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How To Sell On Amazon Without Money

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Review Best Sellers Pages Within Your Potential Categories

How to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling Products

Next, if you want to explore your opportunities and competition within a certain category, you can simply head to Amazon itself, search for that category and add best sellers to your search term. Heres what we found searching for best sellers novelty scarves:

The Best Sellers page lists the top 100 sellers in that category. From there, you can click into different items and scroll down to gauge their sales popularity.

The product description detail that Amazon provides on each item tells the story of its overall popularity. For example, this item is pretty popular according to:

  • Its Amazon Best Seller Rank of 5,836 in the huge Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry category. As a rule, anything with a BSR under 10,000 in a major category has respectable sales velocity.

  • Its 145 reviews from customers show that this item has a track record of sales.

Reviews add up over time, but each review shows the date, so you can use reviews to gauge how many of a given item sold in a set period of time. According to Amazon Seller Central, only about 10% to 20% of customers actually leave feedback. So 145 reviews can equal anywhere from 700 to 1,500 actual sales.

Its not a perfect market analysis, but it helps you determine if an item has enough demand to make it worthwhile. It also helps you see what your competition is doing and uncover ways to improve upon their products.

Selling Products From Wholesalers

Another option is to buy products from wholesale distributors and sell them on Amazon. This approach is somewhat of a cross between private label and retail arbitrage.

Like with the retail arbitrage approach, you wont be creating your own brand or your own products. Instead, youll be selling existing products.

But as with the private label approach, if you find a few successful products, you may be able to sell them over and over again for a long period of time.

The key is to find the products that you can buy at the right price to sell on Amazon for a profit.

You can learn more about wholesaling, and hear a success story, on this episode of The Side Hustle Show.

Selling items purchased at wholesale can also present some of the same challenges as retail arbitrage. In order to sell a product, you need to get approval from Amazon to sell in that product category. Getting approval can be difficult sometimes.

Pros of selling wholesale on Amazon:

  • Make money from products that other sellers are overlooking.
  • No need to build your own brand.
  • Youre not dependent on the success of any individual product.
  • Possibility to scale and grow the business.

Cons of selling wholesale on Amazon:

  • Low profit margins and high minimum order quantities.
  • Many manufacturers are already selling on Amazon themselves.
  • Finding the right products can be tricky.
  • Youll need Amazons approval to sell products in restricted categories.

Stop Losing Money On Amazon Selling Costs Today

Its the little things you do that count: by reducing your selling costs on Amazon, youre not only being more efficient, but youre also saving money that you can reinvest into your business .

However, finding ways to save the most money from Amazons selling costs can be a time-consuming process, and there might be other areas of business youd rather focus on.

Thats where we can help. At Pattern, our team of ecommerce experts help you find the best selling costs for each product you sell on Amazon. Schedule a demo today and learn more.

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Apply To Amazon Handmade

In addition to dominating the selling marketplace, if you make and sell handmade items, like bags or jewelry, you can try selling your wares on Amazon Handmade.

The marketplace directly competes with Etsy and eBay.

There are pros and cons to using Handmade. For one, the general reach is large, and their commission fee reflects that.

Handmades fees are much higher than Etsy, as they charge 15% commissions and a $1 minimum referral fee, while Etsy charges a 3.5% commission and 20-cent item listing fee.

Obviously, youre paying a higher price for Amazons massive, worldwide audience, but your profit margins will be lower.

If you make and sell handmade items, you can apply to join Handmade, as long as your products fall under certain categories.

Items must be made entirely by hand, hand-altered or hand assembled and handmade by you or by one of your employees.

Their rules are strict, so make sure you check out requirements to be approved.

Your Shirt Is Available For Sale Worldwide On Amazoncom

How To Make Money On Amazon Without Selling

Getting traffic to your own website is hard. But Amazon already has that down. Millennials are than from any other website. As an Amazon Merchant, you can get in on the fun and earn money selling t-shirts on Amazon.

Think about how great it would be to have a thriving t-shirt business without worrying about designing and developing a website. With Amazon supporting your creative endeavors, its much easier to sell almost immediately.

Some things to consider when listing your t-shirt is to know the exact dimensions that Amazon needs for your designs.

  • 4500px x 5400px
  • Transparent PNG
  • File size does not exceed 25MB

When youre posting the listing, use keywords in your title and description. Your listing will be easier to find and wont be lost within thousands of other designs. Customize each listing to rank for specific keywords that resonate with your audience.

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Listing Products On Amazon

Listing a product that is already available on Amazon is easy.

To get started, use a computer to go to the desktop version of Amazons site and navigate to the product page.

Make sure that the product is an exact match to the one you have! A good way to do this is by searching by the UPC code on the product.

Lets say you have a hardback copy of The 4-Hour Workweek that you want to sell. Searching Amazon for the UPC on the back of the book will show you the exact result you are looking for:

When you open that listing, you need to look for a button you may not have noticed before that says Sell on Amazon.

You will find the button under the Other Sellers on Amazon box on the right side of the page.

If the sell on Amazon button is not displaying on a product page, you can also list a product by logging into seller central, hovering over inventory, and then clicking add a product.

This starts the listing process. For a step-by-step walkthrough of completing the entire listing process, check out pages 23-38 in my .

Fba Vs Seller Fulfilled

When listing your item, a decision youll have to make is whether you will ship the item yourself or have Amazon handle the shipping for you .

We recommend using FBA in the majority of situations. With FBA, you ship multiple items in a single box to the warehouse destinations that Amazon tells you to. From there, Amazon will handle the rest.

The main advantages of using FBA over shipping directly to customers are:

  • FBA saves time.
  • Prime products often sell for a 5%+ increase over seller fulfilled items.
  • FBA products spend more time in the Buy Box.
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    What Is Amazon Prime

    Prime and FBA are often used interchangeably, but they are not the same things. FBA is a type of order fulfillment. Prime is a membership that consumers can purchase that unlocks free, 2-day shipping on many orders. Sometimes it even unlocks free one-day shipping!

    This fast shipping is usually only available on orders that are fulfilled by Amazon, which is why some people mix them up.

    Seller Fulfilled Prime is also an option, though this is generally for bigger warehouses and is only open via an application process.

    Sell Products Under Amazons Private Brands

    How To Sell On Amazon With No Money

    The program is an incentive for manufacturers to create their own brands with innovative products. Youll sell those products exclusively on Amazon as a private brand supplier.

    Amazon guides you through the entire onboarding process, providing you with useful tools to create your brand. Youll also benefit from a suite of marketing support.

    If youre unsure about what types of products will perform well, Amazon can facilitate product testing and customer feedback.

    For those of you with direct access to manufacturing, becoming an Amazon Accelerator brand can be a great way to make some cash with substantial margins through this marketplace.

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    Sell To Your Favorite Niche

    Do you have a hobby where you wish there was more merchandise for? This is your chance! If you are knowledgeable about a particular niche, design t-shirts based on that niche. For example, if you are passionate about corgis, design for an audience that shares that same passion. See what is already selling on Amazon related to your niche and design a t-shirt that is competitive enough to sell to your audience.

    Fulfillment By Amazon Practically Started My Business For Me

    One of the Amazon services that few know about is a Fulfillment Service called FBA where Amazon can ship your products for you.

    This is not drop-shipping its way better, and provides a better value for you and for your customer.

    A seller or merchant ships product in bulk to Amazon, and when a customer orders, Amazon takes care of the rest: getting it there, customer support, and returns handling.

    Its awesome, enabling, and its one of the best tools for how to sell on Amazon

    But order fulfillment is just one small part of being a successful Internet Business selling on

    Ive seen people use the fulfillment service and lose money, not sell inventory, and go negative, because the other aspects of their Internet Business are all wrong.

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    Online Arbitrage: Buy Products Online And Resell Them Online

    Want to make money shopping online?

    Online arbitrage is similar to retail arbitrage. The main difference is that you bargain hunt and purchase your inventory online instead of in-store.

    Arguably the descendent of retail arbitrage, online arbitrage has the appeal of being able to do everything retail arbitrage does but from the comfort of your home.

    Fellow Helium 10 content writer Chuck wrote on several tools that online arbitrage sellers will find useful, from product sourcing to discount-finders, and perhaps most important for arbitrage sellers: price-comparison tools.

    Add Detailed Product Information

    How to Make Money on Amazon Without Selling Anything at All

    Products can be listed in the Amazon Marketplace catalog one at a time. However, if you obtain a professional selling subscription, you have the option to add larger groups of products through the bulk tools. If the products are not yet listed on Amazon, you can identify the UPC/EAN and SKU.

    Then, you describe the attributes of the product, such as a title and detailed description information. If the product is already listed on Amazon, you need to identify the number of products you have to sell, list the condition, and the shipping options.

    If you want to make a lot of money on Amazon, simply describing the basics of your product is not good enough. Amazon keywords are everything for sellers. A good majority of sales on Amazon occur through organic searches for products. If you havent optimized your product descriptions and checked your grammar and SEO, you can lose out on traffic to your products and sales.

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    I Found Stuff In My Home I Didnt Need

    For example, I had a suit for âjust in case.â But how often would I really need a suit? I didnât have the money to go to formal restaurants, snap my fingers, and go, âExcuse me, Garçon. I would like another plate of caviar.â So, instead of something useful, the suit was like a hundred dollar bill just sitting in the closet.

    Then it clicked in my brain. My stuff wasnât just stuff. They were assets. I had these assets all over the house that werenât doing anything for me. So, I made them work for me. I could turn that stuff into money that could help me make more money in the future.

    If you donât have cash and need it, do what I did. Instead of thinking of your assets as static things, make them work for you.

    Go into your living room, your bedroom, or your front porch. Pick a random object. Check to see how much itâs selling for on Amazon or eBay. If you donât have any money and donât know how to get started, start selling things you have. You need cash to generate cash.

    Check Out The Movers And Shakers In Your Target Categories

    Similarly, you can repeat this process with another set of top-seller pages that Amazon calls Movers and Shakers. Here is where Amazon tracks products that are quickly moving up the popularity charts, like the top trending items in Clothing, Shoes, and Jewelry, below.

    Following the process above, you can drill into sub-categories and items to see whats trending with shoppers right now. This is valuable information if youre trying to catch a style or product opportunity on the upswing.

    These are just a few of the many ways you can use Amazons own dataand your potential competitors own productsto guide you in finding and choosing the right products to sell on Amazon.

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    How To Sell On Amazon In 5 Steps

    Although there have been entire books written about how to sell on Amazon, selling your products using this online marketplace can be a pretty fast, easy processâespecially if youre already chosen your products, found a supplier, and evaluated potential costs before setting up your account.

    This being said, regardless of their size, every new Amazon seller gets started with the same five steps. Here are the details of what you need to do to start selling on Amazon.

    How To Set Up Your Account

    How to Start Selling on Amazon with No Money

    To set up your Amazon Seller account, you need to visit .

    Once there, you will see a big button that says Start selling:

    This button starts the process of setting up a Professional account the one that costs $39.99 a month.

    If you want an Individual account, you have to make sure you do not press that button and instead scroll to find a link that says Sign up to become an individual seller:

    Once you start the process of setting up a Professional account, Amazon locks the email address you use into that process. We figured this out because many of our students and readers have clicked the link in the picture above but were still asked to pay $39.99 a month.

    After working with a student to resolve the issue, an Amazon rep said that the only options were to start over with a new email address or to pay the $39.99 to start the account then immediately downgrade to an Individual account and request your money back.

    Common Account Setup Issues

    A lot of new sellers get frustrated when Amazon wont approve their account or suspends their account as soon as they complete the setup process.

    Keep in mind, there are two main things Amazon is trying to do at this stage:

  • Verify that you are who you say you are.
  • Block spammers, scammers, and people with a history of poor account practices from creating a new account.
  • For example, you dont want documents with the following variations:

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    How To Sell Items On Amazon: Where To Start And What To Sell

    Last updated May 13, 2021| ByMatt Miczulski

    FinanceBuzz is reader-supported. We may receive compensation from the products and services mentioned in this story, but the opinions are the author’s own. Compensation may impact where offers appear. We have not included all available products or offers. Learn more about how we make money and our editorial policies.

    In 2018, third-party sellers raked in $160 billion selling on Amazon, according to the companys 2019 Small Business Impact Report. This is up from $100 million just 20 years prior. And out of Amazons total sales in 2018, small businesses accounted for 58%, making more than $90,000 in sales on average.

    These numbers sure are remarkable. And although you cant expect to generate $90,000 a year when youre just learning how to start a business, the point is that Amazon has grown and continues to grow as a favorable marketplace where sellers can generate some serious cash. This goes for side hustlers and full-timers alike.

    If youre thinking the way you want to make money is to sell items on Amazon, then heres how to get started and our recommendations on what you could be selling.

    The Opportunity For Amazon Third

    One of the more subtle features of Amazons business model is that it allows people to sell products on its site, which means you can take advantage of this brand names tremendous reach and influence. Theyve been offering this opportunity in third party selling since 2006.

    If you go this route, youll be in good company. As of the first quarter of 2021, third-party sales became a majority, with roughly 55% of sales on Amazon are made through third-party sellers. In its 2020 Small Business Impact report, Amazon revealed it shipped out more than 3.4 billion third-party items in just one year, between June 2019 and May 2020and this was during a pandemic no less. So its plain to see that buyers do trust and buy from third parties.

    Even if you already have your own website and ecommerce store you may want to consider expanding your distribution into Amazon. You’ll be able to reach more potential customers and increase sales of first-time customers who may be leery of shopping on a lesser known website.

    Its a lucrative opportunitythird-party sales account for billions in sales each year. You could take a slice of that pie and make your own five or six-figure income as an Amazon Seller.

    And its easy too. Using Amazons Seller Central dashboard, youll be able to manage an online business without your own website and letting Amazon handle all the grunt work.

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