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How To Sell Your Used Books On Amazon

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Compare Book Selling Websites To Get A Good Price

A Beginners Guide To Selling Used Books On Amazon

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It’s likely that your book valuations will vary widely from one site to another, and each site mentioned below has its own advantages.

When researching each book selling website, think about whether it would suit your particular type of book. For example, if you’re looking to sell a textbook but you can’t see any other academic books on the site, it’s probably not the right one for you…

We suggest where to sell books for good prices below.

How To Determine Which Books To Buy To Flip

Charlie said he relies mostly on triggers built into the Scout IQ scanning app to tell him if a book is worth reselling on Amazon or not.

You can change these triggers yourself, but they provide a good starting point.

The app will either tell you to accept or reject a book when you scan it based on:

  • eScore How many days in the last 6 months at least one copy of the book was sold.
  • Sales rank It looks at the sales rank for the book, with #1 being the best seller in a category.
  • Profit It calculates an estimated profit after fees.

Charlie said not to be discouraged if you dont find a book to resell in your first few scans. Most books are going to be reject. Most books are not worth selling on Amazon, he said.

It really is a volume and speed game. You want to scan as many books as possible to find the ones that trigger as accept.

Regarding profit, Charlie said, I dont buy anything under 100% ROI. That means for every $10 he spends, he expects to bring in $20. He typically spends around $1-$2 per book, and has seen them sell for as much as $154!

With practice and repetition, youll start to develop an eye for the types of books that are profitable and where to find them.

Nail Your Social Media

How do I market my book on social media? You need to market your book on social media in order to increase impressions, engagement, reader base, and other factors that can sell books.

For most self-publishers, I recommend setting up a professional author page on Facebook, maintaining a presence on Goodreads, logging onto LinkedIn, and creating video content on YouTube if possible.

Ill go into more detail on individual social media platforms below. Stay tuned!

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How To Find Books To Sell On Amazon

Since its not a good idea to buy books on Alibaba or Aliexpress, lets discuss where and how you should buy them.

Two things are essential when you are looking for books to sell on Amazon:

The Best Seller Rank tells you how quickly a product sells on Amazon. A higher BSR indicates that a product sells slower on Amazon. A lower Best Seller Rank indicates that a product sells faster.

The BSR shouldnt exceed 100.000.

After deducting all costs and Amazon fees, the net profit should be at least 2 USD for books 3 USD is better.

You can easily calculate the net profit with Helium 10s Profitability Calculator. Heres a screenshot of it:

Every book you want to sell on Amazon must meet these two criteria.

Add Subscribe Buttons Everywhere

Jedi Ninja Night: How to sell used books on Amazon

You wouldnt want to lose potential readers just because they couldnt find a button. Add subscribe buttons everywhere.

Without being annoying and spammy, make sure there are places to subscribe to your social media, email list, etc. on every page of your website, every social media platform bio, every video, every guest post, and every email you send out.

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How To Sell Books Online: Marketing

Here are some thoughts:

Capture your customers names and email addresses so you can customize the emails you send. This is an excellent way of keeping them updated on all your special offers and any new books you’re stocking.

You could also send a weekly/monthly newsletter with links to your store, social media handles, and any exclusive coupons you want to give your loyal following. Be sure to include relevant articles as well, for example, if a new book is out and you have it in stock, and you’ve written a review about it, stick it in the newsletter. Think laterally.

Again, keep an eye on your competitors sites. See what they do.

You’d be amazed at how effective this is for fuelling your own ideas!

On a separate note, be smart with your photography. Upload gorgeous book covers onto your Instagram and product pages. Maybe you have the same book with three different covers? If so, ask customers to rate their favorite and be sure they know they can buy them. This is a surefire way to engage with your audience.

Whatever you do to market your bookstore, keep up the momentum. If you spot an interesting book-related fact, post it. Ask for comments. Schedule and automate your posts using an app like Buffer. The possibilities are seemingly endless!

Don’t Explain Every Detail Just Give The Reader A Taste Of What To Expect

The blurb is where you tell readers what your book is about without giving away the goods before theyve paid. Dont overwhelm them with a blow-by-blow summary. The last thing you want is to sound like youre trying to prove youve actually read your own book.

Instead, focus on high-impact keywords that play to your target market. Terms like serial killer for a thriller or personal development for a self-help book will signal to readers that they will find exactly what theyre looking for. In the end, your blurb is all about building intrigue and drumming up anticipation for the moment when buyers get to read the book in full.

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Amazon Best Sellers Rank

Amazons algorithms might sound like black magic, but they work according to an elementary principle: they prioritize the books they think people are most likely to buy.

What do they use to figure that out? The #1 factor, by far, is how well your book is already selling. While Amazon wont tell you how many copies a given book is selling, you can estimate it through a figure called the Amazon Best Sellers Rank , which is listed in a books product details.

Just take the ABSR, plug it into a rank-to-sales calculator, and youll get an idea of how many copies a book sells on a daily basis. To give you an estimation, heres a chart taken from David Gaughrans must-read ebook, :

  • #1 to #5 = 5,000+ books a day
  • #5 to #10 = 4,0005,000
  • #10 to #20 = 3,0004,000
  • #20 to #50 = 2,0003,000
  • #100 = 1,000+
  • #50,000 = 5
  • #100,000+ = fewer than 1 a day

Does this mean that if you sell 7,000 copies in a day, your book will get to #1? It depends on the competition But its likely, yes. However, unless you maintain that level of sales for a few days, your rank will immediately plummet.

Amazons algorithms are suspicious of books that suddenly get a huge influx of sales before they sputter off into nothing. Instead, they favor books that achieve a high level of sales and manage to hold on to it for at least a few days. Spikes dont make the algorithms happy plateaus do.

Can I Sell My Books On Amazon


Selling your books on Amazon is something thats available to anyone. This could be one of the reasons Amazon closed the trade-in programme it takes out the leg work for them!

There are four ways you can sell books on Amazon, which fall into four categories:

  • Books listed by a publisher
  • Books listed by an online store
  • Second-hand books listed by Amazon members
  • Self-published books listed by the author
  • Becoming a publisher, online store, or self-published author is something that takes several years to achieve. Its a refined craft, especially when Amazon is taking a fee for the sale.

    It is possible to shift some of your old books on Amazon, but is it worth it?

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    Create A Target Reader

    Be specific about this target reader . It will help you focus your marketing efforts.

    For example: My target reader is Mark, a single 33-year-old man who works in tech and is too devoted to his job to invest in a family. Or, My target reader is Joni, a 45-year-old divorced woman who loves to drink, post on Twitter, and schedule brunches.

    Build A Youtube Channel

    Similar to the last item, consider building a YouTube channel.

    Plenty of writers have skyrocketed their author platforms using a YouTube channel: Shaelin Bishop, Jena Moreci, Jerry Jenkins, Bethany Atazadeh, Vivien Reis. Out of the half-million subscribers between them, imagine how many more readers they have because they built their YouTube channel.

    However, consistency is key. If youre going to use YouTube, it wont do you much good unless you keep to a regular upload schedule.

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    How To Sell Ebooks On Amazon: 7 Tips For Making Money As An Author

    Becoming a successful author via Kindle Direct Publishing might seem like the kind of thing thats easier said than done. But the formula behind how to sell ebooks on Amazon is actually very simple:

    Traffic x Conversion = Sales

    Traffic gets visitors to your book page, while conversion turns them into buyers.

    In this post, well first show you how you can optimize your Amazon book page to maximize conversion potential. Then we’ll discuss tactics for increasing the amount of traffic to your book page in the first place if you’d like to jump ahead to those, .

    How To Sell Your Book On Amazon

    Seven Reasons to Sell Used Books on Amazon for Extra Money

    You wrote a book, and now you want to sell it on Amazon. Ive got good news! Kindlepreneur is coming in clutch with 70 book ideas that will help you sell more books on Amazons eBook and print book marketplace.

    Also read Kindlepreneurs .

    Lets dive right in.

  • 70 book marketing tips
  • How to sell your book on Amazon
  • All sorts of practical resources
  • Links in this article may earn me a small commission if you use them to purchase a service or product. This has not affected my opinion. However, it helps me continue to write these awesome articles that anyone can read for free!

    Note: This article is not about selling used books or old books as an Amazon business. Heres a great article on individual seller accounts, selling nonfiction hardcover books, comic books like new, and Amazon FBA vs. FBM.

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    How To Get A Suitable Amazon Account

    You can then proceed by creating an Amazon seller central account, and there is only one last fee structure you have to attend to. How much you will pay on Amazon is dependent on your choice of seller account. Correct! You can sell books on Amazon, for free.

    Look up the selling plans and choose which one suits you- whether an individual seller account. This costs $0.99 per item sold plus other fees like closing and referral fees. A professional seller account costs $39.99 plus other selling fees.

    The individual seller account is perfect when the total number of books sold in a month is less than 40. You can set up the Professional Seller Account by filling in your business name, contact info, address, bank info, and credit card. This is an advanced plan for people with a more substantial book inventory and those in need of advanced selling tools. Nesse caso, you will not have to pay a fee for every item sold- its already part of the monthly fee.

    Its Time To Start Selling!

    Having created your Amazon sellers account, and with a few books in your inventory, you can now start selling. You will have to spend some time creating product pages for your products. Search for each books ISBN, and select Sell on Amazonfrom your listing.

    Decide How You Will Fulfill Orders

    • Merchant Fulfilled Network You store inventory, pack, and ship books independently.
    • Fulfillment by Amazon You ship books to an Amazon Fulfillment Center, and they do the rest for you. FBA includes storage, packing, shipping, customer service, and returns. Using FBA to ship your products is also the easiest way to get the Prime badge for most offers. Many Amazon customers look for products with the Prime badge because it represents fast, free shipping.

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    Best Books To Sell On Amazon

    According to sales data, the most profitable types and categories of books to sell on Amazon are:

    • Textbooks
    • Religion and spirituality
    • Politics and social sciences

    Due to the rapid loss of appeal, the market for novels is considered the most unremarkable. However, since some books are part of school curriculums, selling them is the best option to get the highest revenue.

    Heres one more suggestion: let people know you want to acquire books. How about setting up a website or writing a post saying you are looking for books? That way, instead of constantly doing all the searching process on your own, people may approach you and offer their books on sale.

    Be Honest About Your Sales

    How to Sell Used Books on Amazon FBA in 2020 | Tutorial | Update

    Be honest with yourself about how many sales you expect to make. No use setting yourself up for disappointment. Instead, set yourself up for success.

    Set sales goals, and reward yourself each time you achieve a sales goal. Examples of sales goals and what they would mean:

    • 200 sales: Breaking even

    This realism should help you maintain your mental health and strong momentum in your marketing efforts.

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    How To Sell Used Books Amazon Fba

    Estimated reading time: 11 minutes.

    Did you know that Amazon first started as a site to sell books?

    Thats right, the ecommerce mammoth began on paper.

    You can sell books on Amazon FBA today and still make a profit. Amazon may be a giant, but it can be profitable for those willing to put the work in.

    Maybe you have a backlog of books at home gathering dust, you want to start an Amazon business selling books or youre researching your options.

    Whatever the reason youre here, selling used books on Amazon can be a good way to make money without investing life savings in inventory, so its certainly worth investigating!

    Its also a good way to test the Amazonian waters before moving into your own private-label products.

    Whilst starting a used-book business using Amazon FBA is not simply a matter of taking a photo, setting a price and waiting for sales, it is relatively straightforward.

    In this guide on how to sell used books via Amazon FBA:

    Bring Your Old Books To Local Markets And Car Boot Sales

    Credit: Ekaterina Pokrovsky Shutterstock

    If you fancy selling second-hand books the good old-fashioned way, you could hire a stall at your local market or car boot sale. Stall rental prices vary massively depending on where they are and what they specialise in, but some start at just a few quid.

    Obviously, this option requires a bit of legwork you’ll have to get all your books there and hang around while customers browse, but you might hit it lucky and end up selling everything you have in less than a few hours.

    Look out for markets and fairs that specialise in books, and consider paying a visit before you commit to taking a stall. Nothing wrong with a bit of research .

    Some markets will be more popular than others when it comes to subjects and niches, so do a bit of research to make sure you’re choosing the right place to sell your books.

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    Are You Interested In Getting Amazon To Do The Work

    If you’re nodding your head, youll have to ship your stock to one of their fulfillment centers. Amazon will produce shipping labels and provide you with discounted shipping.

    Alternatively, you can send the stock yourself, use a cheaper local carrier, or rent a man with a van whatever, works best for you!

    Getting Amazon to fulfill your orders, is really only for people shifting large amounts of books and arent interested in focusing on their own website and business brand. It will inevitably cost you more, but it has its advantages if, for example, you own more than one kind of online store.

    Bookscouter is a slightly different proposition. Its popular with students who want to sell their textbooks. If you have books to sell, input the books specific ISBN into the site, and Bookscouter will search around 40 buyback sites and tell you which one will give you the most for it!

    The easiest way to use Bookscouter is to download the app, scan the barcode ISBN, and youre away!

    Find Profitable Amazon Ad Keywords

    How to Make Easy Money Selling Your Old Used Books on Amazon

    Amazon ad keywords are an important part of your book marketing plan. In order to find the most profitable 200-300 Amazon ad keywords, you need to put in just a little research.

    If youre in the stage of publishing and marketing where you need to find the right keywords for Amazon ads, I highly recommend you read this in-depth article:

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    Perfect Your Author Website

    You have an author website, right? Every author who means to make writing their career should have a website.

    To perfect your author website, you need to:

    • Esure your name is on every page for SEO purposes. I suggest putting your name and contact info in the footer that appears on every page.
    • Provide buy links to every one of your published books.
    • Tease future titles with release dates.
    • Link to social media.
    • Write a killer About the Author page.
    • Craft a modern, inviting website not something that looks like a MySpace page from 20 years ago.
    • Create engaging blog content, if you have the time. It will draw more readers to your website, and theyll be more likely to buy your book once they see your engaging voice and thoughts.

    My preferred web hosting company is Siteground, but Squarespace and Wix are two other popular options.

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