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How To Sign Up To Review Amazon Products

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How To Become An Amazon/ Product Reviewer


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What Functions And Features Are Available To Sellers

Put simply, the key feature and biggest highlight of our Merch by Amazon review is that Amazon owns it.

The eCommerce platform doesnt offer or feature any unique functions for sellers. Its main highlight is that you get to sell your merch on Amazon with little to no effort .

Unlike other , Merch by Amazon is a powerful source of passive income because it doesnt require sellers to spend money on storage, customer service, or shipping. Its unique because you can quite literally start a merch business without having to spend a single dollar.

Plus, it offers all of its sellers the option to list their merchandise as Amazon Prime products, which gives it a big advantage over regular products by giving it greater reach and discounts on shipping which can lead to greater sales over time.

Product Testing With Vine

It all works like this:

  • A company or seller pay a fee to Amazon
  • Amazon asks their reviewers to test out the free product
  • The Amazon product tester writes up a review on the site as usual
  • The review will be marked with a green Vine Voice stripe

And, as you can see, this Amazon product tester left unbiased feedback, which wasnt particularly positive.

Being an Amazon reviewer is not about leaving positive reviews its about being truthful.

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How To Leave A Review On Amazon

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This wikiHow teaches you how to review an item you purchased from Amazon using a computer, phone, or tablet. Reviewing an item like a book, grill, dress, or laptop can help other shoppers decide whether the product is right for them. Product reviews are different from leaving feedback for an Amazon sellerif you want to review the purchasing/shipping experience rather than the product itself, see .

Why Do Reviews Matter

Pin on How To Sell On Amazon For Beginners

Why are reviews important in the first place?

If youre not a believer, let this graphic convince you. The data shown here is a testament to the power and importance of online product reviews not even touching on factors specific to Amazon product reviews.

Want to share this infographic on your site? Just copy & paste this code:

< a href=''> < img src='' alt='why product reviews are so important' /> < /a> 

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How To Get Companies To Send You Products To Review

Several companies have programs where you can sign up for product testing and you have to give a review or fill a survey after you fully tested the products. Sounds like an easy way to get free stuff right! But its not so easy though.

Thousands of people are pouring in to test these products. Most of the people who sign up for these programs never get a callback. Do you know why? Its simply because there are so many people out there. Most of them have already given valuable feedback for the company so they may not want to work with new people.

With so many people who are already testing their products, why would any company pick you to test their product?

Advantages Of Testing Amazon Products

Before, Amazon allowed sellers to give customers coupon codes to get free stuff on Amazon in exchange for their reviews. However, due to all the fake 5 star reviews of people just wanting free stuff, the online retail giant has changed its policies where sellers can provide coupon codes, but not for gathering reviews.

This move changed the environment online with many review sites shutting down as the loophole was closed. But more loopholes appeared in the process. .

Still, there are several advantages to becoming a product tester for Amazon. Among these are:

  • Free Shipping. If you have subscribed to Amazon Prime as a reviewer, you will get free shipping for the items that you bought.
  • Assist Buyers. Your feedback on Amazon products can help others know more about the item sold based on your review. Since most buyers, like yourself, want to know other peoples experiences prior to buying an item, you are contributing to the information that buyers need while they are shopping.
  • Free Items and Gifts. The biggest and obvious benefit to becoming a product tester is working your way up to a top reviewer. Sellers will want to send you free items and gifts in exchange for your review.

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Use The Amazon Vine Program

Amazon FBA Product Research Tutorial 2022

Along with Early Reviewers, Amazon offers the Vine Program to help connect sellers with reviewers. Vine is open to Brand Registered sellers and Vendors, and is one of the best and safest ways to get reviews for new products.

How Vine works: you provide 30 units of your product, and a selection of top reviewers will be offered these products for free to test and review.

To enroll an Amazon product in the Vine Program, the product must have fewer than 30 reviews. Youll also need enough inventory on hand to provide to reviewers.

Like Early Reviewer reviews, those you get from Vine will have a badge to identify them. Also, expect honest reviews, so identify and fix any issues with your product first.

Summary: Amazon Vine is the only way within TOS to offer free products in exchange for reviews. It can be a good way to get traction for competitive products, but make sure you have a high-quality product to begin with.

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Proven Ways To Be An Amazon Product Tester And Get Free Samples 2020

Everyone likes free stuff right?

As an Amazon product tester, you can receive free products straight from the seller. As well as freebies, becoming an Amazon product tester is a great way to be the first to try new products, get free stuff on Amazon and connect with other testers to find the best items in any genre.

How To Get Amazon Reviews And Ratings

This article will describe how to get Ratings which include both text reviews and simple star ratings of your product. Your overall rating is what contributes to the the star rating of a product, which is what we all care about.


In 2020, Amazon transitioned Reviews to Ratings. The difference is that customers can now simply leave a star rating without leaving a text review.

It is far easier for a custom to leave a star rating than a written review. The consequence has been that is now easier to get ratings on Amazon. Ratings also tend to skew higher than reviews.

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Build Your Social Media Page

For those who want to get paid to test products, then the best path for you to take is to set up your own blog and improve your social media presence.

Vloggers and bloggers today are considered micro-influencers and many companies want to gain attention by hiring individuals who have an existing fanbase to test their products. A example would be Epic Aquairum website, a authority website which test and review different aquarium equipment.

After all, those who follow the influencer may be more inclined to purchase the product since it came from a person that they follow and believe in. If this is your first time to set up a page, know that you will need to work hard to gain fans, but if you do manage it, it is likely that sellers will approach you to test their products out. Remember, you can always speed up the process of creating social media content with design tools and ensure your posts always have that wow factor.

White Hat Tactic #: Use Product Inserts

Tablets for kids: How to set up an Amazon Fire for children

Product inserts can be useful when reminding customers to leave a review although you must be careful not to provide any if/then statements in the insert verbiage, for example, If you leave us a review then we’ll give you a lifetime extended warranty.

One effective and relatively risk-free way to use inserts is to ask customers to register their product for an extended warranty to get their email. Afterwards, you can enter them in an email auto-responder series to remind them to leave a review.

Amazon send an ominous email to sellers reminding them not to use inserts to ask for positive reviews. Reminding the customer to leave a review is still OK, you just can’t ask them to leave a positive review.

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Your First Customer Reviews Are Essential

If youâre a new seller on Amazon, a good review is a surefire way to boost your seller profile. It will also help any potential customers get to know your products and your brand a little more. When a brand is lesser-known but has an interesting product, consumers tend to look for any store or product reviews to help them get to know a new seller.

The latest research has revealed that over 90% of consumers read online reviews occasionally or regularly. Thatâs a lot. On top of that, 84% of consumers admit that they value online reviews as much as simple word-of-mouth. Taking all of this into account, it would be pretty hard to sell items on your new online store without any published reviews to back your products and your brand.

Automate Review Monitoring With Third

The final method for how to view Amazon reviews involves the use of third-party review monitoring software like eComEngines FeedbackFive.

Getting started is a breeze! Just identify the ASINs you want to track and the tool will automatically begin to pull in Amazon reviews for each item so you can see them in one central location. In addition to monitoring your own ASINs, it’s also a good idea to keep an eye on those of a few close competitors for intel.

FeedbackFive puts key review data for 17 international Amazon marketplaces right at your fingertips, including:

  • Review totals for the last 7, 30, or 90 days
  • Top reviewed products
  • A daily/weekly summary of new reviews received

You can easily sort, filter, and analyze your reviews from within the tool or export the information to a CSV to track trends over time and maintain a detailed review history database. Or, if you are tracking rival ASINs, have access to an incredibly comprehensive competitor analysis that you can use to inform your own strategy.

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Join Product Testing Group

The Product Testing Group brings together sellers who need people to test out their products, with customers who are looking to try out new products for free, or at a low cost.

Whats great about this website is that you can find products for 100% off!

So you can actually test products for free.

There are also heavily discounted items available there. You can get products for 5% to 90% off, in addition to the 100% off product offers.

When you see a product youre interested in, you get a discount code that you can use to buy the product on Amazon.

You can leave a review of the product if you want to, but you dont have to.

  • Sign up for the Product Testing Group here.

Review Items Youve Previously Purchased On Amazon

How To Become A Product Tester (Guide) | Get Paid To Test Products (Reviewer)

This is a good place to start as an Amazon product tester, especially if you want to get an invitation to join Amazon Vine.

If you have little or no reviews yet, you wont impress Amazon.

Pad out your profile with reviews, but not flooding it altogether, and make sure theyre helpful and well-written.

If you have product photos or videos if possible, include them in the review.

Good quality product reviews of the items you bought and have used yourself shows that youre a verified buyer and people can scan through your history of reviews.

Make sure the reviews are engaging and informative, and have every detail the consumers want and find interesting.

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Black Hat Tactic #: Facebook Review Groups

On Facebook there exist A LOT of Review Groups where you give away your product to group members and refund them after they’ve posted a review. Here’s an . Search for review group on Facebook and you’ll see tons more.

This is explicit exchange of a refund for a review is one of Amazon’s most suspendable offense. Given that the entire exchange takes place off of Amazon it is difficult to track, however, all it takes is one customer messaging you through Amazon asking for their refund to immediately arouse significant suspicion from Amazon.Account Suspension Risk Level: Medium

Tip : Have Your Own Youtube Channel Blog Or Social Media

Ultimately, you need to become an influencer. This is a step up from the reviewer, as you are seeking to sell products to a huge number of followers.

To gain these followers you need a social media account Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more but most effectively you need your own Youtube channel or blog.

You will have to start by offering reviews for free and working hard to gain followers. Once your followers are in the thousands, or tens of thousands, then your Amazon profile will become a whole load more desirable.

The higher your score, usually gained because of the extent of your reach on social media, the easier you will find it to get free stuff.

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How To See My Amazon Reviews

How to see my Amazon reviews is a question we get asked a lot, and for good reason. As an Amazon seller, its very important to be aware of what customers are saying about your products.

Your reviews are a key source of product and business intelligence, informing you whats working well and what could be improved to bring in more sales. They reflect strongly on your relationship with customers and dictate how Amazon views you as a merchant on the worlds largest online marketplace where every advantage counts.

But before you can begin monitoring your reviews, you have to know where to find them. Here are three methods for doing so, plus how Amazon customers can view, edit, or delete their own reviews.

A Letterboard For Social Media Messages

Pet Products with Nearly Perfect Reviews on Amazon


If youve logged onto Instagram anytime in the past few years, odds are youve seen a few accounts using felt letterboards to caption real-life images and capture the mood of a given situation. Step into the present with this beloved iteration, which almost 2,000 Amazon reviewers swear is of the highest quality while being easy to use, too.

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Is It Worth The Effort

If you dont mind writing and find it easy enough, then why not?

Whether its wanting to sing praises or trying to put others off, having the chance to leave your thoughts about what youve spent money on feels good.

Maybe you like the idea of helping other people who are on the fence about making a purchase?

Or maybe you want to make sure that the company youve spent money with improve their service in some way?

Whatever your reasons, your review is helpful to the next person looking to part with their money.

It doesnt take much time to put a few hundred words together about your free product then, you get to keep and continue to use it after.

Perhaps you need a new iron or could do with some more makeup or cleaning products?

Plus, genuine reviews can come in handy for other customers who might want to buy something .

How To Get Paid To Write Reviews

First, what I want to once again stress here is that you are not going to be writing FAKE product reviews. I dont condone that & in all honesty, Im totally against it.

You shouldnt be trying to earn money by tricking people.

Instead, what Im talking about here is getting paid to write honest & helpful reviews of products from Amazon .

And youre going to learn how you can leverage a method known as affiliate marketing to begin earning consistent commissions for many years to come from every review that you write.

Affiliate marketing happens to be the exact same way that I earn most of my own money online, so in short, youre basically learning about the exact same way I earn my own money.

Its a very good & very powerful method & its a method that you can scale to any level that you desire.

You see, through affiliate marketing you get the opportunity to promote products or services for companies & earn commissions if anybody clicks via your promotion & makes a purchase.

How it works is that you simply get your own unique link to the products or services that youre promoting.

This means that when you share the link online, any clicks on it are tracked back to you. So if you share it & somebody clicks it & then buys something, that sale is tracked back to you.

Most importantly, this means that you get paid for that sale.

Simple enough, right?


Thats not the way to do it. Theres a better way.

Id head to Google and search for something like gorilla tape review .

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