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How To Use Amazon Fire Tablet 7

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What You Need To Install

How to Use NEW Amazon Fire 7 Tablet ($49.99) – Beginners Walkthrough | H2TechVideos

You will need to download four APK files to make all this work. These are essentially apps that include the Play Store, along with the supporting software that helps it run smoothly and properly. Google Account Manager, Google Services Framework and Google Play Services are among them. Then you have the Play Store itself.

Heres where things can get a little tricky. Not every Fire tablet is the same, so a Fire HD 10 may need different APK files than a Fire HD 8 , for example. So, how do you know which way to go? Ill help steer you in the right direction. The files come from APKMirrora safe source for files like these.

To be absolutely certain of the tablet model you have, go to Settings> Device Options> Device Model to see the version you have. Once you are confident in which device you have, youre ready to finally do this.

Battery Life A Decent Performer

Amazon states that you should expect seven hours of reading, browsing and media watching. From my weeks using the device on a daily basis, I feel these claims are correct and I tended to charge the tablet every couple of days. If you only use it for, say, half an hour of reading every day, youll probably get a week between charges.

All the ports are along the top

Charging the tablet fully takes roughly two hours with the included power brick. However, itll take much longer if you plug it into a laptop to charge . Amazon has also stuck with the micro USB port, rather than switching to the newer USB-C alternative.

Take Control Of Your Notificationsincluding The Annoying Amazon Ones

If you got the slightly cheaper Fire Tablet that comes with Amazons Special Offers, then youre going to get a lot of superfluous ads showing up in your notification bar.

But worry not, because you can actually block these ads pretty easily by using a feature thats built into Android. The next time an ad shows up, simply long-press it, then tap the little i icon on the right side.

From there, you can toggle the Block option to hide notifications generated by Special Offers from that point forward. Thats a win for you.

If youre into getting even deeper control of your notifications, check out our primer on full notification control across the board on Android devices.

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How To Download Spotify Music To Fire Tablet Without Premium

Then follow these steps to download Spotify music with ViWizard Spotify Downloader and transfer Spotify music in MP3 format to Fire tablet.

1. Add Spotify Music to ViWizard

2. Choose Output Audio Format

Choose the output format you want from the “Preferences” option on the menu bar and set the output properties for all output Spotify music files on the same window.

3. Convert Spotify Content

Begin to convert Spotify music to unprotected audio formats by clicking the Convert button. You can get the converted files by choosing the Converted button.

4. Transfer Spotify to Kindle Fire with USB

Then you can use USB to transfer Spotify songs from the computer to Fire tablet. Connect Fire tablet to computer with USB. Go to the Windows Explorer on Windows or Mac Finder on Mac. Move the Spotify songs to the music folder of the tablet. At last, launch the music player and start to enjoy Spotify on Kindle Fire.

How To Install The Google Play Store On An Amazon Fire Tablet

Kindle Fire Tablet 8 GB Only $33.33!

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Amazon Fire Tablets restrict you to the , but runs on Fire OS, a custom version of Android. That means, that you can install the Play Store and gain access to millions of Android apps and games, including Google apps like Gmail, Chrome, Google Maps, and more.

The best part of installing the Play Store on your Fire Tablet is that it doesnt require any in-depth hacking like rooting or running scripts from a PC. Its just a matter of downloading and installing a few APK files from the tablet itself, and youll be up and running with the Play Store! Lets get started.


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Get Rid Of All Amazons Ads

Like mentioned in the last section, Amazon offers tablets with Special Offers, which they use to subsidize the devicee price. While you can easily get rid of these ads in the notification bar, you can also drop them from the lock screen if it bothers you that much.

But heres the thing: itll cost you $15. Sorry guys, thats just how it is.

If youre down, head over to and hit up the devices tab. From there, click the ellipses box beside your device, and click the Edit button in the Special Offers section.

With one click and a fifteen dollar bill, those ads are gone for good.

Installing A File Browser From The Amazon App Store

This should be an optional step for most users, but certain Amazon devices have had trouble installing the necessary APKs onto their devices without installing a file manager onto your Fire tablet from the Amazon App Store first. If youre having an issue getting the files above to install on your device, we recommend installing File Commander, a free app that makes it easy to view the files stored on your tablet. Its nothing special, but for this process, we dont need anything too powerful to finish installing the Play Store

To reiterate, most people will not need a file browser to finish this process, but enough users have reported difficulty with installing APKs without a file manager downloaded on your device that its good to know about. Once youve completed the process as listed above, you can uninstall File Commander.

Alternatively, you can also use the Docs application on your device, which comes pre-installed and includes the ability to browse local files, instead of using an application like File Commander. Docs will allow you to browse to your Downloads folder and select the app installation files one at a time if you accidentally swiped them away from your notification tray or if youre having difficulties installing the apps on Fire OS

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Amazon Fire Hd 10 Tablet User Manual / User Guide

The Fire HD 10 Tablet is the largest tablet computer Amazon offers. As indicated on its name, it features a large 10-inch display.

With a Full HD screen, this device is an ultimate device for leisure. Enjoy a satisfying experience while browsing, watching movies, and reading a book.

Amazon Fire HD 10 Tablet user manual / user guide is what you need to read after you just bought this tablet.

Learn some basic knowledge and how to set the tablet up for the first time. We also added a bit of information about features you can explore on this device.

Page Contents

Built On Arm Cortex Technology Licence

Amazon Fire 7 (New 2019 Model) Tips and Tricks!

In February 2016, ARM announced the Built on ARM Cortex Technology licence, often shortened to Built on Cortex licence. This licence allows companies to partner with ARM and make modifications to ARM Cortex designs. These design modifications will not be shared with other companies. These semi-custom core designs also have brand freedom, for example .

Companies that are current licensees of Built on ARM Cortex Technology include .

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Simd Extensions For Multimedia

Introduced in the ARMv6 architecture, this was a precursor to Advanced SIMD, also known as .

Jazelle DBX is a technique that allows to be executed directly in the ARM architecture as a third execution state alongside the existing ARM and Thumb-mode. Support for this state is signified by the “J” in the ARMv5TEJ architecture, and in ARM9EJ-S and ARM7EJ-S core names. Support for this state is required starting in ARMv6 , though newer cores only include a trivial implementation that provides no hardware acceleration.

How To Setup Your Amazon Fire For Kids

Now to the specifics. When you buy an Amazon product, it needs to be registered to an Amazon account. With Amazon allowing Households, it’s best to have any child’s device on your account, setup with a child profile.

This way you don’t have to create a new Amazon account for them, you don’t have register an email address for them or provide payment details for them, and Amazon knows that the user is a child and can create a space specifically for them on the Fire tablet.

Amazon Fire tablets – like the Kindle – can be split into two areas. The first area is the full interface with full controls, which you’ll have access to as an adult, with access to all your content. The second is Amazon Kids .

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Using The Google Play Store On An Amazon Fire Tablet

Once youve finished installing the Play Store on your tablet, you can basically begin using the device how you otherwise normally would. The first thing we recommend doing is diving into the app list on your device, in order to ensure that you dont have any updates to the Play Store or otherwise. You may see some Amazon apps state they need to be updated here unfortunately, thats a bug with keeping both the Amazon Appstore and the Google Play Store on the same device.

Apps you installed with the Amazon Appstore that also have listings in the Play Store will constantly need updating from the Play Store likewise, once youve updated them from the Play Store, theyll likely ask to be updated from the Amazon App Store. Its a loop that goes on forever, but you can fix it by simply diving into your device settings and disabling updates within the Amazon Appstore.

With the Play Store on your device, you can use it just as you would on any standard Android device. Some apps will be duplicates from the Amazon Appstore, such as Netflix, which has listings in both platforms. Other apps, however, are only available on this platform, which means you should make the most of the Play Store now that you have it.

If youre looking for some apps to start with, try out Googles entire suite of applications, including:

Amazon Fire 7 Review: A Good Cheap Tablet Gets Minor Improvements

How to Use an Amazon Fire Tablet: General Guide

I always find it a little cynical when calls a slightly updated version of one of its products “all-new” when it really isn’t. The latest version of Amazon’s entry-level tablet, the Fire 7 , is very similar to the 2017 version — it looks identical except for some new color options — but it’s got some small upgrades on the inside, namely a “faster” processor, according to Amazon, and a bump in the base storage from 8GB to 16GB, with a microSD expansion slot that lets you add up to 512GB of additional storage. A model with 32GB of internal storage is also available.

The Good

The Bad

The Bottom Line

We thought the previous version was a good value, particularly when it was discounted by $10 or even $15 during flash sales, and at those prices this updated model remains an attractive option for members looking for a dirt-cheap serviceable tablet to experience Amazon’s “free” content included with that Prime membership. The Fire 7 and its step-up sibling, the Fire HD 8, are also tablet favorites among parents in search of a budget iPad alternative for younger kids.

Note that CNET may get a share of revenue from the sale of the products featured on this page.

The Fire 7 home screen.

Watch this:

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Rebooting And Logging Into Google Play

Once all four applications have been downloaded onto your tablet, complete the process by restarting your Fire tablet. Press and hold the power button on your device until a prompt appears asking if you wish to turn off your tablet. After your device is powered off, reboot it by pressing and holding the power button again. When the tablet has booted back to your lock screen, were ready to finish the process by setting up Google Play.

Head into your list of apps and select the Google Play Store from the list . Instead of opening up the store, it will open Google Account Manager in order to gain your Google account credentials. Youll see a display showing the tablet being set up for use, and then Google will ask for your Gmail address and password. Finally, the device will ask if you wish to backup your accounts apps and data to Google Drive.

Whether you wish to do so it up to you, but its not necessary for this step. All told, Google Play should take about two minutes total to finish installing. Once youve logged in and its completed the setup process, youll be dropped into the Google Play Store, the same app that is used on most Android devices.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Using Google Meets On A Fire Tablet

Although Amazon Fire Tablets run on a custom version of Android, which should make it compatible with Googles Android version of Meet, Amazon has taken steps to limit what apps can be downloaded onto their devices. Even though its intended as a security measure, not having access to the Google Play Store is a real hassle.

Installing the Google Play Store onto your tablet is possible, but you might run into problems such as apps being unresponsive, white screens, and shaded out buttons, menus, etc. Also, all apps downloaded through the Google Play Store will always appear to need updating.

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Amazon Fire 7 Tablet User Manual

This user manual is very straightforward. You wont need a lot of time to read it. The first part shows what customers will get in the box when purchasing.

Then learn a bit about the layout of Fire 7, from the important ports such as the charging port to other components like the camera.

The next part explains how to start the tablet. There is a charging guide followed by an instruction to turn the phone on.

The manual also informs users to follow instructions on the screen. Lastly, it provides a link to a webpage for troubleshooting.

Those are some information about the tablet that could be useful for new owners. The setup guide and the manual make it easy for your device to run well in no time.

Amazon Fire 7 Tablet user manual / user guide is also downloadable. If youd like an offline copy, download it through the provided link here.

Expand Storage With An Sd Card

Can the Amazon Fire Tablet 7 replace your laptop?


Fire Tablets dont come with the largest amount of storage, so youll likely fill it up pretty quickly. The good news is that you can add a microSD card to easily add more storage.

Fire Tablet dont have all the bells and whistles that stock Android devices dolike the option to adopt and SD card as internal storage. You can, however, easily install apps to SD, as well as download movies, shows, audiobooks, books, magazines, and music to the card. You can even automatically save your personal videos and photos to SD. All of that combined can really clean up a lot of space on your tablets internal storage partition.

To do this, simply insert the SD card, then jump into Settings > Storage. Youll find all the applicable SD card options there.

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Remove Or Erase Your Card

Want to eject your card? Then youll probably want to make sure its not in use first.

Go to the Storage settings, scroll down to the bottom of the page, and youll see an option marked Safely Remove SD Card. This will stop any tasks associated with the card to prevent problems.

Or if you want to erase everything on the card, theres an option for doing that too.

Fortunately theres a warning message the pops up before you take either action, so it takes at least two clicks to erase or eject the SD card, making it less likely that youll do either by accident.

You also wont be able to erase or eject the SD card if your tablet is connected to a computer via a USB cable. Youll need to unplug the tablet before making those sorts of changes to the card.

Looking for more things to do with your Amazon Fire tablet? Here are some more resources from Liliputing:

Install The Play Store

With all the downloaded APK files to your Amazon Fire Tablet, we can begin installing them one by one. Open the Files app from the home screen.

Select Downloads from the side menu and switch to the list view for the files. You should see the four files we just downloaded.

Its important to install these APKs in a specific order. For each APK, follow this process: Tap the file > select Continue> tap the Install button. After it installs, tap Done.Dont open the Play Store yet.

Install the files in this order :

  • com.google.android.gsf.login
  • com.google.android.gms
  • com.android.vending
  • With all the APKs installed, its time to reboot the tablet. Hold down the power button and select Restart.

    After the tablet restarts, youll see the Play Store on the home screen. Open it and sign in with your Google account.

    Once youre signed in, youll have a functional Google Play Store, just like on any other Android device. Go forth and download YouTube, Gmail, and any other app you cant find in the Amazon Appstore.

    You may experience some problems when trying to use the Play Store right away. The Play Store and Google Play Services will automatically update themselves in the background, so just give it some time. This may take as much as ten minutes.

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