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How To Send Message To Seller On Amazon

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Tip #: Do Not Use It To Check In On Your Buyer Or Upsell Products

MESSAGE AMAZON SELLERS (Contact a third party seller on Amazon Mobile & Desktop)

Many Amazon sellers are discouraged from making this contact to avoid Amazons Terms of Service. Instead, you can check up on the customer when they purchase your product, and you have third-party access to them.

This situation is why it is vital to establish an off-site presence away from Amazon. You cannot rely on Amazon as your sole sales channel because Amazon has 100% control over the traffic.

Consider Amazon as a vehicle to make it easier for you to become a powerful eCommerce salesperson. If that automobile breaks down, it will be good to have a backup option.

Also, avoid upselling via these channels. If anything, the buyer-seller messaging should solely be for responding to customer inquiries.

Contact A Seller On Amazon In The Buyer/seller Message Center

You can also directly access all your messages with sellers on Amazon. To view or reply to a conversation with a seller, you’ll need to go to the Buyer/Seller Message Center.

1. Go to the and log into your account.

2. Hover your mouse over “Accounts & Lists” in the top-right corner and click “Account” under “Your Account” in the drop-down.

3. On the Your Account page, scroll down to the “Communication and content” box and click “Messages from Amazon and sellers.”

4. In the Message Center, click the tab for “Buyer/Seller Messages.”

5. Find and click on the message you want to view or reply to. To reply to a message, click “Reply” above that message.

Note: giving the seller two days to reply to your message. If the seller doesn’t get back to you within two days, you can request an “A-to-z Guarantee” refund.

How To Activate Buyer

If youâve taken the Fulfillment by Merchant route, your Buyer-Seller Messaging will be enabled by default. However, you have to active this communication on the Seller Central if youâre an FBA seller.

  • Open the Settings drop-down menu from the top right corner of your Seller Central account and click on Notification Preferences.
  • Scroll down the Notification Preferences page to locate the Messaging section and click on the Edit button.
  • Next, check the Buyer Messages box and add the email address on which you want to receive messages and get notified. You can add more than one email address. After checking the box and adding an email address, click on the Save button.

This will activate the Buyer-Seller Messaging service for your seller account.

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How To Leave Seller Feedback On Amazon

wikiHow is a wiki, similar to Wikipedia, which means that many of our articles are co-written by multiple authors. To create this article, 17 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 92,185 times.Learn more

One of the really cool things about the better auction and sale sites, such as Amazon and eBay, is the fact that you can leave reviews. You can use those reviews before you make a purchase so that you be more comfortable spending the money. This article will tell you how to do it with Amazon.

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Tips For Responding To Buyer Messages

Amazon seller panel revised  but only for a few?

Before you start replying to messages from buyers, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Maintain professionalism. Sellers are always going to receive a few complaints. Its how you handle these complaints that determine the outcome. You need to acknowledge the issue and offer a solution while staying calm and professional, removing all emotion from the equation.
  • Respond as soon as you can. The sooner you respond to a customers feedback or complaint, the better it is for your brand. Its not always possible to respond immediately just make a point of checking for messages regularly to ensure a timely response. Amazon requires sellers to respond to messages within 24 hours this is part of their terms of service.
  • Take advantage of message filters. If you are working with a team, you can use Amazons message filters to ensure the right queries and complaints reach the right person.

Overall, being proactive is the best way to establish a rapport with your customers and increase your stores chances of success.

Your buyer/seller communications should be an important part of your strategy this is one of the only places you can actually talk to your customers. Use it to get honest feedback on your products this data can constantly improve their experience and product offering.

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Use Ask A Question Feature

This is how to ask a seller a question on Amazon: First, on the sellers website, click the Ask a Question option. Next, locate the yellow Ask a Question button. This allows you to send a direct message to the vendor.


Choose a topic for your question. When you click the Ask a Question button, youll be prompted to choose a subject for your message from a selection menu. Choose the topic that most closely resembles your query or remark.


Fill up the text box on the following page with a comprehensive message. Include any pertinent information, such as the product youre requesting, your order number , and the specifics of your query, remark, request, or complaint.


To send your message, click the Send Email button. Amazon will send your message to the seller and provide you a copy via email. Amazon will not divulge your email information to the vendor in order to safeguard your privacy. Instead, theyll use an email address to deliver the message.

Allow the seller up to two business days to respond before contacting them again. If you dont hear from the seller within that time frame, or if they refuse to help you with your problem, you might be able to resolve it utilizing Amazons A-to-Z guarantee program.

Examples Of Amazon Policy Violations

  • Sellers are prohibited from posting a review of their own product or a competitors product.
  • Likewise, a family member or employee of the seller cannot post a review of your product or a competitors product.
  • Sellers are prohibited from offering a financial reward, discounted/free products or other compensation in exchange for a review.
  • Sellers are prohibited from offering to provide a refund or reimbursement after the buyer writes a review.
  • Sellers are prohibited from using a third-party service that offers free or discounted products tied to a review.
  • Sellers are prohibited from asking a reviewer to change or remove their review.
  • Sellers are prohibited from diverting negative reviews to be sent directly to them.
  • Sellers are prohibited from inserting a request for a positive Amazon review or incentive in exchange for a review into product packaging.

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When Can An Amazon Seller Send A Message To Buyers

You can only initiate proactive permitted messages in the following scenarios.

  • Sending an invoice to a buyer
  • Resolving an issue that happens during order fulfillment
  • Sending returns-related queries to buyers
  • Scheduling appointments related to Amazon home services
  • Scheduling product delivery for heavy or bulk items
  • Requesting seller feedback or product review

If you notice, many of these reasons are relevant to sellers that fulfill their orders themselves. As an FBA seller, you may only need to send buyers messages for review, feedback, and returns-related queries.

Use Amazon Messages Center Like A Professional In 2022

How to contact a seller on Amazon

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What Is Amazon Message Center?

Amazons messaging center is the primary feature that allows communication between sellers and buyers on Amazon regarding any suggestions, feedback, or issues relating to a purchase.

If youre wondering how to check messages on Amazon and utilize this system properly, weve got you covered in our in-depth guide to Amazon Message Center.

The message center gives sellers control in managing their own business and relationship with their customers.

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Amazon Messages Policy / Guidelines

Amazon has strict rules on what you can talk about in messages and what language needs to be avoided.

This is because most of the information you might need to send over is automatically exchange to your customers such as shipping information or other essential customer support.

To ensure that the customer is not receiving too many messages, states that the following types of messages should be avoided to ensure youre not breaking Amazon rules.

  • A Request For A Review Only If The Buyer Had A Good Experience
  • Requesting Positive Seller Or Product Reviews For Feedback
  • Requesting Buyers To Update Or Remove A Product Review You Dont Like
  • Promotional Messages, Including Emails With Coupons Or Discount Codes
  • Emails That Offer Assistance If Buyers Have Any Issues, Or Simply Say Thank You.
  • Shipping Confirmations

While these rules can seem complicated, they are there to ensure that there are not multiple messages being sent to a buyer that is deemed unnecessary.

For example, while you can use the messaging app to ask for feedback, the language must stay neutral instead of trying to force a positive review, which is when the message breaks Amazon rules.

Its essential that any of the messages you decide to send do not contain:

  • Images Not Related To Your Brand
  • Phone Numbers
  • A Link For Customers To Opt-out
  • Logos That Contain Or Display A Link To Your Website, External Links, Or Attachments.

Connecting Through The Orders Page

  • 1Navigate to Your Orders from the Amazon homepage. If youve placed an order with a third-party seller and are having a problem with it, you can request help from the Your Orders page. Go to and click the Returns & Orders tab at the top of the page, or navigate to Your Orders from your account page. Locate the item you want to get help with in the list of orders.XResearch source
  • If youre using the Amazon Prime app, find your orders by clicking the dropdown menu button on the top left side of the screen. Youll find Your Orders listed directly under Home.
  • 2 If your order from a third-party seller hasnt already been successfully delivered, you may see a button next to the order that says Problem with order or Get help with order. Select one of these buttons to report an issue, then follow the prompts to report your problem.XResearch source
  • Youll only see the yellow Get help with order button if the seller handles their own shipping, rather than doing it through Amazon.
  • You may be able to resolve the issue without having to contact the seller directly by following Amazons instructions. If not, Amazons customer support system will help you get in touch with the seller.
  • If your order was already delivered but youd like to request a return, exchange, or refund, click the Return or replace items button. If these kinds of transactions are handled by the seller, Amazon will put you in contact with them.
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    How To Create And Use Buyer

    Sellers usually send a list of the same message to most buyers. Amazon lets you create templates for such messages, so you donât have to redraft the same message from scratch.

    • Click on the Messages on the top right corner from the main page of your Seller Central account.
    • Click on Manage E-mail Templates
    • Click on Create Template.

    Name your template insert placeholder . By using placeholders, you can easily customize your response templates. Any placeholder will automatically replace itself with the correct information. Then write down your message in the Template text box and finally select a relevant tag and click on the Save button.

    Once you save a template, you can use it while replying to buyers.

    • Click on the Select Template drop-down menu located above the reply box.
    • Select the template you want to use from the list youâve already created and saved.
    • The template text appears in the reply box. You can also customize it before sending it to the buyer.

    Send Emails For Notifications

    Amazon Buyer

    One of the best ways to use buyer-seller messaging if you are shipping perishable products is to send notification emails for products that need to be opened upon delivery. This feature can also be used if you have a product that has multiple child ASINs. You can use this tool to be sure that your buyer purchased the correct color or size that they were looking for. This message will be delivered immediately after the shipment arrives to ensure a positive customer experience.

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    Email Templates For Requesting Feedback On Amazon

    March 31, 2020 by refunds

    7 out of 10 customers will leave a review if you ask and80% of reviews originate from follow-up emails asking shoppers to provide feedback on their purchases. Reviews are the lifeblood of a successful eCommerce platform. An Amazon feedback request template is a great way for Amazon FBA sellers to request reviews and feedback from customers.

    More positive reviews results in a high seller rating, Buy Box percentage and consequently, sales. If youre struggling to get more product reviews, weve created several feedback request templates to help Amazon FBA sellers request more reviews without violating Amazons strict policies.

    Heres the easy way out:

    Step 1: See a Seller in your category whos absolutely killing itwith 97% positive feedback and over 12,000 lifetime ratings.

    Step 2: Think its not worth it and give up.

    Dont take the easy way out. If you want your Amazon business to be a lasting source of income, you cant afford to give up on improving the amount and quality of your Seller ratings.

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    Things To Consider Before Using Amazon Buyer

    Sellers can communicate with their buyers on Amazon directly through the Buyer-Seller Messaging Service.

    • Sellers cannot contact buyers for any other reason than to complete an order or respond to a customer service question. The mail sent to an Amazon customer cannot include the following:
    • Links to external websites or Amazon detail pages/storefronts
    • Requests for positive customer reviews/any requests for reviews at all. To put it sharply, sellers cannot ask customers for reviews

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    Stay Connected On Amazon

    While these are great tips for customers to connect with their sellers, these methods can also be used by sellers to keep in touch with their buyers! For Amazon sellers, staying in touch is vital to sustaining your business. Connections allow sellers to request seller reviews, product reviews, and more!

    We hope you all stay connected on Amazon, and even stay connected with us!

    If you enjoyed our article, please connect with us and the Sellgo family on any of our social media platforms! We hope to see you there!


    Amazon Permitted Messages Should Not Contain:

    Amazon Sellers: How to Send Sponsored Messages in ManyChat
    • External links unless they are necessary for order completion
    • Attachments except for invoice, product instructions, or warranty details
    • Logos that contain or redirect to an external website
    • Requests to the buyer to opt-out of messaging
    • Email addresses or phone numbers
    • Sensitive information
    • Tracking pixels
    • Images that are not related to the seller’s company or brand.

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    Is There An Amazon Seller Support Phone Number

    No, there is no specific phone number that you can call to get in contact with Seller Support. You will need to go through the process of opening a support case and choosing the Phone contact method. Here, you must enter your phone number and click on Call me now. Within a few minutes, someone from the Amazon support team will call you, typically from a number with a 206 area code

    Contact A Buyer Using Buyer

    The Buyer-Seller Messages page enables you to contact customers when you need more information to complete an order or to respond to customer service questions.

    If more than one person in your business handles buyer communications, you will need to enable their email addresses before they can communicate with your buyers. To enable or block an address, go to the Messaging Permissions page.

    Contact Buyer

    To contact a buyer, follow these steps:

  • On the Orders tab, select Manage Orders.
  • Locate the order that you want to contact the buyer about.
  • In the Order Details column, click the name of the buyer when it is available to open the Contact Buyer page.
  • Do one of the following:
  • Using your seller account: On the next page, select the contact reason, complete the message, and click Send.
  • Using your email: In the To field on the Buyer-Seller Messages page, copy the buyers encrypted email address. Then go to your email and use this address to contact the buyer. The buyer still wont be able to see your email address.
  • Delays:Rejected email:

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    Choose Get Help With Order Or Problem With The Order

    If your order was already delivered, but youd like to exchange, return or request for a refund, choose the Return or replace products button. Amazon will help you contact the seller if its the seller who handles the transactions. If youre not able to resolve the problem, Amazons customer support system will help you.

    You will only see the Get help with order button if the seller handles their shipping, instead of doing it through Amazon.

    How To Send A Message On Amazon


    William StantonRead moreAugust 1, 2019

    Some people still dont know that Amazon rolled out a feature that allows direct communication between sellers and buys. This feature is extremely helpful to both parties because it bridges the gap between them.

    Buyers can ask product-related questions, seek assistance or resolve issues with the products. Sellers can, in turn, get valuable feedback from their buyers and thank them for the business.

    You can take advantage of this system no matter which side you are on. Find out how to send a message on Amazon as a seller or a buyer.

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