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How To Sell On Amazon Seller

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Registering On Amazon Seller Center

How to Sell on Amazon

As soon as you register as an Amazon seller, you will have personal access to your Seller Central account.

This Seller Central acts as the main hub for your Amazon business and all the other managing requirements. Whenever you have to make any change in the existing listing, this portal can help you.

Amazon Seller Central can help you check inventory, add or remove product information, close or delete a list, manage the payments, resolve FAQs, and much more.

You can also use the Seller Central Amazon account to:

  • Constantly update your inventory.
  • Create Sponsored brands PPC campaigns

Review Your Amazon Sales Analytics

No matter what strategy you start with, its crucial to analyze your results. Just because you think something will work doesnt mean it will pan out the way you expect. Monitoring your results will allow you to shift your strategy and priorities to areas that will make it easier to sell your products.

Michael Scheschuk,

Be data-driven! That doesnt just apply to your product research before launching your Amazon stores. It also applies to continuous operations. As market conditions change, data becomes more critical to your long-term success.

Amazon Seller Central provides a great deal of information you can use to guide your strategy. The Selling Coach reports help keep you on the right track with your sales and inventory trends, so you can see how much of any particular product sells on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis. This helps you maintain your inventory levels over time to always have what you need on hand for the customer.

Keith OBrien, Page.One Power

Have staying power. 80%+ of competitors are new each year. Be consistent.

Create A Professional Seller Account

If you currently run a Shopify store, youll likely need a professional Amazon account.

In the individual selling plan, every time you sell a product a .99 cent Amazon listing fee gets added which eats away at your margins, especially on top of other Amazon fees.

With a professional plan, you pay a $39.99 monthly subscription and a few category related fees with a professional seller account.

To register, go to Amazon Seller Central where youll have to provide your name, email, and password.

Next, youll need to share your business details.

Then, youll need to continue on with the process by providing Amazon your business billing, tax, and product information.

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Get Featured Merchant Status On Amazon

You need a pro seller account on Amazon to become a featured merchant, and its easier than you think.

Why is becoming an Amazon Featured Merchant important?

A featured merchant on Amazon has the chance at getting whats called the Buy Box on Amazon. The Buy Box provides you with the default sales.

Meaning, when someone clicks the big Add to Cart button for the product, you get the sale. Depending on the demand for the product, winning the Buy Box can easily double your sales.

You need to get good feedback and have good sales, but once you make it to featured , youll be rockin.

Amazon doesnt give away the exact formula for becoming a featured merchant but the basics are just be a good seller . Ive seen the status reached in a very short time, so it can be done when done right, and it makes all the difference in the world.

Finding Products To Sell On Amazon: 6 Methods

How to Sell on

Some Amazon sellers use just one sourcing method, like retail arbitrage or private labeling, but many grow by combining several profitable sourcing methods. So as you read through each method, dont feel that you have to choose just one.

Explore them all to see which best fits your online selling goals, whether thats just selling on Amazon or building a multichannel empire.

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Understanding The Selling Fees Structure

Before starting, you should have a clear idea about all the fees you are expected to pay. These fees would change according to the plan you decide to go for.

  • Subscription fees Subscription fees are the amount you need to pay for the type of plan you choose. As mentioned earlier, the professional plan charges you $39.99 per month and the Individual selling plan charges a $0.99 fee for each item sold.
  • Selling fees Selling fees are always charged per item sold. These fees also include the referral fees and variable closing fees. The final amount continuously varies according to the products category, media catalog, and percentage of the selling price.
  • Shipping fees When a seller completes their orders by themselves, then Amazon shipping rates get applied to send the product from the Amazon fulfillment center. Amazon charges the rates based on the product category, shipping distance, and shipping service opted by the buyer.
  • FBA fees These fees are only applicable to sellers who join the Fulfillment By Amazon structure. These fees are charged for the order fulfillment, storage, and other types of optional services that a seller wishes to use.
  • You can find out more about the FBA fees on .

Evil Strategy #: Amazon Sellers Can Change Your Product Photos

If you are an Amazon seller who has not registered your brand , you need to be very careful about other sellers changing out the photos on your listing.

Heres what sucks. When someone changes the photo on your listing, you dont even get a notification! So the only way to know that this has happened is to constantly watch your listings like a hawk.

If your picture gets switched out from under you, there are many bad things that could happen. For example in the worst case, an evil seller could change your photo to a completely different product or bundle.

So when a customer buys from you and notices that the product doesnt match the photo, they could complain and ding your account.

The best way to combat this is to register your brand. A lot of new sellers skip this step in the beginning because it requires a website and a trademark but if your product ends up taking off, you need to take care of this ASAP.

Related: If you are interested in learning how to register your brand, check out my post on

For us, weve had cases where our primary photo was swapped despite being brand registered. So today, we consistently monitor our account health for anomalies.

For example, if we see a lot of returns marked as does not match description or not as advertised, we take a closer look to make sure that theres no foul play involved.

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Writing Wrong Titles Keywords And Fake Images

Keeping the listing proper will be an ongoing challenge since Amazon comes up with new policies, limits, and restrictions every few months.

Ensure to stick within the limited-character keywords. Avoid the following things on your listing, as your Amazon seller account could get suspended if you fail to comply.

  • Keeping the full title and description box in all caps.
  • Your title, description, and images should be devoid of URLs and HTML codes.
  • Hyper promotional wordings like lowest price,best,free,Sale should never be used.

Selling On Amazon Vs Selling To Amazon

How to Sell on Amazon for Beginners: A Detailed Step-by-Step Tutorial for Amazon Sellers

Which program you choose to use to sell on Amazon depends on your store, fulfillment abilities, ROI goals, and many other variables.

Vendors who sell to Amazon avoid some headache with logistics, but are limited with their scope and ability to market products. Selling on Amazon is an option that is more suited to sellers who would sell to Amazon but want to take advantage of more exposure and other benefits of the Amazon Marketplace.

The biggest difference between Amazon sellers and vendors is whos actually selling the product.

  • Sellers list, price, and market their products themselves.
  • Vendors sell their products to Amazon-employed buyers, who then list and resell the products to Amazon users.

Heres a breakdown of other considerations when youre selecting between Vendor Central and Seller Central.

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Is It Profitable To Sell On Amazon

It can be very profitable to sell on Amazon. In fact, according to a recent report, 86% of Amazon sellers are profitable and 67% of Amazon sellers are profitable within their first year of selling. Of course, like all business endeavors, your profitability depends on a number of factors.

To increase your chances of becoming a profitable seller, youll want to take the time and effort necessary to set up your account, source, price, and list your products, choose your fulfillment method, and optimize your processes. The more you can learn and improve on what doesnt work, the more likely you are to find out what you can do to grow your sales and increase your profits.

Billing And Deposit Information

This is where youll pay for your Professional Seller plan. Youll also include your bank information. Depending on your bank, you may have instant verification. Suppose your bank account isnt eligible for instant verification. In that case, youll be asked to upload a bank statement later in the process but will be able to move forward with the registration process.

If youre a sole proprietor, youll use your social security number here. If youre a business entity like a partnership, LLC, or corporation, youll enter your employer identification number here.

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Create An Amazon Seller Account

Youll need a chargeable credit card, your bank account information, and tax identification information to get started. Its a good idea to keep your business and personal email separate. If you dont already have a separate email for business, create one with the service of your choice before signing up for your Amazon Seller account.

Visit . You can log in to your existing Amazon account or create a new one. Many create an Amazon account thats separate from their personal account.

Fill out the required information and submit it. Amazon will guide you through the sign-up process.

If you dont want to use the professional selling plan, scroll down until you see:

Amazon Can Force You To Sell Your Goods At Whatever Price They Want

How to Become an Amazon Seller in 2021

Even if you sell your own branded products on Amazon doesnt mean that you get to set your own prices.

Every day, Amazon deploys an army of computer bots who crawl and scrape other websites for product and pricing info.

If Amazons determines that your products are priced too high, they may take away your buy box which will basically kill your sales.

If you read the fine print on Amazons terms of service, it explicitly states that if you sell on Amazon, your prices can not be higher than any other platform.

Update: Due to anti-trust scrutiny, Amazon has lifted this restriction. But there are rumors that your product visibility may be silently reduced if they discover you are selling on Amazon at a higher price than competing marketplaces.

In addition, if youve previously priced your goods at low prices during a lightning deal or a sale, Amazon may not let you raise your prices back up to where they were prior to the sale depending on their algorithm.

One seller who I interviewed on my podcast had to lower his prices near break even on products that hed heavily discounted in the past in order to retain the buy box.

But at these low prices, his products now make little or no profit and it has destroyed his margins.

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Get Online Reviews Early On

Focus on getting positive reviews early on. Go the extra mile for your customers when you sell stuff on Amazon. Issue refunds quickly if a customer is upset. In the event that you get a negative review, communicate with the customer to try to have it removed.

You can also offer a replacement quickly and great service to keep your customers happy. After going above and beyond, many customers will change their review if asked. Most sellers have experienced that having a 95% rating has led to a better ranking in the Amazon search engine, allowing them to sell products on Amazon in higher quantities.

Create Your Listing In Seller Central

Now that youve prepared all the elements of your listing, its a simple process to create your listing in Seller Central.

  • Add your product and select the category to list your product in. Choose a category thats most appropriate for your product, and select as specific a subcategory as possible.
  • Under product ID, add your UPC code.
  • Add your product title and brand name.

You can return to edit this listing at any time. Once youre selling your product, you can make changes to test how different product details affect your sales and continue optimizing your listing.

More sections of the listing setup will allow you to add product variations , add SKUs to help track your inventory, and of course add your product description details, including your keywords and images.

Once you click save changes, your listing will show up in Seller Central under Manage inventory.

In this clip we show you how to set up your Seller Central account.

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How To Find Product To Sell On Amazon

Weve covered finding profitable products to sell in the past but we have never put it together in a comprehensive post like this.

Heres the deal:

Without a profitable product to sell you have no Amazon business.

When starting to sell on Amazon this is the part most people tend to overlook and rush. One of the biggest questions that we get over email is How do you find a profitable product to sell

What people actually mean is Can you tell me which product to sell and its not that simple. A profitable product falls at the intersection of your interests and profit margin.

Step 1: Narrow Your Product Research Criteria

You want your first product to be whats called your beach head product. Its one that generates sales for you right away and then you can branch out from.

Trying to pick a niche when first starting out can become difficult and overwhelm you.

Our goal is to make this process as roadblock free as possible. That way you can get motivated and continue to make progress.

Startupbros doesnt believe in profitable niches but instead profitable products.

So, we need to establish the bare minimum requirements that determine a good product to sell.


This is the Startupbros Guidelines to Finding A Profitable Product to Sell.

Also, look at products under sponsored ads selling on Amazon. If someone is spending money advertising them then theres a good chance the product is selling well.

This is the Startupbros Guidlines for Bad Products to Sell On Amazon:


Amazon Shipping And Fulfillment Options

How to sell on Amazon from anywhere in the world: Global Seller Success Story

Before we talk about shipping and fulfillment options, lets briefly discuss UPC codes. In short: If you dont have UPC codes, get them.

There is only one legitimate producer of UPC codes that exists globally: GS1.

GS1 is a non-profit organization that has set the global standard for supply chain barcoding.

There are more than 100 GS1 organizations around the world GS1 US is the organization that serves US businesses. GS1 issues unique prefixes to brand owners so that they can create their own unique barcodes containing the prefix number given to them by GS1.

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How To Sell Private Label Products With Fba

My personal favorite for selling with Amazon FBA is private label products. This is how I generated $4,399 in my first 30 days and have much more ever since.

Private labeling products means that you find a manufacturer that already produces a product and then slap your label or brand on the box. This is obviously a very simplified description, but that’s essentially it.

Let’s say you wanted to sell this Silicone wedding ring:

Well, it would be illegal to manufacture and sell an HonorGear branded silicone wedding ring. However, HonorGear didn’t invent the silicone wedding ring and there is no patent on it. In fact, dozens of other sellers are already selling other silicone wedding bands.

So, you can find a manufacturer that makes these types of wedding bands, and then just have your brand name stamped into the ring or be on the box.

That’s private labeling in a nutshell. Find a manufacturer already producing something that sells, then ask them to produce it for you with your label.

As long as there are no patents, this is 100% legal and has been done for a really long time.

Most products bought and sold on Amazon don’t have any IP or patent protection. Think about common everyday products: forks, bedding, curtains, brushes, backpacks, etc. You name it and likely there is no patent on the general product.

Think About Being Unique

For all of my products that have done really well on Amazon, I’ve always had some unique feature to help it stand out from the crowd.

Evil Strategy #: Amazon Sellers Can Steal The Buy Box And Ship Poor Quality Items To Sabotage Your Listing

Over the holidays, one of the students in my Create A Profitable Online Store Course had a product that absolutely killed it. She managed to for a competitive keyword and she was making 5 figures per month off of a single product.

At the time, her product had a 4.5 star rating and things were great. But one day, she noticed that her sales had dropped to just a trickle and when she checked her listing, she noticed that someone else was selling her product for significantly cheaper and she no longer had the buy box.

Heres the thing.

She designed these products herself so it was highly unlikely that this seller was selling the exact same thing. As a result, she did a test buy and when she received the item, she was shocked to see a poorly made imitation with a cheap copy of her packaging.

Even though she contacted Amazon, she got the run around and they did nothing about it. Meanwhile, negative reviews started trickling in and her search rankings started dropping.

Eventually, this seller went away but the damage was already done. She was left with a crippled listing that still hasnt fully recovered.

Unfortunately, this student learned the hard way not to depend on Amazon for 100% of your sales. Today, shes focusing a lot more time on her own website and diversifying across other channels.

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