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How To Send Amazon Fba

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Amazon Fba Fees Are In Addition To Commissions

How To Send Your First Shipment To Amazon FBA | BEGINNER TUTORIAL

Your Amazon fulfillment and storage costs are in addition to your commission expenses and other selling fees.

If you decided to handle shipping on your own, youd still owe Amazon a percentage of your sale as a commission regardless of the sale plan you operate on. That sale plan doesnt go away just because youre using FBA.

Be sure to factor in commission in addition to all the other expenses associated with selling items on Amazon and using Amazon fulfillment services.

How To List A Product On Amazon

  • Keyword research


Your listing is how customers will find and purchase your product on Amazon, so this step is incredibly important!

Well review the key steps for setting up a successful listing here:

Free resource

Guide to Selling on Amazon

Step-by-step guidance and expert tips to help you sell more on Amazon

Create Your Listing In Seller Central

Now that youve prepared all the elements of your listing, its a simple process to create your listing in Seller Central.

  • Add your product and select the category to list your product in. Choose a category thats most appropriate for your product, and select as specific a subcategory as possible.
  • Under product ID, add your UPC code.
  • Add your product title and brand name.

You can return to edit this listing at any time. Once youre selling your product, you can make changes to test how different product details affect your sales and continue optimizing your listing.

More sections of the listing setup will allow you to add product variations , add SKUs to help track your inventory, and of course add your product description details, including your keywords and images.

Once you click save changes, your listing will show up in Seller Central under Manage inventory.

In this clip we show you how to set up your Seller Central account.

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How Do Sellers Get Items Into Fba

One of the reasons FBA is so successful is because the experience is so streamlined from the shopper perspective. Many consumers dont know that the items they are buying are sold by third-party sellers. But how easy is it to sell with FBA? In a word: very.

  • If youre already selling on Amazon, simply add FBA to your account and youre ready to go. If you dont have a selling account, set one up and choose the FBA option. The fee for a Professional selling account is $39.99 per month. While sellers with individual accounts can sell via Amazon FBA, they will not be able to take advantage of advertising options and other features of the program.
  • Create your product listings. You can add products in bulk via flat files, or you can add them one by one. Pay close attention to the quality of your photo description.
  • Prep your products. Amazon has packaging and prep requirements, as well as shipping and routing requirements, that you have to follow. By properly preparing, packing, and labeling your items, you can be sure they will be made available to customers quickly. Following these guidelines helps ensure that your items will arrive at Amazon fulfillment centers safely and in good condition.
  • Ship your inventory to Amazon FBA. Create a shipping plan and print your shipping labels with inventory management software like RestockPro or in Seller Central. Then send your products to the Amazon fulfillment centers your shipping plan requires.

Trusted Customer Service And Returns

How To Send Your Amazon FBA Inventory Into One Fulfillment ...
  • FBA customer support: Our customer support is available 24/7 via phone and email. This service is included within FBA fees, with the exception of the Returns Processing Fee for select product categories. Spend your time growing your business or going on holiday, knowing your FBA customers will have all the support they need.
  • FBA returns: Our customer service also manages product returns for FBA products sold through If a customer wishes to return a product, they can find help pages and contact details through our Online Returns Centre. If a returned item is sellable, its added back to your sellable inventory. Read our FBA customer returns policy for details on returns and refund management.

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Where Is The Best Place To Sell Books

Amazon keeps the remaining 40 percent of the sale for its own use. Purchasing a book through Amazon from a third-party vendor results in the following financial outcomes: Amazon receives 15 percent of the overall sales price, including delivery, as well as a fixed payment of $1.85 every item sold on their website.

  • has swiftly risen to the top of the list of the finest websites for selling books, and they have been doing it for more than two decades. It is important not to be fooled by the name.
  • 3. Powells Books.
  • EBay.
  • Draft Your Listing Bullet Points

    While your title is all about your keywords, the focus of your bullet points should be to inform your customers about the main features and uses of your product. You want to do this while including the rest of your highly relevant keywords that couldnt fit in your listing title. Again, use as many characters as you are allowed.

    • Get to the point and clearly explain the main selling points of your product and how they will benefit the user. Say what the product does and/or solves, and answer any commonly asked questions.
    • Modify your tone and details based on your product. For example, if your product is a tool, concisely say what it does, how it works, what its made of, etc. Or, if you are selling a toy, you want to make the copy fun and exciting. Paint a picture of how it works or how much kids will enjoy it.
    • Include relevant information such as sizing, quantity, materials, etc., if applicable.

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    You Cant Avoid The Pick And Pack Fee

    You might think that you can save the folks at Amazon some timeand yourself some moneyby packing up your merchandise just as youd like it to be sent to the customer.

    Unfortunately, shipping standards at Amazon make the pick and pack fee completely unavoidable. So save yourself some time and ship the products to Amazon in the easiest way possible.

    How To Send A Shipment To Amazon Fba

    How To Send Your First Shipment To Amazon FBA | BEGINNER TUTORIAL 2022

    Do you have a product that you want to sell on Amazon and want to know how to ship it to their fulfillment centres?

    If so, then keep reading, as this video blog will walk you through the steps of how to send a shipment to Amazon FBA and get started selling your product.

    In order to send a shipment to Amazon FBA, you’ll first need a few things:

    • An active account.
    • Your products packaged in boxes and ready to be shipped to Amazon.
    • Your Amazon product listing is set up to be sold through Fulfillment by Amazon .

    If you’d like some more help with these items, then I’d encourage you to check out these other video blogs that explain more on those previous steps:

    If you want more free training on how to sell on Amazon, for more free video training!

    The below video will walk you through the steps on how to send a shipment to Amazon FBA.

    Watch the video below:

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    The New Method A Step

    Now lets look at the new Fulfillment by Amazon method. It is also known as Send to Amazon.

    Most of the steps will be the same as the old method. However, there will be other options that you will have to select the Send/Replenish Inventory option.

    Step 1: The first step is to log into the seller account.

    Step 2: Next, you will have to go to the Send/Replenish Inventory option. You will need to select the Ship to Amazon option. Sellers can also click the Continue to Send to Amazon. The button is located in the right-hand corner.

    Step 3: You will have to create a new packaging template for this option. The seller needs to add information about the SKU. All the packaging, labeling, and prepping details need to be added.

    Step 4: The next step is to confirm the charges and press continue.

    Step 5: Now, create new labels for your products. Make sure both the UPS and Amazon barcodes are visible.

    Step 6: You can drop off the shipment at the nearest UPS center. Sellers can also schedule a pickup.

    Your shipment is now ready! Amazon will take it from here and make sure all your products are delivered on time.

    S On Send A Shipment To Amazon Fba

    Okay, so heres how to add FBA to your Amazon account. For this example, I used one of our Australian Amazon accounts. First, log on to Amazon Seller Central using that link Ive put on the bottom of the page, or bottom of the screen. Next, click on Settings at the top right hand corner. Then select Account Info. Then click on Manage, as per the screenshot. Here youll need to add FBA as on of your services. Now, both steps Ive just run through those are the ones you need to do first to add FBA to your Amazon account.

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    Two: Mark Your Products As Fba

    Seller Central is where you go to create listings for the items youre looking to sell on Amazon, regardless of the shipping method¹. The process for creating a listing is relatively easy as youll be guided with prompts. When you get to the prompt that says Fulfilled by you just need to select Amazon instead of Merchant to make it FBA.²

    The Old Method A Step

    How to Ship to Amazon FBA: Product Shipping Tips and Costs

    Lets look at the step-by-step guide of the old FBA method.

    Step 1: The first step is to log into your seller account. Every seller has to open an account that allows them to sell. It is also known as Seller Central.

    Step 2: Once youve logged in, click on Inventory. When you click on that, you will see a drop-down menu. Select the Manage Inventory option.

    Step 3: When you click Manage Inventory, you will see a list of all your products. The next thing you want to do is go to the extreme right corner of the product. There will be a button called Edit. You need to click that button. Once you click on Edit, you will see another drop-down menu. Now select the Send/Replenish Inventory option.

    Step 4: On clicking the Send/replenish Inventory button, you will be asked to add the Ship from Address. If you have already added this address, then go to the next step. If you havent done that, you will have to fill in the address. The address should be of the place where your product is currently stored. For example, you can add your home address or your office address. Some sellers keep their inventory at a storage facility. In that case, you have to add the address of the storage facility.

    Step 6: In the same section, you will have the option of selecting the Units per case. You will also have to add the number of cases. Once you fill in the details, click continue.

    Step 13: The last step is to set up a UPS pickup. You can also drop the shipment yourself.

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    How Does Fba Work

    FBA is an outsourced shipping and handling solution thats offered to Amazon sellers. There are currently over two million people around the world who are taking advantage of this program. They let Amazon do the heavy lifting for them.

    Heres how it worksAmazon sellers register with . Then, they create their product listings on Amazon. After that, they prepare their products and ship them to an Amazon warehouse.

    From that point, Amazon handles all the routine tasks associated with fulfilling the orders. That includes customer service and returns.

    If youre thinking about using Amazon fulfillment services to handle your orders, here are a few things to keep in mind before getting started!

    How To Sell On Amazon Fba For Beginners

    Everything you need to know to start selling on Amazon.

    • Step-by-step guide for beginners
    • Learn how to sell with Fulfillment by Amazon
    • Make money online by starting your own business


    Founder & CEO of Jungle Scout and 8-figure Amazon seller

    Selling products online is a great way to start a business and make money.

    And if youre going to sell anywhere, it should be on Amazon. Fortunately, the Amazon market is massive, and its growing more than ever as people shift to shopping online for almost any type of product.

    • 55% of U.S. consumers say that if they were only able to buy products from a single store, it would be Amazon, and more than 121 million Americans are Amazon Prime members.
    • In 2020, Amazon was responsible for 47% of U.S. ecommerce spending in 2020 a figure which is expected to rise to 50% in 2021.
    • And despite a global pandemic disrupting much of the worlds economy in 2021, Amazon is not only surviving its thriving. Among total consumers, 51% are making purchases on Amazon weekly or more, and 15% shop on the platform 2-3 times a month.

    You can become a seller with program. With FBA, you simply send your products directly to Amazons warehouses. Amazon then stores the inventory, and when you get an order, Amazon ships your product to the customer , and Amazon manages all customer support.

    Free Resource

    Guide to Selling on Amazon

    Step-by-step guidance and expert tips to help you sell more on Amazon

    So, how does it all work?

    Chapter 1

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    What Are The Pros And Cons Of Amazon Fba

    The vast majority of sellers will tell you that the pros far outweigh the cons when it comes to Amazon FBA. However, there are some things you should know.

    First, the Pros

    • Your products are associated with Amazons powerful name. This helps instill trust in your potential buyers.
    • Shipping fees will be lower because Amazon has negotiated shipping rates with major carriers.
    • You can offer expedited free shipping through Amazon FBA, making your products more attractive to buyers.
    • Because FBA orders qualify for , youll be tapping into the 112 million + Prime members who spend, on average, more than twice what non-members spend.
    • FBA orders are handled at Amazon the same way Amazon handles its own orders. That way, the buying process is seamless and youll have the added protection of Amazons own policies. If your item is damaged, youll be reimbursed.

    Now, the Cons

    A Short Note On Amazon Global Shipping

    How to Send Your First Amazon FBA Shipment Step by Step | FULL TUTORIAL 2022

    With Fulfilment by Amazon its possible to sell your products internationally¹. Keep in mind that different FBA fees may apply to global sales and there could be additional charges for you and your customer, such as import duties, customs fees and foreign taxes. You can read more about global selling here.

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    How To Pack Products For Amazon Fba

    Certain rules must be followed for product shipments in Amazon. These packing requirements are in place to ensure that the products are carefully stored.

    • Use an appropriate box.A six-sided box with intact flaps is a must. It is possible to reuse old boxes but ensure that there are no confusing markings or previous shipping labels remain. To reduce delays in receiving or delivery, boxes with at least 6 x 4 x 1 dimensions are recommended.
    • Put proper labels.The address label should be complete with its delivery and return information. There should be a label on the top center of each side of the box, and each box needs a label. Aside from packing requirements, Amazon also has its FBA label requirements that must be met.
    • Pack the items carefully.The items must be wrapped separately and they shouldn’t move when the box is shaken. To ensure this, there must be at least two inches of cushioning between the items and the inside of the box. Use a strong shipping tape to secure the package.
    • Protect the items.Don’t use packing peanuts like foam strips, Styrofoam, shredded paper, or crinkle wrap. The recommended protective packing materials are bubble wrap, inflatable air pillows, or polyethylene foam sheeting.
    • Secure the boxesAll boxed shipments must be sealed securely, otherwise, there will be a reason for doubt that the product has been tampered with. The sides of the boxes must be able to withstand pressure to some extent.

    Amazon Requirements When Shipping To Amazon Fba

    • Accreditation

    When your products are shipped to the Amazon warehouse, your vendors expect to present accreditation such as SOR/2011-17 in Canada and ASTM F963-16 confirmation in the United States. Check the accreditation you require for your respective countries when sending goods to Amazon FBA.

    • Product Label

    Amazon is providing labels to the products if necessary. In the warehouse, your FNSKU labels will be checked once your items are shipped. Then, your inventory is placed in the right distribution centre area.

    • Shipping Label

    If you are doing the barcode labelling, you need to include the following:

  • Item condition
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    How Much Does Amazon Fba Cost

    The Amazon FBA service incurs two separate costs which are dependent on the volume of stock and the length of time the stock is held.

    The first cost is a Fulfilment Fee this is a charge per unit, or per item, and varies by product type, dimensions, and weight.

    The second cost is a storage fee that is charged by daily average volume and relates to the physical storage of a sellers product on Amazons shelves.

    As well as standard costs, sellers may incur extra fees for products which are on the shelves longer than six months and this is referred to a Long Term Storage Fee.

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