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How To Shop On Amazon Canada

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How Does Amazon Canada Shipping To The Us Work

How to Order on Amazon Canada and SAVE MONEY

So you want to buy something on Amazon, but you double-check the URL and youre actually shopping on the Canadian version! What do you do?

Firstly, make sure you are signed into the website with your normal account.

Secondly, make sure that in the upper-left corner where it says Deliver to you have your actual address set.

This way knows where you would want items delivered and can tell you if the products youre looking at are eligible.

If they are and you want to go ahead and purchase them, add them to your cart and head to the checkout.

There youll start to get a sense of how much more expensive its going to be to purchase internationally, even just from our neighbors up north.

Thats because of conversion rates, shipping fees , and customs duties and import fees.

What To Do When Amazon Does Not Ship To Your Location

It may be the case that Amazon does not offer to ship for a particular item that you want to purchase. Or, the shipping cost for that item is beyond your budget.

If you face this kind of dilemma, consider looking for Forwarding services.

A company like that based in the location of the seller, can make orders on your behalf, ship the items to their address and then forward them to your home through international shipping.

Many companies offer such services, it will only take one google search and a complete list will be available at your fingertips for you to find one that suits your needs.

Opting for third-party services will obviously not be as smooth as you would like but it gets the job done.

Having said all that, we wish you the best of luck with your international purchase. We hope that the points covered in this article will make you a more informed and conscious shopper.

How Much Does Myus Shipping Cost

The answer is it depends on the weight of your order and where youre shipping it to. You can use MyUSs handy shipping rate calculator to estimate the shipping cost of your Amazon order to Canada.

The good news is you dont have to worry about hidden extra fees because youll only be charged for your packages actual weight.

And if you have multiple packages, MyUS will help you save up on the shipping cost by combining your parcels into one box.

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How To Save Money When Shipping Items Internationally

As mentioned earlier, planning your purchase date ahead is a good way to save money on shipping. Furthermore, in case you are buying multiple items, you should plan ahead and order them at the same time. This way, Amazon will not charge separate shipping costs for each order that you make.

So, it is always advised to make a few individual orders as you can to save the maximum.

Keyword Tools Are Especially Important

Amazon Ca Amazon Online Shopping Canada Www Amazon Ca has , and thats not necessarily a bad thing. It is something you want to be aware of though. It will affect how you list your items. While some advice out there will tell you to look at what competitors are using for keywords thats not as effective for

With fewer sellers, youll have more listings you have to create from scratch. That means your keywords are going to be especially important. You wont have templates from other sellers to use so a keyword tool is going to be your best friend when youre figuring things out. Use a keyword tool to guide what you list your items as for better results.

Keywords are a big part of how a customer is going to find your listing so you cant risk guessing at whats going to be best. Tools that show you what words are popular in relation to the item you want to sell are an invaluable way to make sure your listing will be more successful in the end.

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Shopping On Amazoncom From Canada

According to Borderlinx records, is one of Canada’s favorite overseas retailer, and for good reason. You can get almost anything on and ship it to Canada through Borderlinx. You can buy from the USA on dvds, books, the kindle, toys, headphones or clothing, jewelry and kitchenware. And with Borderlinx you can ship it to Canada.

Youre most likely looking to shop from for items that are not available locally in Canada or that are available at a high price. And shipping from the USA can be expensive, specially if you dont know what the import tax & duties will be and might just not deliver to Canada.

Your Fba Products Need To Be Worth It

Using FBA in Canada is a little different than using FBA on The ideas are the same but as other sellers will tell you, the costs are a little higher. Because of this, youll want to make sure your FBA items are making a good profit. Some sellers who have already tested these things out suggest at least a $10-$15 profit.

Keep in mind that your cost of shipping is higher in Canada so you need to account for that in your item choices. If you cant make enough in profit to cover higher fees, then choosing a different product is a better idea. You can use an FBA fee and profit calculator to help you make good decisions about profitability too.

Whatever you choose to sell with FBA the key is to make sure its worth the extra costs. This is always going to be the case for any FBA seller but its especially true for those who have to accommodate larger fees. Be smart about the products you choose to sell so you dont end up losing money where you should be making money.

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Can I Add Additional Buyers From My Company To The Account

Amazon Business allows you to set up one central account with multiple buyers/purchasers, providing you control and visibility over team spend. You can easily add purchasers from your company through your settings. Add buyers by entering their email address, or upload the available spreadsheet template to add multiple buyers at once.

What Is Amazoncom’s Return Policy

How To Sell On Amazon FBA FROM CANADA! [Store by Store ] Best Retail Arbitrage Stores

Good news you CAN return items you buy from You’ll need to use the return shipping label that came with your package and pay for the return shipping costs. However, will refund you up to $20 when they receive the item. If you return a defective or damaged item , will refund you the full postage cost, as well as your import fees deposit. Here’s a rundown of’s return policy.

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Complain About That Shipping Delay

While complaining might not be your cup of tea, it might just save you some money. Whenever you experience a delay in your shipments arrival, contact the Amazon customer service team via their website to let them know of the inconvenience.

Amazon strives to enhance customer experience, and a shipping delay doesnt contribute to their cause. Letting the company know of your predicament might get you a free shopping experience on your account for some time.

Weigh The Amazon Canada Costs For Those Products

Ask a Canadian buyer about shopping vs., and theyre likely to say typically has a smaller selection of items and higher shipping costs.

Ask a U.S. seller why theyre not excited about selling on, and theyll cite the higher shipping costs, additional work required to sell on the site, and the difference in the exchange rate. If you sell a product for 50 Canadian dollars, youll only receive $38.58 in US currency .

Typically, U.S. sellers can increase their prices 35% to 40% to cover duties and shipping costs when selling on, says Petriello.

Seek to strike a good balance between price and demandthe more your listings cost, the harder it will be to compete with local sellers.

Lets check out a real-life example of a brand adapting the same product to both the and .ca marketplace. Heres an example of the cost difference between and for seller Tall Ridge, selling a 12 oz. Hydro Flask in the color Lava.

The price may be higher on the Amazon Canada listing, but the free shipping is a huge bonus. Another search for the same Hydro Flask reveals this is the absolute lowest price. Many other sellers list that price point but add on about CDN$10 in shipping.

Before you start listing all of your products, here are two ways U.S. sellers can get more competitive on

Well talk about both below.

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Use Naua To Manage Both Amazon Accounts

Trying to juggle two accounts used to be an issue, but its getting much simpler since Amazon rolled out North American Unified Accounts .

In the past, you could create an account, but it was almost like you had to manage two completely different accounts. NAUA makes it easier, says Cooley.

Heres how

The North America Unified Account enables you to create and manage product offers in both the U.S. and Canada. You control what you sell and where you sell from a single seller account interface.

Heres what you need to know about NAUA accounts:

You can manage inventory and share listing information across both accounts, but know that product listings on dont automatically populate in To learn how to copy listings, see these Amazon posts in Seller Central:

Best Amazon Canada Deals To Shop This Weekend: Waffle Makers Lawn Chairs And More

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Is Selling On Amazon Canada Worth It

There are a number of online retail giants available for you to sell products on, eBay being one of the most notable examples already available in Canada. The main things you should consider when deciding if Amazon is right for you is the product youre selling, the audience youre trying to target and how the cost structure will affect your profits.

However, keep in mind that there are many factors that will affect your success and theres no guarantee youll make a profit. Try to lessen this risk by doing things like market research and analyzing what strategies your competitors are using.

Amazon Ca Vs Amazoncom: Summary And Recommendations

Selling on as a Canadian is a perfect way to scale your business without too much difficulty, especially if youre using Amazons tools to help you the Unified Account, Build International Listings tool, and FBA.

If youre wanting to test the waters, FBA would be my recommendation to see how you get on with it and see if your product is appealing to the US market. Your customers will be able to get Prime delivery slots and youll be able to get feedback fairly quickly.

Wed love to hear your experiences from Canadians expanding into the US market on Amazon. Let us know how you got on below.

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Be Aware Of Special Rules

There are a few differences in the prohibited and restricted items when youre selling on Youll want to make sure youre aware of those before you start selling so you dont run into trouble. Not all of these differences are just because of Amazon rules. Many are based on what is able to be shipped into Canada legally.

Amazon clearly lists the rules for both prohibited and restricted items so you wont have to guess at whats in the clear. Remember that some of the prohibited items arent just about risking your Amazon account if you sell them. You could end up losing money because the items cant get past customs or have to deal with other legal ramifications.

This tip shouldnt scare you away from becoming an seller, its just something you should be aware of. Just like any other venture you go on to make money, being as informed as possible is important. With one of the things you need to know is all the rules that might be different from other sellers. Its just good to be informed before you start.

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Pros Of Amazon And Dropshipping

The advantages of are similar to the benefits of eBayits easy to get started, you have immediate access to a large audience, and you dont need to worry about marketing or SEO:

Vetted Amazon dropshipping suppliers. Amazon buys products in bulk from mostly European suppliers. It then holds everything in warehouses until its ready to ship. Whether youre a new seller or seasoned pro, you can sell quality products at scale to an international audience.

Zero warehouse cost. Amazon also offers its own fulfillment centers, known as , which allow you to complement your dropshipping Amazon products with items of your own without having to deal with packing, shipping or warehousing.

More opportunities for discoverability. Amazon also has over 30 categories you can choose from. You can sell in as many different dropshipping niches as you want, which with the right dropshipping suppliers and products can help you reach super-targeted markets.

Shopping Tip : Try Amazon Global To Find Items With International Shipping

As mentioned above, Amazon Global is a convenient way to filter the US version of Amazon so that it only displays items that ship internationally.

Be careful, though, because Amazon Global might not be smart enough to only show items that can ship to you.

Youll probably be looking at a big list of everything with international shipping options, but not necessarily international shipping options to your country. For example, you can set your location to Germany, but not all the products listed on Amazon Global will necessarily ship to Germany.

You can to find out more about this feature.

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Keep An Eye Out For Region Codes

There are a few items that have different region codes. These region codes make it simple to determine whether an item is compatible in a specific region or not. For example, DVDs have region codes which can tell you if they are supported by your countrys DVD player or not.

Theres little chance that you can play a DVD with region code 1 on a DVD player of any European country.

Its better to be safe than sorry, so its advised to do your research on the item you are purchasing and its compatibility with your country.

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