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How To Subscribe To Starz On Amazon

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How Much Is It To Watch Starz On Amazon Prime

How To Cancel Starz On Amazon App

Amazon Prime currently offers a few options for streaming content from STARZ. Its important to note that all options require a base membership to Amazon Prime Video, a subscription that starts at $8.99/month.

Once you have an account with Amazon Prime Video, you can either purchase individual titles from STARZ or opt into the STARZ add-on. Individual shows and movies range in price depending on their popularity and recency, but most shows from STARZ can be purchased for $1.99$2.99/episode. Keep in mind that not all STARZ content is available for purchaserecent releases require a STARZ add-on.

The STARZ add-on runs for $8.99 per month following a 7-day free trial period. This cost will be tacked on to the Amazon Prime subscription price you already pay. Opting for the STARZ add-on grants you access to all of the STARZ content on Prime, including recent releases like Raising Kanan, the highly-anticipated prequel to Power.

STARZ On-Demand

How To Install Starz On Amazon Fire Stick

Are you tired and bored of watching the same old stations on TV? Do you want a more convenient way to view all of your favorite films? If you have an Amazon Firestick, you can easily download and enjoy STARZ. STARZ is a prestigious cable and satellite tv network in the United States that is known for its streaming media application. The STARZ app is now publicly accessible for Fire TV platforms, allowing customers to install it.

Its a fantastic tool that enables users to access high-definition versions of their favorite films and series. It is among the most preferred streaming mobile programs, allowing users to view their favorite films, TV episodes, and online programs, among other things.

First and foremost, you must get the STARZ app from the Amazon App Store. You may then configure it on your Firestick device from there. Here are the most important suggestions for you:

  • On the home screen, click the Search symbol on the top-left corner.
  • In the search field, type STARZ.
  • Your screen will display the STARZ app, as well as other comparable apps. Select the STARZ App.
  • Select the Get option.
  • The device should install the software on your FireStick as soon as it has been downloaded.
  • Now, press the Open button to start watching STARZ on your Amazon Firestick. Youre all prepared to watch your favorite movies without issues.

Our Short And Sweet Review

Starz has yet to break through to enjoy the popular success of their sister channels HBO and Showtime. Their user interface lacks the intuitive design that distinguishes the elite streaming platforms like Netflix and Hulu. But Starz is gathering steam and finding their niche.

Starz understands that this service isnt supposed to stand in for a massive wall-to-wall streaming platform. Instead, Starz is more like a service to add-on to the large tentpole platforms like Amazon Prime and Netflix. As a result, Starzs lack of original content and TV shows equals its budget price and highly connective app.

Finally, Starz streaming has a small but loyal audience who enjoy their unique content and giant movie library . Starz might best be called a premium add-on streaming service. Lack of 4k support and a slow UI will certainly get improved soon, too.

All in all, this streaming platform is above average, great for its price, and growing into a more central streaming service as Lionsgate dedicates more money to development. CEO Jeff Hirsch recognized the need for more original content, toopromising 16 new series soon.

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Starz Viewing Quality & Offline Downloads

As we noted above, Starz doesnt currently support 4k downloads. Unfortunately, this drawback puts Starz on-demand far behind most streaming platforms, where 4k resolution is the norm. But the service still has a few exciting viewing features to talk about.

The Starz viewing quality is difficult to verify because the video wont allow for screen grabs. Thus, we struggled to compare Starz to other streaming services like Netflix and Hulu. Still, the quality is fine enough. It didnt distract us or keep us thinking about 4k while watching.

Loading times during viewing were minimal, and we were pleasantly surprised at the low amount of interstitial ads we had to sit through. True, you wont get uninterrupted screen time like Netflix. Instead, youll see short ads between show episodes and at the beginning of movies.

If you want to bring Starz content with you, no problem. The service supports offline downloads for film and TV shows. Keep in mindyou cant download some content, and youll need an up-to-date iOS or Android mobile device to watch downloaded content.

The downloaded content only remains on the downloading device. So, dont make the mistake of bringing along your phone for a long flight, only to find that your downloaded movies are still at home on your laptop.

What Are Amazon Prime Video Channels And How Do I Get Them

How to cancel a Starz subscription on Amazon when you no longer need ...

Channels are optional add-ons for Prime subscribers, for an additional monthly fee, that provide on-demand or live streaming access to TV shows, movies and other video content from a provider. Subscribers can access the content from all compatible Prime Video devices, including via the Amazon Prime Video app on smart TVs and streaming devices, Android and iOS phones and tablets, computers and Amazon’s own Fire TV devices and Fire tablets.

Signing up for a particular channel is easy for Prime members.

1. Sign in to your Amazon account.

2. Browse to Amazon’s list of channels.

3. Find the channel you want and select it.

4. Click through to the main banner above the list of shows and movies.

5. You’ll see a button, typically 7 day free trial or Get started . Click it.

6. Enter your PIN .

7. Confirm details to purchase.

That’s it. Once you confirm the purchase, your Amazon account will be charged, typically on a monthly basis, for the cost of the Channel, and you’ll have instant access to all of its TV shows and movies.

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Why Should I Use Amazon Channels

If you primarily use Amazon services and devices to get your streaming content already, then Channels is a fine way to expand your repertoire of streaming apps.

This is especially the case if you refuse to pay your cable company for cable TV access and thus any additional channels or services therein but still totally pay them for internet.

What Else Can I Do With A Vpn

In addition to letting you log into your paid Starz account and watch your favorite shows and movies, a powerful VPN can:

  • by taking the risk out of using P2P sites. Just keep in mind that its illegal to share copyrighted material like a movie , and you should never use a VPN to break the law.
  • Access all your movie and TV streaming accounts even when you travel abroad or connect using restricted public or corporate networks. As a precaution, check the terms of service before you connect to make sure youre not in violation.
  • Get past speed throttles from your ISP or government when they slow down your connection for using too much bandwidth.
  • Protect your passwords, location, and other data by giving you an encrypted tunnel that hides your online activities from hackers and spies.
  • in countries where the web is restricted. Just be sure not to break any laws, as you could get into serious trouble.

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How Do You Sign Up

How To Cancel Your Amazon Starz Subscription

There are currently several ways to become a Starz subscriber. You can get it through your cable or satellite provider, if you want the traditional channel experience.

You can also sign up online and watch on your laptop or download a standalone app. Do that by clicking the button below.

And another popular option is to get Starz as an add-on channel on Amazon Prime, Apple TV, Google Play, Microsoft, Roku, Samsung TV, Sling, or Sprint.

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What Is The Easiest Way To Get A Free Starz Trial

The easiest way to get your 7-day free trial on Starz is on their platform or the app. Here’s what you need to do:

  • Sign up online or download the app
  • Initiate your 7-day free trial by using your Google Play, Apple, or Roku ID
  • Create your Starz account
  • That’s it. Now you can start streaming on a supported device.

    What Does Amazon Channels Cost

    Nothing! Well, there is a catch. Amazon Channels costs nothing on its own, but is only accessible to subscribers. This is yet another benefit to subscribing to Amazons paid service for guaranteed two-day shipping on all eligible orders.

    How much does Amazon Prime cost? On an annual basis, you can enjoy Amazon Prime for $99 or £79 . Monthly, you can have Amazon Prime for $9.99 or £7.99 .

    If you dont care about ordering things online and getting them quickly in addition to your complimentary Amazon Prime Video service and free unlimited photo storage, then paying for just that service and nothing else costs $8.99, £5.99 or AU$5.99 a month. This service cannot be paid for annually.

    But, wait: theres yet another catch. If you want to access a channel or service within Amazon Channels that youd normally have to pay extra to access elsewhere, you still need to pay. For instance, to get HBO Go through Amazon Channels, youll still need to pay $14.99 or £9.50 a month, only tacked onto your Amazon Prime subscription rather than directly to HBO or through your cable provider.

    Mind, however, that we might see these channels enjoy discounts as part of the upcoming bonanza.

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    Is Starz Free With Amazon Prime Starz Free Trial 2022

    From blockbuster movies to award-winning dramas and everything in between, STARZ offers a solid library of content featuring a wide variety of titles. And now with its availability on different OTT platforms like Prime Video, it has become even more convenient to access it almost anytime and anywhere.

    Cancel Starz On Prime Video

    Amazon Channels: how to subscribe to HBO Go, Showtime and Starz bundles ...

    The steps listed below will explain how to cancel Starz on Prime Video:

  • Using a web browser, log in to your Amazon account
  • Click the Accounts & Lists button on the top right of the page
  • Scroll down the list, then open the Memberships and Subscriptions menu
  • Select the Prime Video Channels option
  • Enter your username and password again if asked to
  • Look for the Starz option under the Your Channels tab
  • Click the Cancel Channel button
  • Confirm your choice
  • Select the option labeled Turn off auto-renewand watch until
  • You will be asked to give a reason for ending your subscription.
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    Does Starz Have A Free Trial

    Yes, it does. Starz offers a 7-day free trial, but there are ways to turn those seven days into five weeks! Multiple services, including Amazon Channels and Hulu, are offering a 7-days free trial for Starz. You can technically stack all of the different free trial options and enjoy Starz free of charge for over a month.

    Services offering 7-Day Free Trial for Starz

    Directly on Starz

    If you sign up for the AT& T’s Plus or Max packages, you can start a free trial for various premium services, Starz included

    How To Get Starz Free Trial With Amazon Prime

    Amazon Prime members have access to Amazon Prime Video, an add-on streaming video service. There’s a related service called Amazon Prime Channels that allows you to track premium cable channels, including Showtime, HBO, and Starz .

    The Starz and Amazon Prime Channels have an agreement that allows Amazon Prime members to have a 7-day free trial period for Starz.

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    How Much Does Starz Cost

    Pricing for Starz varies depending on which part of the service you want and which cable or satellite providers are available to you. Different providers will offer different rates and monthly subscription fees. And Starz may be bundled into existing packages or offered as an add-on.

    The Starz app, which gives you unlimited access to all Starz content, will be included with your TV subscription.

    If youre all about that cord-cutting life, though, or just dont want any more channels, the app alone is $8.99 per month.

    How Much Is Starz On Amazon After The Free Trial

    How to Cancel Starz Subscription

    Starz is one of the 100+ channels available on Amazon Prime Video, but some of them come with an additional subscription cost.

    Once the free seven-day trial is up, Starz costs $8.99 a month, while Amazon Prime costs $12.99 a month.

    Many people find Starz to be well worth the extra cost, as it has some of the biggest blockbuster movies and popular exclusive TV shows too.

    The good thing about watching Starz on Amazon Prime Video is no cable service is required and you can cancel anytime, although fees may apply.

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    How Long Is Starzs Free Trial

    If youre interested in trying out Starz for free, Starzs free trial is the best way to do so. While the streamer doesnt currently have a free trial available, it has offered seven-day free trials in the past. While Starzs free trial isnt currently available, viewers can sign up for Starz free trials with Hulu, FuboTV, and . Hulu and Amazon Prime Video currently offer a 30-day free trial, which each include a seven-day free trial of Starz, whereas FuboTV offers a seven-day free trial for both services.

    Starz On Amazons $499 Per Month Deal

    Starz also has another deal with Amazon Prime Video, where viewers can subscribe to the service for $4.99 per month for three months. The deal, which saves users about $5 from Starzs regular price of $8.99, ends on March 31, 2022. To take advantage of the deal, however, viewers will need to be Amazon Prime or Amazon Prime Video subscribers. Amazon Prime Video offers a 30-day free trial that comes with the same benefits of Amazon Prime, such as free two-day shipping, Prime Music and more.

    If youre a student, the free trial is even longer. Compared to the regular 30-day Prime free trial, Student Primes free trial is six months, which is five months more than the regular free trial. But perhaps the best part about is that customers can sign up for it multiple times. According to Amazon, users can sign up for over and over again as long as it isnt within the same 12 months. This means that if you havent been an Amazon Prime member for more than 12 months, youre eligible to receive another 30 days for freewhich can include seven days of Starz free. After the trial ends, customers can subscribe to for $12.99 per month or $119 per year Those who just want an Amazon Prime Video subscription can also subscribe for $8.99 per month. See below for step-by-step instructions on how to sign up for Starz on Amazons $4.99 per month deal.

  • Start watching Starz
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    Add Starz Showtime Streaming To Amazon Prime

    Amazon Streaming Partners Program allows users to add video-streaming services to their Prime accounts.

    Amazon Prime members already have access to streaming video through the e-commerce giant’s platform, but now they can add some more content to the mix.

    Amazon’s new Streaming Partners Program allows users to add subscription-based, video-streaming services like Showtime or Starz to their Prime accounts.

    You have to pay extra on top of the $99 per year Prime fee. But in the case of Showtime, adding it to Amazon Prime will cost you $8.99 per month rather than $10.99 per month if you signed up via Showtime’s standalone streaming service. Showtime has a similar deal with Hulu.

    Starz, meanwhile, is otherwise only available as an add-on to pay TV packages. The channel doesn’t have a standalone streaming option, so those who have been itching to watch Outlander and other Starz content can now do so online for $8.99 per month.

    Other options include bundles from larger channels, like Lifetime Movie Club , Comedy Central Stand-Up , and Sundance Doc Club .

    The Streaming Partners Program offers free trials on all subscriptions, which vary from 7 days to a month.

    The Starz Movie Library

    Amazon Channels: how to subscribe to HBO Go, Showtime and Starz bundles ...

    True to its 1990s origins as a movie channel and part of Encore, Starz continues to host a wide variety of Hollywood and international films. Their library includes some newer releases. Among current offerings released since 2019 are:

    Netflix premium subscriptions have been steadily rising and now come in at almost $20 per month, so an $8.99 subscription is certainly welcome in the increasingly pricy streaming space.

    But there are limits to the service, and for my money, its more of an add-on to your existing subscriptions, giving you some extra viewing options many of which are exclusive to Starz.

    You arent getting the variety of something like HBO Max, , or Netflix, which each offer massive libraries of films and TV series from different studios and networks, along with their own originals. But youre getting a solid batch of prestige series and films that you wont find anywhere else.

    With a crowded field that includes the above services as well as Disney Plus, Apple TV Plus, Mubi, Peacock, Shudder, Britbox, the Criterion Channel, and seemingly more new options every day, Starz is certainly one more affordable premium option, like Epix, to diversify your streaming ecosystem.

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