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How To Unsubscribe From Amazon Audible

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Discounted Audible Membership For Prime Members

How to Cancel Audible Subscription

Every now and then, Amazon comes up with many lucrative Audible offers exclusively for Prime members. And although Audible is not included with Prime, these offers will no doubt make you feel even more privileged as a Prime member!

So, How much is Audible with Prime?

Although there isnt any fixed discount rate, Amazon has offered Audible membership at a discount of even more than 75% to its Prime Members in the past.

For instance, in 2018 and 2019, as a Prime Day offer, Audible membership was available at just $4.95/month. Amazon has also offered Audible membership for as low as $3.95/month on many occasions in the past to its Prime members.

However, these discounts;are generally available only for a limited period and may not always be Prime-exclusive.

You can check the Current Audible offers for Prime members from !

How To Unsubscribe From Audible Amazons Audiobook And Podcast Service

Signing up for any online service is very easy.;Normally, you just need to enter your name, email, and password, and in a matter of seconds, you can start using it. But things change if we want to unsubscribe.;Canceling an account is usually a much more complicated task than opening it, and in many cases, it is practically impossible to find a way to leave the service. One example is with Audible, Amazons audiobook and podcast service.

It is a platform that was launched recently. To promote it, the e-commerce giant offers a;three-month free trial of Audible to Amazon Prime users;and a;30-day free;trial;for all other users.;Once the trial period ends, the price is $9.99 per month to access the catalog of more than 90,000 original audiobooks and podcasts.

Alternatives To Canceling Your Audible Account

The one-month Audible trial period with your choice of books is the ideal first step to see if it’s for you. But let’s say you have waded in and now are unsure about your commitment to the service. One of the most common reasons is lack of time.

You can give it one more shot before you take the nuclear option with a few suggested steps.

  • Switchover to a lower priced plan. Tailor your subscription to your listening habits. Audible offers several membership plans and the option to switch plans anytime.;Click the Switch Membership button located below “Your Membership” section.
  • Take a hiatus. Some marketplaces will allow you to put your membership on hold. But only if you have a monthly recurring plan. Also, an;account can be on hold only once every 12 months. This hold can be anywhere between one to three months.;You won’t be charged a membership fee, but you will also not receive any new credits or free access to audio shows.
  • Try it with a special offer. As I explained before, Audible can sometimes offer you a special package when you go through the cancellation steps. It can be an incentive to build an audiobook listening habit for another three months at a good discount. After all, a good motivational audiobook can even change your life in little ways.
  • Use an Audible Promotional Code. Promotional codes can help you to reduce the membership fees and help extend your association with the service. Search for .
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    With Donotpay You Wont Be Charged After Your Free Trials Ever Again

    Subscription companies such as Audible earn a fortune every year from auto-renewals. Once you start your free trial, its easy to forget to cancel it on time, even though Audible will send you an email reminder one week before the expiration date. Forgetting to cancel your subscription on time will lead to regular charges on your credit card and a lot of frustration.;

    If you want to ensure you dont get charged after your trial, sign up to Audible with the DoNotPays virtual credit card. Audible wont be able to tell the difference, and your credit card wont be charged.

    How To Cancel Audible In 6 Easy Steps

    Methods To Unsubscribe from Audible

    Audible may not be worth it for you right now. Let’s see how to cancel an Audible subscription in a few easy steps.

    Where can you ask Jeremy Irons, Jake Gyllenhaal,; Bryan Cranston, and Kate Winslet to whisper in your ear?;Amazon’s Audible is the world’s largest seller of audiobooks. Is that making you think twice about cancelling your Audible subscription? Even then, let’s see how to cancel an Audible subscription in a few easy steps.

    If you are an audiobook lover, then”Is Audible worth it?” is a legitimate question. You also might have your own genuine reason to cancel your Audible account. Is it any of the ones below?

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    No Amazon Audible With Prime

    So as said earlier, Amazon Audible is considered to be a separate service by amazon. Unlike Amazon Prime in which you were getting access to many other services like Amazon Prime to watch your favorite movies and shows, Amazon Music to listen to your favorite songs, You wont be getting Audible to hear your favorite audiobooks.

    But Prime members would be happy to know that they would be getting access to a number of free podcasts and;Audible;books, and though the latter includes both classics and recent works, the titles number in the dozens as opposed to the hundreds of thousands in the main;Audible;library.

    How To Cancel Audible From An Iphone Or Android Device

    If you want to cancel the Audible membership directly from your smartphone, unfortunately, that is impossible. By simply deleting the Audible app from your phone, you will not change anything in regards to your subscription. Additionally, both the Android and iOS apps do not provide access to the cancellation feature.

    In order to cancel your Audible subscription, youll have to visit their website from a desktop or laptop computer. Of course, if you want to do it from your phone, you can choose the desktop version of Audibles website in your browser. In that case, youll be able to complete the cancellation process, although not as conveniently as from a computer.

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    Follow These Steps To Cancel Amazon Audible Subscription

  • Log in to Audible. Next, click on the Hi +name button, on the top-right corner of the page, to make several options appear.
  • Choose Account Detailson the Audible desktop site. In this, the first section will show you the exact date on which you became a member. Also, you will come to know the membership plan you are currently using. Hence, you can get an idea of when to cancel.
  • Now Click on Cancel membership at the bottom of the View membership details section.
  • Follow the on-screen instructions and steps.
  • On the same page go to Account Settings. Here, you can see the Cancel my membership button. Choose this option.
  • Next, select an option such as Its too expensive for the reason of cancellation.
  • Next choose the Continue to Cancel button, at the bottom of the page.
  • You will then be asked to Cancel membershipwhere you just have to tab on that button.
  • Note: Uninstall the Audible app, or trying these steps from a phone or tablet will not cancel your plan. For this you need to complete the steps on the Audible desktop site.An automated email will be sent to you as proof of your plan changes, once the cancellation is done.

    Now, remember this that if you have any remaining credits on your account, you will be prompted to use them prior to cancelling. Once you have cancelled your Audible account, any remaining credits terminate with your membership.

    The same steps are applied to cancel the audible after free trial.

    Can I Lend My Audiobooks To Friends And Family

    How to cancel audible subscription.

    You can lend your Audible books to your friends and family using the Send This Book feature. It allows them to listen to your audiobooks for free. However, they can only receive one free listen once. They dont even need to have an Audible membership to borrow your audiobook!

  • From the Audible app, go to your Library and tap on the triple dots beside the book that you want to lend.
  • Select Send This Book from the popup menu.
  • Choose whether to send the audiobook link via SMS, email, or other channels and enter the recipients information.
  • They will receive a code that they need to redeem to download the title for free.
  • If they already redeemed a free/borrowed title before, they will receive a message with the option to purchase the book.
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    More How To Cancel Audible Faqs

    How to Cancel Audible Free Trial or Membership Account?

    Go to via web or mobile Browser > Hi menu> Account details > cancel membership button

    How to cancel audible membership on phone?

    Yes call Audible customer services at: Toll free;1 283-5051 and International 1 577-1377

    How to cancel audible on amazon?

    Its not possible to cancel audible on amazon. you must to > account details > cancel membership

    How to cancel Audible via Audible iPhone or Andriod App?

    Its not possible to cancel audible on the Audible APP iphone or Andriod. You must to go to via web or mobile Browser > Hi menu> account details > cancel membership

    Will I be Charged if i Cancel during Audible Trial?

    No, as long as you cancel before the 30 day free trial, you will not be cHarge by Audible.

    You Can Monitor All Of Your Subscriptions With Donotpay

    If youre wondering where all your money disappears every month, subscription services may be the one to blame. Since monthly subscriptions are usually affordable, many people subscribe to several, thinking they wont be spending too much money. Surprisingly, as many as 87% are unaware that they spend around $240 on these services every month. The DoNotPay app can help you identify which services are eating your money and cancel them. Connect your email or bank account to our app and youll be able to monitor all your subscriptions and get rid of those you dont use.;

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    Things To Bear In Mind When Canceling Your Audible Subscription

    You can cancel your Audible subscription in just four quick steps, and if you think you have made a mistake, you can always join again. There are a few things to note, however, with the most important thing involving your membership credits. You should make sure to use your credits before you cancel, or you will lose them forever; even if you rejoin!

    The second thing to bear in mind is that even when you cancel your membership, you will still keep all of the titles that you have purchased either with money or with your credits. This is very handy as it means your money has not been wasted even if you cancel!

    How To Cancel Amazon Audible Membership

  • Wrapping Up
  • Audible comes with free 30-day and 90-day trial periods. After which, it automatically renews the membership and starts charging you the monthly fee. So, if you unknowingly subscribe to the trial and forget canceling, itll start charging you on your default Amazon card.

    If you enroll in the Audible Plus free trial, itll automatically charge you $7.95 once the trial period ends. In India, the Audible subscription costs Rs. 199 per month .

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    Things To Know Before Cancelling Your Audible Subscription

    • Audible can be used wisely to save money: Audible gives an option of pausing your subscription and also its new feature of keep listening for less allows you get billed $14.98 bimonthly, instead of monthly. Youll receive one credit each time youre billed, and also you will still be getting discounts on book purchases and unlimited access to Audibles streaming channels.
    • Options to find free Audible books:;There is no option to download free books on Audible. However, you can stream titles like The Coroners Lunch by Colin Cotter ill. Thus you would get options for the best free Audible books which you can easily check out.
    • Use your credits before cancelling the membership:;In case you cancel your membership, the credits will be lost. Hence, before cancelling, use all your credits and avail extra book.
    • Cancel Audible subscription before the month ends:; It is tobe noted that in case you dont cancel your subscription by the end of your first 30 days or your next billing cycle, you will be charged for an additional month.

    Additionally, you can cancel only the monthly recurring plan. you cannot cancel prepaid plan they will be expired automatically.

    Points To Know Before You Cancel Audible Subscription

    Here are some important points to remember before you cancel your Audible subscription.

    Step 1- You can only cancel a postpaid plan. If you have a prepaid plan then you can not cancel the Audible subscription. A prepaid plan will automatically expire after the due date if you do not pay for the subscription.

    Step 2- You can only cancel your Audible subscription from Amazon website. Amazon does not allow you to cancel Audible subscription from their mobile app. You need to login to Amazon website and then proceed for Audible cancellation.

    Step 3- You should also note that any credits that you have not used yet will also be gone forever if you cancel your Audible subscription. You can not transfer your credits to anyone else either.

    Step 4- You can however listen to your previous audiobook library and can even download it after cancelling your Audible subscription.

    Step 5- You should cancel your Audible subscription before the next bill cycle begins. And if you have subscribed to the free trial of Audible then you should cancel your free trial Audible subscription before it ends and avoid getting charged for using Audible beyond trial period.

    Step 5- Even after you have cancelled your Audible subscription you can still buy Audible books. However, you will not be able to get special offers and discounts and some exclusive features like audiobook exchange and return available only with Audible subscription.;

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    Saying Goodbye To Audible

    Maybe, it’s time to cut the cord. Maybe, you haven’t had the good luck to cobble together a few hours for an audiobook. But sometimes the cancellation process itself is so daunting with that difficult to find button. The good news is that Amazon makes it easy to let go. Though, it does make a last-ditch attempt to hold on to you. And it does use a simple blue “text” button instead of a flaring red one!

    If it’s not the issue of membership cost with you, then look into some of these Audible insider tips. They might help you maximize the credits you have lying around before you jump out.

    How To Cancel Audible: 4 Easy Steps

    How to Cancel Audible Subscription | Cancel Audible Membership

    Step 1: Click your name and select Account Details.

    Step 2: Select Cancel Membership.

    Step 3: Explain to Audible why youre canceling and press Continue Canceling.

    Step 4: Decide if youre willing to accept Audibles hard sell of three months at 30 percent off. If not click Cancel Membership one last time and youre done.;

    Congratulations! Youre unsubscribed from Audible. Go listen to your old books and think about what youve done.

    Disclosure: The author of this piece has worked with Audible in the past, writing a script for an upcoming Audible podcast that will be released in 2018. He is not currently working with the company.

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    Is Audible Free With Amazon Prime

    Currently, Audible is not free with Amazon Prime. Both Audible Plus and Premium Plus memberships are separate from Prime membership. However, many Audible offers and benefits are available exclusively for Prime members.

    For instance, Prime members are invited to start their 30-day free trial with 2 free credits. Non-Prime members get only 1 free credit. You can use each credit to purchase a Premium title of your choice from a collection of over 500,000 titles.

    If you are not eligible for the Audible Free Trial, you can still get other Prime exclusive Audible offers and benefits. Keep reading to know more.


    The offers mentioned in this article are as on the day this article was last updated and are subject to change.;You can check the current Audible offers for Prime members from;!

    During the free trial, you will also get access to Audible Plus Catalog a collection of over 12,000 titles that you can listen to without any limitation!

    You can cancel your free trial membership anytime and you will not be charged if you cancel before the end of your free trial period. Besides, you can keep the books purchased with your free trial credits for a lifetime.

    However, if you have already taken the free trial before, you may not be eligible for another free trial. In that case, you can choose from other Prime exclusive offers.

    Factors To Consider Before Knowing How To Quit Audible

    • You can cancel the monthly recurring plan only.;Prepaid plans cannot be cancelled as they will just expire.
    • Unused Audible credits are also cancelled with the;Audible Membership. Make sure to use them on a audiobook purchase before you cancel.
    • Keep listening to your audiobook collection.;You retain the use of your active audible audiobook library and can stream / download for life
    • Cancel before the next billing cycle.;Manage all your online subscriptions;and cancel it before the next payment cycle starts. Also, cancel your subscription if you are in the trial period if you do not want to be billed when the trial ends.
    • You can still purchase Audible books.;But you wont be able to take advantage of special discounts, deals, and special Audible features like an audiobook exchange or returns.

    Follow the steps to quit your Audible Subscription or Audible Free Trial:

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