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How To Send Goods To Amazon Fba

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Sea Shipping: Manufacture To Distribution Warehouse

How To Send Your First Shipment To Amazon FBA | BEGINNER TUTORIAL

This is a personal hack of mine:

Enter the Distribution center.

Unlike FBA inspection centers, distribution centers dont squeeze every dime from unwitting yet hopeful Amazon sellers.

They make their money warehousing and distributing products, often times for very large companies.


Any labor will still be pricey. So use these staging warehouses to have Amazon partnered carriers come and pick up the products.

Pro Tip: No need to pay Amazon that extra fee to have everything delivered to a single FBA center.

Distribution centers handle:

  • Duty and Customs
  • Palletize inventory when shipping less than a container load

You reduce your shipment travel time when your distribution center is located closer to your factory.

How To Send Directly From Alibaba To Amazon Fba

How to send directly from Alibaba to Amazon FBA? is a question mostly encountered by those new Amazon sellers who want to source products from Chinese suppliers through Alibaba. Essentially for this question, it all comes down to finding a freight forwarder by yourself or through the supplier.

As a B2B international trade platform, Alibaba also offers logistics services. After your purchase, you can enter Freightto estimate the shipping cost, according to the weight or volume of your cargo.

Its good for you to make a simple comparison and estimation of shipping costs by yourself on Alibaba. But in general, most buyers will let the supplier arrange the shipping because their suppliers always have long-term cooperative freight forwarders and they can get more competitive prices than you see on Alibaba.

If you choose to find your own freight forwarder to help ship your goods to Amazon warehouse, you need to ask your supplier to quote you FOB or ExW price. Then ask your freight forwarder to ship your goods either from a port of loading closest to your supplier, or from the warehouse of your Chinese supplier.

Set The Quantity For The Shipping Plan For Amazon Fba

Before sending products to Amazon FBA, you have to set the quantity. This is the first step in the shipment creation process. On the Set Quantity page, you need to select the number of units of each item you like to send either by bulk. The page contains the following information:

  • Information Required products in your shipping plan that needs additional information.
  • Removal Required products in your shipping plan that you cannot send to Amazon warehouse because of FBA product restrictions.

If you want to add more products to your shipping plan, select Add Products. Then, enter the product name, ASIN or MSKU in the search box. You can only search products that are previously converted as FBA products.

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How To Send A Shipment To Amazon Fba

Do you have a product that you want to sell on Amazon and want to know how to ship it to their fulfillment centres?

If so, then keep reading, as this video blog will walk you through the steps of how to send a shipment to Amazon FBA and get started selling your product.

In order to send a shipment to Amazon FBA, you’ll first need a few things:

  • An active account.
  • Your products packaged in boxes and ready to be shipped to Amazon.
  • Your Amazon product listing is set up to be sold through Fulfillment by Amazon .

If you’d like some more help with these items, then I’d encourage you to check out these other video blogs that explain more on those previous steps:

If you want more free training on how to sell on Amazon, for more free video training!

The below video will walk you through the steps on how to send a shipment to Amazon FBA.

Watch the video below:

Shipping To Amazon Fba: A 6

How To Send A Shipment To Amazon FBA

The more streamlined, hands-off approach of can be very appealing to sellers. Not only will Amazon pick, pack and ship orders for you, theyll even handle customer service and returns. Your products will also be Amazon Prime eligible, another big advantage due to Primes ever-growing popularity. But first things first how do you even start shipping to Amazon FBA?

Amazon has more than 75 fulfillment centers and counting across the North America, many of which are set up for FBA. Shipping to Amazon FBA is relatively easy, but it does take some work. There are many decisions to be made, and some product categories require extra measures to be taken.

Due to the incredible amounts of inventory they receive, Amazons FBA warehouses operate under strict guidelines. All products must be properly shipped, labeled and prepared for the safety of the item as well as for the employees handling them. This also streamlines their intake and shipment processes. Stay in compliance with Amazons rules or risk facing penalties and/or extra fees.

And speaking of fees, make sure youve carefully reviewed . Understand all applicable and even potential fees so youre not caught by surprise later on.

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How To Start Selling On Amazon Fba

Check out this overview to see how easy it is to get started.

Selling on Amazon FBA is simple. To be eligible, you must be approved as an individual or professional seller. After setting up your account, youll list the items you want to sell. Assuming you are not manufacturing your own product, youll select your product from Amazons catalog and enter three main pieces of information:

  • Item price
  • Item condition
  • Whether or not you want Amazon to ship the item

If you want to use FBA to fulfill orders, select Amazon will ship and provide customer service as the fulfillment channel. You have the option to save this setting for additional products you add to your Amazon store. If you select this option and its your first time using FBA, youll be taken to a registration screen where you can read and accept the FBA terms of service.

You dont have to use FBA for every item you sell on Amazon. If you know that a particular product is likely to be slow to move, it might make more sense to fulfill it yourself. Its also worth noting that certain products such as hazmat items cannot be sold via FBA.

Its important to know that after you convert your listings to FBA, they will be temporarily unavailable to shoppers until your inventory is received by Amazon.

What Is The Ipi

Amazon uses the IPI to score stores based on how well they manage their inventory. This score is given on a scale from 0 to 1,000. New sellers do not have an IPI, and will generally obtain one within 15 weeks of FBA receiving their first product.

Amazon uses this to reward sellers who consistently manage their stock well. Space is money – so the faster you get your product out of their warehouse, the better. You might get a referral fee or fulfillment fee if you maintain your inventory properly. Stores that consistently leave products in warehouses will see a dip in their IPI.

We arenât privy to the exact calculations Amazon uses to determine this number. We do know that to see this ranking go up, you need to work on these 3 things.

  • Increasing your sales
  • Creating marketable, high conversion listings
  • Avoiding excess inventory at all costs

You can see your IPI in your Seller Central Account – along with tips for improving and what youâre doing right.

In 2021, you generally will not have storage limits if your IPI is above 450. This number shot up to 500 during the pandemic – which brings us to our next point.

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Send Fba Inventory To Amazon

When you’re ready to send inventory to Amazon, you begin by creating a shipping plan. A shipping plan specifies:

  • The products you want to send to Amazon
  • The quantity of each product
  • The shipping method and carrier details
  • Whether or not you want to prep and label your inventory yourself or have Amazon do it

What Are The Fees And Taxes To Ship To The Usa From Canada On Amazon

How To Send Products To Amazon FBA UK – Step by Step Beginners Guide, FBA & Retail Arbitrage

Finally, lets cover the tax implications of selling on as a Canadian business.

When it comes to taxes in the USA, things can begin to get complicated and fast, however, youll just need to fill out one form in regards to your income taxes.

When you open a seller account, Amazon will ask you several questions to determine whether or not youre liable to pay tax in the USA. If youre classed as a foreign national , youll need to fill out a W-8BEN form to ensure youre exempt from paying US taxes.

Amazon has a lot of resources when it comes to understanding the tax implications for your business when selling on from Canada you can check them out here. Youll just then pay your Canadian taxes as usual and include your profits from your US sales too.

Other taxes and fees youll need to consider when selling on in Canada is customs taxes and fees. Regardless of whether you choose to do FBA or FBM, we recommend hiring a customs broker to deal with all the complicated stuff.

Major shipping companies can act as brokers too or, you can choose someone else such as Kuehne and Nagel or a small independent firm.

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Packaging And Labeling Your Fba Products

Generally speaking, the optimal product to sell online is one that is small and light easy to ship, even easier to store.

While finding that ideal product is not always possible, there are some steps you can take to ensure that your large or heavy products dont get hammered with high shipping charges and warehouse fees.

The first step is to recognize the difference between your product dimensions and packaging dimensions. It may seem obvious, but failing to account for the inches added by packaging is not uncommon.

These are the different dimensional categories on Amazon:

Maximum weights and dimensions for packaged items
Product size tier

The second step is to avoid OVERSIZE products whenever possible.

Oversize goods are not only more expensive to ship, but they can also cost a fortune to warehouse.

If your package dimensions have any measurements that border a higher product size tier, you will becharged for even the slightest bulge, bump, or packing tape overhang. Amazon is very precise with measurement. Every inch matters.

Customer Story: Think Inside the Box

A customer shipping on Freightos created a product that comes packaged in a small duffel bag. Despite the product being small enough to meet Amazons standard-size tier, the bag bulged out on the sides, causing Amazon to classify it as oversize.

The rigid sides ensured that his goods would remain within their Amazon-regulated confines, proving that sometimes its worth thinking inside the box.

Special Circumstances Change Things

Until the unprecedented events of 2020, there werenât many limits on FBA sellers and their inventory. However, the e-commerce industry has boomed within the past 2 years beyond what was already anticipated, and storage for inventory has been in high demand.

Already, inventory and storage limits change during the holiday season. Although fulfillment costs are not bank-breaking, Amazon charges more for storage during the holidays when almost every seller is experiencing a high volume of traffic.

Itâs critical to maintain an understanding that the rules could change at any time as things adjust, and you need to stay up to date. Frequently visit the FBA and IPI sections of your Seller Central Account to ensure you know what your limits are at any given time.

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You Cant Avoid The Pick And Pack Fee

You might think that you can save the folks at Amazon some timeand yourself some moneyby packing up your merchandise just as youd like it to be sent to the customer.

Unfortunately, shipping standards at Amazon make the pick and pack fee completely unavoidable. So save yourself some time and ship the products to Amazon in the easiest way possible.

How To Ship To Amazon Fba

How to Send Products to an Amazon Warehouse in 2019

For PNPLINE B2B site members, click HERE. Using our B2B site makes the process much easier

Looking at the Amazon FBA Seller Central page can be daunting at first. There are rows of data and multiple menus that you can click on and it may seem confusing at first . Don’t worry – this manual will guide you with the steps involved to send your items to Amazon FBA center. Let’s get started.

Go to the seller central account at . Log in using your e-mail and password

1.2 Dashboard:Once logged in, you will be taken into seller central dashboard page that shows a breakdown of your current inventory status.Look for the menu button which looks like this at the top:

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How To Add A Product On Amazon Seller Central

Your FBA shipment begins with the creation of a new product on .

You will be prompted to begin with a broad category search and then specify the details.

Be specific to ensure that Amazon knows exactly what your product is and that people can find it in the marketplace.

Once you determine how to classify your product, enter what Amazon calls Vital Info. This includes your product ID, name, brand name, and manufacturer.

Next, click Offer to set your price. This is also where you can choose your Fulfillment Channel FBA or FBM.

After saving your new product, it can take up to 30 minutes for your listing to be created. It usually takes under two minutes, however.

Once your listing is generated, head to the Manage Inventory page.

On the Manage Inventory page, find the item you just created and click Edit.

On the following page, you can add images, a product description, and other details about your goods. This is also where you can add your products weight, shipping weight, and other crucial shipping details.

After completing these details, set up your shipment by clicking Send/replenish inventory.

There, you will be required to specify how your products are packed, in addition to the number of units youre sending.

Be careful to accurately differentiate between units per case and the number of cases. A unit is defined as a single product while a case is comprised of multiple units.

Download the labels by clicking Print labels for this page.

Contact Amazon Customer Service

Maybe Amazon still has your goods or only batches are shown on the seller system, or Amazon does lose your goods. To find out the real situation, you need to contact Amazon customer service to tell them that you lose your products and ask them to check what happened.

Here are 3 ways to contact Amazon Customer Service Contact:

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Common Mistakes To Avoid When Shipping To Fba

When first shipping to an Amazon FBA warehouse, youre bound to make mistakes but, here we list the most common ones in order to help you avoid them:

  • Mislabelling it is imperative that you ensure that the product content matches the product label failure to do this will result in the shipment being rejected.
  • No label Amazons guidelines are fairly strict and, again, a lack of label may result in the package being rejected and being returned to you.
  • Unreadable barcode It is important that Amazon FBA warehouse staff are able to scan the barcode on your package quickly and easily make sure that this is displayed prominently on a flat edge of the box, with no wrinkles.

Taking time and care to follow Amazon FBA shipping guidelines will ensure that your package is received and processed quickly meaning that you can get started with your selling as quickly as possible.

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How To Deliver To Amazon

How To Send Products To Amazon FBA – Beginner Tutorial

Scheduling appointments to deliver your products successfully at Amazon must also follow certain guidelines. You must fill in the Booking Form and specify the requested information, such as the number of pallets and cartons, and PO number, which is your Amazon Reference ID. When you have filled in the Booking Form, you forward it to your carrier, who is then to contact the appointed Fulfillment Centre and set up the delivery appointment. Along with the PO number, the carrier must also provide a PRO number and a Bill of Lading number.

Your designated carrier must request a delivery appointment at least 24 hours in advance for all inbound deliveries. Should you choose to use Uneek Forwarding for you FBA delivery, we will, of course, handle these arrangements on your behalf.

Due to the fact that Amazon requires FBA shipments to be delivered at very specific times sometimes late in the evening and with very narrow time slots this can lead to delays in the initial transit time that we present to you. Uneek Forwarding, like any other carrier, cannot contact Amazon to schedule a delivery appointment until the goods arrive at the freight forwarders warehouse in the destination country, and the time slot that Amazon gives can potentially be a few days after your products have arrived here.

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B Know Amazon Labeling Requirements

Right labeling will allow Amazon to move your inventory rapidly to their network and become available to sell faster and reach your customers sooner.

  • FBA shipping label: Each box you include in the shipment must have its own unique FBA shipping label printed from your Shipping Queue.
  • FNSKU: All products require a scannable barcode. Any FNSKU you use on a unit must be unique and must correspond to one unique product. For example, each assortment type, such as size or color, must have a different FNSKU.
  • Unit Sets: unit sets must be marked as sets on their packaging. Add a label to the unit that clearly states that the products are to be received and sold as a single unit. For example, Sold as set, Ready to ship, or This is a set. Do not separate.
  • Warning sticker: for poly bags, you can print the warning label directly with FNSKU, then no need to worry the worker may miss labeling the warning stickers.


  • When shipping multiple case packs in a master carton, apply the unique shipping label on the master carton.
  • If you are reusing boxes, remove all old shipping labels or markings.
  • The labeling should be easily accessible without unwrapping the product. Avoiding corners, edges, curves.

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