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How To Seller Feedback On Amazon

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How To Sell On Amazon As A Beginner Under 15 Minutes

Another great way to increase engagement is to offer a remarkable discount to customers on their next purchase .

Price psychology is fascinating:

People tend to get attracted to a brand if they are given a great discount. For instance, buy 1 and get the 2nd one at 50% off is something that has the power to become a crowd puller.

Ways To Get More Positive Feedback

Getting positive feedback on Amazon requires a balance of persistency without pestering. This means consistently making requests for feedback from buyers while also doing everything to provide excellent customer service. You and your team should be trained in how to walk this fine line that keeps both you and the customer happy.

Ideally, your excellent customer service will, in and of itself, naturally encourage great seller ratings. If your outstanding service sticks out enough, it may warrant more 5-star reviews. Realistically, however, you will also need a system for reminding customers about feedback in case they dont remember to leave a rating.

Combining both your requests and high-quality customer service, here are six ways to get more positive feedback from Amazon buyers.

Create An Accurate Listing

When the product buyers receive is not as described, you will see it in your seller feedback. Although feedback score is not specific to your product, most of the time, customers connect negative experiences about your product with your trustability as a seller. To avoid this type of situation, be precise and honest in your product copy and images. You can also hire professional product listing optimization or services to set realistic expectations.

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Use The Free Stuff Psychology To Increase Sales

Another powerful tool to improve seller feedback is to create powerful engagement. Although it may seem like a lot of work, it is not.

Include a free item for customers. Preferably something that catches them off guard

For example:

You can include a free bookmark if you have a bookstore on Amazon.

Tips For Increasing Amazon Feedback

Are these the new Feedback removal guidelines for sellers on Amazon ...

When it comes to selling on Amazon, reviews matter. According to a study by BrightLocal, 84% of us trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations and 92% of consumers read online reviews for local businesses. With statistics showing that a mere 5% of customers that make a purchase on Amazon leave feedbackhaving a process in place for collecting feedback and dealing with negative feedback is crucial for all sellers, particularly established ones.

Feedback on Amazon is ranked from 5-star to 1-star .

The Perfect Amazon Feedback Score

Customers can leave feedback on how you performed or on the product they purchased . If youre serious about selling on Amazon , youll want to aim for a seller feedback rating of 95% and above.

Lets look at four ways to increase your Amazon feedback starting with

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Seller Feedback Vs Reviews

Seller feedback is a distinctly different system from Reviews. The process is very similar, but the targets are very different. Seller feedback focuses on the seller, while reviews are all about the product. Many customers get the two confused, and this can mean getting a poor rating for something that wasnt your fault, like shipping if you use FBA. In addition, seller feedback can be left by the same customer for each order they place. Product reviews can only be given once, but they can be revised as desired.

Getting positive feedback and reviews are both important to the Amazon ranking algorithm. Customers that leave a product review in your seller feedback could be a potential lead for getting a positive product review as well. You should focus on building both and finding ways to take advantage of the positive shopping experiences your customers have.

Can I Ask For A Positive Amazon Seller Feedback

It is officially forbidden to ask for a positive review or feedback or to influence the rating a buyer gives you in any way. Any such request or interference, might be punished severely if Amazon finds out. We strongly advise against asking or hinting that you are looking for a positive rating.

However, not all hope is lost You can still increase your chances of getting positive reviews in other ways that will improve your feedback score. The most obvious way is to simply provide a great service. Sell your products at a good price and provide value for money.

Another thing you should do is actively responding to each comment, message and complaint, both private ones you received in the buyer-seller messaging, and on negative reviews. If you reply to comments and message the client in an honest and helpful way you can turn a negative rating to a positive one.

Last and certainly not least, you can time your feedback requests. Different timing may result in indistinct results. As an example, if you sell a product that takes time to enjoy, dont ask for a feedback immediately, wait a couple of weeks. This can result in much higher sellers star ratings. While you can hypothesize about the perfect timing for the related order, it is much more powerful to make tests and learn from the results.

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What Is Amazon Customer Feedback

Customer feedback on Amazon is important to both parties. Both for the first-time buyer who is considering whether or not to order from this seller, and for the seller who increases his sales by having good feedback. Amazon introduced this seller feedback system so that buyers can identify trustworthy sellers and thereby increase sales of the service. In addition, Amazon has also introduced a star rating system, you can find out how you can .

The purpose of the feedback is to provide customers with the best shopping experience. Thus, the Amazon team makes sure that the customers leave their feedback and thus increases the sales of other products. Amazons seller feedback system regularly monitors and evaluates seller performance. In this way, the buyer can immediately determine who is a good seller and who is a bad seller.

From a buyers point of view, dont be lazy to leave feedback for a buyer, if your transaction was the best you can who didnt leave feedback, because the main advantage of feedback for a seller is an increase in sales. That way you can appreciate the work and in return, the seller will have a little easier time doing their job in a highly competitive environment.

Why Is Your Amazon Feedback Score So Important

How to sell on Amazon for beginners (step-by-step tutorial)

Its been said the Buy Box is responsible for 82 percent of all Amazon sales. The sellers who get that coveted spot are chosen by an algorithm programmed to pick those it believes will offer the best shopping experienceand seller feedback plays a big part in that.

As an Amazon seller, a feedback score above 97 percent is essential when competing for the Buy Box, while a poor rating will significantly hurt your chances.

The best way to promote positive feedbackand encourage more of itis to establish a personal connection with your buyers. According to the Harvard Business Review, the power of engaging with your customers on an emotional level cannot be underestimated:

  • Emotionally connected customers are worth 52 percent more than those who are highly satisfied.
  • A sense of community and self-discovery are two of the biggest drivers of emotion among millennials.
  • Customers with an emotional attachment spend up to 200 percent more than others, with a far greater lifetime value.

Here are three ideas that could help you connect with your customers on an emotional level offline so they will ultimately leave feedback that will boost your Amazon seller rating.

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How To Get Feedback On Amazon

Amazon feedback is an important part of being successful as a seller on Amazon. Here are some top ways to get more positive ratings.

Provide Amazing Products & Service

Remember that the main purpose of Amazon feedback is to indicate the buyer’s satisfaction. Therefore, satisfaction will naturally serve as the primary driver behind a customer’s willingness to leave feedback. Ensuring an absolutely flawless experience is a necessary first step toward earning feedback.

Ship On-Time or Ahead of Schedule

Amazon shoppers have grown accustomed to free, two-day shipping. And, although late shipments are a major cause of negative feedback, early arrivals can delight buyers and result in favorable ratings. Expediting internal order processing and upgrading customer shipment methods can be effective ways to elevate your feedback.

Politely Ask Customers for Feedback

You can use Buyer-Seller Messaging to send a single Amazon feedback request after your order has been delivered. Alternatively, you can use FeedbackFive to automate feedback requests with Buyer-Seller Messaging or the messaging system behind the , which sends a combined feedback and review request directly from Amazon.

Make Returns Easy

Amazon has taken major steps to automate returns and refunds, which has had a net positive effect on the buyer-seller relationship. Amazon also encourages sellers to “rigorously” review their return policies along with providing full product refunds for a standard 30-day period.

Dont Be Afraid To Ask For Feedback And Be Polite

Request a review of your product on Amazon once the order has been delivered using buyer-seller messaging on Amazon. You can use the Request a Review button on Amazon for this.

Moreover, you can opt for a 3-email strategy. Email your buyer after the product has been delivered. Contact them after a couple of days to get their feedback and review the product. Following up on the same email asking for seller feedback after receiving positive feedback is a good idea. Doing so increases your chances of getting more product reviews. In addition, Amazon offers a service for sellers and buyers to exchange messages directly.

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Email Templates For Small Business Owners

This template is ideal if you want to supplement your income or use Amazon to grow your small business.

This template will help your customer understand that you have a small business, and they will also love this template message. You can use the following statement:

We want your opinion because we own a small Amazon business, and our seller rating can be crucial for our continued success. Please spare a moment and leave positive feedback for us. Well appreciate your effort. If there is anything wrong with your order, please lets know.

Thank you for your time, and we would love to do business with you again soon.

Best Regards,

How To Encourage Feedback

Increase Your Amazon FBA Seller Feedback Score + Feedback Genius Review ...

Do you know that on Amazon, only 5% of buyers leave feedback?

Well, let that fact sink in!

Its not because they dont have the time, it is generally because they do not feel very strongly about the whole experience.

Well, not strong enough to leave feedback.

And yes, the product has nothing to do with that.

Considering that eBay has a much higher rate of seller feedback. According to the Harvard business review, it is important for a buyer to feel an emotional connection with the product.

The incredible importance of emotional connection is well known of the fact that:

  • Emotionally engaged customers spend 200% more than an average customer.
  • Millennials are emotion-driven and they tend to be affected by self-discovery and emotions.

Useshortened links for your social media marketing.

Shortened links look better in Instagram bios, as well as in Twitter bios. They provide a clean look to a page that can otherwise be overwhelmed with photos and other types of content.

Now the question is, how do you improve the emotional connection? Lets discuss some incredible ways to do that.

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New Rules For Amazon Buyer And Seller Communications

As of November 2020, Amazon updated its Communications Policy to create a healthier marketplace by limiting the types of messages that buyers and sellers can send one another.

The purpose of this change has been to improve communications between sellers and buyers and here are the primary ways in which the messaging options have been changed. Under the new rules, Amazon has:

  • Limited proactive messages to those concerning order completion
  • Protected buyers from fraud and abuse
  • Protected sellers from unscrupulous competitors
  • This new policy means that all communications between buyers and sellers must now be kept within Amazons platform, within your Amazon Seller Central account.

    The messages that are allowed to be sent fall into two categories: Necessary Permitted Messages and Proactive Permitted Messages. Here is how both types are defined:

    Necessary Permitted Messages: This type of communication is necessary to complete a customer order, or in response to a customer inquiry. For example, shipping problems and return or refund requests are necessary permitted messages. Such messages must be sent through your Amazon Seller Central Account.

    Additionally, it is important to note that in either of these cases, the seller may only send messages to customers who have contacted them first or who have purchased from the seller within the past 30 days. In each of these communications, a 17-digit order number must be included.

    How Can You Improve Brand Reputation On Amazon

    You can improve your brand reputation with positive Amazon seller reviews. Product reviews are very important, because shoppers often start their buying decision there. However, it is the Amazon Seller Feedback ratings that link to your brand reputation. The feedback includes comments about the buying and fulfillment experience, including whether it arrived on time, was packaged well, and opinions on the customer service or returns experience. Success in these areas adds to the overall brand image.

    • Regularly seeking both Amazon product reviews and Amazon seller feedback
    • Responding to negative feedback quickly and politely
    • Revise descriptions, and improve packaging, or shipping procedures in response to customer comments and complaints.

    The sooner a procedural problem is solved, the better your rating and brand reputation will be.

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    Create A Product Insert

    A product insert is a card or small piece of paper that is placed inside your product packaging at the factory. If you source directly from a manufacturer, inserts are great for requesting reviews. They can also increase brand recognition and cross-sell other products from your catalog.

    Product inserts can feature many different marketing tactics, including:

    • Lifestyle images of the product.
    • Images of other products in your catalog.
    • A nice thank-you note.
    • Your brand story.

    We recommend using your product inserts to request reviews. Customers will see your product insert when theyre unboxing your product. This means theyre more likely to keep your brand at the front of their minds and leave you positive feedback.

    It is important to note that you cannot request reviews from only happy customers or specifically ask for positive reviews. According to , there is a zero-tolerance policy towards any customer reviews violations.

    If Amazon detects any attempt to manipulate customer reviews, they will take action. Keep these rules in mind before asking your customers exclusively for positive reviews.

    What To Do To Edit Your Amazon Feedback

    ULTIMATE How to Sell on Amazon FBA Guide for Beginners 2023

    In fact, once you have written feedback to the seller and answered all the questions that were on the list to confirm your comment, you cannot edit it. If suddenly you decide to change your opinion about the sellers work on Amazon, you can only delete your feedback. Therefore, to delete feedback on Amazon, follow these steps:

    • The first step to remove the feedback is to log in to your Amazon account.
    • Then and select Your orders.
    • Then you have to .
    • After that you will open a new window with all the information on the received order, you need to scroll down to the point Your seller feedback about this order.
    • In the Your seller feedback about this order.

    At the moment, only the actions that you can do with the feedback you left after receiving your order from the seller are available. It would be really convenient to be able to edit feedback.

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    How To Effectively Deal With Negative Seller Feedback On Amazon

    Negative reviews and feedback are part and parcel of selling on Amazon. It happens to everyone, even the top sellers and big brands like Apple and Nike. In fact, a customer is more likely to go online and leave feedback while theyre unhappy with the product/service rather than when they are satisfied. But negative feedback shouldnt be ignored. Even a handful of critical feedback can directly affect your business. Luckily, there are a few things you can do to remove the feedback.

    Automate The Returns And Refunds Process

    Returns and refunds are made as easy for Amazon customers as possible. The company encourages its sellers to regularly monitor their return and refund policies while facilitating hassle-free product returns. Having a positive relationship with your buyer on Amazon depends on following these policies.

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    Address Negative Seller Feedback On Amazon

    First, not all negative feedback can be removed. However, Amazon has strict guidelines that customers need to follow while giving their feedback.

    If you find the comment is not valid, you can have them removed by Amazon. Inappropriate customer comments include offering promotional links or comments to other websites, suppliers, or sellers, abusive or inappropriate language in the content, and personal information of other Amazon sellers or customers. For this, go to Amazon seller central Performance and initiate the process. Give a valid reason why Amazon should remove a specific comment. Usually, Amazon addresses the issue quickly. If it lasts longer than three days, make sure to follow up via email.

    What’s A Seller Rating On Amazon

    Amazon Feedback Guide

    Seller feedback is just one piece of a much larger algorithm. Several factors contribute to this rating, even though Amazon doesnt publicise exactly what goes into the calculation. We know the following details can impact this rating because theyre an important part of the customer experience:

    Order Defect Rate: The percentage of orders that have received negative feedback, an A-to-Z Guarantee claim, or a service credit card chargeback. It allows Amazon to measure overall performance with a single metric.

    Buy Box wins: When multiple sellers compete on a product page Buy Box, Amazon will heavily weigh order defect rate to encourage customers to purchase from the highest-rated sellers.

    Returns: Obviously, Amazon doesnt want customers returning items. Its a costly hassle. Sellers with lower returns rates are rated higher. Returns dissatisfaction can also factor in, ie, how often a seller messes up returns and how efficiently theyre processed.

    Shipping times: If the seller is not FBA, this will be a key factor in the seller rating. Amazon wants customers to get their items quickly, safely, and efficiently. If you choose to do seller-fulfilment options, ensure you have your logistics sorted properly.

    Response times: Amazon will look at how often you respond to customers, how quickly you respond , if the complaint is resolved, and how frequently you receive complaints.

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