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How To Use Amazon Ads To Sell Books

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Sell More Books | How To Run Amazon Ads

Todays guest post is by author Deanna Cabinian .

When I started a sponsored products ad campaign with Amazon, I was skepticaljust another hot new tool that might work for some authors but not everyone. But I figured if I can get my novel in front of customers while theyre in buying mode, it was worth a try.

While Amazon sponsored ads havent been a marketing miracle, I also havent lost that much moneyand copies of my YA novel, One Night, have sold at a steady pace. My strategy was to try several ads and analyze them over the course of a month. If an ad didnt sell any books in five days or so, I stopped running the ad. If the next ad I tried performed better in terms of click-thru and conversions than the current ad I was running, I stopped the lower performing ad. My goal was to break even or not lose that much money. I set a budget of $100 for the test.

To write the ads, I looked at my reviews and tried to use words that came up often . I also tried to mention comparable authors and titles. At first I struggled to come up with 100 keywords, but as time went on, I built up the list to over 600 keywords by looking at keywords that led to sales and also-boughts of those keywords.

The results of my test are below. Heres a quick explanation of what the terms mean:

Amazon Ads For Authors: Magic Bullet Or Waste Of Time

If youre a self-publishing author, youve probably come across Amazon ads for authors before. Previously known as Amazon Marketing Services and recently rebranded as Amazon Advertising, its a tool for writers to promote their books directly on Amazons website.

Is this the magic marketing bullet youve been missing, or is it a waste of time? Lets take a look at Amazon Advertisings pros and cons so that you can decide for yourself.

Get Your Book In Front Of More Readers

AMS is a simple yet amazing opportunity to get your book in front of the readers you want. This doesnt mean you can skimp on a so-so book cover design, bypass hiring legitimate editors, or botch your formatting.

Advertising with AMS is a skill that every author should strive to improve so that anytime you write a book, you can always depend one particular way to ensure people see it. And now thanks to the free course, you can do just that.

After that, its up to your writing whether or not you become a true bestseller.

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What Is Amazon Ppc

Amazon PPC is a system for . It stands for Amazon Pay Per Click, which means you only pay Amazon for your ad when someone clicks on it .

Youll also see it called pay-per-click advertising or PPC advertising.

When youre searching for books on Amazon, youll often see a few books marked Sponsored at the top of your search results page.

Those ads are tied to the search term you typed in. If you typed books on search engine optimization, the advertised books at the top will be related to that topic.

Thats one of the most powerful things about Amazon PPC adsthe people who see them are actively shopping, looking for books just like yours.

And, since you only pay for the ad when someone clicks on it, youre really only paying when someone is:

  • actively shopping
  • searching for books like yours
  • interested enough in your book to look at your book page
  • Thats an ideal advertising situation if you know how to take advantage of it.

    Create An Amazon Seller Account

    Book Marketing

    First, you’ll have to create an Amazon seller account. Here’s how:

    1. Log in to your Amazon account or sign up if you don’t already have one. Then visit scroll to the “How to register” section, and select either “Sell as an Individual” or “Sell as a professional.”

    2. Choose the country you’ll manage your virtual shop out of, and when a dropdown appears, designate the type of seller you are before clicking “Agree and continue.”

    3. Next, select or enter details on your citizenship country, birth country, birthdate, proof of Identity , business address, and phone number.

    4. Amazon will send a one-time pin to the phone number you provided. Enter it in the pop-up window.

    5. After clicking “I Understand” to confirm you have all the necessary banking information to open a seller account, provide your financial institution information and bank account information. Then check the terms and conditions box before selecting “Verify Bank Account.”

    6. On the following page, enter your credit card information and select a billing address.

    7. Now input your store name, and tell Amazon whether you have UPC codes, diversity certifications, and whether you’re the manufacturer or brand owner for all or some of your products.

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    Publishers May Require Ads

    Another thing to watch out for is any language in your contract that requires or encourages the author to use Amazon Ads as part of their marketing.

    It’s no secret that traditional publishers often let the author shoulder much of the marketing, especially recently. They expect their authors to be active on social media, have an email list, pursue their own marketing opportunities, etc. Only rarely do traditional publishers have a substantial marketing budget for an author.

    We don’t want to let that happen with advertising as well.

    So before you sign any contracts, simply make sure that you are not required to have an advertising budget for your books, or that you are required to reinvest part of your advance.

    You Arent Targeting Readers Where They Live

    When running ads, one rule of thumb is to make sure youre running ads where your reader lives -meaning online. So youre running ads on Facebook but is your reader on Facebook? Are you sure?

    Be sure to align your ad strategy to your reader, absolutely. While you may love running ads on a particular social media portal , first make sure that youre targeting in a place that your reader will actually see. Otherwise, youre just wasting money and time.

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    You Arent Incentivizing A Buy

    Ads need to push readers to do something, and by something, I mean not just buying your book. Ads need to have a strong call to action, and ideally, a limited time to do so! I love using ads especially supporting cast-type ads to help push more attention to eBook discounts and promos. I tend to use Bookbub ads for that very purpose. Running a Bookbub ad strategically placed in a newsletter is a great way to help build more momentum for your promotion.

    But it doesnt have to be a discounted book promotion either. Lets say that youre running some other special or incentive to help with your book launch- maybe its a limited BOGO or something of that nature. Ads on social media and Bookbub can work great for that too!

    Remember that the best ad campaigns are strategic. Many authors run ads just to run them, to feel like theyre doing something to proactively sell their book when a better use of their time and money is to plan an ad campaign more strategically.

    How To Create An Amazon Ad Campaign

    Increase Profits with Your FIRST Amazon Ads for Low Content Books

    In order to create an Amazon ad campaign, youll need to select the yellow create campaign button on your home page. After pressing this, youre given the option of selecting whether you want to create a Sponsored Products or Lockscreen ad.

    Keep reading for a walkthrough of what the Sponsored Products ad creation process looks like:

    Creating a sponsored products ad will require you to work through four steps: settings, ad format, products, and bidding. While all of these are relatively straight forward, Amazon is great at assisting you through this process. If you have questions while youre creating an ad, click on the small grey and white i button next to the various parts of the campaign creation process, and Amazon gives you an explanation for each step of what youre doing.

    Ad format is the part of the campaign process where your creativity can really shine. You can select a custom text ad to include your own copy, or select a standard ad for no custom text. While some people may opt out of incorporating text into their ads, we think this is a great way to give potential readers a hint of whats to come in your book! Remember, keep your text short and sweet. You want to pique buyers interests without being overly wordy or giving away a major storyline from your book.

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    Protect Yourself From Third

    Try setting up your campaigns in a way where the customers search discovery process i.e., when they are first introduced to your brand on Amazon is always under a certain price. Set custom labels that tier products by prices, exclude as many SKUs as you need to, and youll be sure third-party retailers wont steal your customers by offering cheaper rates. By choosing not to bid on certain products that are beyond a specific price point, you can still beat the competition on Amazon.

    John Pellinghelli, Co-Founder at Metric Digital

    Customers Who Bought This Also Bought

    Every time a reader finishes a Kindle book on any Kindle device or app, Amazon asks them to review the book and also features small ads for books that are commonly bought along with the book you just finished reading.

    This is another reason why writing a great book can be your best source of marketing. Most book sales are a direct result of word of mouth marketing. The better your book is and the more readers enjoy it, the more likely they are to share it with others and create extra word of mouth sales for you.

    In this case, Amazon is helping to amplify your word of mouth sales directly by asking readers to review your book publicly on the Amazon website, and by showing your readers who finish your book what other books they might like to buy.

    Note:If youre the author of multiple books in a similar market, the books Amazon features on this page will most likely be your books! Thats why writing and publishing multiple books can be one of your smartest marketing strategies for long-term success.

    If readers dont finish reading your book, they wont see this review page on Amazon. The better your book is, the more clearly it is written and the better it flows, the more likely readers are to finish it.

    This just goes to show once again that the best thing you can do to sell more books is simply to write a great book.

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    Build An Audience By Marketing Your Book

    If you have a content upgrade, lead magnet, or bonus in your book for people to sign up for, your ads can lead to more email subscribers as well. Here are a couple of examples:

    • Example #1. In Pat Flynns book Will it Fly?, he offers a free course as an awesome upgrade for readers. Pat sees over 33 percent of his book buyers sign up for his email list for his free course. And we all know how building your email list is a profitable way to upscale your online business.

    More exposure and book sales also can lead to more product sales if your book funnels to a larger product or service.

    The Six Most Important Things To Do Or Know Before You Start Spending Money On Ads:

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    Make sure your book description and cover copy are enticing and well-written.


    I cant emphasize enough that you need to take your time to read or watch tutorials for each type of advertising youre considering. Theres a lot to learn, and its important not to rush.


    No matter which platform youre advertising on, you will be testing different ad copy and images alongside different target audiences to see which works best. It will take some time to get the right combination. NOTE: On Amazon you can test which audiences work the best and you can create custom ad copy if you like, but you wont be creating ad images on this platform because Amazon pulls your book cover image in for the visual component of your ad.


    And, unfortunately, you need to be prepared to lose a little money during this testing phase.


    If your book is part of a series, dont jump into spending much on advertising until your series is complete and then focus your advertising dollars on book one. WHY? Because you can afford to lose a little money drawing readers into your series because of something called the read through or sell through rate, which is the percentage of book one buyers who will then buy book two and three and so on.

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    Amazon Advertising In 2021

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    Amazon ads are those sponsored books you see at the top of Amazons search results pages. They appear on Amazon book pages. Ads for certain books will even appear on a Kindles lock screen. Amazon ads are a key strategy for many authors. I address the topic frequently because it changes so often. Right now, theyre one of the fastest-changing marketing strategies.

    Blogging strategy hasnt changed much in the last five years, but Amazon ads have completely changed several times in that same period.

    In the olden days of Amazon ads, an author only needed to create an ad in order for it to be profitable. Not so in 2021.

    Why Advertise Books On Amazon

    Advertising books on Amazon , called Advertising Console inside Amazons portal, is a collection of effective tools to help vendors drive traffic to their products and sell more.

    For authors, this means using ads can be a hub for increasing low book sales and maintaining a steady income with their books.

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    Increase Sales By Being On

    At Rebrandly, were constantly talking about the importance of showcasing your brand and this is especially relevant if youre selling your products on a crowded marketplace like Amazon. Do what you can to show off your brand name and boost its visibility as this can really make your listings stand out.

    Portray an image that people can trust and build a presence outside of Amazon on social media or your own site. This will reassure potential customers that search for your brand.

    Consumers value visibility and credibility. Many people will choose to buy from a brand they trust and respect over a lower priced option, so branding is an important asset for Amazon sellers.

    In recent years, Amazon has increased sellers opportunities to present their brand, so there are ways to position your brand on the platform too.

    Youre Sending People To The Wrong Link

    How To Do Amazon KDP Low Content Book Ads In 2022 The Simple Way

    Maybe you want to build your mailing list, and you want to send people to your website to buy the book. Certainly, its a reasonable idea, but it wont execute effectively enough to sell books. The reason is this: most consumers default to Amazon for their book purchases, so trying to use your ads to push potential readers to your author website gets tricky. First off, they dont know you, and with so many scammers out there, we have to be careful. Amazon is a trusted source almost everyone I know has an account there, and building trust takes time. So consider where youre sending your ad link and maybe think about updating it.

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    Create A Storefront For Your Brand:

    Make sure to show off your products by creating a Brand Storefront using Amazons new Store Builder tool!

    Amazon has recently allowed sellers to create a Branded Storefront page. This is an incredibly easy way to spotlight your products in a way that aligns with your brand identity. The tool even helps you to gain insight from the page traffic, as well as direct ads directly to your Storefront.

    By simply clicking the brand name located above the products title, customers will be directed to your storefront.

    Nick Salerno, Amazon Marketing Manager at JAM Paper

    You Already Need A Backlist

    Lets assume we have persuaded some customers to buy our book. In advertising costs, we paid for all clicks to our product page, not just from those who bought. Hopefully, the sales will cover the advertising costs. Especially in the beginning, the first placements of an ad campaign that has not yet been widely optimized may not be worth it. The cost per click is too high.

    If you consider only one book, then you calculate the break-even CPC as follows:

    Net profit of a book * conversion rate of the sales page on Amazon.

    With a conversion rate of 5% and an assumed net profit per book of 2.50, thats just 12.5 cents.

    With good targeting, higher conversions are possible. However, with 12 cents maximum bid, you wont get very far with Amazon Ads.

    If you already have a series of books that have a good read-through rate e.g. over 80% from one volume to the next, then the break-even CPC increases.

    With 10 volumes, a CPC of $1 per click is no longer a problem. If you can increase the conversion rate to e.g. 10% by long optimized targeting, then with CPC of 1 dollar the break even is reached with five volumes.

    An often recommended strategy promotes volume 1 of a novel series in a sub-genre.

    Like a series, the self-publisher releases a new volume at regular intervals.

    This builds up a backlist, with good read-through rates, i.e., a series that is addictive! making the investment in advertising increasingly profitable.

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