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How To Sell On Amazon Through Alibaba

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Treat Your Amazon Store Like Your Actual Shop

Jack Ma on how Amazon and Alibaba differ | CNBC International

If you sell stuff on Amazon, it wont make you six figures in sales just because you uploaded products. Youll need to treat it like your online store.;

Youll need to drive traffic to the Amazon product pages whether with Amazon ads or other methods. Youll need to optimize product pages. Youll need to get great reviews. Youll need to offer great customer service.;

In a nutshell, Your brand still has to live up to a great reputation even if items are sold on Amazon.

What You Should Look For In A Supplier:

As youre researching and comparing potential suppliers, make sure to evaluate them based on some key criteria:

High-quality products

Did you know that care just as much about reviews as they do about price? Selling high-quality products is the best way to keep your Amazon reviews high and get continued sales.


Look for a factory that has been producing your type of product for a certain amount of time . You can see a suppliers import history in the Supplier Database.


Youll want to make sure you can find a factory that is easy to communicate with and responds to you in a reasonable amount of time. A way to judge this is how clearly they answer all your questions when you initially contact them for a quote.


Of course you want your supplier to give you a fair price. A factory that quotes a much higher or much lower price than other factories can be a red flag.

Contact suppliers for a quote:

  • Compare suppliers to create a list of 5-10 that youd be interested in working with.
  • Send an initial contact email to your potential suppliers using some specific guidelines. You can use Jungle Scouts Supplier Database to find a suppliers contact information. Often, your outreach is as simple as sending an email more on this below. If you have not narrowed down your list, you can also send a broad request for quotation out to a large list of suppliers.
  • Thank you,

    Get In Touch With Alibaba Suppliers

    Manufacturers are often willing to do business both with end customers and companies.;They use different marketing channels to reach both buyer personas.;They use AliExpress for private interaction with individuals and Alibaba for company interactions.

    If you are interested in a specific product range from an Alibaba seller, please contact him and inquire if he has an AliExpress store.;Dropshipping is made easier by this.;It allows you to find out if the manufacturer can produce custom items and ship them.

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    No 1 Reason To Buy: Dominant Business In China

    According to Goldman Sachs, Alibaba dominates the e-commerce market with a 69% share as of 2020, making it the “Amazon of China.” Alibaba has 912 million active customers in China and 1.17 billion globally. In 2020, the company did $1.2 trillion in gross marketplace volume, which is the value of all the transactions that pass through Alibaba’s business.

    The company’s influence in China extends through a variety of business segments, including:

    • Retail marketplaces
    • Innovation initiatives and venture investments

    Alibaba also owns a 33% stake in Ant Group, a massive payments company in China that operates Alipay, which processes more than half of China’s third-party payments. In other words, Alibaba has exposure to many aspects of the Chinese consumer and their economic activity.

    Negotiating Prices And Quantities

    How to Sell Alibaba Products on Amazon In 2021 For Easy ...

    Everything is negotiable. On each product page, you will see prices for different order quantities.;

    There will also be a minimum order quantity listed for each item.

    These are usually negotiable too, so dont be afraid to ask, and explain to the supplier that you are a new business, they may well be happy to lower the MOQ for you.

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    Prepare And Ship Products To Amazon’s Warehouse

    After creating an Amazon FBA account, you will send your products to Amazon for them to store. You can have your products shipped from your supplier to Amazon’s fulfillment warehouse, or you can ship them from your location to Amazon’s warehouse. You will need to follow Amazon’s specific guidelines on how to prepare and ship your orders.

    Select A Reliable Supplier

    Look for gold suppliers with a perfect reputation. They invest a fortune in their rating and care a lot about it.

    Verify your manufacturer to ensure its not a middleman. Ask the importer questionsabout their production and products, a copy of their business license, and a phone number. Make sure he is English-speaking. Have a Skype meeting. Ensure he is ready to ship out small consignments within agreed deadlines. Include all your quality control, lead times, and other terms and conditions in the order contract.

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    How To Find Overseas Private Label Suppliers:

    After you have your product research completed and have a clear idea of what products you are going to sell on your Amazon account.

    You need to find overseas private label suppliers that can brand their products and mark them under your label.

    The process is made easier by technology and you can do it staying at home, over the internet with convenience. All you need to do is:

    Alibaba Vs Amazon Similarities

    How Alibaba compares to Amazon after earnings beat

    In some ways, Amazon and Alibaba appear similar.

    Both companies started in the 1990s. And both businesses’ founders were men with visions for a new e-commerce business.

    Jeff Bezos started Amazon in 1995, and Jack Ma founded Alibaba in 1999.

    Amazon and Alibaba each have their proprietary payment systems for customers. Amazon’s is Amazon Pay, and Alibaba’s is Alipay.

    Both companies operate online media platforms through which they sell products, content, and services. Alibaba and Amazon each dominate e-commerce in their home nations.

    And both companies have international aspirations.

    But there are many differences between these companies as well. Knowing those variations is crucial to making the right investment decision when it comes to Alibaba vs. Amazon.

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    How To Sell Private Label Products On Amazon Fba:

    Private label, or the practice of sourcing or producing bulk products to sell under your own brand or label is used by 71% of all Amazon sellers.

    What you do:

    Product research: Research products that have high demand and low competition on Amazon to find the most profitable opportunity.

    ; Product sourcing: Find a supplier or manufacturer to create your product at the right cost. The supplier can ship your products directly to Amazons warehouses.

    ; Product listing and branding: Create your Amazon seller account and listing for your product, including branded graphics and quality photography.

    Promotion: Launch and advertise your product to stand out among Amazons catalog of millions of products and rank in the product search results.

    Sales management: Monitor your inventory and sales, and scale your business to keep those profits coming in!

    After a customer orders your product, you can keep track of its progress on its way to the customer, but you dont need to do anything yourself.

    What Amazon does:

  • Amazon receives your products and stores them in one or more of their million-acre fulfillment centers, which are massive warehouses run by robots and Amazon employees.
  • Your products are inventoried and sorted.

  • When a customer places an order on Amazon for your product, Amazon processes the transaction automatically.
  • Your product is picked from its place on Amazons warehouse shelves, packed into an Amazon box, and shipped to the customer.

    Shipment Terms: Whats The Difference Between Exw Fob And Cif

    As youre getting quotes, pay careful attention to the shipment terms. These are especially important if youre shipping your items via sea freight.

    There are three common shipment terms that essentially determine who pays for shipping:

    • EXW : You have to pay for the cost of freight directly from your suppliers factory to your desired destination. Essentially youre paying the cost of Chinese Land Transportation and sea freight.
    • FOB : Your supplier will pay for shipping from their factory to the closest Chinese port. You will pay for the sea freight but your supplier will pay for the inland transportation in China.
    • CIF : Your supplier pays for the cost of Chinese inland transportation and sea freight to your desired port.

    Read more on our article All About Shipment Terms.

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    How To Organise Alibaba Shipping

    When you’re working out an order agreement with a buyer, you’ll need to quote shipping costs and delivery timeframes. Because Alibaba lets users buy in bulk, depending on the size of the order, you may need to consider using a specialist international freight service.

    There are plenty of international couriers to choose from, so compare quotes from several providers to find the most reliable and cost-effective option. For international orders, you’ll also need to choose between:

    • Shipping by air. This is a quicker and more reliable option, but also more expensive.
    • Shipping by sea. Ocean shipping may be slower but it can be much more cost-effective for large, heavy shipments.

    Finally, if you need to ship products from China, Alibaba offers its own logistics service, Alibaba Logistics. There are two options available:

    • Parcels ships from China to countries around the world.
    • Air Express ships from China to the US.

    How Leelinesourcing Can Help You Do Amazon Prep

    The Complete Guide to Starting a Dropshipping Business ...

    FBA is an amazing service offered by Amazon that takes the burden off your hands. You can leave the storage, and delivery to Amazon and they will take care of the rest for you. is a great source to help you prepare your products for FBA and it can help you in a number of ways including:

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    Is It Legal To Resell Products From Alibaba

    Yes its perfectly legal. Youre buying a product from a manufacturer or supplier who sells to retailers, and that includes private label sellers. These manufacturers also supply large companies and brick and mortar stores and usually dont sell direct to the public.

    Now lets look at the 3 things to keep in mind when buying products from Alibaba.

    Finding a good product to sell on Amazon before you source it from Alibaba is crucial when it comes to stacking the odds of succeeding in your favour. And that boils down to knowing what youre looking for.

    Google Search &global Sources Profile

    Do a quick Google search of the companys name. Quite often, youll find links to their profile on other Chinese B2B websites, such as or

    If the company has a verified profile on Global Sources, the chances of them being a scam are reduced to an absolute minimum because Global Sources takes its verification process very seriously and has extremely stringent requirements for authentication.

    So, depending on the number of stars that a supplier has on Global Sources, you can be sure that youre dealing with a real company.

    While youre doing your due diligence on Google, do another search for company name + scam. Usually, this will pull up any forum posts or scam reports associated with that company.

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    Why Is Shipping From Alibaba And China So Expensive

    Shipping items from China overall can be very expensive due to the distance.

    If an item is under 5-10 lbs it can actually be shipped for quite cheap from China but very slowly using something called ePacket.

    If your item is heavier then normally you can expect to pay around $10-20 per pound with a minimum of $75 or so.

    If you are shipping hundreds of pounds of products it is normally best to ship via something called Air Freight or Sea Freight. See our article;How to Ship Your Goods from China via Sea Freight and Air Freight

    Chapter : Finding A Supplier: How To Source Products For Amazon Fba

    Jack Ma: How Alibaba is different from Amazon

    Now that youve found your product, or narrowed your list to a few final product options, its time to find a supplier.

    If you find this step a little intimidating, youre not alone. Many successful sellers today say they initially had no idea how to find or work with suppliers. However, with enormous advancements in technology, communication, and services to help facilitate international trade, its truly a simpler process than ever.

    Well walk through 3 steps to find and source your products to sell on Amazon:

  • Research and compare relevant suppliers;
  • Evaluate product samples and refine your product
  • Order and ship your products to Amazons FBA warehouses
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    How To Decide What To Sell On Amazon

    Before you can find suppliers on Alibaba, you need to figure out what you want to sell on Amazon! If you are a beginner seller, you typically want to focus on products that have high demand and low competition. This will give you the best chance of;competing with already established brands in your niche.;

    Product research is a very important step in your Amazon seller journey so make sure you take the time to properly analyze products youd like to sell. Having said that, dont get stuck with analysis paralysis. Many aspiring sellers get caught up in so much information that they end up overwhelmed with what to sell and cant make a decision. If you have a couple of ideas you think would work well, just pick one and get started!;

    When analyzing products to sell on Amazon, you need to consider three things: profitability, demand, and competition.;

    Profitability: To ensure that the product youre selling is profitable, you need to be able to source it for much less than you would sell it for. The 3X rule is a good strategy for new sellers to determine the profitability of a product: 1/3 of your sale goes towards product costs, 1/3 goes towards Amazon fees, and 1/3 is your profit, which goes to you.

    Example: If you purchase an item for $10, you should be able to sell it for $30. $10 pays for Amazon fees, and your expected profit should also be $10.

    To learn more about what you can do with product research, check out Chapter 4 of our .

    Finding The Right Products

    You can not succeed solely by importing the same products via wholesale that competitors are selling on Amazon. Look for something unique that can be private labeled, that fills a gap or a need, or that people actually want to buy. With thorough analysis, you will be able to identify an item or many items that make sense to source via Alibaba and add to your Amazon catalog.

    You can work with your supplier to ensure that the product is in the proper packaging for Amazon, to avoid double work. You can determine if a product is right for your business if it fits your unique sourcing criteria. For example, you might be looking for items that are light, that you know the market and target customer profile for, and that can be sourced at an affordable price and resold at acompetitive price.

    On Alibaba, you can choose from products in over 40 different major categories. Keep in mind that the quality and brands of products you decide to sell will ultimately build your reputation. With a strong and diverse sourcing model and supply channel, you will be able to diversify your inbound revenue streams, establish new industry relationships, and identify unique products that can drive growth to your bottom line.

    Catie Grasso is a marketing content writer at Feedvisor. Previously a B2B product marketing specialist, she enjoys running, trying new restaurants, and planning her next trip overseas.

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    How Is Alibaba Different From Amazon

    Alibaba and Amazon are both e-commerce platforms and are growing online markets for a lot of products. However, there are some differences between these two companies.

    If youre new to working with international businesses, there are a few things you need to know about Alibaba and Chinese culture. Understanding these differences will improve your ability to communicate and negotiate with vendors, resulting in smoother transactions.

  • Language barrier for many sellers and Chinese suppliers.;
  • While most of the sales representatives on Alibaba can speak, read, and write English, there can still be some difficulty with communications, especially over email.;

    Chinese pleasantries are different. They might refer to you as honey or dear in emails, which is perfectly normal. And honour is a big deal in China. Be sure to be respectful when speaking with your suppliers .

    Below are two screenshots that demonstrate the language difference.

    From the screenshot above, you can see that dear is not an endearment but a pleasantry in Chinese Culture.

    2.Work Ethic and Holidays

    In China, many workers live by the 996 schedules, meaning they work from 9 am to 9 pm, six days per week. These 72-hour weeks might seem intense for those used to 40-hour workweeks. However, it is fairly common in China.;

    Are You Ready To Make Money With Alibaba In 2021

    Amazon And Alibaba Have Already Conquered Online Retail ...

    I’ve been working with Alibaba for many years now. It’s the best place on the planet for eCommerce buyers to find high-quality products at the best price. Don’t miss out on their epic promotion and contest. Good luck and happy shopping!

    Are you ready to make money with Alibaba? to start importing Alibaba products and selling them online!

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    I’m an internet entrepreneur, life and business coach, and philanthropist with a passion for living life to the fullest and fulfilling my potential as a human being.

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