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How To Upload Amazon Photos

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How To Add And Upload Photos To The Amazon Echo Show

How to Import Pictures into Amazon Photos

Create a slideshow on your bedside table or kitchen counter

As Alexa smart displays have taken residency in our homes, one of their best talents is serving as a way to enjoy photos.

These screens spend a lot of time doing very little, so why not use them to add some decorative flair to the room in their downtime? You can change the background to your own shots for a big dose of personalisation, and even do a slideshow.

The line, which expanded in the year to include an Echo Show 5-inch and Echo Show 8 – and more recently the all-new Echo Show 10 – mean there are more ways to to share your memories.

There are two ways to do this on the Echo smart screens, either using Amazon Photos or Facebook. We’ll walk you through both below.

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How Good Is Amazon Photo Storage

This is what it all boils down to, isnt it? How good is the Amazon Photos service? Is it something you want to entrust your memories with?

All-in-all, Amazon Photos is a great option for photographers, as long as you shoot mainly still images. If you shoot lots of videos, youll find the 5 GB video limit frustrating. However, at only $1.99/m, 100 GB of video storage is inexpensive. Of course, if you shoot a lot of videos, youll find that this quickly fills up. Overall, Amazon Photos is not for serious videographers. .

The app can be slow when sorting and organizing photos, which can be frustrating. However, it is a very inexpensive way to store an unlimited number of photos, which is incredibly useful and will make it worth it for many photographers. You could even call it free if you already have an Amazon Prime subscription to enjoy the other features.

Organizing & Uploading Current Photos

Im going to talk about how to organize your photos before I even tell you how to upload them, so that you can do it as efficiently as possible.

There are three levels of organization.

1. Basic uploads

Any photo you upload can be sorted according to date taken and location taken. If you have the scanning feature enabled, you can also sort it by people, place, or thing detected. This is all done automatically and there is no action needed for you when uploading these general photos.

2. Albums

You can choose to sort some or all of your photos into albums, which is most easily done when uploading. Consider using albums for:

  • Special events like weddings, vacations, photography sessions, etc. that you want to access all together
  • Groups of photos you want to share easily with others

When adding these photos, simply choose Create Album instead of Upload Photos.

Albums can also be easily created with existing uploaded photos by creating an album, selecting photos, and adding them to the album. You can just save time by doing it initially!

3. Family Vault

One last mention of Family Vault if you know you will use this feature to share and collect photos with up to 5 others all in one place, but you have chosen NOT to automatically add all of your photos to Family Vault, you can select share after you upload groups of photos and add them to Family Vault from there.

Options for uploads

You will most likely have photos on your phone, computer, and/or other devices.

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Upload Photos To Amazon Photos Using Your Browser

As long as you have your photos stored on your computer, you can upload them to Amazon Photos using your web browser. Here’s how to do this:

  • Open Amazon Photos.
  • Select your photos.
  • Click Open.
  • All of your photos will be uploaded, and you can start organizing them and sharing them with others. You can also upload an entire folder that contains your photos, as well as create albums.

    Sign Up And Configure Prime Photos

    Upload: Is Amazon set to come up with Upload Season 2 ...

    First of all, take note that the best way to get Amazon Photos is to become an Amazon Prime subscriber, as this comes with much better options than subscribing to Amazon Drive. If you arent a Prime member, sign in to your Amazon account and upgrade your membership.

    Once youve set up your Family Vault , consider turning the Add Uploads to Family Vault option on.

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    Three: Do Some Weeding

    At this point, begin to think about how you want to tackle your photo organization process: do you want to do everything all at once or do you need to break this task up into more manageable chunks?

    For me, working year-by-year seems to make the most sense, You could broaden out from there, or take smaller chunks of time, like months, for example.

    Once youve settled on your initial timeframe, get your first device and start looking through the photos in the decided-upon timeframe. Youll need to do some eliminating here, so look for photos to delete, such as blurry photos, duplicates, near-duplicates, irrelevant or not meaningful photos, etc.

    Repeat this weeding process for each device on which you have photos. Doing this initial sweep will cut down on your photo uploading time, so its a good idea to do this step.

    How Do I Organize My Photos On Amazon

    Amazon Photos makes organizing your photos a cinch. When you upload photos to the app, they are automatically sorted by the date they were taken.

    From there, each photo is scanned and given a tag according to what is in the photo. For example, beach, dog, smile, water, and so on. The service also uses facial recognition to allow you to search for a particular person and see all their photos in one place.

    Then, you can separate your photos into albums however you wish.

    Here is some great video information on how to use the features in Amazon Photos to organize your photos:

    Of course, there really is no 100% secure way to store your images. Hard drives, flash drives, and other data storage devices can get lost, broken, or become corrupted. Cloud storage ensures that even if something happens to your physical equipment, youll still be able to access your images on a new device.

    Additionally, creating hard copies of all your images is time-consuming and expensive. And while quality prints can last for years, humidity, sunlight, and other environmental conditions can fade or yellow the images until they are lost completely. Proper are essential to minimize damage.

    Cloud-based solutions like Amazon Photos are an excellent way to securely store your images and ensure that you have them for a lifetime. Cloud servers, while not immune, are heavily secured to prevent data loss, hacker access, and any other cyber mishaps.

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    Amazon Drive Vs Amazon Photos

    If you’ve explored your Amazon account enough, you might be familiar with Amazon Photos, a similar cloud storage app. Drive and Photos are related and share a lot of features, but Photos is much more limited.

    Unlike Amazon Drive, Amazon Photos only lets you upload photos and videos. This means you’re restricted to files like JPEGs, PNGs, and MP4s.

    But it does come with one benefit: If you’re an Amazon Prime member, you get unlimited Amazon Photos storage for as long as your membership lasts. There’s no extra fees just endless photo storage.

    What Happens To My Photos If I Cancel Amazon Prime

    How to Backup Photos on Amazon Prime

    Whether you are just paying your Prime membership fee or an additional storage fee for Amazon Photos, there may be consequences to cancelling your membership. According to Amazons terms of service:

    If you no longer have a Service Plan or exceed your Service Plans storage limit, including by downgrading or not renewing your Service Plan or no longer qualifying for an Additional Benefit , we may delete or restrict access to Your Files, or limit your account functionality.

    While that sounds scary, the takeaway is simply to download your photos if you decide to discontinue use of Amazon Prime / Amazon Photos.

    It would be a hassle, since you cant download full albums at once , but its just a matter of planning ahead. At least your photos would all be in one place!

    We decided to rely on Amazon Photos because we honestly dont see ourselves cancelling our Prime membership anytime soon. We use so many features of the service that the annual price is absolutely worth it. If you are a loyal Prime member, I wouldnt think twice about centralizing your photos in Amazon Photos.

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    Manual Upload: Drag Drop And Done

    Manual upload is a great place to start, because to get there, you have to log into our Amazon Prime Photos control panel and become familiar with the service. To do so, simply visit and log in with your Amazon credentials.

    If this is your first time ever using the service, youll see a blank slate like the one seen below.

    You can select the Upload Photos button to use your operating systems file explorer to select photos or, more conveniently, simply drag and drop photos right onto the browser pane.

    Either way, youll see an upload meter in the lower left corner. Once it wraps up, youre free to browse your photos.

    In addition to the noting the upload is complete, also note the People tag in the sidebar, as well as the Things tags above it. Amazons Photo service has improved significantly since their clunky offerings in years past, now with sophisticated face recognition and the ability to recognize object patterns in photos. Thanks to the automatically generated tags, you can easily search for combinations of tagslike checking the tag for your kid in the People category and Lawn to show just photos of him outside in the yard or on the soccer field.

    Be prepared to be shocked at how uncannily accurate the recognition algorithms are. In a series of photos we uploaded of some neighborhood dogs at play, the algorithm tagged all dog photos as Dog, including photos of puppies as Puppy.

    Amazon Photos Desktop App

    As an alternative to the web client, you can use the desktop app as well. I do all of my photo work on a Mac, so I can speak to the Mac app.

    An older version of this app wasnt very good and limited uploads to four at a time. Uploading RAW files took forever because it could only process four large files at once. The updated app is decent and now supports eight concurrent uploads!

    After a shoot, Ill queue up an upload. I find that keeping my uploads small, its manageable for the app to handle.

    You can set up the app to schedule backups or do a one-time backup. I prefer doing a one-time backup because I constantly move files around, as my local hard drive fills up quickly.

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    Four: Upload Photos To Amazon Photos And Group Them

    Once youve done the initial pass through on your photos, its time to start uploading them to Amazon Photos. I uploaded photos for the year from multiple devices one device at a time. I used the Amazon Photos app on my phone to upload my phones photos wirelessly.

    Once everything was uploaded, I sorted the photos by date taken and then added all of the pictures taken in 2016 to an album for that year. You could choose to group your photos differently any meaningful way that works for you will be great!

    The great thing is that within the year of photos, a little timeline appears on the righthand side of the screen, which breaks the photos down by month. This way I can quickly navigate to a particular set of photos if I want to.

    A sorting feature also appears on the lefthand side, without having to do anything. Photos are automatically given tags, like Food,Beach, and Bridge, people in photos are automatically recognized with facial recognition software , and photos are tagged by location .

    Upload Photos To Amazon Photos Using The Android App

    How to Add Your Book to Amazon

    Uploading your photos to Amazon Photos is just as simple on an Android device. Follow these steps to get started:

  • Open Amazon Photos.
  • Tap and hold your photo until a checkmark appears.
  • Tap more photos to add them or deselect them.
  • Select the Upload icon in the top-right corner of your screen.
  • Image Gallery

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    How To Upload Photos And Videos From Iphone To Amazon Cloud Drive

    Amazon Cloud Drive offers 5 GB of free storage space to backup photos, videos and documents. If you are a Amazon Prime member, then you will get ‘Unlimited Photo storage’. It offers secure online storage, automatic photo backup, sharing photos and videos with family and friends with link and more. You can access your photos and videos from anywhere on your mobile phone, tablet, computer or any Fire device. It has a world-class security and protection that keeps your photos, videos and documents safe. If you are looking for a step by step process to upload photos and videos from iPhone to Amazon Cloud Drive, read below.

    How To View Uploaded Photos In Amazon Photos On Iphone Or Ipad

    You can view all of your photos chronologically, by year and month, or sort them by when you uploaded them to Amazon Cloud.

  • Open the Amazon Photo app.
  • If you haven’t already, log in using the email address and password associated with your Amazon Prime account.
  • Scroll through photos by dragging your finger upward from the bottom of the screen.

  • Or, swipe from the right side of the screen to call up the list of years and months that photos are organized by.
  • To sort by date uploaded, tap the up and down arrow icon in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Tap Sort by date uploaded.

  • Tap a photo to see it up close and access the sharing features and additional tools.

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    Does It Affect The Quality Of The Photos

    Unlike other cloud storage solutions , Amazon Photos does not compress or resize your images.

    In Amazons own words: stores your photos exactly how you took them, at their full resolution. We never down-sample an image to save space on our servers, so that you always have the highest possible resolution file.

    This is one of the biggest pros of Amazon Photos, in my opinion. I even store all of our high-res wedding photos in our account!

    How To Use Amazon Photos: A Complete Guide

    How to Upload a Profile Picture on Amazon

    With Amazon Photos, you can backup, organize, and manage your collection of photos.

    Amazon Photos is a cloud storage service that lets you upload your photos and manage them from any device. Exactly how you upload and manage your photos will depend on the device you’re using and which settings you have enabled.

    If you’re wondering how to manually upload photos, automatically sync them to the cloud, and share your photos with others, read the complete guide to Amazon Photos below.

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    Backing Up Your Photos With Amazon Prime Photos

    Aside from the storage plans, lets go a little deeper on how you can use today. But first, lets briefly talk about backing up your photos in general. Photo backups are an important part of your workflow if you want to keep your photos safe. I will recommend backing up your photos in at least two additional places.

    Its a good idea to have a copy of your photo library on your local hard drive, to have a backup on an external hard drive and to have a backup somewhere in the cloud.

    Now that weve covered backing up your photos, lets review how to back up your photos using Amazon Prime Photos.

    How To Add Pictures To Amazon Photos From Your Iphone Or Ipad

    First, download and install the Amazon Photos app.

    Once installed, the Amazon Photos app will automatically scan your iPhone or iPad.

  • Open the Amazon Photos app.
  • Log in using the email and password associated with your Amazon Prime account.
  • Wait for Amazon Photo to upload all of the photos you have stored on your iPhone or iPad.

  • Uploading could take a very long time, depending on whether you are using Apple’s iCloud Photo library or if you have a lot of pictures on your iOS device. You can see pictures as soon as they have been uploaded, but completing the process may take a while.

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    How To Make An Amazon Drive Account

    When you make an Amazon account, you get a free Amazon Drive account. This free account gives you 5GB of storage, which you can use for documents, ZIP files, photos, videos, and more.

    To use Amazon Drive, you can go to its website on your Mac or PC, or download the mobile app. There’s also a mobile app available on both iPhone and Android devices.

    You’ll log in with your regular Amazon account. You don’t need Prime.

    Amazon Prime Photo Storage Limits And Prices

    Amazon Video Direct: How To Upload Your Videos

    One of the best things about Amazon Photos is that Amazon provides 5 GB of free storage for all Amazon accounts, and there is no storage limit for photos if youre an Amazon Prime member. All of their storage tiers for Prime members offer unlimited storage space for your pictures, but any videos you upload will count toward your 5 GB storage limit. If you need more space than that, you can upgrade to one of their larger storage tiers:

    • 100 GB for $1.99/month
    • 2 TB for $11.99/month

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