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How To Ship Books To Amazon Fba

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How To Package And Ship Your Product To Amazon Fba

How to ship books to Amazon FBA 2019 Step by Step Through Amazon Seller Central

Shipping to FBA, Step-by-Step

The first thing you need to decide is whether you wantto sell your product exclusively through FBA , or if youwant to sell it both FBA and FBM .If you choose to sellyour product both FBA and FBM, start by going to Inventory in Seller Central, finding your listing, clicking the dropdown arrow onthe right-hand side, and selecting âCopy listing.â

When you make the copy, be sure to have the option reading âIwant Amazon to ship and provide customer service for my items if they sellâ checked. This will create an FBA listing.

Now, why not just create a new listing thatâs an exact duplicateof the original, with a new UPC code, and sold FBA? Having both the FBA and FBMversions of the product listed under the same ASIN will save you time andhassle and help with your productâs search ranking. Every customer will land onthe same listing, instead of being directed to two separate listings. From thatone listing, customers will have the option to choose FBA or FBM. Additionally, you won’t have to get new reviews on the separate listing. When FBM and FBA shipping options are attached to the same ASIN, the reviews cover both.

Something else to keep in mind: you can charge more for FBAproducts. Itâs expected, and the higher price will help cover FBA fees.

If you want just an FBA listing, without an FBM listing, youdonât need to copy your listing. All you have to do is select âChange toFulfilled by Amazonâ on the same dropdown menu.

Pitfall : Free Shipping And Amazon Fulfillment

The products of sellers who use Amazon FBA are automatically eligible for free Amazon Prime shipping. While this can be a plus in attracting more Prime customers, you still have to pay for the shipping costs.

You wont be able to decide which products get free shipping. Whatever your margin on an item, youll have to absorb the shipping costs for Amazon Prime orders.

Before you sign up for Amazon FBA, youll need to calculate not only the fees for the service but also the extra bite that free shipping can take out of your bottom line.

Sending Inventory To The Wrong Warehouse

An essential component of well-organized inventory management is ensuring that the inventory items you sell are sent to the correct warehouses. Amazon has numerous fulfillment centers across the globe. So, whether youre in charge of shipping to Amazons fulfillment centers or you task a supplier with sending inventory items, it is critical to keep track of when and where your inventory is located to ensure that it reaches the correct fulfillment center.

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Scan Books That Other People Normally Ignore

You know the books Im talking about. The sections other sellers avoid like the books contain contagious diseases:

  • Childrens books
  • And probably a dozen more I forgot to mention.

Heres the truth: every single section has profitable books.

Ive pulled books worth $50+ from every single section I just listed.

The profits are out there. Sure, theyre rarer and smaller than the lucrative non-fiction sections, but they exist nonetheless.

In my experience, while the profits from these sections are smaller, theyre still quite consistent.

I pull a lot of books that make me $2 $10 from these unprofitable sections and that adds up quick when youre the only person scanning through them.

Look at it this way: five minutes into a sale, you should absolutely be looking for the expensive non-fiction stuff. No question.

But two hours into the sale

its probably smarter to scan through the untouched trade fiction instead of becoming the 37th person to rummage through the desolate remains of the textbooks.

Breaking Down The Material Benefits

How to ship books to Amazon FBA 2019 Step by Step Through ...

Bubble Wrap or small cell bubble sheeting provides surface protection as well as shock absorption. It can also be wrapped around almost any product, regardless of shape or size.

Paper, specifically kraft paper intended for packing applications, can be used to fill empty space in your shipping box. For best results, use kraft paper with a minimum basis weight of 60 lb to ensure that it is thick enough to provide protection.

Inflatable air pillows use air pressure to secure and hold products in place inside the shipping container, and provide an air barrier of cushioning. They generally come in a strip of air pillows that you can easily use as lightweight dunnage to fill the empty space in your box.


Polyethylene foam sheeting is thin, soft, resilient, and provides surface protection and cushioning properties. This type of packaging is good for protecting lightweight items.

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How Much Does Amazon Fba Cost Amazon Fees Explained

There are quite a few fees which are implemented within Amazon FBA. However, dont be alarmed that these will eat your profits.

I have found that Amazon FBA fees are quite reasonable. Yes, they take their chunk, but leave enough for us to make consistent and worthwhile profits.

Some of these fees do vary, so lets break it down quickly before we send our shipment off together.

The first fee, is called a Fulfilment Fee. This is a charge per unit that you sell which will vary by the Product Category, Size and Weight of the item.

The second cost is a Storage Fee. This is charged for all units, which are stored in an Amazon Fulfilment centre. This is measured in cubic feet.

There are extra fees which can be included such as the Dangerous Goods fee, or the Long Term Storage Fee.

Step By Step Guide: Sending in an FBA Shipment to Amazon

So, how does sending in a Shipment work? Whilst its not tremendously difficult, youll definitely feel more comfortable if you can walk through this at a slower pace, which is why Ive created this step-by-step guide.

Sending in your products to the Amazon Warehouses isnt a small feat, and its worth noting that you can make mistakes.

The pre-step is going to be creating your Amazon Seller Account, but Im going to presume that youve already done this if youre looking at sending your shipment in.

Step 1: How to Add A Product to Your Inventory

Before we can think of sending items in, we need to get these added to our inventory list.

Create Your Shipping Plan

On this page, well help you with the prerequisite step to creating your shipping plan, selecting the products to send to Amazon.

After you have completed your shipment and sent it to Amazon, use the Shipping Queue to track your shipment as it progresses through the fulfillment network.


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There Is No Sales Quota

Amazon does not require you to move a certain amount of merchandise every month if you want to be part of the FBA program.

Amazon understands that not all products are created equal. The demand for some items is different than for others.

The company offers FBA services to all business owners, even those who dont move inventory quickly.

Most FBA sellers make between $1,000 to $25,000 per month in sales. It all depends on what youre selling and how much.

How To Ship From China To Amazon Fba

Stickering Bulk Books to send to Amazon FBA

There is often a difficulty in deciding how to ship items to Amazon FBA from China and shipping from China can be quite tricky.Luckily, there are many options to choose from, depending on which one is more convenient for the seller:For air express, it is possible to send the items from the factory to the warehouse through UPS, DHL, FedEX, or other servicesAir freight, fast sea freight, and slow sea freight are also options where a professional FBA shipment company who has Delivered Duty Paid services can complete the shipment. The product would be shipped through air freight from China to the USA and then after the customs clearance process, UPS can pick up the good to deliver to the Amazon FBA warehouse.If you need help figuring out which is the most profitable way for your business to handle shipping, dont hesitate to contact us.

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The New Method A Step

Now lets look at the new Fulfillment by Amazon method. It is also known as Send to Amazon.

Most of the steps will be the same as the old method. However, there will be other options that you will have to select the Send/Replenish Inventory option.

Step 1: The first step is to log into the seller account.

Step 2: Next, you will have to go to the Send/Replenish Inventory option. You will need to select the Ship to Amazon option. Sellers can also click the Continue to Send to Amazon. The button is located in the right-hand corner.

Step 3: You will have to create a new packaging template for this option. The seller needs to add information about the SKU. All the packaging, labeling, and prepping details need to be added.

Step 4: The next step is to confirm the charges and press continue.

Step 5: Now, create new labels for your products. Make sure both the UPS and Amazon barcodes are visible.

Step 6: You can drop off the shipment at the nearest UPS center. Sellers can also schedule a pickup.

Your shipment is now ready! Amazon will take it from here and make sure all your products are delivered on time.

Pick Up Less Profitable Books That Other Sellers Might Skip

Many sellers avoid books that sell for less than $15 because they arent willing to put in the extra work to process them.

If youre willing to put in the extra hours, picking up those sub-$15 books can net you a few hundred extra every sale.

My general rule is that Im willing to spend a dollar for every dollar I make.

As most sales sell books for $1-$2, this means I pick up every normal-sized book with a sales rank under 1,000,000 that sells for at least $11.

It does add to the amount of work Ill have to do, but Im okay with it.

I justify my decision by looking at the amount of time I invest in each book compared to the profit the book brings me.

In my experience, each book takes less than two minutes to deal with.

  • Five seconds to scan it and put it in your box.
  • Three seconds for the volunteer to add it to the tally.
  • One minute to grade and list it.

Even taking into account the additional shipment boxes youll have to deal with from the extra inventory, the time spent dealing with each book is well under two minutes.

If Im making the bare minimum of $1 every two minutes, thats still $30 an hour a pay rate that might be low for a good bookseller, but is spectacular compared to the other jobs wed be working if we werent doing this.

So if youre willing to put in the extra work, pick up those dollar profits.

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Label The Right Things

Andrew: So, Ive got everything Ive got. Lets say Im just going to use my FNSKU to send everything in. When I start labeling things, I need to put a label, of course, on every individual product that Im sending in. Do I need to put a label also on the outside of the box as well? What other places do I need to label in addition to the individual products if Im using the FNSKU?

Bill: So when you ship to Amazon, Im not sure if you did this, did you have Amazon pay for the freight? Or you havent done it yet, have you?

Andrew: I havent done it yet. The products in the middle of the Pacific right now.

Bill: Right. So when it comes to you, youll create inside of seller central a shipment to Amazon. The cool thing about that is Amazon has a deal with UPS, so you get just bonkers cheap UPS rates. You can send like 40 pounds across the country for like $8. Just crazy, like the cheapest shipping rates Ive ever seen by like half. Its just bonkers. So what youll do is youll go into Amazon and youll generate. Youll say, Im sending so many boxes. Each are so big, and they weigh so much. Then Amazon will generate you pre-paid UPS labels. Amazon will charge you for them, but as I said they charge you almost nothing.

Andrew: Got it. So you still have to have the individual products with the FNSKU labeled or with the UPC code. But for the boxes, the UPS shipping label on there does the rest.

Find Estate Sales Near You At Estatesalesnet

How To Ship Books To Amazon Fba

Estate sales are an underrated way to source inventory for your Amazon bookstore. I admit, they can be hit or miss but when they hit, they hit big time.

The best thing about estate sales is that you can scout for inventory using the pictures of the sale listed on EstateSales.net. You can qualify the sales ahead of time and avoid wasting time on sales that have a poor selection of books.

Estate sales are also great if you sell on eBay. You can buy tons of valuable used stuff to sell on eBay after checking the books.

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Smell Your Books To See If Any Smell Like Mould/cigarettes

Some books seem like theyre in great condition when you check them with your eyes. But you also have noses, and you should use them to confirm that your finds are in sellable condition. If a book smells like mould, cigarettes, or some other unpleasant scent, I suggest tossing the book instead of risking negative feedback by attempting to sell it.

Send Your Boxes To Amazon

Now that everything is packed and the shipping labels and 2D barcodes are on the boxes, its time to get them to UPS.

The easiest way to do this is to have UPS pick the packages up from your house. Depending on where you live, it costs between $7 and $11 for a pickup.

Unless you live next door to a UPS store, I highly recommend taking advantage of this. Its incredibly convenient no need to lug all the heavy boxes into your car, drive to UPS, and carry them all inside. Itll also save your back from some unnecessary heavy lifting.

You can schedule a pickup by going to the UPS website, making an account, and scheduling an internet pickup.

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Top Tips When Sending Amazon Fba Shipments

  • Make a Label Printer one of your first investments. These will power through with ease, saving you money on Ink and Cellotape in addition to lots of time!
  • Dont use any boxes that are larger than 63.5cm.
  • 23Kg is the maximum weight allowed. Dont go over this or youll face heavy charges.
  • Ensure the Barcode is always readable. If you see one and think thatll be alright, just re-create the label. Leave no room for failure.
  • Reduce the risk of incorrect labelling. Find a process that works for you. Again, A Label Printer will help with this.
  • Use the FBA New Selection Programme to get a free start to FBA. Who doesnt want to save £100?
  • Account for the fact that Dangerous Goods items do not qualify for UPS Partnered Shipping, which will mean more expensive courier costs.
  • Book your collections using the UPS Tracking IDs, which will save you £2.40 per shipment collection.
  • Check the Shipment Destinations when you are asked to prepare the boxes. Sometimes, Amazon will require specific items to be boxed together. You wont always have control of what items need to be boxed together.
  • Always be careful not to mix liquids with things like Lego Boxes. This could lead to a lot of ruined product, in the event of a damaged parcel event.
  • Product Research : Find Winning Products To Sell On Amazon And Beyond By Renae Clark

    How To List Books On Amazon FBA For Beginners in 2021| Easy Step by Step Guide | Miss Daphne

    You can find more hyped up and heavily reviewed books on Amazon about product sourcing, but none of them will have the wealth of information that this one does. Product Research 101 takes new and experienced sellers alike through the process of generating product ideas, identifying trends, verifying demand, sourcing from the right suppliers, calculating profit margins, and testing the market.

    Consider it required reading if arbitrage is not your thing and you are sourcing your own productsno matter how far into the process you are .

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    Avoid Alien Cactus Bundles

    Bundling products can be a challenge think compact. Try to avoid bundling items to where they look like an alien cactus, it makes them hard to handle and it costs you money when you are trying to pack a tight box. If you bag them, try to have the items to where they dont flop around when the package is picked up, and make sure the bag is strong enough.

    Remember your products dont have to be pretty in their arrangement but they do need to be secure. A band of shrink-wrap is great at holding together products like deodorant or dish soap. Some folks will put plastic wrap or poly bag then use tape over it to give the bundle rigidity this works great too. The more compact you pack them the easier they are going to be for you to pack too!

    How Do I Get Products Ready For Amazon Fba

    Amazon offers a clear set of guidelines for preparing products for Amazon FBA. For one, each product needs to be individually packaged for e-commerce, individually labeled, and ready to sell.

    Additionally, products sold as a single unit should be packaged together. Packages can be clear plastic, opaque, or cardboard. Units that arent securely packaged must be bagged with non-adhesive bands or tape.

    Each product must also have a scannable barcode with a UPC, ISBN, EAN, or FNSKU, which all depends on the stickering settings you have set up in your account.

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