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How To Start Selling On Amazon As An Individual

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Do You Plan To Use A Dba Name To Operate Your Amazon Seller Account

How to make an Individual Seller Account on Amazon in 2019

While some companies have legitimate reasons to use a different customer-facing name, Amazon is also a place where many sellers purposefully conceal their identity.

Reasons for doing this include not wanting brands to know that they are selling online, or the brand is actually the reseller and doesnt want its other retail partners to know that it is selling product online direct to consumer.

Selling On Amazon With Fba

Amazon is a global leader in online selling because of its cutting-edge, worldwide order fulfillment networks. If you sign up for , you can store your products in their centers and scale your business reach by using FBA to pick, pack, ship, and provide customer service for your products.

Think about it: If youre just getting started in ecommerce, you need to take the time to market your business with digital ads, SEO, content, and PR. By selling on Amazon through FBA, you at least get to remove inventory management, shipping, the signature process, and returns from your plate.

Plus, Amazons customer service via email, phone, and live chat tools can save you from hiring employees to handle complaints and returns. Customer service and returns for any orders your customers place are handled directly by FBA and their knowledge base software database. This saves you time and frustration so you can focus on selling on Amazon to the best of your ability.

And there are more benefits:

  • You can use Amazon FBA to quickly grow your business since its fulfillment centers have been designed with wide-ranging inventory in mind.
  • There is no minimum number of products you must send in order to participate in this program.
  • Storing your products in the Amazon fulfillment centers is cost-effective.
  • You basically pay as you go.
  • Amazon charges for storage space and the orders it fulfills for your customers. Shipping costs are included in your fees.

What Is Amazon Fba

is a program where Amazon fulfillment centers handle storing, packing, and shipping orders as well as returns and exchanges. With a flat monthly cost, plus selling fees, you are able to simply send your products to these fulfillment centers. The actual shipping, tracking and customer service experience is then handled by this larger team, allowing you to potentially scale your business and reach more customers.

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Choose What To Sell On Amazon

The first step in learning how to sell on Amazon is figuring out what to sell on Amazon. To get product ideas, you can use Oberlo as an inspiration.

The dropshipping platform has thousands of products in different categories. Check out the items listed to get ideas for what you can sell on the Amazon marketplace.

This Is How Much It Actually Costs To Sell On Amazon Fba In 2021

The Easiest Way to Sell on Amazon

I hope that the knowledge that we shared inside this blog has helped you determine whether or not an Amazon FBA business is the right fit for you.

Tatiana is an Amazon expert. She specializes in helping people create financial freedom through building epic eCommerce businesses on Amazon & Shopify. If you’re serious about building an Amazon business, I highly recommend that you subscribe to her YouTube channel and follow her on .

Selling on Amazon is the best opportunity to create financial freedom. Don’t wait. Make 2021 the year when you take action and start building your dream life.

Do you want to know what the criteria are for finding profitable products to sell on Amazon FBA? to get instant access to my FREE 4-part Amazon FBA training series!

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I’m an internet entrepreneur, life and business coach, and philanthropist with a passion for living life to the fullest and fulfilling my potential as a human being.

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New Products Cant Get Organic Traffic

New products can get organic traffic if theyre well optimized.

Also, if you send paid traffic to your products as soon as you upload them and focus on getting sales and reviews early on, your new products can also get organic traffic.

Potential customers may be wary of items without reviews, but there will still be those who buy products without them if its something they want.

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Create An Amazon Seller Account

Youll need a chargeable credit card, your bank account information, and tax identification information to get started. Its a good idea to keep your business and personal email separate. If you dont already have a separate email for business, create one with the service of your choice before signing up for your Amazon Seller account.

Visit . You can log in to your existing Amazon account or create a new one. Many create an Amazon account thats separate from their personal account.

Fill out the required information and submit it. Amazon will guide you through the sign-up process.

If you dont want to use the professional selling plan, scroll down until you see:

How Does Selling On Amazon Work

How to Create an Amazon Seller Central Account for Individual Sellers – Complete Setup 2020 Guide

As we all know by now, Amazon is a platform where you can buy stuff from. All kinds of stuff. But where do the stuff comes from?

At the first glance, many people live under the impression that the products sold on Amazon are also sold by Amazon not true.

Yes, Amazon sells its own products too. Products like Alexa, Amazon Echo speakers, tablets, and all kinds of household items. They also own brands that sell products on Amazon but which you can’t see directly related to Amazon itself if you take a look through their listing.

Franklin & Freeman is a brand trademarked by Amazon

For example, these shoes are sold by Franklin & Freeman as you can see in the listing and there’s no visible connection between this brand and Amazon. But, the thing is, Franklin & Freeman is a brand trademarked by Amazon.

Although Amazon sells its own products, the big money comes from third-party sellers.

Most of the products you see on Amazon are not sold by Amazon, are sold either by more established brands or by people like you and me. Anybody can become an Amazon seller .

You put your products on Amazon, and with every sale made Amazon will take a commission from that sale.

This way Amazon makes money you make money everybody is happy.

The process of selling on Amazon is pretty simple

Even though the process itself is simple, you have some decisions to make before starting an Amazon business and it’s best to do your homework ahead.

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How To Create An Amazon Seller Account

First, you need to create an Amazon account if you dont already have one. Go to this page here to create one.

Next, you can register your new Amazon account as a seller account.

Be sure to read the Before Your Register section on the webpage. It provides info about the two types of Amazon Seller accounts, Professional and Individual.

Dont know which account type to use? The answer is simple: if youre going to sell more than 40 items a month, use a Professional account otherwise, select an Individual account.

Why is 40 items the cut off point? Amazon will charge you $0.99 per item when selling on an Individual account. So, if youre going to sell 40 items a month, you might as well pay for the $40 a month Professional account.

In my case, I was only selling a few items, so I chose an Individual account.

Once you choose your account type, youll be asked to login or create an Amazon account using your preferred email. From then on you will need to provide:

  • Business Name and Address
  • Billing Method/Deposit Chargeable Credit Card for Professional Account
  • Tax information If signing up for Professional Account
  • For your seller information, youll need to provide your name and address, as well as a Display name. This will be the name buyers see next to the item youre selling. It can be anything you want, but remember its public. I chose BilboBaggins50 because I was selling some old Lord of the Rings video games.

    Which Amazon Seller Account Type Is Best For You

    Individual seller plan is best when:

    • You have not decided what to sell.
    • If you are getting sales of less than 40 items per month.
    • You dont need multiple product listings.
    • You do not need advanced selling tools and not planning to advertise.

    Professional seller plan is best when:

    • You start getting sales of more than 40 items per month.
    • You want to win the Buy Box.
    • You want to advertise your products on Amazon.
    • You are planning to use advanced selling tools.
    • You want to sell restricted product categories.

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    Understanding Of Basic Cost Structure Including Overhead Costs

    Far too many sellers on Amazon understand only the basics of SKU-level profitability, resulting in a blended view of the sellers overall profitability, rather than a pinpoint perspective on which SKUs drive what percentage of profits, while understanding .

    Too many Amazon sellers dont know their profitability until the end of the year when their accountant announces the final numbers, hopefully to the sellers relief.

    Its critical for sellers to understand and compile all of their overhead costs, and recognize that these expenses need to be integrated into the running total of costs that a seller incurs selling on Amazon.

    When Selling On Amazon:

    Open Amazon Seller Account: Sign Up &  Start Selling On FBA ...
      You can add new products to the Amazon catalogue whenever you want.By using Fulfillment by Amazon, we take care of customer service, product shipping, and all logistics.You can check our help pages within Seller Central to help answer any questions you may have. Our seller support team will help you manage your account.Sell your products in Canada, United States, and Mexico. You control what you sell and where you sell it, managing your business from a single seller account.Earn a better location on the product detail pages.Customize the shipping rates of your products.

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    Other Amazon Sellers Make Too Many Mistakes Avoid The Pitfalls

    Experience speaks, and little details that made a huge difference in selling on Amazon were being missed by most of the sellers. It was like they preferred to hit their heads against the wall.

    Simple Details that fellow Sellers on Amazon were missing:

    • What type of account to establish
    • How to create a good listing with bullet points and descriptions that sell
    • What types of product variations to create
    • How to market correctly
    • How to prepare for the Holiday Retail Rush

    How To Sell On Amazon In 5 Steps

    Although there have been entire books written about how to sell on Amazon, selling your products using this online marketplace can be a pretty fast, easy processâespecially if youre already chosen your products, found a supplier, and evaluated potential costs before setting up your account.

    This being said, regardless of their size, every new Amazon seller gets started with the same five steps. Here are the details of what you need to do to start selling on Amazon.

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    Get Online Reviews Early On

    Focus on getting positive reviews early on. Go the extra mile for your customers when you sell stuff on Amazon. Issue refunds quickly if a customer is upset. In the event that you get a negative review, communicate with the customer to try to have it removed.

    You can also offer a replacement quickly and great service to keep your customers happy. After going above and beyond, many customers will change their review if asked. Most sellers have experienced that having a 95% rating has led to a better ranking in the Amazon search engine, allowing them to sell products on Amazon in higher quantities.

    The Amazon Professional Seller Account

    Register as an Amazon Seller with the Individual or Professional Selling Account

    According to Amazon

    The professional selling plan, you pay a nonrefundable monthly subscription fee regardless of whether you list or sell anything. You dont pay a per-item fee when an item sells. All other fees are charged as applicable. The Professional selling plan gives you access to inventory tools to upload batch files and manage your orders through feeds and reports. These tools are beneficial to most medium-to large-size business

    With this plan, you have to pay a fee of $39.99 along with other Amazon fees like closing fees, referral fees, and fulfillment fees for .A professional seller plan is recommended for every third-party seller who is serious about selling on Amazon and wants to build a profitable business.

    This plan unlocks many benefits like winning a buy box, uploading multiple product listings, and using advanced seller tools.

    • You can win a Buy Box with a professional seller plan.
    • Eligible for uploading multiple product listings.
    • It offers advanced tools like Repricers and SellerZen.
    • Can get approval for selling restricted products.
    • I can get access to advanced reporting tools.

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    Its The Biggest Online Sales Channel

    Amazon is the biggest online sales channel for an online retailer. With over , the site proves to be a powerhouse.

    Shoppers will find best selling items on Amazon first. No wonder 89 percent of them say they are more likely to buy items from Amazon than other ecommerce sites.The massive ecommerce store carries millions of products in various categories.

    Dont be discouraged by the amount of competition you might face. Its better to be where your customers are by selling stuff on Amazon. Dont let your competition take all of your potential sales.

    The Advantages Of Selling On Amazon

    The big advantages to being an Amazon Seller:

    • Traffic: For every month in 2020, was visited over 2 billion timesin some months it was more. Not every visitor will be in the market for your product, of course, but you’ll be in a prime position for those who search for products in your niche, and are ready to buy. As mentioned above this can be a great way to reach new and first-time customers.
    • Ready-made storefronts: By utilizing Amazon’s seller platform, you wont have to worry about setting up an online shopping website. You can simply fit your products into existing templates for maximum functionality and quick display.
    • Shipping and fulfillment: Rather than purchasing postal supplies and building shipping procedures from scratch, you can follow the online dropping business to let Amazon’s systems handle the orders, delivery, etc.
    • Customer loyalty: One of the biggest hurdles facing any new internet entrepreneur is getting prospects to trust them enough to actually buy something. When you operate under the Amazon umbrella, theres already a built-in level of trust.

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    Sign Up For An Amazon Seller Account

    In order to set up your Amazon seller account and get started selling on Amazon, youll need to choose a seller plan, provide some information about your business, and understand Amazons seller policies.

    Choose a Seller Plan

    When you sign up to sell on Amazon, youâll choose one of three different selling plans, depending on the scale of your business:

    • Amazon Individual Seller: If you own a very small business and plan to sell fewer than 40 items per month, you can sign up as an Amazon individual seller. This will cost you just $0.99 per sale, plus a few other transaction fees.
    • Amazon Professional Seller: If you plan to sell more than 40 individual items per month, youll need to sign up for a professional account. Amazon will charge a subscription fee of $39.99 per month, plus some transaction fees on each sale.
    • Amazon Vendor: If you manufacture products yourself, you can sell these goods as a wholesale business to Amazon. They will handle product listings, fulfillment, and shipping, and when they run out of stock, they will order more from you.

    Be aware that certain products require approval to sellâand, if approved, only sellers with professional accounts are eligible to sell those products. Some products that require approval include specific software, laser pointers, and hoverboards.

    Amazon recommends that you use the professional seller plan. Image source:

    Create Your Amazon Seller Account

    Image source:

    Set up Your Seller Profile

    What To Do Next

    Amazon FBA Fees: How Much Does it Cost to Sell on Amazon?

    Congratulations! Hopefully youve either sold your first item or have at least listed your first item on Amazon.

    If you havent made the plunge yet, but are still curious about Amazon FBA, check out our blog posts , , and what . Or, click on the image below for a free eBook.

    As your business grows, learn how to connect and to the rest of your business systems like an order management system!

    Get advice and best practices about eCommerce, multichannel, retail, and more, delivered right to your inbox, every Monday. Start your work week with us.

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