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How To Speak To Someone At Amazon Prime

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How To Turn Audio Descriptions On Or Off

How Buyers and Sellers Can Call Amazon Directly and Speak to a Live Person
  • Start playback of a movie or TV show with Audio Descriptions available.
  • Select the Subtitles and Audio option in your playback controls by swiping down.
  • Select the audio track with the tag to enable Audio Description or another audio language without the Audio Description tag to turn off Audio Description.
  • Its just that easy.

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    The 51 Best Tv Shows To Watch On Amazon Prime Video Right Now

    From J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek’s Night Sky to the Kids in the Hall revival

    Two of the best shows to watch on right now are about older people making discoveries. In Night Sky, J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek find a portal to another planet, and in Outer Range, Josh Brolin finds a big hole. We also recommend checking out The Kids in the Hall, a revival of the classic sketch comedy series, and Season 2 of The Wilds. You can also watch The Boys Presents: Diabolical, an animated off-shoot of The Boys, while you wait for The Boys to release its third season on June 3.

    An important note about how this list was made: In order to keep the list as relevant as possible, we’re emphasizing recent releases, Amazon Prime Video originals, and critics’ favorites. But we’re also putting our own personal spin on the list, with underrated gems we’re recommending to our friends, classic favorites, and important selections that highlight diverse voices. We’ll be updating the list regularly.

    For fans of: Older people in love, mysterious otherworldly portalsNumber of seasons: 1

    J.K. Simmons and Sissy Spacek, Night Sky

    For fans of: Classic sketch comedy, goofy dudesNumber of seasons: 1

    Dave Foley, Bruce McCulloch, Kevin McDonald, Mark McKinney, and Scott Thompson, Kids in the Hall

    For fans of: Teens, getting stranded, LostNumber of seasons: 2

    Jenna Clause, Sarah Pidgeon, and Mia Healey, The Wilds

    For fans of: More British scandals, messy divorcesNumber of seasons: 1

    The Outlaws

    Use The Guided Contact Process From The Start It Makes Everyones Lives Easier

    As we said above, calling Amazons toll-free customer service number may be the fastest way to get in touch with the customer service department, but its definitely not the most efficient way. By logging in and using the guided contact process, the customer service representative will have all the information they need about you to help fix your problem right in front of them when you get in touch.

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    Tip #3 Be Confident To Vet The Caller

    Sadly, many scammers deliberately target older people in our society. They know that many older people live by themselves. They may not have the confidence to question somebody on the telephone.

    If youve received an unexpected phone call or other communication, stop and take a minute to think about whether an organisation would get in touch with you out of the blue in this way.

    Complaint Reg Not To Opening The Video

    Supply Chain Management

    I have recharged Rs. 459 plan for three months last week but till date no any prime video has to be opened or functioned while I have already made an account.

    However, I told to customer care executive and he said that your complaint has been done and your problem will be resolved on 28.01.2022 but this time the situation is same.

    Kindly request please resolve this issue on urgent basis.


    I got the message from Amazone prime mentionedDebitMentioned amount has been deducted by Amazone prime without purchasing request from my sideSo my pain is without purchasing request how it happened.

    I got the message from Amazone prime mentionedDebitMentioned amount has been deducted by Amazone prime without purchasing request from my sideSo my pain is without purchasing request how it happened

    I paid Rs.999for prime video on 13th September…… amount is deducted from my account……but prime video doesn’t start… pz I begged you refund our money as soon as possible………

    Plz plz plz

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    As One Of The Most Customer

    With the vast popularity of Amazon Prime in Australia, the full range of customer support is available any time you need it. Amazons goal is to make sure any questions you have about their products and services or any account issues you might have are solved quickly and easily, with the companys recent adoption of a call back system making sure the days of you waiting on hold to speak to a customer support team member are well and truly over.

    If You Selected Email Enter Additional Information And Send An Email

    If you choose to contact Amazon customer service by clicking Email, youll see this screen.

    Click Edit Items or Details to go back to the previous screen if you entered any information incorrectly. Otherwise, click in the box that says Enter Additional Information and type in a more detailed explanation of the problem. Depending on the information youve already given about your problem, you may get a hint as to what to put here.

    When youre finished, click Send Email.

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    Amazon Customer Service Contacts

    Amazon is an American electronic commerce company headquartered in Seattle. It is the largest Internet-based retailer in the United States.

    410 Terry Avenue North

    SVP, Worldwide Operations and Customer Service at Amazon410 Terry Avenue North

    President and Chief Executive Officer410 Terry Avenue North

    Link Your Twitch And Amazon Prime Accounts

    Normal People – Official Trailer | Amazon Prime Video Channels | Lionsgate Play

    To gain access to a free Twitch Prime membership, you must link your Amazon Prime account and accounts. To do so, head over to .

    After you log in to your Amazon account, click Link Twitch Account. Youll then be prompted to sign in to your Twitch account. Confirm the accounts are linked, and then navigate to Twitch to get started with your Prime subscription.

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    What Can’t Be Resolved By Phone With Amazon

    While most issues can be resolved by phone with Amazon, there are some situations that may require a different approach:

    • An Amazon phone representative can approve a return and send you a paid shipping label that you can use to return a product. You will still, however, have to package the item and either arrange for a pickup or bring it to a depot or business that will ship it back to Amazon. In some areas, Amazon partners with other retail stores that can accept your return package.
    • In some instances, Amazon may have difficulty delivering a package directly to your home. The most common reason for this is that you and your family are away during the day and cannot sign for packages. If this is the case, you may be able to arrange to have your package delivered to an Amazon locker at a local business.
    • Amazon uses some third-party shippers to deliver packages. If your package seems to be in limbo, Amazon can attempt to intervene but does not have the same kind of control over the situation than it does over its own contracted delivery persons.
    • Third-party sellers use the Amazon platform to sell products to consumers. If you made a purchase through a third-party seller, you may experience delays as Amazon customer service will urge you to work things out with the merchant, only intervening after a specific amount of time has passed.

    Amazons Customer Service Backdoor

    As a security conscious user who follows the best practices like: using unique passwords, 2FA, only using a secure computer and being able to spot phishing attacks from a mile away, I would have thought my accounts and details would be be pretty safe? Wrong.

    Because when someone has gone after me, it all goes for nothing. Thats because most systems come with a backdoor, customer support. In this post Im going to focus on the most grievous offender: was one of the few companies I trusted with my personal information. After all, I shop there, I used to work as a Software Developer and I am a heavy AWS user

    It all began with a rather innocuous email:

    At first, I assumed it might be a mistake or a delayed email from the time I contacted them months earlier. But curiosity got the better of me, and I contacted Amazon to ask what it was about. They told me that I had a conversation with Amazon support? What the hell? It was a text-chat, and they emailed me a transcript:

    Let me just stop right there, so I can point out that address isnt mine. Its just a fake address of a hotel that was in the same zip code where I lived. I used it to register some domains, knowing that the whois information all too often becomes public. I used the same general area as I lived, so that my ip address would match up with it.

    Lets continue:

    And then goes on to unsuccessfully try get the last digits of my credit card:

    Fast forward another day:

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    Amazon Prime Day Offers Great Salesheres What Workers Suffer Through To Make This Happen


    Our society claims that we care about workers, but in our consumer-driven culture, cheap sales prices take precedence over what goes on behind the scenes.

    A cursory search on Google about Amazon Prime Day 2021 yields pages of articles touting all of the cool things you can buy. It’s not too easy to find out what effects this has upon Amazon workers.

    Amazon is a great American success story. Youve probably seen the photo taken in the 1990s, the early days of the online retailer, of a young Jeff Bezos sitting behind a shabby desk with a slipshod Amazon banner hanging above him. Fast forward to today, the online retailer is one of the largest and most successful companies in modern history. Bezos and investors in the companys stock have made fortunes. Theres scant talk about the stressful, rough lives of its workers.

    During the pandemic, as businesses were told to close, online giantslike Amazongreatly benefited. To gain a sense of the enormity of consumer demand, Amazon hired over 300,000 people to keep up with orders. ANew York Timesinvestigative piece shed some harsh light on the lives of warehouse workers.

    The story focuses on JFK8, a large warehouse based in Staten Island, which is a working and middle-class borough of New York City. The location pays around $18.25 an hourabout $37,000 a year for a full-time worker.

    Some of the other takeaways from the piece include:

    In 2019, Amazon workers protested working conditions.

    How To Resubscribe To A Streamer Via Twitch Prime and Mastercard unify to bring you a free year of Amazon Prime ...

    After you subscribe to a streamer via your linked Prime account, you have to wait one month before you can resubscribe.

    To check your subscriptions, click your avatar in the top-right corner on Twitch, and then click Subscriptions. A list of your current, gifted, and expired subscriptions appears.

    All of your current subscriptions will be under the Your Subscriptions tab. In the image below, you see a Prime membership was used to subscribe to a streamer.

    You can either pay to resubscribe now or use your Twitch Prime membership to pay for another subscription to the streamer after it expires.

    Subscribing is a great way to financially support your favorite Twitch streamers. And, if you subscribe via your Twitch Prime membership, you can do so without spending a dime!

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    How To Call Amazon

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    Richard Sherman In Talks With Amazon For Key Role In Prime Video’s Nfl Programming

    • Copied!

    Former All-Pro cornerback Richard Sherman may soon be taking his talents to the broadcast booth.

    Sherman is in deep talks with Amazon for a key role in their NFL programming this upcoming season, NFL Network Insider Ian Rapoport reported Monday, per a source.

    Amazon’s Prime Video begins its undertaking as the exclusive home of Thursday Night Football for the 2022 NFL season. As part of an 11-year agreement, Prime Video will be the first streaming service to air a season-long licensed national broadcast package from the NFL.

    Rapoport adds the 34-year-old free-agent CB will stay in shape for a possible opportunity on the field, but his eyes are fixed on his broadcasting future as of now.

    Sherman spent the 2021 season with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers but appeared in only five games. His 11th season in the NFL was marred by separate hamstring and calf injuries, the latter of which placing him on season-ending injured reserve early in the Bucs’ playoff run. Sherman remained on Tampa’s sidelines as a coach of sorts for the remainder of the postseason.

    Sherman was one of the star players on the famed “Legion of Boom” defense for the Seattle Seahawks, who went on to win Super Bowl XLVIII. A three-time All-Pro and five-time Pro Bowler, Sherman posted 37 interceptions, 116 passes defensed, five forced fumbles, seven fumble recoveries and 495 total tackles during his illustrious career. He is a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame’s All-Decade Team for 2010.

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    Information Supplied By You

    Except as provided otherwise in its privacy policy, We will keep confidential all information supplied by You to Us, and shall use or disclose such information only for the purposes for which such information was collected, or as required by law. For more information please see Our Privacy Policy which shall be construed as an integral part of this Agreement.

    By posting information or content to any public area of the Site, You agree and acknowledge that you can be offered to share Your personal experience and/or opinions with Us while being recorded. You also agree and acknowledge that by accepting such an offer You agree with and consent to the provisions of the Release of Liability and Indemnity Agreement.

    In Our Patients’ Words

    5 Reasons You Are Still Single | Amazon Prime Video

    “I was delighted with my first experience using Amazon Care. Absolutely loved it!”

    “Our call was for something fairly easy but the response rate, care and quick turnaround for an antibiotic was probably the best experience I have ever had re: medical concerns.”

    “Blown away with how fast, easy, and high quality the whole experience was. It truly raises the bar for healthcare services.”

    “I love it so much! I never hesitate to seek help or medical experts opinion anymore due to ease of use AND quality of care. I havenât been to urgent care since using Amazon Care.”

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    Place And Receive Calls Using An Echo

    To start a call from a compatible Echo device, just ask Alexa to call the person or group you want to reach by name. You will need to say their name exactly how it appears in your Alexa app. When you call someone, it will ring their Alexa app and Echo device, but you can specify to place calls to a mobile number, for example. Alexa is confirm who you want to call before putting that call through.

    You can dial numbers directly as well, by saying each digit of the number you want to call. Just remember Alexa uses voice profiles to determine who is making a call. If you have a voice profile and Alexa is able to recognise your voice, your contacts list is automatically used.

    You can call a contact through the Alexa app too. Just select the Communicate icon on the home screen, then tap the Contact icon in the upper corner, and tap on a contact. You can then place your call.

    All your incoming calls or messages are also put through to your Alexa app and Echo devices. Your Echo devices will sound an alarm and announce who is calling, while your Alexa app will serve up a notification. Just say “Answer” or answer from your phone to accept the call. Alternatively, you can say “Ignore” or ignore it from your phone. On devices with screens, you’ll also have accept or reject buttons on the screen. When you want to end a call, you can say “Hang up” or tap the end button on your phone.

    While a call is active, the lights on your Echo device will glow green.


    Amazon At Whole Foods Market

  • Exclusive savings and deals. Prime members get an extra 10% off sale items plus special deals on seasonal favorites. Learn more.
  • Grocery delivery or pickup. Prime members can shop Whole Foods Market on for convenient 2-hour delivery and free 1-hour pickup in select U.S. cities.
  • Shopping with Alexa. In cities eligible for delivery of Whole Foods Market groceries, Prime members can find out about exclusive weekly deals and ask Alexa to add items to their Whole Foods Market cart. When you’re ready to check out, go to the Amazon app or , review your grocery items and schedule a delivery.
  • 5% back at Whole Foods Market. Earn 5% back every time you shop with the Amazon Prime Rewards Visa Signature Card and an eligible U.S. Prime membership. Cardmembers without an eligible Prime membership earn 3% back on purchases made at our stores. Learn more including information for international customers.
  • There are four ways to take advantage of savings and deals:

    If you have a Prime membership or share Prime benefits as part of an Amazon household, please call with your store receipt handy.

    Please contact for questions about your Prime membership, Whole Foods Market grocery delivery, Amazon gift cards or using rewards on .

  • Start your return at Amazons Online Return Center.
  • Select your favorite Whole Foods Market as the drop-off location. If you dont see your preferred store as an option, your item or delivery ZIP code may not be eligible for return at Whole Foods Market.
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