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How To Send Bulk Email With Amazon Ses

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Comparing Amazon Ses Against Sendgrid

It is not a new kind of service, deliverability and MTA services have been around for a long time. Because it is very important to get your email marketing message to the inbox. But the integration with other Amazon products and the pricing seems quite interesting. Below is a graph made by wills web. Comparing prices between Amazon SES and Sendgrid, a similar service. Although the service is completely the same, you can see that Amazon SES has competitive pricing, one of the considerations in choosing an MTA.

So what do you think? Will Amazon Simple Email Service shake up the email MTA and deliverability world?

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Sending An Email Created With A Template

Now that you have created a template, youre ready to send email that uses the template. You can use the SendTemplatedEmail API operation to send email to a single destination using a template. Like the CreateTemplate operation, this operation accepts a JSON object with four properties. For this operation, the properties are the senders email address , the name of an existing template , an object called Destination that contains the recipient addresses that will receive the email, and a property that refers to the values that will be replaced in the email . The following example shows the structure of the JSON object used by the SendTemplatedEmail operation.

,  "TemplateData": ""}

Customize this example to fit your needs, and then save the resulting file as myemail.json. One important note: in the TemplateData property, you must use a blackslash character to escape the quotes within this object, as shown in the preceding example.

When youre ready to send the email, run the following command: aws ses send-templated-email –cli-input-json file://myemail.json

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Sending A Formatted Test Email

Select the verified email address and then click Send a Test Email.

In this dialog were given a few options for email.

I can toggle more options by clicking on the More Options link to see some additional fields that I can fill out as you can see below but lets stick with a simple email for now .

In the To field, input the email address you just verified. If you are a new user of SES you will only be able to send to verified recipients because your account will be in a test environment called Amazon SES Sandbox. You can later apply to move out of the sandbox to lift the recipient address restriction.

In the subject, input SES formatted test and then add some text in the body. Now click on Send Test Email. You should receive an email.

Configuring Amazon Ses As An Email Service Provider

How to Use Amazon SES API to Send Bulk Emails

Amazon provides a number of services that maybe of interest to the application developer. Here we are specificallyinterested in utilizing the Simple Email Service from within SurveySolutions for mass email sending.

Usage of this service may cost you money.Make sure you understand all charges, limits and policies beforeutilizing this service.

Amazon Simple Email Service is available at the following address:

If you are already an Amazon AWS user, you can login to yourManagement Console right away. Otherwise you will need to createa new AWS account.

A valid credit card is required to create this account. Amazon plansand regulations determine when, how and how much you will be chargedfor these services. The below instructions are applicable to personalaccounts. Your organization may have a corporate or other kind ofaccount with preferential treatment, different billing arrangements,or simplified configuration process.

Once a new account is created login to the Management Console.Select ServicesCustomer EngagementSES.

Verify the address that you will be using for sending out the messages.This is done by clicking the link that you receive fromthe Amazon Web Services .

Next, utilize the Add user wizard to create a new user and assign thisuser appropriate permissions, group membership and policies.

In the email service provider dialog of the Survey Solutions you willneed to enter these SES-specific items:

  • Access Key

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What Do You Get When You Use G

  • you send bulk emails at an insanely low price, yet with no loss of quality in terms of deliverability. Compared to other ESP which can charge you up to $200 for 10 000 messages, Amazon SES is 200x cheaper just $1 per 10 000 messages.
  • you ensure a high deliverablity rate your emails will pass SPF and Sender ID policy checks enforced by many ISPs and DKIM-sign.
  • you don’t care about feedback loops Amazon SES will send you an email once someone of your recipients reports your message as spam and G-Lock EasyMail built-in Bounced Manager will extract the recipient’s email address from the feedback loop email in order you can take the recipient off your list.

Watch this video to learn how to setup G-Lock EasyMail to send the messages through Amazon SES API.

supports embedded contentmessage attachments

To send emails with G-Lock EasyMail using Amazon SES API, do this:

Go to the Amazon SES website and click “Signup”.

If you don’t have an account with Amazon yet, create an account. If you already have an account, login.

After login, click on your account and select “Security Credentials”.

Deploy the Access Keys section.

Click on the “Create New Access Key” button.

Click on “Download Key File” button to download your Access Key and Secret Access Key in a file.

Open G-Lock EasyMail, click on the Accounts menu and then click on Add New Account.

Enter the sender information under the General tab.

Open the downloaded rootkey.csv file.

Create A Receipt Rule Set

Go the AWS SES console

Click on Rule Sets> > Click Create a New Rule Set> > Give A name for the rule > > On the Recipients configuration page, add our SES verified from email addresses from which you want to forward an email

On the Actions configuration page > > add an S3 action and then > > a Lambda action

For the S3 action > > choose the existing S3 bucket we created above

Leave Encrypt Message unchecked and SNS Topic set to or create an SNS Topic

For the Lambda action: Choose the Lambda function we created. Leave Invocation Type set to Event and SNS Topic set to

If you are asked by SES to add permissions to access lambda:InvokeFunction, agree to it

Once created, it will list under the ruleset section. Select it and make it as Active one by clicking Set as Active rule set button

This concludes the setting up the email forwarding solution via AWS SES.

Now lets test, send an email to SES from verified email address.

Check the AWS S3 bucket, email must have arrived. It hardly takes any time in a few seconds, the email will forward to remote forwarded email address. Ensure you must have verified the forwarding email address too.

You will see how the message is stored as a new object in the S3 bucket

This Node.js function will forward the email to the forwarding email like the regular forwarded email we usually see

Now go to the SES Rule Sets we created earlier and edit it and change the lambda function into the new one we created. Test the working again.

Basic Troubleshooting

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Why Amazon Ses Why People Are Moving From Other Mail Clients To Amazon

  • Most important thing is cost-effective email service.
  • More reliable and scalable infrastructure

With Amazon SES, you have no required minimum commitments you pay as you go and only pay for what you use.

And this is great option if you need to send a lot of email within a budget.

Here is a list of price comparison of other mail clients,

Price Comparison

NOTE: If you have an account in Amazon web service just . If not, signup as a new user by following my previous blog.

  • Login to AWS management console.
  • AWS Login

    2. It will take you to the AWS Dashboard, look for SES.

    AWS Dashboard

    3. Click on SES to go to the Amazon SES Dashboard. And Click on Email Addresses

    SES Home

    4. Verify two email addresses . I have already added two emails and verified them.

    SES Email Adresses

    Click on Verify a New Email Address button to add your sending and receiving email addresses.

    Verify a New Email Address

    5. SES will send you a confirmation email, click the confirmation link in your mail to verify your email address.

    6. Create your SMTP credentials to use in your app.

    SES SMTP Credentials

    7. After Click on the Create My SMTP Credentials button shown in the picture above.

    Create User for SMTP

    You can change this username if you want, but this default one will do the trick for now.

    Okay now we all set to configure in different languages. Now we have AWS-SES credentials.

    Design Your Email Notification

    14 Testing Sites and Deliverability Free Scale Your Email Marketing With Amazon SES Training Course

    Navigate to the Notification Designer and select Create Notification. Click Untitled Notification on the top left to give your notification a descriptive name in this case, Ive named mine “New Invoice.

    Now let’s add email as a channel for our notification by selecting Email and choosing AWS SES from the dropdown. We can now add Email under Channels to the left and start designing our notification.

    Well design a simple email notification. First, let’s update the subject line to “New Invoice” by clicking on New Subject and updating the text. Next, we’ll use a text block click the T on the toolbar to add a short greeting. Feel free to copy-paste the following text: “Hello , your invoice is attached below.” Were personalizing the email with a name variable, which we’ll pass to the notification below in the data object as part of calling the Courier API.

    This is enough for now, but feel free to add more content blocks and continue designing the email. When youre finished, click Publish Changes in the upper righthand corner.

    If youd like, you can preview the email using the Preview tab and ensure your variables are templated properly. You’ll be prompted to Create a Test Event and then you’ll want to add the name property to the data JSON object. Once you save your test event, you should see the name variable populate in the Preview tab with whatever value youve set.

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    How To Use Amazon Ses Smtp Server To Send Emails

    In addition to using the Amazon SES API, you can use the Amazon SES SMTP settings in EasyMail7 to send emails. You can choose yourself which method works best for you.

    If you don’t have an account with AWS yet, create an account following the steps in this tutorial.

    Then follow the steps below to integrate EasyMail7 with the Amazon SES SMTP interface:

    Step 1. Create Your SMTP Credentials with Amazon SES

    To send emails through the Amazon SES SMTP interface, you must create SMTP credentials a user name and a password.

    To create your SMTP credentials:

    Login to your AWS account, click on Account and select “AWS Management Console”.

    Type SES in the search field and then select SES from the menu.

    Click on “SMTP Settings” at the left side.

    Click on “Create My SMTP Credentials”.

    Enter your SMTP user name .

    Click Create.

    A password and a user name for SMTP will be generated for you.

    Copy your credentials or click on “Download Credentials” because you won’t be able to view your SMTP password again.

    After you created your SMTP credentials, you can configure G-Lock EasyMail7 to send emails through the Amazon SES SMTP interface.

    Step 2. Configure EasyMail7 to Use Your Amazon SES SMTP Credentials

    Open G-Lock EasyMail7.

    Go to “Settings -> Email Accounts”.

    Click “Add New”.

    Enter your user information under the General tab.

    The “E-mail Address” and “Bounce E-mail Address” must be verified with Amazon SES.

    Click on the Delivery Options tab and enter the SMTP settings:

    Lets See How To Configure Ses In Ruby On Rails Application

    In your controller add the below method,

    class WelcomeController <  ApplicationController

    Lets generate a mailer by using this command rails generate mailer my_mailer

    It Will generate two .rb files, application_mailer.rb and my_mailer.rb

    In app/mailers/my_mailer.rbput the below code, and into set your sender email address.

    class MyMailer <  ApplicationMailer  mail endend

    After adding the send_email action to our mailer file, change the default from email address in app/mailers/application_mailer.rb file to the address you wish to use. In this tutorial, Ill call it .

    class ApplicationMailer <  ActionMailer::Base  layout 'mailer'end

    Open up config/environments/development.rb in order to change the SMTP configuration and test the emails out in the local development environment.

    To deploying this application to a production environment put the SMTP configuration in config/environments/prodution.rb, thats it .

    Were just going to go through the Amazon SES setup, code and configuration to get our app ready to send 62,000 free email per month from an Amazon EC2 instance.

    Head over to the config/environments/development.rb and make these changes to get our app ready to send emails.

    First of all set action_mailer.perform_deliveries to true as it is set to false by default in the development environment,

    config.action_mailer.perform_deliveries = true

    Next, look for this line,

    config.action_mailer.raise_delivery_errors = false

    config.action_mailer.smtp_settings = {

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    Use Amazon Ses To Receive Emails In S3 And Forward Incoming Email To Any External Email Id

    Amazon Simple Email Service is a public cloud-based email service that allows sending emails from AWS SES Service to anywhere external emails ids. Its designed to support several email use cases, including transactional, marketing, or mass email communications, etc.

    Amazon SES also has support for incoming emails too but one of the major challenges with incoming SES emails is we need AWS SES to forward email into an external email address.

    Region supported for incoming emails are –

    Email receiving Endpoints

    With the exception of Amazon S3 buckets, all of the AWS resources that you use for receiving an email with Amazon SES have to be in the same AWS Region as the Amazon SES endpoint. For example, if you use Amazon SES in the US West Region, then any Amazon SNS topics, AWS KMS keys, and Lambda function that you use also have to be in the US West Region. Similarly, to receive an email with Amazon SES within a Region, you have to create an active receipt rule set in that Region.

    The following table lists the email receiving endpoints for all of the AWS Regions where

    Amazon SES supports email receiving:


    Amazon SES doesnt support email receiving in the following Regions: US East , US West , Asia Pacific , Asia Pacific , Asia Pacific , Asia Pacific , Asia Pacific , Canada , Europe , Europe , Europe , Europe , Middle East , South America , and AWS GovCloud .

    Below are the functional Architecture diagram that we are following

    Below are the Mail flow


    Putting It All Together

     How to Use Amazon SES API to Send Bulk Emails  G

    Now if you run the code again, it should pull the specified file from S3, attach it to your email, and send it to you.

    Your completed code should look like the following:

    I hope this was helpful. If you’re not using AWS SES, you can easily configure Courier to send attachments using another email provider. For other email providers, you can see what changes need to be made to the override to handle attachments by visiting the Courier Email Integrations docs. Give it a try and let me know what you think.

    Having trouble getting started, or curious how this would work with a different email provider? A product expert on our team can help just chat with us using the button below.

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    What Is Amazon Ses

    Since you are here, I think you already know what Amazon SES is.

    But just in case, Amazon SES is an SMTP service provided by Amazon web services that allows you to send emails programmatically or through your own email marketing application like Mailwizz, Mautic, Mailster, or even Desktop apps, like Super Email Sender, Send blaster or Turbo mailer.

    What’s With Sendy’s Low Pricing

    Sendy is a self hosted app, you host it on your own web hosting server instead of ours, so you donât pay us monthly fees. Emails are sent via Amazon SES at a jaw dropping low rate of only $1 per 10,000 emails. Amazon is known to provide great value at ridiculously low prices. The result? Thousands of happy Sendy users enjoy great results without costing an arm and a leg.

    Sendy is yours for a one time payment. You can then save a 100x for every campaign. But these savings are useless if your emails can’t be delivered to the inbox. That is why Sendy uses Amazon SES to send your emails. If you encounter problems, we will help you. If it doesn’t work out, we’ll refund you.

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    Send Bulk Emails Free Of Cost Using Wemail & Amazon Ses

    weMail has integration with , which is a highly-scalable email sending and receiving service for businesses and developers.

    Did you know,

    For the first 62000 emails you send each month you need to pay $0 with Amazon SES.

    And the integration with weMail, you can send those 62000 emails more easily than ever. You can easily send bulk emails free of cost.

    Want to know how? ok, lets see the steps.

    Step1: Configuring Amazon SES

    First of all, you need to set up Amazon SES. Create an account with Amazon SES. If you already have an account then there is no need.

    You need the credentials to set up weMail. To get the Key and Secret navigate to your account and click on My Security Credentials.

    There will be a Key and Secret Key generated for you. Copy both.

    Step 2: Configuring weMail

    Now that you have the Key and Secret Key, it is time for you to set up weMail with those.

    Go to WP Admin DashboardweMailSettings. Click on the Amazon SES tab to integrate.

    You will find a button Edit Credential. Click on it.

    Then paste the Key and Secret Key you previously copied from your Amazon SES account. Click on Next to save.

    Step 3: Verifying Your Domain

    You need to verify your domain in order to send emails from that domain.

    To verify your domain, select Simple Email Service from the service option. Then click on Domains. There you will find the button Verify a New Domain. There put your domain name and save it.

    After some time, your domain will be verified if it doesnt find any issues.

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