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How To Sign Out Of Your Amazon Account

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Check Your Browser Settings

How To Sign Out of Amazon Account 2021 | Manage Amazon Account

Problems with login credentials not being remember are often caused by the browser youre using. Well cover Firefox for this tutorial, but the process is similar in most other browsers.

  • Inside the browser, open the Application Menu by clicking on the three vertical panes icon.
  • Now, click on Settings.
  • Next, click on Privacy & Security.
  • Then, check your Cookies and Site Data preferences to make sure Delete cookies and site data when Firefox is closed isnt selected.
  • Finally, check you History preferences and make sure its set to Firefox will Remember history.
  • Hopefully a few tweaks to your browser settings will solve your problems.

    You should also regularly update your device and keep your system fresh. If the problem is on the side of your device, it is a good idea to restart it. A quick restart can often fix login issues.

    Amazon Shopping app is known for crashing, and it is probably better to use a browser to access your Amazon account. If you like the app better, try updating it, or deleting it entirely and reinstalling it. An app restart might work too.

    Here are the Amazon Shopping iOS and Android app links. If everything fails, you can always contact the official Amazon support team and resolve the issue with them.

    Is The Process To Logout Of Amazon Easy

    from where the user has entered the credentials. It saves up your time and effort of logging out and then logging in every time you need to access the account. And if you want to log out of any of these devices for security reasons, then the same can be done quite effortlessly at a few clicks.

    Because you would never wantyour account to stay open in the public domain and cause it to be hacked easilyby others.

    How To Sign Out Of Amazon Fire Tv Stick

    If you purchased an Amazon Fire TV Stick from your Amazon account, the Fire TV Stick is already registered to your Amazon account. Although this saves time, after a while, you might want to use a different Amazon account with Fire TV Stick.

    To use a different Amazon account with Fire TV Stick, you first need to sign out of the account which is currently being used on Fire TV. Luckily, Amazon Fire TV Stick allows you to sign out of your account without any hassles.

    When you sign out of the Amazon account on Fire TV Stick, you are removing the content from the Fire TV Stick, and some features might not work . However, signing out wont delete your personal data from the Fire TV Stick. For that, you will have to .

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    How To Log Out Of The Amazon App

    These steps are the same no matter whether you’re using the iPhone, iPad, or Android Amazon app.

    1. Open the Amazon app and tap the three stacked lines in the bottom-right corner.

    2. Scroll down to the bottom of this new menu and tap Settings.

    3. In the list of options that appears, tap the last option, Sign Out.

    Keep Me Signed In On Amazon

    3 Ways to Sign Out of the Kindle App

    Youve surely seen this option, but youve probably overlooked it. When you sign in to your Amazon account, there is an option to keep you signed in. Just click on the checkbox next to this option on the Amazon login page, and the site will remember this.

    Then you wont be logged out until you do it willingly, clicking on the log out button. Your session wont last indefinitely, though. When this option is enabled, you will be logged about twice a month, approximately every two weeks. Also, you will need to enter your password when changing something on your Amazon account.

    This option is not ideal if you share a computer or are prone to accessing public networks, and here is why. If you are sharing your Amazon account with a person you trust, like your significant other, that is fine. However, if you often sign in to your Amazon account on a public network, such as the college campus, library, or shopping mall, your password can easily get stolen, and someone might use your credit card to buy stuff. Keep in mind that people in your household will also have access to your browsing history and possibly see what youre ordering from Amazon.

    It is generally not advised to share your Amazon account with anyone, so dont keep this option active unless you can trust everyone around you.

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    S You Can Follow To Sign Out Of The Amazon Application

  • Open the application on your phone.
  • Tap on the menu on the screens top left corner.
  • Tap on the Settings option.
  • You will see a Not ? option as the last option under settings. For example, Not John Smith? The Sign Out option will be next to it.
  • Tap on Sign Out.
  • 6. Once you tap on the Sign Out, a small window will pop up, which will ask you to confirm if this is what you want to do. You have to tap Sign Out again.

    How To Secure Your Amazon Account

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    If youre like me , you do a lot of shopping on Amazon. Buying gifts? Amazon. Household items? Amazon. Electronics? Amazon. But because its so encompassing, its also something youre going to want to take extra care to secure.


    Odds are you have at least one credit card, your home address, and phone number stored on your Amazon account, which could be very bad should that account fall into the wrong hands. Fortunately, there are a few things you canand should!do in order to make sure your Amazon data is as safe as it can be.

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    How To Sign Out Of Amazon From Various Devices


    Amazon’s sign-out process differs depending on the device you’re using.

    • Once you sign in to your account, you will remain signed in unless you specifically sign out even if you close an app or turn off a device.
    • If you use a computer or other device that may be shared with other people, it can be critical that you properly sign out of after each use to protect your information and your finances.
    • The process of signing out from differs based on which device you are using as well as which Amazon service or app you’re on.

    You would think signing out of would be easy, right? Just a simple click and you’re done? If you’re using a computer and are on the classic retail site, you’d be right. It is.

    Why, then, does the Google search “how do I sign out of Amazon” get more than 1,990,000 hits? Because when using an Amazon app, watching Prime TV, or you’re on the main site via mobile device, signing out of actually isn’t that easy.

    Why is it hard to sign out of Amazon? Well, first of all, Amazon is trying to make things easy for you. What a pain to have to sign in every time you want to buy some socks or watch a show or listen to music! If you stay logged in, all that stuff is just a tap or click away.

    Second, it’s in Amazon’s interest to have you stay logged in – after all, a lot of that stuff that’s a tap or click away makes them money. The added step of the login might give pause, preventing the impulse buy.

    Add A Secondary Phone Number


    Just like adding a new authenticator app, you can add multiple phone numbers which can be also useful for Authentication.

    1. On the Two-Step Verification page, click on Add a new phone option.

    2. Add a new phone number here and click on Continue.

    Thats it. now you can also use this phone number to get a text or call when signing in.

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    Remove Other Alexa Devices From Your Account

    In some cases, there will not be a Deregister button in this settings menu. Such is the case for DIY Alexa speakers or software emulations, such as or Roger.

    To deregister another type of Alexa device:

    • Go to in a web browser and login.
    • Hover over Accounts & Lists and click Manage Your Content and Devices.
    • Click to open the Your Devices tab.
    • To the left of each device is a …* button.
    • Click on this button for the device you wish to remove and click Deregsiter.
    • Click Deregister again to confirm.

    The device or emulator will be removed from your account. If you want to use it again in the future, you will need to reauthorize it with your Amazon account.

    Quick Answer: How To Sign Out Of Amazon On Android Phone

  • How do I sign out of Kindle Paperwhite?
  • Steps

    • Open the Amazon Shopping app on your Android. The Amazon app looks like a shopping cart in a white square icon on your Apps menu.
    • Tap the three horizontal lines icon.
    • Scroll down and tap Settings on the navigation menu.
    • Tap Sign Out on the left panel.
    • Tap SIGN OUT in the confirmation pop-up.

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    How Do I Logout Of Amazon On All Devices From Android Oriphone

    How to sign out of the Amazon app usingAndroid or iPhone:

    • Open the Amazon app and tap the”Menu” icon at the top left corner of the screen.
    • On the menu that will appear, tap”Settings.”
    • On the next menu, tap the”Not NAME? Sign out.” button.

    You canalso notify Amazon by calling Amazon Customer Service and asking to betransferred to Seller Support. Then you can tell the Seller Support that youbelieve your account was hacked.

    How to sign out of Amazon from my Fire tablet?

    Instructions for Fire Tablet users:

    • Swipe down from the top of thescreen to see QuickSettings.
    • Tap Settings.
    • Tap Deregister.
    • Tap the Register button.
    • Enter your current Amazoncredentials for the account you want toassociate with this device.

    How Do I Switch Accounts On Amazon App

    How to Log Out from your Amazon Account

    Open the app you want associated with your primary Amazon account, and enter your account information. Open the app you want associated with a different account. From the Welcome screen, tap Use a different account for this app. Enter the account information for the Amazon account you want associated with this app.

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    Find A Trusted Device

    When you are logging in to Amazon account, you shall see an option called Dont ask for codes on this device with a checkbox beside it.

    It will not be selected by default, but if you have enabled the option on any device before, you dont need to use the authentication code again on that device. It could be your home computer or office laptop. Worth checking out.

    This method will allow you to log in to Amazon on that device only, but you cannot disable 2-Step Verification or change the 2FA settings in any way. So you cannot log in and access your Amazon on other devices. Nonetheless, it can come in handy to use until the recovery process.

    Remove Alexa Devices From Your Account

    Deregistering officially supported hardware is quite simple. All of your registered Alexa devices are listed in the Alexa app for iOS or Android, as well as the web portal at .

    To deregister one of the devices:

    • Open the Alexa mobile app or go to in a web browser.
    • Click on Settings in the left side menu.
    • For official hardware, you should see a Deregister button to the right of **Device is registered to: .”
    • Click Deregister and confirm the action.

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    How To Log Out Of Amazon Fire Stick Remotely

    If you left for vacation and then realized that you forgot to log out of your Firestick, you can do so remotely.

  • Log onto your Amazon account on the and go to the Manage Content and Devices section.
  • Select your device, and then deregister it.
  • Deregister is the term used for logging out, as Firestick doesnt have the log out function in the traditional sense. This action will remove your information from the device and if anyone tries to use your Firestick, they will have to log in with their own Amazon ID.

    While no one wants someone looking and judging us for what shows we watch or what music we listen to, there is more than that. Deregistering protects your personal and financial information, too.

    When I Change The Amazon Password Does It Automaticallychange On All The Devices I Have Logged In

    How to Sign Out of Amazon Signout of Amazon Account

    Firstof all, different devices do not have different passwords there is only onesingle password for every Amazon account, and it doesn’t matter how manydevices it is being used on.

    Also,in case you are wondering whether all the devices will be asking the passwordon next login or not, the answer is that depends on you. If you will select tokeep all of the devices logged in after you change the password, then no. But,if you select to logout of all the devices then, the next time anyone logs indevices they were previously logged in, they will have to input the newpassword.

    Logging Out From a Lost Device.

    If youhave lost your mobile device, it is recommended that you change the password onyour account. This will sign you out of all of the Amazon apps and websites onany device that might have access toyour account, except for Kindle. Youll need to visit the Change Your AccountSettings page for instructions.

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    Additional Security Measures To Take

    If the person who is accessing your account is someone who you do not know: its likely because theyre trying to make purchases using your payment information. Its imperative that you do a bit of due diligence and scour your account for recent purchases that you did not make.

    You can head over to the Your Orders page from the Account & Lists drop-down. All of your recent orders will be on display stemming back over 6 months by default.

    Find something that you didnt order? Immediately get in contact with the credit card company attached to the card used as well as in order to dispute the charges.

    Why Sign Out Of A Firestick

    If you have a Firestick, it doesnt just contain your Fire TV. It contains everything that is attached to your Amazon account, including payment information. Unless you want other users to have access to your credit card info, log out of your device.

    If you are going on vacation and will have a house sitter staying overnight that has permission to use your TV, log out. If youre traveling to a location that has a Fire TV that you can use, make sure you log out after each use. If you rent your property out through AirBnb, log out before you leave the house.

    People tend to focus on the streaming side of these devices and forget the amount of personal information that a stranger could potentially have access too.

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    How To Log Out Of Amazon On Ios Or Android

    Logging out of your Amazon account on a mobile device is similar to logging out from a tablet, though it does require a few extra steps. Heres how to do it:

  • Open up the Amazon app on your iOs or Android device. The icon for the Amazon app is Amazons black and orange logo above a blue shopping cart.
  • Tap on the hamburger menu in the top-left corner of the screen. The hamburger menu looks like three horizontal white lines.
  • Near the bottom of the menu, select Settings.
  • Near the bottom of the Settings menu, Tap Not ? Sign out. This will log you out of your Amazon account.
  • What Happens When You Delete Your Amazon Account

    How To Sign Out Of Amazon On Android Phone?

    There are plenty of services connected to your Amazon account that will no longer work after deletion. You’ll also lose access to a lot of digital content.

    Before you can delete your account for good, Amazons customer service team will send you an email with a detailed rundown of what will happen. Before that, however, its a good idea to check if there are any preparations you need to make. By deleting your account:

    • Youll lose access to all your Amazon accounts, including and accounts on different country domains .
    • Youll lose access to digital content linked to your account, like Kindle ebooks, digital music, Amazon apps, and Prime videos.
    • You wont be able to use your Amazon gift cards or other vouchers.
    • You wont be able to return or refund items ordered by that account.
    • You wont be able to initiate Textbook Rental returns but you will be held accountable for any outstanding rentals.
    • You will lose access to the content in your Games & Software Library.
    • Your reviews, posts, and other social content will be removed.

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    How To Logout Of Amazon On An Android Phone

    Follow these steps toexecute the process from an Android device:

    • Open the Amazon app on the device and go to your profile.
    • On the left side of the screen, hit on the three horizontal bars to open up a drop-down menu of options.
    • Tap on Settings present at the bottom of the list.
    • It would open up a list of sub-options from where you can find the Sign Out option at the end.
  • Tap on it and it would ask for confirmation to logout of the device. Hit on the confirm button.
  • Wait for the process to get executed.
  • Do remember that once you dothis, you would be signed out of your Amazon Prime account automatically.

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