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How To Sell Online Courses On Amazon

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Blue Sky Amazon My Personal Favorite Amazon Fba Course

Sell Your Courses on Amazon with Dave Espino | OCM 45

Founder: Sophie Howard

Reputation: 4.2/5

Who Its For: Intermediate FBA sellers looking to create a long-lasting, impactful product that resonates with a core group of dedicated supporters.

Length: ~35 hours

Videos: 2 courses/14 modules of content

USP: Sophie doesnt teach tips or tricks that go out of style. She teaches rock solid marketing and branding principles that empower you to create a brand that people really care about. And its all based on her experience growing multiple successful brands with loyal followings.

Price: $3,495


The Queen of Amazon Sellings industry disrupting take on Amazon FBA is without a doubt my FAVORITE FBA course and one of the best Amazon FBA courses overall.

Its the only course out there that teaches something completely different than the rest.

Sophie Howard doesnt want to teach you little tips and hacks for making money as an Amazon seller. Instead, she shows you how to source unique products, grow a loyal audience, and scale to the moon with virtual assistants and automated sales funnels you’re building a real e commerce business that you can sell, not just a seller account and some side income.

Think of it this way most Amazon FBA courses, even the elite ones, teach you how to make money on Amazon. Blue Sky teaches you how to create a lasting and impactful brand that resonates with a dedicated audience and can NEVER be copied.

A few of the unique things you get only in this course:


Get People To Purchase And Recommend Your Courses In The Future

Congratulations! Youâve come up with an online course, marketed it, and sold a bunch. Now what?

Now itâs time to make sure that your students enjoy as much success as possible. When your students feel that they gained something from your online course, they are more likely to purchase other courses from you in the future.

More importantly, a happy student is likely to tell their friends and family about your course. Word-of-mouth marketing is the most effective way to sell online courses and costs you practically nothing.

You can ensure your studentsâ success and happiness with these tips:

  • Focus on customer experience.
  • âHow do you make your customers feel throughout their interactions with your business? Are you creating a positive and memorable experience for them?
  • Once you have launched your course go through the marketing pipeline yourself. What does it feel like? What is it missing?
  • âMap out your student journey.â
  • As you create and sell your online course, you want to get an idea of what your students go through. The better you understand and support your studentâs journey, the more theyâll spread the word about their fantastic experience.
  • Use a software called Fullstory to watch how your students interact with your course. Map out their journey from start to finish. Make notes of what milestones, small wins, and setbacks there are.

The Complete Guide To Sell On Amazon

Pny Training is offering the most modern and highly demanded Amazon Training course in Arfa Karim Tower. The main purpose of this course is to educate people on how to earn from Amazon. We want that every person should learn about how to create and set up their own business on Amazon, how to facilitate/ handle and provide services to their clients and earn kitchen income.

Amazon Kindle is the newest trend in online sales, and everybody’s doing it. There are loads of hype about methods of making money with Amazon affiliate programs and it seems to be the topic of many conversations. Since Amazon is world-eminent and is one of the most trusted shopping destinations. So, many people are induced to join their affiliate programs.

Consumers choose Amazon because it does better than its competition on these CPC. By keeping in mind these facts and demands of Amazon PNY Trainings bring The Complete Guide to sell on Amazon Course in Arfa Tower.

Despite the correlation between certification and competence, there is still a huge demand for certifications. PNY Training is offering certification courses that are outselling the other courses by more than 10 times.

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How To List A Product On Amazon

  • Keyword research


Your listing is how customers will find and purchase your product on Amazon, so this step is incredibly important!

Well review the key steps for setting up a successful listing here:

Free resource

Guide to Selling on Amazon

Step-by-step guidance and expert tips to help you sell more on Amazon

Amazon Fba Course #: Marketplace Superheroes

Amazon Training  Success Online Marketing &  SEO Company ...

If youre looking for a well-put-together Amazon course that doesnt break the budget, is your perfect option. While they teach about all topics related to selling on Amazon, they specifically focus on product sourcing and how essential this is to ensure your product becomes successful.

This courses difference is that they focus on cutting-edge solutions and technology to solve your Amazon selling problems. The course will teach you the exact processes, going into step-by-step details so you can replicate their own success.

The course, better known as the , includes:

  • Over 40 training videos that talk through each step of the process. It allows you to easily replicate the things theyve done to become successful, instead of giving a simple, broad overlook of selling on Amazon
  • Exclusive online community with 5,000 members and access to discounts, case studies, and boot camp videos
  • Inexpensive, high-quality content. The course is currently ranging under $1,000, which is an incredible steal for the information provided.

Customers are quick to leave a good review for Amazon seller training courses like MarketPlace SuperHeroes. Jaya Patel, a satisfied customer, explains, The course goes into so much detail. It covers topics that I didnt even know were needed to sell on Amazon. As someone who is new to this, it gives me the confidence to believe in the products and the process.

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How To Choose The Right Market For Selling Online Courses

The greatest online course in the world will be a failure without a strong market. If nobody wants your product, it doesnât matter how good the product is.

You must find who your digital product is for. That means finding the people who are most likely going to buy your online course.

Itâs always tempting to have the largest market possible. After all, if your market is 300 million people, you only need less than 1% to be successful, right?

The reality is that large markets are often crowded and competitive. Itâs best to start with a core target audience and serve it well. You can always create other courses to expand your target market.

As your brand grows, you may find that your digital course resonates with a different audience than you originally thought. Be flexible enough to respond if your market evolves or changes. Be sure to incorporate data and learning into your approach.

Try Kajabi free for 14 days

Kajabi is everything your online business needs. All in one place.

Contact Suppliers For A Quote

Compare suppliers to create a list of 5-10 that youd be interested in working with.

Send an initial contact email to your potential suppliers. You can use Jungle Scouts Supplier Database to find a suppliers contact information or send a broad request for quotation out to several suppliers at once through Alibaba.com. *For an email template with specific information and questions to include in your email outreach, see the full FBA Guide.

Vet your suppliers based on their responses and communication to narrow down your list to your top 3 options.

In this clip, we walk you through our 4-step process for finding a supplier for your product.

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Amazon Fba Course #: Proven Amazon Course 20

The has been around since late 2009 and is still considered to be one of the best Amazon seller training courses on the market, especially for new sellers. It offers a variety of webinars, videos, and PDFs to teach different products.

The creator of the course, Jim Cockrum, is consistently updating the course to improve support staff and add new relevant material, as Amazon is constantly changing its policies or implementing additional technology.

The Amazon seller training course follows a particular outline, highlighting the three categories that every seller on Amazon needs to know much about, including Listing, Shipping, and Buying/Sourcing.

Each module contains how-to information, along with a deep insight into each section to ensure youll feel confident moving forward with your Amazon seller account. The insight is brought from industry experts to ensure youre not receiving bogus information. Plus, you can get started with the program and only pay as little as $29 a month!

Are you not satisfied with your purchase for any reason? Contact their support team within 30 days, and youll receive a complete refund. As customers like Roger Parker say, Im able to work on my Amazon seller account part-time and receive better results than Ive ever received before. Im confident that my listings will stand out from the competition and create even more success for my business.

Sales Rank Of An Item

Amazon FBA Courses Affiliate Programs [Make Money Selling Online Courses]

This is probably the most obvious information a sales rank tool is going to give you. You can look up items related to the topic you want to create a course for and see how theyre ranking in their respective categories. Lower numbers mean higher sales, so the lower the number the better. This gives you a good initial insight into the demand for your topic.

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Purchase The Upc Barcode For Your Product

Amazon requires you to have a universal product code, or UPC barcode, in order to create your listing in Seller Central. This is the barcode that you see on essentially all packaging.

UPC barcodes can be purchased directly from GS1, the global organization that standardizes these codes.

In this clip, we show you where to purchase a UPC barcode and explain the difference between UPC and FNSKU barcodes.

How A Kajabi Hero Used Online Courses To Become A Ny Times Best Selling Author

While many businesses create and sell courses online to generate revenue, others also use online courses to market and generate leads. Online courses can play a big part in your overall content marketing strategy.

Our very own Kajabi Hero Chalene Johnson flipped the script a few years ago and created a free online course to build her email list.

Hereâs what Chalene did:

  • First, Chalene’s created a Kajabi course called âThe 30-day push challengeâ.
  • In the 30-day push challenge, Chalene taught goal setting in a very simple way.
  • The goal of the product was to help her students reach their big goal for the year in just 30 days.
  • Chalene filmed one video a day for 30 days and let the Kajabi system take care of the rest.
  • With Kajabi, no matter when a student joined the 30-day push challenge the system automatically delivered the right videos in the right order!
  • Chalene announced the 30-day challenge in December and by January had more 75,000 people join!
  • The 30-day push challenge was so successful that Chalene continued to use the free course to build her list for more than 5 years.
  • That list also helped Chalene become a New York Times best-selling author!

Chalene says

âWithout that list, I built using Kajabi, I would not have become a New York Times Best Selling Author.â

The 30-day push challenge worked so well that it was Chaleneâs only lead generation tool for 5 years!

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Market And Sell Your Online Courses

Just because you build it doesnât mean theyâll come. Youâre going to have to for it to be successful. Marketing is building a relationship with your customers, with the ultimate goal of getting them to purchase or engage with your business.

Here are just a few ways to market and sell courses online:

  • Create and optimize your website. Your online course should have its own sales page to inform customers about the course and persuade them to join.
  • âCreate useful marketing content. Start your own blog, create marketing videos, or participate in Facebook Groups.
  • âBoost your social media presence. There are billions of people on social media every day. Make sure youâre engaging wherever your audience is on social media.
  • âBuild an email list. Email continues to be a powerful marketing tool. You can build an email list by using social media and creating forms on your website.
  • âPartner with other entrepreneurs. Youâre not in this alone. Sometimes, you can partner with an existing online entrepreneur to sell your course. Reach out to those you admire and see how you can partner in a mutually beneficial way.

You can automate your online course marketing with tools like Kajabi. Weâve created that will help you move potential customers through your sales funnel.

Platform : Online Course Marketplaces

Amazon Product Research UAE

Online course marketplaces are the supermarkets of the online course world.

These platforms are privately owned, but open to the world and are often referred to as MOOCs .

Online course marketplaces are an online shopping outlet for online courses, where anyone can sell and buy online courses.

Think or Walmart, but for online courses.

Online course marketplaces have lots of shoppers, so the opportunity of your course being found and bought is high however these platforms sell courses for low prices.

Using online course marketplaces to sell your online courses has some excellent benefits, but also some very restrictive cons consider these carefully before you chose this as a platform to sell your courses.

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Can You Sell Online Courses On Amazon

Yes. Although tricky, therere various approaches content creators can leverage including using Amazon Video Direct, 3rd-Party Integrations like Zapier, and converting digital courses into physical products.

Amazon Video Direct enables content creators to upload their videos for Amazon Prime Video customers worldwide making it a perfect place for online course creators to sell their courses on Amazon.

3rd Party integrations like Zapier enable content creators to connectAmazon to other applications including learning management systems like Teachable, Thinkific, and Zenler.

The quality of content is key in this case as Amazon performs a technical review before your content is made public. Monetization strategies may also differ from some traditional video marketplaces.

The Amazing Selling Machine The Best Amazon Fba Course And Industry Alpha Dog

Founder: Jason Katzenback and Matt Clarke

Reputation: 5/5

Who Its For: Complete beginners who want a step-by-step blueprint to a six-figure income, including 1-on-1 hand holding from 7-figure Amazon sellers. Plus the worlds leading community so you can network with other business owners to grow your store faster while lowering risk.

Length: ~180 Hours of videos

Videos: 100+

USP: Monthly group coaching calls, access to the best live events, founders private resource vault

Price: $4,997


The Amazing Selling Machine is the worlds most popular , comprehensive, and immersive Amazon FBA training experience. I mean, who else can claim theyve worked with Richard Branson of Virgin and John Mackey of Whole Foods?

ASM took me from modest success to WOW, I SHOULD START A WEBSITE ABOUT THIS STUFF.

Its actually more than Amazon FBA training its private mentorship from two of the worlds most successful, reputable, and knowledgeable sellers. Jason and Matt are absolute bosses, and two of the most respected names in the industry.

Imagine if an 8-figure Amazon seller invited you to their mansion for 8 weeks, showed you everything they knew, gave you all their business contacts, shared all their secrets, and then held your hand through the whole process step-by-step until you had a profitable online business.

In fact, the company claims the average student makes about $60,000 in revenue for their store per year .

Heres what you get:


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Evaluate And Modify Product Samples

Once youve narrowed down the list of suppliers to the ones who can offer you what you want based on your initial outreach above, its time to order samples. This is an important step to ensure youre making the right investment and purchasing a quality product.

Order samples: You should expect to pay $50-$150 for a sample, and expect it to be sent to you by air. Once shipped, you should expect your samples within 1-2 weeks.

When ordering samples, ask the supplier to send you more than one. That way, you can make sure their quality is consistent. Some suppliers will credit the cost of a sample to you if you end up purchasing a bulk order from them, so ask if that is possible at the time you order the sample.

Examine samples: Once your samples arrive, check them carefully for quality, specifications , and utility .

If your product isnt exactly what youre looking for, you may request modifications to the sample . Modifications can include adding a logo, changing the dimensions, adding or removing components, etc.

Consider packaging and branding: Before you place a large bulk order for your product, think about whether you want to have branded packaging for your products . If you want to, you should have the design ready for your supplier at this stage. The supplier or manufacturer youre working with should give you the exact dimensions of your packaging so you can pass that information along to a graphic designer.

Check out these packaging designs for inspiration:

Use A Sales Rank Lookup Tool

Udemy? Amazon? Membership Site? Selling Ebooks and Video Courses Online

Sales rank lookup tools are going to be your best friend when youre looking at the data Amazon has to offer. You can use the tool to look up a topic or category and get back a lot of really good information. Sales rank tools help you determine the market for items on Amazon and theyre extremely accurate. Because Amazon has such a large marketplace and huge sales volumes, the information you gain will be applicable even if you arent selling on their site.

Think of Amazon as a test environment for the topic you want to develop your course around. Using a sales rank tool will help you get information about how that topic is selling in the Amazon environment. That is the information you want to see to figure out how marketable a topic is overall.

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