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How To Sell Teespring Shirts On Amazon

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Using The Product Search Tool

HUGE OPPORTUNITY: Teespring Integrates with Amazon!

Once youve narrowed it down to a niche and found the best keywords, you can start getting design ideas with the Product Search tool to see the current top-selling shirts in that niche.

This tool literally shows you the best selling designs in that niche. This information is GOLD because its the only way to see what is actually selling right now.

As a general rule, use these top-selling designs as inspiration for your new designs. Making similar designs, with your new-found keywords and phrases, will lead to some of your own top-selling designs.

Upload Your Designs And Set Your Price

Once done, you can upload it on your POD website and start creating products through the mockup generators that come with the websites. Use the product mockup from the print on demand website as your product image on Amazon. Optimize your product name and description by using the right keywords to boost visibility.

And youre done!

Invest time in marketing your product and your designs on social media, and create newer, creative designs for your store so that you can keep the inflow of customers steady.

Adding Your Payment Methods

Now speaking of cashing out on Teespring something thats important to do once youve created your first design is good. Go to your drop-down, go to settings, and then make sure that you add how youre going to be paid out. This is a variable in the trust score so we have to get a few sales but also they need to know that they can pay us so all you do is scroll down and all you have to do is add your email address for your PayPal account or your Payoneer account. Now the reason they have both of these as options is PayPal is more US-based and Payoneer is more universal so you can do it from anywhere in the world. So if your region does not support PayPal, you can create a Payoneer account instead and connect it right here.

Now a common question is do you need to have a business account for this? No, for PayPal and Payoneer, you can do a completely free personal account. And thatll be plenty for this. You dont have to register a business or anything like that. Now once youve done this and youve added your email, its going to send a confirmation link. So make sure that you check your email and verify that email and then it will be confirmed on here.

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Connect Your Amazon Account With Etsy

  • Once you are log in now its time to connect your account.
  • We cant directly connect our account with etsy. So we will upload our designs on another POD platform. The best POD platform that works with etsy is Printful.
  • Signup on Printful site through given link:
  • After signing up, Click on Etsy Printful Integration button and it will ask you for your etsy account which you have already created.
  • Just login and give your access to the account and hence you will get successful connection.

So What About Your Designs Then

teespring Agile Expressions LLC Gratitude Classic Tee ...

Placeit offers a great opportunity to market your t-shirt business with all the tools you will need. You can design with our t-shirt designer, create amazing banners and design attractive social media images. You can even make beautiful videos in just a few seconds! Placeit will work for you with Merch or any other POD website!

Become a master seller on Merch by Amazon and keep selling your t-shirts no matter what with these awesome tips from our t-shirt business first aid guide! Follow all the key steps to set up your sellers account, start making profits, and save your time with management templates.

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Find The Best Niches For Your Designs

This is the most important feature on Merch Informer. The Competition Checker is a must-use tool that allows you to see how your keywords stack up against the ones your competitors are using to list their designs. You can see how each set of keywords and phrases generates results specific to the merch you are selling and score them based on how they do.

In short, you can see how competitive the niche is that you are thinking about going into. The less competitors, the most views your listings will get. The more views, the more sales.

Any t-shirt sellers goal should be to find a niche in the market that is currently underserved or under-represented, and the Competition Checker is the tool to use to find these niches.

Utilizing Instagram To Gain Traffic To Your Online Store

Well, over time, I found out that Instagram, using a completely free page on Instagram, and free niche hashtags, you can target people really well. You can put in a link to the storefront, and as you start posting about things in that niche, people find your posts, they find your profile, and they click on the storefront and they come over here and all of a sudden theyve ended up on your storefront looking at the products that youve created. So Ill walk you through right now how to do this. Were going to switch over to my phone so I can go into Instagram, and we can start this process.

Okay, so once you are on Instagram, this is a pretty important part. We need to create a new account. This is not the account that you personally use on Instagram, were not just going to start posting photos of T shirts there. What we need to do is literally create a new account. So login or create a new account. Create New Account. And this is where were going to set the username. Now we want the username to be as close to the storefront name as possible. Now with Instagram you can get creative by using underscores or periods. So as youre going through here, once it loads for a second, its going to tell you what is taken.

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Alternative Ways To Design T

So now we have officially created our first design that is sized and ready to go and it is in the niche of high school graduate. Now before we leave placeit I want to show you the other way of creating t shirt designs that I really liked that not a lot of people are talking about, and I highly recommend that you take advantage of. Now with your placement subscription, you can go into not only their designs, but you can go into logos as well. Now these are specifically for creating logos however, you can use them for print on demand T shirts and items as well. So once youre in their logos, I want you to type in the text here, just click the little button below that says see all of our templates. And from here, these are all of their logo templates that we can actually customize and create our own. Going off the same niche, we want to we can create them for anything and get much more complex designs.

How Does Teespring Work For Users

Learn how to Sell Tshirts Online With this MERCH MAKER for Amazon TeeSpring Shopify Etsy and more

How does Teespring for users? Well, the answer to this question can be acknowledged with many aspects. Lets find it out. Teespring is 100% free to use. Anyone can make an account on the website and earn using the provided facility by the company even from outside of the platform. The users have to follow a few simple steps.

The users can design a product using the designing tools provided by Teespring or upload their own designs in Teespring launcher. It also provides different clip arts and a variety of fonts. After designing, the users set a price for their product and their sales goals. If at least 5 t-shirts are pre-ordered, Teespring handles the manufacturing and distributing of the products. They also take care of the customer service. Teespring also shows how much the user would earn once they hit their sales goal.

Users can create campaigns to sell their custom-made products. The users are supposed to design and market their product themselves. Once the target is achieved, Teespring ships the items to the buyers. All campaigns last 7 days. Other than t-shirts as the name suggests, Teespring also sells products like hoodies, long-sleeve shirts, tote bags, youth apparels, mugs, phone cases, also, kids and babies apparels.

The users can also raise funds for the non-profit organizations using this platform by creating campaigns and selling products with their motto designed on the products.

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How Does Teespring Make Money

The question of how does Teespring make money is a tough one to answer. The Teespring business model works in a unique way compared to other t-shirt printing start-up clichés. It uses crowdsourcing to sell t-shirts. It works by having the user set the sales goal and once the goal is achieved, the t-shirts are printed and shipped to the buyers. If the goal is not achieved, the t-shirts are not printed and nobody loses any money, neither Teespring nor the user. However, if the user has paid money on the tools for marketing their product and if they fail to reach their sales goal, the money is not refunded.

Though the company claims to be transparent regarding giving the users all the profit that is earned by selling the products, it is believed that the company earns a flat margin on every single product that is sold by Teespring.

Since the t-shirts are printed only after the sales goal is achieved, the company does not incur any waste inventory. If the t-shirts are printed, the user wins, the customer wins and the company also wins. If it doesnt, nobody loses anything. Teespring business model is a win-win-win situation for everyone this way.

Earn Monthly Royalties With Amazon Print On Demand

Merch by Amazon allows you to earn royalties. The royalty amount you earn is directly affected by the price you set for your product, minus the tax and Amazons production cost.

Amazon print on demand costs factors in the following factors:

  • Material and production
  • Packing and shipping at an Amazon fulfillment center
  • Handling returns and exchanges

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Set A List Price & Go Live

Now hold your horses! Before going live, your design will go through a process in which there are 8 statuses:

  • Draft: Your design remains a draft until you submit your design.
  • Under Review: Your design is being reviewed by a Merch team member.
  • Rejected: Your design might get rejected if it infringes on the content policy.
  • Started Process: Your design has been approved and is now in the process of being added to Amazon.
  • Processing: The process to add your design to Amazon has started.
  • Live: Your design is live on Amazon and discoverable for everyone!
  • Pending Your Approval: A design in Pending Your Approval has been published with a private link so that you can order a sample prior to publishing live on Amazon.
  • Removed: A design in Removed status will be removed because it did not sell within the first 180 days after publishing or it has content that violates the Merch by Amazon Content Policy.
  • Consider that Merch cannot sell any product that is infringing the intellectual property of someone else. This applies not only to the design of your product but also to your brand, your name, its description, be careful about every single aspect of your product. If you are using images that are on the internet, you are responsible for ensuring they are license-free to reuse. Yes, tracing images is illegal too.If your design gets rejected, you will receive an email mentioning that it was not accepted. Make sure to compliance with the Merch by Amazon Content Policy.

    Design And Trademark Checking teespring Eli Fugitive Recovery Agent Women

    Once youve found a great niche, and great keywords, now its time to check those keywords for trademarks.

    Merch Informer has a feature called Trademark Alerts that instantly checks your keywords for trademarks.

    If a keyword is protected by a trademark, all of your hard work creating your listing will be for nothing because the print on-demand website will automatically remove your listing.

    The Trademark tool on Merch Informer will give you a real-time green check mark or red x to tell you which keywords you can use in your titles and descriptions.

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    How To Sell Pod Shirts On Etsy

    I write an article to direct you that how to sell pod shirts on etsy. As you know etsy is a best platform for organic sales and hence you can make extra money other than POD sites. If you are creative enough to design your own t-shirt products, then Etsy is best for you. Etsy is especially designed for those who want to sell their hand made goods and unique items online.

    These products can include jewelry, home made goods, and lots of other items like t-shirts, towels, hoodies and much more.

    Most of the audience who is online likes those products that are made unique and comes with something different. Thats the reason Etsy is trending because their main goal is to deliver unique ideas to the market.

    If you want to know how to sell POD shirts on Etsy here is the proper guide that you can follow. Before you make your account on these platforms make sure you have creative ideas and all should be your own or by your hired t-shirt designer.

    Step by step guide to sell t-shirts of different POD platforms on Etsy:

    Understanding Teespring Trust Score

    Due to the fact that Teespring has become increasingly popular, countless individuals have been able to make money on Teespring. This has led to a higher level of uploads. Unfortunately, this flooded the market and not all the uploads are of high quality.

    As such, its important for Teespring to separate the high quality from the low-quality uploads. This is accomplished with the trust score. This is tied to your account rather than the campaign. So, if your account has made sales, then this will increase the trust score. Without sales, you can not establish your trust score at all.

    The trust score has an impact on how fast your shirts appear on the marketplace and where they appear. Its worth noting that this isnt the only factor that determines your place however it is an important aspect to keep in mind.

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    Reach Your Audience With The Boosted Network

    The Teespring Boosted Network is the platforms answer to Amazon. Upon creating a product page for your design, the platform will promote your design across different online marketplaces. That includes Rakuten, Walmart, eBay, and even Amazon, to name a few!

    However, before you can join the Boosted Network, you need to create great merch designs following the Teespring Boosted Network Design Guidelines. More importantly, you need to sustain a high seller trust score for the platform to consider you into the Network. Therefore, you cant get Teespring to promote your designs on other platforms if you dont have a proven track record as a seller. You still need to put the work in and bring money to Teespring with the designs you will sell.

    Also, Teespring will decide which designs to showcase on which platforms. While it makes your job easier in terms of setting up the listings, it also limits your control as to what t-shirt designs to showcase.

    Considering that Teespring is a much smaller platform than Merch by Amazon, youll have to actively promote your product pages in more ways than one. Running an ad campaign is ideal especially if you have the budget for it.

    Speeding Up The Research Process

    Creating T-Shirt Designs That Sell On Redbubble, Merch By Amazon, Teepublic, Etsy, Teespring…

    These were the exact steps that I took to build my initial revenue stream. If you try it out you will notice that it can take forever!

    Since I still run a lot of large affiliate sites, this growing side business was taking up a ton of my time. I needed to keep the process going but needed to free up some of my time.

    I, along with my business partner, decided to come up with a better way. We created our own software to complete the entire research process as automated as possible.

    With this taken care of you can focus on factors like graphic design or your next big design idea.

    As the merch income grew, so did the questions from the community.

    After many months of polishing our self use tool, we released it to the public. That’s how Merch Informer was born in October of 2016.

    Merch Informer lets you pull up the top selling shirts for any keyword or any brand. These are in order by best sellers rank. You have the ability to save and download your links, images, descriptions, prices, as well as check keyword competition within Amazon.

    Using the Vegan example from above, you can see what it would look like inside the software. I use all of this information to send to my designers which we will go over in the next step.

    The easiest way to grow this business is outsource at light speed!

    You can do everything I talk about in this article manually. Or you can try us out with a 3 day free trial that we give everyone.

    How do we do this? We pull from Amazon suggest!

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    Creating Content For Your Instagram

    So the content youre going to be posting on the Instagram page is you want to be showing off what you have to offer, which are your shirts. And also you want to be showing engaging posts that people want to see on Instagram. If youre only posting photos of your T-shirts, which are screenshots from the listings, its going to get old to people and its not really as engaging. So what is engaging content? Well, this is what I like to do. Lets go back over to placeit, and this is where we left off before. Im just going to go back to their homepage. With the subscription to placeit that we were talking about in the beginning. Again, its like $12 per month. You can create your T-shirt designs, but also you can create mock-up photos.

    Again, they have thousands of mockups just to give you the number, right now they have almost 50,000 templates that you can choose from. And theyre adding to them daily. So theres 810 that are recently added. Now what that means for us is we can go to mockups, hover over that, click on T-shirts. And now we have a ton of mockups, where simply, all we do is we find the mockup that we want to have a photo on our Instagram page, and you do this a ton of times. So this is basically endless content.

    And essentially, what you do is you find the ones that you like, and then you can put the designs that we created on placeit before. You upload it, and it photoshops it onto that model.

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