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How To Use Amazon Hub Locker For Returns

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What Is Amazon Hub

How to return Package to the Amazon Locker..

Amazon Hub is a partnership between Amazon and local businesses to provide a free, secure location to deliver your packages. Hub comes in two different flavors depending on the partnership: Amazon Locker and Amazon Counter. You can probably already tell the difference between the two services but lets break it down.

Pick Up Packages At Amazon Hub Counter

Amazon sends an email with a collection barcode to their customers once their packages have been delivered by the carrier to a Hub Counter. To pick up your package at an Amazon Hub Counter, follow these steps.

1. Go to the Hub Counter with your collection barcode

2. Show your barcode to the store attendant at the location to receive your package

Note that youre given nothing more than 14 days to pick up your package from a Hub Counter. If it exceeds 14 days, then your package will be returned to Amazon and you will be refunded on your purchase.

The Benefits Of Using An Amazon Locker

There are several benefits to receiving your Amazon packages at a locker instead of directly at your residence. Weve listed the main ones below.

Lockers Give Your Package an Added Layer of Security

Since lockers are secure locations that only customers with the given access code can open, you gain an extra layer of security for your deliveries. These Amazon protect your packages from porch pirates, or individuals who come by to steal packages off porches. Unfortunately, package theft is a growing threat as the number of household deliveries in the United States continues to increase year after year.

Amazon Lockers Dont Cost Any Money to Use

On top of the extra security, another huge plus to using an Amazon locker is that they dont cost any money! When you select a locker as your shipping address, Amazon doesnt add any extra charges to your order or shipping costs.

You Can Also Drop off Returns to Amazon in Hub Lockers

One final benefit to using an Amazon locker is that you can drop off your returns in them, too! If youre far away from your delivery location, thats also perfectly fine if youre returning a package to Amazon, you can place it in any locker regardless of where Amazon originally delivered it.

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And Others That Can Be Refunded But Not Returned

Some categories like pet are not eligible for return, but you may still be able to get a refund. Always look on the listing page for the return policy before making a purchase. Beneath the buy now button, youll see the return policy plainly listed plainly. Many pet products have the following return policy, This item is non-returnable, but if the item arrives damaged or defective, you may request a refund or replacement.

Should you decide to return the item, your return will work in the same manner as any normal return, except instead directing you to a return label and a drop off spot, Amazon will let you know they are processing your refund and they dont need the item sent back. Like all returns, returnless refunds are tracked in your account and abusing or taking advantage of this policy could get you banned.

The following categories are among those that give refunds without requiring you to mail back the item back:

  • Grocery items and wine
  • Amazon Photos and printed products
  • Pet food and similar products
  • Unboxed, expanded, and full size mattresses

What Are The Package Limits For Amazon Lockers

Everything you need to know about Amazon Hub Locker

While Amazon Lockers are extremely useful for ensuring packages are delivered safely, as you can imagine there are some package limitations.

  • Weight limit: Packages must weigh less than 10 pounds to be eligible for Amazon Locker delivery.
  • Size: Packages must also be smaller than 16 x 12 x 14 inches in order to fit into one of the lockers.
  • Value: Purchase must be less than $5,000 in value.
  • Hazardous contents: Orders must not contain any hazardous materials.

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Shipping Amazoncom Packages To An Amazon Hub Locker

To place an order for delivery to an Amazon Hub:

  • Place an eligible item in your shopping cart and select Proceed to Checkout.
  • When choosing a delivery address, select Or pick up from an Amazon Locker.
  • Search by zip code, address, or landmark. For Vanderbilt University, enter zip code 37203.
  • Select Ship to this address beside your chosen location.
  • Complete your order.
  • Is It Worth Using This Service

    Smart lockers like the Amazon Hub Locker are a great solution if you’re not at home or live far from big cities, where courier companies do not usually arrive.

    What is the difference between using this service and picking up your order at a courier company’s office?

    Well, especially in large cities, courier offices or warehouses are increasingly located in industrial parks on the outskirts of the city. This can lead us to waste time traveling many kilometers to pick up an order.

    Not to mention smaller towns, where many courier companies don’t have their own offices and if they can’t deliver your package to your home, you’re urged to pick it up in another city or have it returned.

    One aspect to improve about this service is the time available to pick up an order, as other similar services offer up to 1 week to do so.

    Even so, Amazon Hub Locker can get us out of many troubles. And anything that improves the service is welcome.

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    What Is Amazon Locker

    Amazon Locker is a delivery option that lets customers send their Amazon packages to a secure locker where they can pick them up.

    For people who have had packages stolen from their front porch, or who live in an apartment building where its difficult for a UPS driver to gain access and safely leave packages, Amazon Locker delivery can be a lifesaver.

    The lockers are secure, self-service kiosks located in cities around the U.S., and only accessed by a special code that is sent to the recipient.

    Another nice perk: Some Amazon Locker locations allow for easy returns.

    Instead of having to find a UPS store or wait in line at the post office, you can simply drop your packaged return in the locker and have it picked up that way.

    Prime members get free shipping to Amazon Locker locations.

    Other Amazon customers are welcome to ship items to an Amazon Locker location, but they must pay standard shipping costs to have deliveries go there.

    Are Amazon Lockers Safe

    AMAZON RETURN LOCKER Tutorial | How To Do An Amazon Return

    Yes, Amazon Lockers are an incredibly safe way to have packages delivered. Rather than the delivery driver leaving the package at your doorstep or in the lobby of your apartment building where it can be stolen by thieves, your Amazon package will be locked inside a box that can only be opened with a six-digit code, barcode, or using the Amazon Shopping app.

    Now that youre familiar with Amazon Locker and how it works, you may want to use the secure delivery system next time you order.

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    Pick Up Packages At Amazon Hub Locker

    You can use the Hub Locker location in your neighborhood as your shipping address and ask Amazon to deliver your order there instead of your home or office if the order meets the requirements of Hub Locker.

    As an Amazon customer, your orders are eligible for Hub Locker delivery. However, your order must meet the following conditions to qualify for Hub Locker delivery.

    1. The shipping weight is less than 10 lbs.

    2. The product dimensions are smaller than 16 x 12 x 14 inches.

    3. All items are sold or fulfilled by

    3. The total value is less than $5,000.

    4. The shipment contains no hazardous materials.

    5. The order does not contain Subscribe & Save items.

    6. The order does not contain items shipped from other countries.

    7. The order does not contain items for Release-Date Delivery. :

    Using The Amazon Hub Lockers

    When your package is ready to be picked up, you will receive an email notification from Amazon with a shipment tracking ID and a unique pick-up barcode. To open the locker, scan your barcode or enter the tracking ID on the Amazon Hub Locker screen. You have three days to pick up your package. If you do not pick up your package, it will be returned for a full refund.

    Please note: There is a possibility that the seller you have selected will ship your item via USPS. In that case, Amazon would not be able to deliver to the Amazon Hub Locker. For your convenience, your package will be placed in a KSU Postal Services locker for pick up. These are located in Talon Express at the Kennesaw Campus and on the second floor of the Student Center at the Marietta Campus.

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    Amazon Locker Location Programme

    Amazon Hub is the umbrella brand for Locker and Counter. There will be a Locker or a Counter service available at an Amazon Hub location where you can pick up your Amazon packages. What is the difference between Locker and Counter?

    Lockers are self-service pick up locations where customers can collect their Amazon packages at a time that’s.

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    Where Can I Get My Return Label Printed

    How Does Amazon Locker Work?

    The quickest way to get a return label printed is to go to the stores website and look for a returns or shipping section. There should be an option to print out a return label.

    Amazon Locker is a delivery and returns service that allows customers to receive their orders at secure, self-service locations. Amazon Locker is available in select cities in the United States.

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    How Does Amazon Locker Work

    Using Amazon Locker can be done simply by using Amazon as you normally would you just have to remember to set the delivery address to an Amazon locker when you place your order.

    Go through Amazon, find the items you want, and fill your cart as you normally would.

    When you go to check out, youll see that an address book will pop up with any shipping addresses you have used in the past, including your default address.

    Scroll down to the bottom of the page, and youll see a category for Your pickup locations.

    Under that, youll see an option to Look up a new Amazon Pickup location and a field to enter a zip code to search for a pick-up location near you.Provide your zip code and a pop-up window will show Amazon pickup locations including Amazon Locker locations near you.Find the location you want, select that as your delivery address, pay for your item, and youre good to go.

    Once your package is delivered to the Locker, youll receive an email notification with a specialized code to access the package.

    Head to your Amazon Locker, pick up your package, and rest easy knowing that your item is secure.

    Amazon Hub Locker Stock Photos And Images


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    Does Amazon Uk Charge For Returns

    How to use Amazon Hub Locker

    Returns Costs & Methods If your return is not the result of an Amazon error, and youre using a pre-paid return label, well deduct the cost of the return from your refund. For returns from within the UK, costs start at £3.99. Please note that returns that contain multiple items, or large items, may cost more.

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    How To Use Amazon Hub And Pick Up An Order

    1. When you place an Amazon order, you will receive an email confirmation as usual, though it will also indicate that your package will be delivered to the locker.

    2. When the package is delivered, you will get another email with a pickup code that unlocks the locker and instructions on how to find it.

    3. Go to the lockers and enter the code you received in the central kiosk.

    4. The locker will open. Retrieve your package.

    Quick tip: You can’t store your package in the locker indefinitely because the locker is needed for deliveries to other people. If you’re out of town or unavailable to pick it up, let your property manager know so the package isn’t returned to the sender.

    Restrictions To The Amazon Locker Program

    While Amazon Locker can be a great program for people looking for a secure place to pick up their packages, there are some restrictions.

    For one: Not everyone is located near Amazon Lockers.

    If you live in a remote area, you may find it especially difficult to find pick-up locations near you.

    Even if youre a Prime member and have Amazon Lockers near you, there are still some items that are not eligible for the program.

    These items include:

    • Packages weighing more than 10 pounds
    • Packages with dimensions bigger than 16 x 12 x 14 inches

    The bottom line is that items must be small, must be shipped to and from the United States, and must be provided and fulfilled by Amazon.

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    Find An Amazon Hub Locker

    You can find Amazon Hub Locker locations when selecting a shipping address during the checkout process or when adding a new address in Your Account.

    To find an Amazon Hub Locker:

  • Go to .
  • Search by address, zip code, or landmark. The search results will show available locations.
  • Once the address is in your address book, you can choose it as your shipping address by selecting Ship to this address during checkout. To do this, all items in your order must be eligible for delivery to a locker.


    • You can also add an Amazon Hub Locker to your address book by scanning the QR code on the Amazon Hub Locker.
    • If you manually enter a locker, our system won’t recognize your order and we won’t be able to deliver to this location.
    • To learn more about locker delivery, go to .

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    Return An Item At An Amazon Hub Counter

    Amazon Hub Lockers

    If the item you’re returning and your location are eligible, you’ll see the option to drop off your return at an Amazon Hub Counter. When you choose this option, you can select Choose an Amazon Hub Counter to return your item to view a map and select an Amazon Hub Counter.

    You can find your nearest Amazon Hub Counter on the page.

    To return an item at an Amazon Hub Counter:

  • Initiate a return in Your Orders and create your QR return code. We’ll send you an email with your Amazon Hub Counter return QR code and instructions.
  • Take your item to the Amazon Hub Counter and show your return QR code to the Amazon Hub Counter associate. The Amazon Hub Counter associate scans the QR code to accept the return.
  • The Amazon Hub Counter associate puts your item into a polyethylene bag, applies a return label to the package, and sends it back to Amazon.Note: We don’t supply additional packaging material at the Amazon Hub Counter. Return your item in the original packaging and appropriately prepare your items with protective packaging before visiting the Amazon Hub Counter.
  • You can now track your return in Your Orders.
  • Note:

    Was this information helpful?

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    Amazon Electronics Return Policy Will Charge A 15% Fee When An Items Condition Is Misrepresented By The Buyer

    So technically Amazon gives you 30 days to return electronics, just like everything else. But, there are a few potential fees youll incur when returning open box electronics, if youre not careful.

    For any electronics refund, youll have to report the condition of the item and reason for your return. If you say that a computer didnt work when you bought it, Amazon may test the computer and if they find the customer misrepresented the condition of the computer, charge a fee of 15% the items selling price.

    And if any computer is returned damaged or missing parts or in otherwise unsellable condition, the buyer will be charged an even higher restocking fee.

    Generally speaking, Amazons return policy for electronics is as good or better than any other competitor. The full month to make returns is double some stores:

    Note: Before returning items on which youve saved personal information, such as laptops, cameras, or other electronic devices, erase this information completely.

    How Does Amazon Locker Work For Returns

    How Does Amazon Locker Work For Returns? Amazon Locker is a delivery locker that customers can use to receive and return Amazon orders. Customers can select a locker location near them, and then have their packages delivered to the locker. When theyre ready to return an item, they can print a return label from the Amazon Locker website and drop the package off at the locker.

    How do I do a return to an Amazon Locker? To return an item to an Amazon locker, first locate a locker near you that has the Amazon logo displayed on it. Next, select the item you wish to return and follow the on-screen instructions to print out a shipping label. Affix the shipping label to the outside of your package and drop it off at your selected locker.

    Can you print a return label at Amazon locker? Yes, you can print a return label from an Amazon locker. You will need to have the item you are returning and the return label printed before you arrive at the locker.

    Does picking up from Amazon locker make it faster? Yes, picking up from Amazon locker makes it faster.

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