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How To Use Amazon Fire Stick Remote

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Step One: Find The Cec Function On Your Tv

How to Use your Amazon Fire TV Stick 4K Remote | EPB of Chattanooga

The biggest chore in using CEC is finding it in your TV menu. A lot of companies call it something different, so take a minute and put your TV manufacturers name along with CEC into your search engine and see what happens. This step is helpful because knowing what your TV manufacturer calls the CEC function on your TV might help you find it more quickly on your TV menu.

For example, I googled Magnavox CEC and I started seeing a bunch of articles and documents mentioning Fun-Link. I was a little bit skeptical, because I had NEVER seen that on my TV before. But, sure enough, after checking what seemed like every menu possible on our TV, I found it.

How To Install Apps On Fire Tv Stick

Installing apps on the Fire TV Stick is pretty easy, thanks to Alexa. Sure, you could spend your time clicking around the interface, selecting the magnifying glass and typing in an app’s name, but you don’t have to.

Instead of clicking around the on-screen keyboard , you can just talk to Alexa, by holding down the Alexa/microphone button, and saying the name of an app.

Alternatively, you can do this the old fashioned way:

1. Select Find on the Fire TV home screen.

2. Select search

3. Here you could use Alexa, by pressing and holding the mic button and talking for voice search, or you could type out an app’s name and select the connected results.

4. Select that app from the results screen.

5. Select Get.

6. Select Open.

You’ve downloaded and opened an app!

How To Pair The Amazon Fire Tv Stick Remote

Here’s everything you need to know about how to pair a Fire Stick remote with your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Has your Fire Stick remote broken or stopped working for some reason? Would you like to add a few more, or use the remote to control your TV?

Here’s everything you need to know about how to pair a Fire Stick remote with your Amazon Fire TV Stick.

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Using The Fire Tv App

If you dont have a universal remote control or HDMI CEC remote control, you can connect the Fire Stick to Wi-Fi using the Fire TV app. There is an Amazon Fire TV app for this purpose. It is simple and easy to use.

Please note that it is not possible to connect the Fire Stick to the mobile Internet. It can only be connected to Wi-Fi. So, you will need two devices to make this method work. You can use two smartphones, or a tablet, or both. To connect you need:

  • Install the Fire TV app on your device.
  • Set up an access point on another device using the same SSID and password as your home network.
  • Connect the Firestick to the hotspot.
  • Make sure your device with the Fire TV app is also connected to the access point.
  • Once all connections are made, you will be able to use Fire TV to control the Firestick.
  • Use the app to go to settings and connect your device to the new Wi-Fi.
  • Once the Fire Stick is connected to the Wi-Fi you want, you can disconnect and reconfigure the access point.

    Connect The Fire Tv Stick To An Hdmi Port On The Tv


    Once youve enabled the HDMI CEC feature, you want to plug the Fire Stick into the TVs HDMI port. To do this, youll need a USB cable which often comes with the Fire TV Stick. You have to be close to an outlet in order to connect the USB cable to the Fire Stick and then to a power adaptor. Its usually not a problem since your TV also has to be plugged into an electrical outlet, however, we do have an article here on how to extend HDMI cables.

    Once the Fire Stick is connected to the TVs HDMI port and a power source, turn the television on and press Home on the remote. A screen should appear that states the Fire Stick is searching for your remote . From there, youll follow the instructions as they show up on the screen. When youve finished the installation steps your TV remote will control the Fire Stick.

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    Pairing A Fire Stick Remote

    When you buy a new Fire Stick or Fire TV device that comes with a remote, the remote should already be paired. That means when you first set up your Fire Stick, or Fire TV device, it should already recognize inputs from the remote without you having to do anything special.

    In some cases, you may find that the Fire Stick and remote weren’t paired, or that your Fire Stick and remote became unpaired over time due to a glitch. When that happens, repairing the remote usually takes care of the problem.

    When you buy a replacement remote, you always have to pair it before you can use it.

    Here’s how to pair a Fire Stick remote:

  • Plug in your Fire Stick and make sure that it’s on.

  • Wait for the Fire TV to boot up.

  • Hold your remote near your Fire Stick.

  • Press and hold the Home button on your Fire TV remote.

  • Continue holding the Home button for at least 10 seconds.

  • Release the Home button, and see if the remote works.

  • If the remote still doesn’t work, try holding down the Home button again. It sometimes takes several attempts for this process to work.

  • How To Use An Amazon Fire Tv Stick Without The Remote

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    As a consumer, you have more ways than ever before to choose how you watch TV. Thats what makes Amazons Fire Stick so surprisingdespite mounting competition from Google, Apple, and Roku, their Fire TV lineup continues to be the best way to stream movies, music, television, and so much more.

    With apps for nearly ever video streaming service on the market, its an easy way to get all of your video needs met. Of course, without a remote, browsing through the newest releases on Netflix might seem impossible. If youve lost or broken your Fire TV remote, you might feel like all hope is lost.

    Thankfully there are plenty of ways to get around a lost remote, whether you need something immediately or you have the time to order a replacement. Lets take a look at four different ways to use your Fire Stick without a remote.

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    Pairing The Firestick Remote For Volume Control

    Pairing a new remote with your Fire Stick is super easy, and it also can help you if you have an unresponsive remote. Heres how to do it.

  • Hold down the Home button on your Firesticks remote to go into the Settings, or navigate to it from the Home screen.
  • Navigate to the right and select Equipment Control.
  • Select TV, then a loading screen appears.
  • A new screen opens. You get asked, What brand of TV do you have?
  • Select the appropriate brand.
  • Press the Power button on your remote. This action turns the TV off.
  • Wait for ten seconds, then press the Power button again. The TV turns back on.
  • You get asked, Did your TV turn off and then back on when you pressed the Power button? Select Yes if it worked. You may need to try and pair the remote several times for it to work.
  • Next, try turning up the volume. The device plays some music so you can check.
  • If the volume changed then click Yes. If not, select No and try the setup process again.
  • Follow the prompts to end the setup, you get asked about your TVs input settings after setting the remote.
  • Several people have reported having to run through the remote setup at least three times for it to work, so be patient and attempt the process a few times. Not to bore you with some of the details of how it works, but the remote is essentially scanning and setting itself to match the frequency that the TVs IR receiver uses.

    Use Amazon Fire Tv App Without Wi

    How To Use Amazon Fire Stick

    What if you dont have a Wi-Fi network at home. If the same network cant connect your Fire TV and smartphone, the above method will not work. But you can always use Mobile Hotspot as Wi-Fi. But keep in mind to use Amazon Fire TV App without Wi-Fi, you will need two smartphones. First for tethering and second for installing the app. You will have to start with the first smartphone you want to use as a Tethering device.

    Open settings go to Wi-Fi and network and then Hotspot and Tethering. You will find Wi-Fi Hotspot. Under Hotspot, the setting renames the Wi-Fi network the same as the Wi-Fi network connected earlier. Name and change the password to make it the same as the password of the last Wi-Fi network connected to FireStick.

    If you do that, your FireStick will not be able to be distinguished as a different network. It will take it as the same old Wi-Fi network. After changing the name and password. Turn on the Wi-Fi Tethering. Once Wi-Fi tethering is on, Restart your TV. After restarting, Fire TV will automatically connect to the Wi-Fi network.

    Now you can complete the remaining process on the second smartphone on which you want to install the Fire TV app. Connect that smartphone to the Wi-FI network that you have just created in the first smartphone. Once Wi-Fi is connected, install the Amazon Fire TV app . After downloading the app login into your Amazon account.

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    Situation : When The Firestick Remote Is Misplaced In The Home

    For everyone who doesnt realize, you can monitor and manage the FireStick using your smartphone. If your firestick is linked to the same wifi as you. You may then just sign in to the application and start utilizing your phone as a perfectly functioning remote control.

    To begin, go to the Play Store or the App Store and install the Fire TV app. Simply start the program from the application launcher after acquiring or installing it. If youre on a similar connection, your firestick will now appear on the screen without requiring a login. After you tap on the Fire TV Stick on your phone, the app will require you to enter a four-digit PIN.

    The code, too, will be displayed on the TV enter it to link the Fire TV remote software to your FireStick.

    Almost everything is configured correctly. Its the FireSticks computerized controller, and you can slide on the blank space to emulate arrow buttons and select to choose. Making use of the remote app, you may access settings, utilize Alexa, type URLs with the built-in keyboard, and more.

    For earlier remotes, the application is the best alternative, and you may use it whenever you cant locate your remote.

    How To Pair A Remote App With Fire Tv

    You have to do the following steps to pair the Remote App on your Phone with the Fire TV :

    • Make sure that the Phone with App and the Fire TV are connected to the same Wi-Fi network
    • Launch the app and select your Amazon Fire TV
    • Your TV displays a code. Enter this code on your Phone.

    Done. You can see all of the remote apps that are paired with your Amazon Fire TV device under Settings > Controllers and Bluetooth Devices > Fire TV Remotes.

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    Voices Search For Fire Tv Stick And Keyboard Input

    Nice for Fire TV Stick users: You can use the voice search with the App and save the 30$ for an additional Remote with Voice capabilities .

    If you like Keyboard input better than Voice Search or the virtual Keyboard on the Fire TV, all users can benefit from the Phone Keyboard . The Voice Button button only works for customers in the USA, UK, Germany, Austria, Japan and India.

    How To Setup Your Fire Tv Stick

    How to Use an Amazon Fire TV Stick Without the Remote ...

    Before you set up your Amazon Fire TV Stick check you have everything you need including:

    • A compatible TV – this is any TV that has HD or UHD plus a HDMI port
    • A wireless internet connection
    • An Amazon account. You dont have to be an Amazon Prime customer to use the Amazon Fire TV Stick but you do have to have a regular Amazon account. If you dont have one, dont worry, you can create this on setup.
    • 2 AAA batteries for your TV Stick remote

    Here are the steps you need to get things setup:

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    Amazon Firestick Remote Controllers

    Dont want to use the Fire TV app and want to use the real remote controllers? No problem. You can buy the Amazon Firestick remote as a standalone product directly from Amazon. Or you can buy the third party Bluetooth based Air Remote control which is compatible with your Firestick and Fire TV. The good thing about the Air Remote Control is that it has a QWERTY keyboard and mouse, which helps for better navigation and search than the original Firestick remote.

    Buy from Amazon: Alexa Voice Remote | Air Remote Control for Firestick

    How Do You Restart Firestick

    Re: Resetting the Firestick remote Try the following: Press and hold the Select button for 5 seconds to put the remote into pairing mode. Press and hold the Select + Play buttons for 5 seconds to reboot the device. Reboot the device: Settings} System} Reboot and after rebooting, unplug the power cord for 5 seconds and then plug it back in.

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    Fire Stick Remotes And Interference

    Bluetooth has some benefits over infrared, like how not having a line of sight between the remote and the Fire Stick only reduces the range instead of preventing the remote from working at all. However, Bluetooth remotes are susceptible to interference that infrared remotes aren’t.

    Check to see if you have any of the following devices anywhere near your Fire Stick:

    • Microwave ovens
    • Wireless speakers
    • Other wireless devices

    If you have any wireless devices or anything else that could cause Bluetooth interference, in the vicinity of your Fire Stick, try moving them. If that isn’t an option, try shutting them down and unplugging them one at a time to see if that allows your Fire Stick remote to work. That should allow you to identify the source of the interference and deal with it accordingly.

    How To Factory Reset Firestick

    How to control your Amazon Fire Stick with your tv remote
    • First, go to your FireStick’s home screen if it isn’t already there. This is what the home screen looks like
    • Then go to the top of the home screen where you will see the menu bar. Select the last option, Settings from the menu bar.
    • When you get to the settings menu, scroll to the right and tap on My Fire TV.
    • You should see the following options. Scroll down and tap Restore factory settings.

    How to sync firestick remoteHow do you sync a fire stick remote? Turn on the Amazon Fire Stick you want to pair your new remote with. On the Fire Stick remote you want to connect, press and hold the Home button for 10 seconds. The remote will be connected and you will see a confirmation message in the lower right corner of the screen.How do I Reset my firestick remote?1 answer. R

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    How To Pair Alexa Voice Remote To Fire Stick

    Its now possible to use Alexa voice remote with fire stick. Do you know how to pair Alexa voice remote to Fire stick TV and use the Voice remote as like original fire stick remote control? If no, this post is for you.

    In this post, I am going to show you how can you program or pair Alexa voice remote to Fire stick 4K device. Now Amazon fire stick device comes with Alexa voice remote to control your FireTV stick device with your voice. If you have got Alexa remote control when you buy Amazon Alexa device, that remote control is also compatible with FireTV stick. By this way, you can use the same remote for both Firestick as well as Alexa.

    Voice control is one of the fruitful feature in Alexa remotes, so simply control your Firestick with voice commands. Nowadays, Alexa remotes comes with dedicated apps buttons like Netflix, Amazon Prime etc. Simply use your voice with Alexa voice remote to launch apps on Firestick, search for content, playing music etc.

    Lets see how can you pair Alexa voice remote to Fire stick TV.

    How To Pair A Replacement Remote To Your Fire Tv

    To pair a replacement remote for your Fire Stick, go to Settings > Controllers & Bluetooth Devices > Amazon Fire TV Remotes > Add New Remote. Then hold the home button on your new remote for 10 seconds and select the new remotes name with your old remote to confirm.

  • Press the home button on your Fire Stick remote.

    Note: If you dont have a Fire TV remote that works, you can also use your smartphone to add and remove remotes. Skip to the next section to find out how to use your phone as a remote and then complete the following steps to pair a new remote.

  • Then open Settings. You can do this by pressing the right directional button on your remote until the gear icon on the right is highlighted. Then press the down directional button on your remote to open the settings menu.

    Note: If you are running an old version of Fire OS, your screen might look different. If so, you can find the Settings menu by pressing the up button on your remote until you see Home highlighted. Then press the right directional button to select Settings and the down directional button to access the Settings menu. Then all the following steps will be nearly identical.

  • Next, select Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.
  • Then select Amazon Fire TV Remotes.

    Note: If you are pairing a third-party remote, scroll down and select Other Bluetooth Devices and then Add Bluetooth Devices. Then put your remote in pairing mode and select it when it appears on screen.

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