from.

There are various Amazon product research tools out there, including Jungle Scout, the StartupBros Product Research Workbook, and the free Unicorn Smasher Product Research Tool. Ive put together a list of you can use, too.

Sounds Great Do I Need Anything Special To Start

Thats the beauty of it Amazon was built for the student fresh-out-of-college looking to create their own brand, the burned-out employee looking for a career change, and the corporate retiree looking for an accessible way to generate a passive income stream.

You do not need formal business experience to sell on Amazon.

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Draft Your Listings Title

Make sure you include the top keywords that are most relevant for your product and also have high search volume meaning more customers use these search terms when looking for a product like yours.

  • Make sure the title flows, uses punctuation, and is easy to read not jammed with random keywords
  • Use as many characters as are allowed
  • Include the top high-volume keywords for which your competitors are ranking

Do Manual Research From The Eyes Of Your Niche

Amazon FBA For Beginners 2022 (Step by Step Tutorial)

If youre interested in finding which products to sell on Amazon, put yourself in the shoes of an everyday customer who doesnt know how Amazon FBA works.

Finding your niche is important here. Are you trying to sell products to a broad market, such as to college freshmen? Or do you want to hit smaller, more lucrative sects such as older folks who just bought a second home?

Use your niche to influence how you do your market research. Otherwise, youll be sifting through hundreds of products and not going anywhere.

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Not Protecting Your Brand

Amazon is one of the most competitive marketplaces on Earth. Sellers are willing to fight tooth and nail just to get most of the sales. This gave birth to shady characters like hijackers and counterfeiters. They are eager to take down their fellow sellers to stay ahead of the game.

Tip: Do everything to protect your brand and reputation. Enroll in Amazon Brand Registry and have your products trademarked.

How To Sell On Amazon

For new Amazon sellers, its important that youre aware that there is actually more than one Amazon marketplace. Depending on the location of the customer, they will see a different storefront with their own fulfillment services.

The largest and most active Amazon marketplace is in the United States, while the rest are divided into:

  • North America
  • India
  • Each marketplace has its own tax and regulations that are specific to the country or region. Find out more here.

    The default marketplace for most Amazon sellers is in the US. Though some do branch out and diversify into other regions. Do note that expanding your store to other marketplaces can open up new revenue streams, but at the same time itll incur higher shipping costs.

    It may also require either more time for you to manage multiple stores on different regional marketplaces or youll need to hire virtual assistants to help you operate your other stores.

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    Create Your Product Listings

    Amazon sellers can create product listings in two ways: by adding your items to existing product listings or creating new product listings.

    Still deciding what to sell? There are a variety of ways to source profitable products to sell.

    Most sellers follow traditional business models, like selling products they make themselves or reselling wholesale goods. But some reach beyond traditional means and source products through print-on-demand services, private labeling, dropshipping, and more.

    Ideal Amazon products are in-demand but also generally lightweight, sturdy, and evergreen. Read our guide to the .

    Adding items to current listings is by far the easiest method, and its how most beginners get started on Amazon. So well begin there:

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