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How To Start An Amazon Business Step By Step

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Amazon FBA Step By Step For Beginners 2021 (Basics)

As we all know by now, Amazon is a platform where you can buy stuff from. All kinds of stuff. But where do the stuff comes from?

At the first glance, many people live under the impression that the products sold on Amazon are also sold by Amazon not true.

Yes, Amazon sells its own products too. Products like Alexa, Amazon Echo speakers, tablets, and all kinds of household items. They also own brands that sell products on Amazon but which you can’t see directly related to Amazon itself if you take a look through their listing.

Franklin & Freeman is a brand trademarked by Amazon

For example, these shoes are sold by Franklin & Freeman as you can see in the listing and there’s no visible connection between this brand and Amazon. But, the thing is, Franklin & Freeman is a brand trademarked by Amazon.

Although Amazon sells its own products, the big money comes from third-party sellers.

Most of the products you see on Amazon are not sold by Amazon, are sold either by more established brands or by people like you and me. Anybody can become an Amazon seller .

You put your products on Amazon, and with every sale made Amazon will take a commission from that sale.

This way Amazon makes money you make money everybody is happy.

The process of selling on Amazon is pretty simple

Even though the process itself is simple, you have some decisions to make before starting an Amazon business and it’s best to do your homework ahead.

Tutorial On How To Sell Private Label On Amazon

Is Amazon market too saturated?

No, and nor will it be unless youre planning to import cheap generic garlic presses and list them on Amazon FBA. It is saturated, but not completely.

More competition means the industry is growing. It doesnt mean you make less money, it just means you need to work differently, better, harder and smarter to make it.

It is true that everyone and his dog sells on Amazon but on the other hand, everyone, their mother, and their dog are buying on Amazon.

You probably know that there are thousands of million-dollar ideas, but ideas are worth nothing really. Execution is worth everything and without some form of execution, the idea is just an idea.

So, stop looking for courses, register for an individual account on Amazon, identify some good quality products, and gain experience listing them on Amazon.

When you go through this journey, you will have a million questions that come up which you can get answered through forums and by research.

There is no teacher or guru that will teach you everything you need to be a because it all boils down to the product, its demand, competing offers in the marketplace, your advertising budget, and your marketing skills.

Once again, do not waste your money on a course. Spend that money on the product and start on a smaller scale. Trust me, youll learn more from doing it than you will from any course out there.

Can I Sell On Amazon Without An Ssn

Amazon requires an official way to identify you for tax purposes when you register a seller account. If you are a US citizen, you will already have an SSN and will need to disclose it to Amazon for tax purposes.

If you are not a US citizen, it is possible to get an SSN, but it requires work visas and the go-ahead from the Department of Homeland Security, which is not straightforward. There is a workaround, though. For selling on Amazon without an SSN, you can instead use an EIN.

An EIN is an Employment Identification Number and is a bit like an SSN for businesses. Youll need to complete the necessary forms for overseas applications and jump a few hoops but you only have to do it once and youre good to go!

I vaguely remember when we applied and within a couple of weeks received a letter with my EIN number.

Customs and duties will require this on your shipping details, unfortunately, so this step has to be done.

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Do What Suits Your Personality

Please note even though in point 1 above, I say What am I interested in, passionate about, would love to build a brand around?, you do not have to be passionate about the niche youre entering if youre passionate about the model and business in general.

You might be a 35+ male who can see a huge opportunity in the prenatal market for example, and is happy to spend the next 3 years building a strong brand and series of products in this niche. Youll then outsource content marketing and social media branding to those who know more about the topic than you do. Thats a more entrepreneurial approach .

Or, you might be hugely passionate about something thats affected your life and now you want to share your experiences and sell products that directly appeal to people like you or who have had similar experiences. Thats more along the lines of how I view lifestyle businesses. Building a business in something youre truly passionate about.

Theres no right or wrong. You need to do what suits you and your personality.

If you really struggle to define a niche youre interested in then start your Amazon business by picking an ideal product as per the criteria in the following section.

Dont allow not picking the perfect niche to hold you back. As Marie Forleo says

  • You can buy cheap products from garage sales etc and sell at a higher price on Amazon .
  • You can find and improve upon products that are already selling well.
  • Private Labelling Means:

    Invest In Multichannel Selling

    How to Start an Amazon FBA Business: A Step by Step Guide

    Kings Holistic Mama products are now carried at Whole Foods as well as on her expanded store site. She also carries some of her products on Amazon as a third-party seller. Small-business owners who have their own site but also sell on Amazon often seen as a competitor are simply covering every corner of the market.

    Amazon is a very small percentage of my sales, but it’s important to be there because some people only shop on Amazon, King said.

    Plus, there are other benefits to selling through a larger outlet like Amazon, including the ability to test whether your product will be as popular as you predict, lower shipping rates if you frequently use Fulfillment by Amazon, and a built-in trust factor that often facilitates purchasing by customers on the Amazon marketplace. Some consumers are still wary of online shopping, but trust that an Amazon-vetted seller will fulfill their order in a timely manner.

    Although maintaining your own store and vision is paramount to starting an e-commerce business, you also shouldn’t rule out using larger platforms to help elevate your sales and brand name.

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    What If Somebody Leaves A Bad Review

    Having bad reviews, as good reviews are great, are very bad for selling.

    There are a couple techniques to help remove them.

    You can contact your customer and have him/her remove or edit it. Make sure to rectify any mistakes you made or clarify any misunderstanding!

    You can request Amazon to remove the review. Go to your product details page, select the review and click report abuse. Or send an email to amazon via

    Or you can leave a public comment on the review to help show any potential customers that you are trustworthy and interested in customer feedback.

    Meet My Good Buddy Dan

    Before I move on to the FAQs, Id like to introduce you to an ex-student whos now become a good friend and who inspired me to write this guide after we sat down recently and talked in detail about how he set up and grew his Amazon business allowing him to now travel the world full time.

    Meeting Dan & Gina at a Lebanese Restaurant in Bangkok Aug 2020

    You can listen to our interview / mini-training session here

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    Monitor Your Threshold Limits With Our Free Vat Software

    To know whats going on, check out our VAT automation software. It provides all relevant information and automates your VAT.

    As soon as the business framework is in place and all legal and tax aspects have been clarified, the product can be developed. It can be stated that the product decides on success or failure. Therefore it is important to find demand-oriented products and to market them specifically via the listing on Amazon. However, during the product search it should be ensured that the product is not limited by a temporary demand.

    How To Find And Negotiate With Alibaba Supplier

    How To Start An Amazon FBA Business (The ULTIMATE Step By Step Guide For Beginners)

    Do remember, you make 50% of your margins not by selling high but by buying low because the selling price is determined by your competition and you cant lower Amazon fees. Your ability to govern the buying price with your supplier could help your margins significantly.

    A thing to keep in mind: EVERYTHING is negotiable with Chinese sellers and you hold the money and power.

    Searching for products on Alibaba

    • Search for products In
    • Contact minimum 10 suppliers with short, clear, specific, concise questions
    • Compare prices with
    • Order a sample
    Introduction email template

    Hi, My name is Peter Koch I am interested in your product for my Amazon storeI have a few questions.

  • Do you offer DDP or DDU parity? / Note: every serious supplier has this option and that means they know what they are doing
  • Minimum trial quantity?
  • Can I brand with my logo?
  • What is the lead time ?
  • Estimated annual quantity is 5,000 10,000 units.

    Best regards,

    Peter Koch

    Create a Logo

    You can hire a designer from Fiverr or Upwork but I suggest using a manufacturer designer . Send them freehand drawing or just your brand name in Word document so they know what to print it on a product.

    Obtain UPC

    Buy them cheap from third-party resellers on eBay, but you should know this is against Amazon TOS.

    Ordering from Alibaba


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    Register With Amazon Fba

    Now that you have officially registered your e-commerce business and your business is ready to start, you can start selling products on Amazon. Amazon FBA offers two different plans: Individual is ideal for merchants who sell less than 40 products per month on Amazon and Professional for those who sell more than 40 products per month on Amazon.

    In the Individual plan you pay $0.99 per sale, in the Professional plan $39.99 per month, no matter how much you sell. Thats why this plan makes sense if you generate more than 40 sales per month.

    Decide on a plan and . To register, please have the following information ready to get started right away:

    • Bank account number and bank routing number
    • Chargeable credit card
    • Phone number

    Benefits Of The Dropshipping Business Model

    There are both upsides and downsides to the dropshipping model. You must understand both if you want to run a successful business. The most commonly cited benefit to dropshipping is eliminating stock and a lower barrier to entry in terms of experience and costs.

    Some of the other benefits include the following:

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    Design Your Branding: $5 To $800

    While you can sell your product with the manufacturers branding, many manufacturers will let you white label their product and sell it under your name. Creating your own brand helps you differentiate yourself from the competition and build a business asset you can sell later if you choose.

    That means you need to design a logo. If youre on a tight budget, you can hire a freelance graphic designer on for as low as $5 or $10. I recommend, where youre more likely to find a higher-quality result for around $300.

    Manufacturers have generic packaging with their logo, and some may be able to do a little customization for free. For completely custom, high-end packaging design, youll spend between $300 and $500 on 99designs.

    Amazon Fba Starting With Little Money

    How to Start Selling on Amazon Australia? Simple Step by ...

    I would suggest using the retail arbitrage method, which involves going into stores and looking for products you can resell for a profit.

    Amazon has created a seller app which you can download from any app store.

    You scan the barcode on any product using the Amazon Seller app and it shows you an analysis of the product

    I.e. how many people are selling it, what it is sold for, what the selling fees would be and if it is a popular product.

    Based on the information you can make a decision whether to purchase the item.

    As you develop your skills and get better at identifying good products you can transition into online arbitrage, which is simply buying online rather than going into the stores.

    The disadvantage with the arbitrage approach is you dont know what products you might find and replenishing the inventory becomes more difficult if the product is discontinued.

    The solution to addressing this is by buying wholesale from manufacturers and distributors.

    There are a lot of manufacturers who sell their products in Minimum Order Quantities and would not require a large investment.

    Some companies have an MOQ of £100 which is small enough to test out a selection of products.

    Others may have stricter approval processes and criteria. For example, some manufacturers would only sell to businesses that have a retail shop or their own website.

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    How To Start An Amazon Fba Uk Business: Step

    September 16, 2019By The Humble Penny

    How to Start an Amazon FBA UK Business

    Amazon FBA has grown in popularity over the years.

    One of the many benefits I get from running this blog is the opportunity to meet real people doing real things in their lives in the UK.

    At one of our London Financial Independence meetups over the Summer, I met Vivians husband.

    He told me about his wife and how she has found success running an Amazon FBA business whilst working full time.

    I became keen to learn more and asked her to share her journey and experience.

    Her experience confirms a lot of what Ive learned on my journey.

    With an hour here and there applied consistently to an idea, one can begin to transform their lives for the better.

    Especially if the focus is not just on profits but also on purpose.

    Vivians Amazon FBA venture is getting her and her family closer to Financial Independence.

    It gives them a good 4-figure net profit per month and growing.

    I hope you enjoy what she has to share.

    Do Dropshippers Ship Internationally

    Dropshippers will often ship internationally as long as shipping costs are covered. Because many manufacturers and dropshipping suppliers are in Asia, it is common to ship worldwide.

    Always make sure customers are fully aware of shipping times to avoid receiving complaints, especially if you are selling on a platform such as eBay or Amazon.

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    The Benefits Of Being An Fba Seller

    • You won’t need to worry about shipping the products to the customers. You can be anywhere in the world and still have your products delivered anytime.
    • The fees are small given the time you earn by not having to deal with the shipments.
    • If you sell products from a foreign country , the shipping costs are lower if you sell through FBA and so is the delivery time.
    • Being an FBA seller makes you eligible for the prime logo. This means that customers with a prime account can get free shipping by purchasing the product from you. Needless to say that prime products attract way more customers than non-prime.

    Amazon prime listings screenshot

    Products having the Prime logo are generating more sales.

    • Products sold through FBA get better rankings in search results because, the orders being fulfilled by Amazon, they can be sure the delivery process runs smoothly. And the delivery performance is an important metric in ranking. If you look through a results page, you’ll see that on the first pages you’ll only find FBA sellers.
    • FBA products are more likely to win the Buy Box over the non-FBA items.
    • When customers see fulfilled by Amazon their trust level in your product increases. Customers will more likely buy a product if it’s delivered by Amazon rather than delivered by someone they know nothing about even if the product has a higher price.

    This is how Fulfilled by Amazon shows on a product’s listing, attracting more customers.

    Im Successfully Running My Fba Business Now What

    How to Start an Amazon Fba Business in 2021 Step by Step

    Once everythings all set up, and you start seeing your product flying off Amazons Fulfillment Center shelves, you may want to think about hiring a Virtual Assistant to help you grow your business even more or research products so your business can reach an even bigger audience.

    As your business grows, you may even consider selling it. Being such a popular and profitable business model, investors are definitely interested in successful FBA businesses.

    Of course, you can skip the line so-to-speak by just buying an that is already profitable. Register for our marketplace to make use of exclusive search functions to help you find businesses quicker.

    Dont forget, we also have ecommerce businesses for sale too. We help investors do this every single week, and help them create a lucrative strategy that works for them through our free criteria discovery call.

    And there you have it your very first Amazon FBA product listing for your brand-new Amazon FBA business. Now go out there and start selling those products like a boss!

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    Create An Amazon Fba Listing

    An Amazon FBA listing is the last step between the product and the sale. It should deliver four high-value touchpoints:

    • Upload high-resolution product image

    A value proposition is marketing speak for answer these 4 questions:

    • Why is your brand better and different than the competition?
    • Who specifically does your product target and what type of specific topics, words and phrases appeal to them?
    • Where did your company come from & how does your companys context put you in a unique position to provide this product?
    • Why should the customer trust you to be an expert in this particular category of product ?

    You should write the answer to these four questions out in paragraph form and then use them to inform your crisp, bulleted product description and paragraph on your brand page describing your context and vision. Remember to incorporate your targeted keywords here as well!

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