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How To Unhold Amazon Account

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Adding The Repository With A New Access Server Installation

How to unblock or unhold amazon account new trick 2017

Beginning with Access Server 2.7.5, we distribute the package and client bundle primarily through our official software repository. From our central server, you can obtain the latest Access Server software. Your Linux operating system will download and install the latest version and upgrade your existing installation whenever you get updates and upgrades.

You can find simple copy and paste instructions on how to do this on on our website. This is our recommended method for installation and updates. The steps found there are all it takes to add the repository and get started with a new Access Server installation within minutes.

New: High Volume Of Returns

Every time you return an item, Amazon has to deal with shipping and restocking which costs them a lot of money particularly for a company that notoriously sells items at a very low profit margin.

Recently a report from Appriss showed that US retailers suffered a staggering $369 billion in lost sales in 2018 just from returns. Thats why Amazon have invested heavily in systems to detect unprofitable customers that have a higher than average return rate.

Therefore if your volume of returns is particularly high, expect to see your account locked.

To avoid this, some dropshippers are now absorbing the cost of low value returns themselves to reduce their return %.

Suspicious Gift Card Activity

Dropshippers love buying gift cards to purchase items. But to Amazon, gift cards are equivalent to cash on their platform so they have to police them tightly.

With Amazon having the widest range of products of any retailer in the world, it has become a prime target for money launderers that want to turn cash into items.

This leads to 2 big triggers that usually alert Amazon to lock an account when dealing with gift cards.

Unusually heavy usage of gift cards Buying and redeeming large values of gift cards can seem unusual so Amazon will want to verify your reasons for it.

Opening a new account If someone goes onto Amazon, opens a PRIME account and the first thing they do is buy a gift card, this will cause an immediate lock on your Amazon account.

Again, Amazon isnt trying to be evil. They simply need to comply with various money laundering regulations around the world. At the end of the day, they love your money and want your orders as much as you want to buy from them.

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Why Are Amazon Accounts Normally Locked

In our experience, there are 5 main reasons that Amazon will lock your account.

But in addition, there are 2 widely believed reasons that usually have no bearing on your account being locked.

So lets look at these myths first.

Myth 1: Amazon lock accounts of dropshippers for abusing PRIME

Myth 2: Amazon lock accounts because they dont agree with dropshipping

Reality: Amazon gets millions of sales every year thanks to dropshippers. They get their Amazon-branded packaging in the hands of new customers and gain sales on competing platforms too. Whats not to love?

The problem with these myths is that it often causes people to be untruthful when they talk to Amazon because they fear theyve broken their rules so they enter fake information or tell lies which actually makes the situation near impossible to rectify.

As youre about to see, Amazon doesnt want to make it harder to get orders from you. The real reasons that Amazon lock accounts are much more to do with protecting customers from fraud and money laundering.

Is Your Amazon Account Locked 4 Ways To Fix It

How to Unblock or Unhold your Amazon Account

A frustrating situation is finally resolved

Whether you are a customer or a seller, getting your Amazon account locked can be pretty frustrating. For customers, it could mean not getting their orders from Amazon or getting locked out of other services like Fire and Kindle. As for sellers can affect their bottom line since their business isnt operable until the issue is resolved.

If youve been searching for a solution to recover a locked Amazon account, youve come to the right place. This post will discuss why your Amazon account got locked and how to resolve the issue.

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How Do I Handle The Orders Which Were Not Fulfilled

This will depend on the software youre using. If youre having trouble getting your account unlocked you could call Amazon for details of orders that arent shipped and try to manually fulfill them. If youre a Salefreaks user, once your account is reinstated, go to purchase issues to place the orders.

Heres Marques Trick If Youre Using Amazon Business Accounts

While writing this article, another Salefreaks user, Marques, got in contact with us to suggest using Amazon business accounts as a way to minimize disruption if youre using multiple accounts and one gets locked.

This proved fortunate for him because after having his account hacked and suspended, he could still access his other accounts, and view orders on the suspended account until it was reinstated.

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How To Unlock Amazon Account From Suspension

Amazon Expert Partner at Seller Tradecraft | Investor

Has Amazon also locked you in suspension from your account? If so, then this is a question you would be dying to ask: How do I unlock my Amazon Account from Suspension?

And guess what? Amazon is a profitable channel for both online and offline retailers and customers, recognizing a paradigm for Amazon sellers and buyers, and one that requires them to follow the very specific guidelines of Amazon.

To be very honest, Amazon does not compromise in providing the best for its customers. If you dont follow the Amazon regulations, your account WILL be suspended.

But dont worry, heres everything you need to know about unlocking your suspended account on Amazon.

So without further ado, lets get started.

Why Would Amazon Lock My Account?

Okay, you must be wondering:

How can I unlock my Amazon account from suspension?

Now, I am going to stop you right here because if you want your Amazon account unlocked from suspension, you first need to understand why you got locked out in the first place.

Keep reading and youll find out.

Believe it or not, hundreds of Amazon users tweet their Amazon accounts that have been suspended. In fact, representatives of Amazon are openly claiming that Amazon has automatic triggers that can suspend accounts.

Here are a few reasons on your Amazon account that can trigger an automatic suspension.

Story : Joao Why You Shouldnt Hide From Amazon


As an experienced dropshipper, Joao noticed that a lot of people believe they should use different cards and different names to hide from Amazon. But what he learned is that there is bothno need and no pointin hiding.

Joao recalls a time when he woke up after receiving a message from his Virtual Assistant saying that 2 of his Amazon accounts had been locked. But when he tried to log in to his accounts he noticed that in fact all 4 of his accounts had been locked and these accounts were responsible for 200 orders/day!

Surprised, Joao decided to call Amazon and play dumb. But Amazon was already one step ahead.

Despite having multiple accounts, Amazon told him that they knew all these 4 accounts were linked. In fact, they even noticed that one of his orders was about how to open accounts safely.

Since then, Joao has stuck to opening Amazon accounts with only his real information .

He has also gone on to help around 100 people unlock their Amazon accounts and has a 100% success rate when the account information is real. In one instance, he managed to unlock £3000 of gift card balance when Amazon locked his own account.

If you want Joaos help in unlocking your Amazon account, you can contact him via our private Facebook group.

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What Should You Do If Your Bank Or Credit Card Provider Is Blocking Your Card From Ordering

If youre using a personal bank card for your orders, your bank might decide to block it if you place a particularly high volume of orders .

This is normally because Amazon charges your card at the point of despatch, so if you order 50 items at $10 each, you could have up to 50 transactions showing on your statement.

One way to stop this is to use your card to buy gift cards from Amazon to fulfill your orders instead.

In this example, if you bought a $500 gift card from Amazon, that would count as 1 transaction on your bank statement and would be less likely to trigger your bank to block your card.

Service Notice: Perpetual License Keys

If you have a perpetual license key that was purchased prior to 2013, you must purchase a new subscription in order to upgrade your Access Server instance. All Access Server license keys purchased since 2013 are standard license keys, not perpetual.

OpenVPN strictly adheres to the original terms under which we sold perpetual licenses. One of those terms was that neither support nor upgrades were allowed when the license keys term for support expired. A perpetual license key will not work on an Access Server higher than version 1.8.4.

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Heres Joaos Trick On How To Operate Multiple Accounts

Joao suggests when registering a new account, to use exactly the same details but only change the email address with


If your main email account is then open your next one as and your next one as

By doing it this way, all your orders will fall into your main account even if you have lots of accounts. And should you receive a case on eBay and need to find out which Amazon account fulfilled the order, you can simply go to Amazon and search the postcode .

This method can also help you if youre selling quantity restricted items though be aware that it doesnt guarantee you wont be locked.

Amazon India To Unhold My Amazon Account

How to Unlock Or UnHold you Amazon Account in 5 min 100% ...

Hyderabad, Telangana This is k koteshwar. My younger brother has used the wrong credit card and tried to order on, from that day my account was kept on hold but i didn’t get any email about it. On 29th of this month i paid a bill on pay and my money was debited from the account and i got a message that my account was on hold and i need to verify the details of the card which i didn’t know. So please help me to get refund and also to unhold my account. Was this information helpful?

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New: High Value Of Items Being Ordered

One trigger for getting locked by Amazon is an unusually high value of daily orders particularly on newer accounts.

Because of this, wed advise keeping your daily orders below £200/day by using multiple Amazon accounts. Youll find more information on using multiple accounts later in this article.

Solution #1 Check What Documents You Lack On Your Amazon Account

You may have missed out on submitting more documents to verify your account. To resolve it, upload the necessary documents on Amazon for further account identity verification.

  • Go to your email inbox and look for the last Amazon order confirmation email you received.
  • Look for a link in the email that will give you access to your Amazon account.
  • Once you are in your Amazon account, go to the product page and buy something.
  • It will then show the error message, Your amazon account is locked, and orders are on hold.
  • You will see the Add document button. Click to open it.

Upload the necessary documents for further account verification, such as your billing address, credit statement, and other documents.

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What Does Amazon Need To Verify To Unlock My Account

But before we go ahead, Amazon will ask you a few things when they respond to your request for your Amazon account to be unlocked.

  • A copy of your ID, bill or credit card details.

If the information you originally entered on your Amazon account is correct, by giving these details there should be nothing to worry about and it will solve your Amazon problems quickly.

But be aware that there is little chance that your account will be unlocked if you have entered false information.

Connecting To Accounts Specialists Via Chats

How to Unblock or Unhold your Amazon account Free | New method 2020

Another possible way to contact an Amazon Supervisor or Accounts Specialist is by contacting them on Amazon Contact Us forums.

  • Log in to an active Amazon account and go to Contact Us forum.
  • Ask for a supervisor and provide verification details when asked.
  • Explain that your account was blocked by mistake after you purchased products and you need an account specialist to review your details and restore your account.
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    Preventing Access Server Updates

    Once you have added the OpenVPN Access Server software repository to your system, any time you run the commands to update your operating system, it will also pull in the new Access Server release and bundled connect clients, if there are any. For cloud images , and ESXi and HyperV appliances, we have pinned the openvpn-as package so that the Access Server program does not update when you install operating system updates.

    The reason we have done this is to avoid a sudden change in process. Past versions of Access Server stayed at their currently installed version number when people ran operating system updates. We did not want to end up surprising a system administrator with a new Access Server version just be doing security updates.

    You can change that by unpinning it, and repin if youd like with these commands.

    Unpin the openvpn-as package:

                                apt-mark hold openvpn-as

    The 3 Ps You Need To Deal With An Amazon Account Lock

    Before we jump in, I want you to put your feet up, take a deep breath and try to relax.

    You need to realize that its totally normal for most dropshippers that have had their Amazon accounts locked for the first time to experience a mild sense of panic.

    But please, before you tell all your friends that they should sell their possessions because the world is coming to an end, know this:

    In 99% of cases, if your Amazon account has your real details it will be unlocked.

    I repeat, if your Amazon account has your real details, it WILL be unlocked in 99% of cases!

    All you need are the 3 Ps Persistence, Pressure, and Patience

    Persistence because you may need to send a few messages and know not to take no for an answer.

    Pressure because you need to be so pesky that you force Amazon to notice you and act.

    And patience, because even with the strategies in this article, it can take time for your account to be unlocked.

    Once your Amazon account is unlocked, you will get your gift card balance back . And in the meanwhile, if there are any customers asking where their orders are, you can simply message them an apology, say it must have been lost in transit and ask them if they want a refund or it to be re-ordered with express delivery.

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    Having Trouble With Frequent Amazon Account Locks And Closures Sign Up For Priceyak Here

    This commonly happens when you’re first getting started with Auto Ordering… just reset your password per Amazon’s instructions.

    You’ll then need to reenter your new password in Auto Ordering and everything should work perfectly :).

    The email Amazon sends when this happens is below.

    Note: If you are running into frequent problems with Amazon permanently locking your accounts, we highly recommend you consider our Managed Accounts option which allow you to place Amazon orders without the hassle of opening, funding, and maintaining Amazon accounts.


    Greetings from

    Please take the time to read this message – it contains important information about your account.

    After careful review of your account, we believe it may have been accessed and used by a third-party to attempt to make purchases without your permission. It seems that someone obtained your personal account and/or financial information elsewhere, and used it on to access your account. Please note that no unauthorized charges were completed as we were able to cancel the order.

    It is important to know that accounts can only be accessed by those who know personal, specific information about you and your account, including your email address and password. As mentioned above, it appears someone obtained this personal account information elsewhere and used it on to access your account.


    What Does Amazon Need To Verify And Unlock Your Account


    When you contact Amazon to unlock your account, theyll usually ask for your credit card statement with your billing address on it showing the transactions made on Amazon , and also sometimes a copy of your ID, bill or credit card details.

    If the information you entered originally on your Amazon account is correct, there should be nothing to worry about by giving these details and itll quickly resolve your Amazon issues. But do be aware that if youve entered fake information, there is little chance of having your account unlocked. Instead, you should continue reading to get advice on how to prevent future accounts being locked.

    A special note for Amazon UK users

    You may be asked for a bank statement that shows your debit card number alongside the transactions however, unlike U.S. banks, most U.K. banks dont do this.

    For this reason, most people with a locked Amazon UK account resort to taking a photo of their statement alongside their physical bank card and sending this as evidence instead.

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