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How To Use Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan

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If you’re not a Prime member, Amazon Music Unlimited costs $9.99 / £9.99 / AU$11.99 for an individual plan, a similar price to that offered by both Spotify and Apple Music.

If you are a Prime member, then you only need to pay $8.99 / £8.99 .

You’re getting access to on-demand, ad-free listening and unlimited access to a 70-million strong song library with thousands of hand-picked playlists, including offline playback. Amazon’s HD higher-quality music is included at no extra cost.

If it’s just you listening, but you still want access to your tunes on your phone when you’re out and about, this is the plan for you.

Sign Up For Prime And Use Amazon Music

My last tip is to sign up for Amazon Prime and use Amazon Music instead of paying extra for Amazon Music Unlimited. and Amazon Music Unlimited are different music apps, both from Amazon. Amazon Music is included in your Prime subscription which is £8.99 / $7.99 a month. It has access to 2 million songs, thousands of playlists and radio stations ad-free, on-demand and offline. Alternatively, Amazon Music Unlimited has access to more songs, podcasts and playlists and starts at £7.99 / $7.99 a month for Prime users or £8.99 / $8.99 a month.

Amazon Music Unlimited is a popular music app to consider if you dont have a Prime account and if you dont plan on getting one. However, if you have a Prime account or you want access to Prime Video, Prime Reading, unlimited delivery and other Prime benefits, signing up to Prime and using Amazon Music is more cost-effective. You can add Amazon Music Unlimited onto your Prime account but youll be paying £16.98 which is double the cost of a regular Amazon Prime subscription. While Amazon Music doesnt have access to as many songs, its still a top music app to choose and it cancels out an unnecessary extra cost a month.

Look Out For Amazon Music Unlimited Special Offers

For both Prime and non-Prime members, you can find many special offers on Amazon Music Unlimited throughout the big sales seasons. For example is coming up in July and for a limited time, you can . These deals are available throughout the year and as Amazon Music Unlimited already comes with a 30-day free trial, youll find 2, 3 or 4 months for free, depending on when you look.

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How To Sign Up For Amazon Music Unlimited

You can sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited with your Echo. No need to visit a website or pull out your phone. Just use your voice!

  • Make sure you’re within range of your Echo and say, “Alexa, sign up for Amazon Music Unlimited.”
  • From here, Alexa will guide you through the subscription process.
  • If you’ve never tried Amazon Music Unlimited, you’ll receive a 30-day free trial of the streaming service.

    Where To Get Started With Amazon Music

    Amazon Music Unlimited

    Here’s a fun fact you might not be aware of: Amazon has a good music streaming service. It’s called, as you might expect, Amazon Music, and just like Apple Music, Google Play Music, Spotify, YouTube Music, Pandora, or whatever else you might use, it, uh, plays music. Lots and lots of music.

    That’s not the exciting part. The real reason you might want to comes down to the options and the myriad ways you could end up listening.

    Let’s dive in. First, you need to access the app. Here are all the platforms where you can find the Amazon Music app:

    Amazon Music for Android

    Reap the rewards of your Amazon Music subscription on the go with this Android app. Available for all phones running Android 5.0 and above.

    Get it from:

    Amazon Music for iOS

    iPhones don’t miss out on the benefits of having an Amazon Music plan either. Install Amazon Music on your iPhone, iPad, Apple TV, or even Apple Watch to access this music streaming platform’s library.

    Get it from: Apple App Store

    Amazon Music for PC

    Lazy to grab your phone while you’re on your computer? Amazon’s got it all figured out. Jam to all your favorite tunes from the Amazon Music app for PC. It can be installed on both Windows and Mac computers.

    Get it from:

    Amazon Music for the web

    Enjoy streaming songs from Amazon Music anywhere with the web version of the service. Skip the tedious download and installation process and log into Amazon Music directly on your web browser.

    Get it from:

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    How Do You Listen To Your Amazon Music Subscription Offline

    Signing up for Amazon Music Prime or Unlimited gives you access to offline play. The process is pretty simple after that:

  • Tap the ellipsis icon next to the song, album, or playlist you wish to download.
  • Select Download in the menu that pops up.
  • On desktop, you can drag and drop the content you want into the right-hand panel under the Download section.
  • You can manage your downloaded content in a few ways. In the Settings portion of Amazon Music, select Download Settings on Android or Desktop or Download Audio Quality on iOS to configure these options. On the desktop app, youll find where your music gets saved to your computer under Music Management.

    Take Advantage Of The Free Trials

    Everyone likes to try before they buy! Regardless of the free months offer that we mentioned above, Amazon Music Unlimited already comes with a 30-day free trial so you get a full month of trying out everything it has to offer for free! Id suggest you try out whichever plan you want for the whole month before you decide to start paying for it monthly. If you like it, you can pay but if you dont, you can cancel it its as simple as that!

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    The Differences: Amazon Prime Music Vs Amazon Music Unlimited + Amazon Musics Prices

    Amazon Music Prime

    • If youre wondering is Amazon Music free with Prime? youre in luck! It comes as a free benefit with regular Amazon Prime membership. An Amazon Prime membership is $12.99 per month, and a Prime Student membership at $6.49 per month.
    • Offers over 2 million songs.
    • More than 2000 playlists, curated by Amazons expert editorial.
    • Ad-free streaming and unlimited skips.
    • Offline playback.

    Amazon Music Unlimited

    Wondering how much is Amazon Music Unlimited and what more you get? Weve got you covered below:

    • As a Prime member, the Amazon Music Unlimited cost is $7.99 a month . Non-Prime customers pay $9.99 a month.
    • Over 50 million songs in the Amazon Music library.
    • More than 2000 playlists, curated by Amazons expert editorial, plus personalised stations.
    • Ad-free streaming and unlimited skips.
    • Offline playback.

    Amazon Music Unlimited: Individual Plan

    How to Cancel Amazon Music Unlimited Subscription

    The same 50 million-strong library as the Single Device option, but opens up streaming to as many compatible devices from smartphones to third-party Alexa speakers as you like.

    Plus it gives you offline playback and, in May 2021, HD streams were added to the mix at no extra cost.

    • Amazon Music Unlimited: Individual Plan costs $9.99 per month.
    • If you have a Prime Membership, you save $2 so $7.99 monthly.

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    How Do I Stream Amazon Music On Two Devices

    The type of Amazon Music subscription plan you have will define the number of devices you can stream music on and the amount of simultaneously listening allowed.

    Heres a breakdown of each Amazon Music plan and its limits.

    • Amazon Music Single-Device Plan. The Single-Device Plan limits you to your one primary device and doesnt allow for listening on other devices at all, even if you use the same account. To listen to Amazon Music on more devices, youll need to upgrade to another plan.
    • Amazon Music Unlimited Individual Plan. The Unlimited Individual Plan lets you access Amazon Music on as many devices as you want but limits you to using one at a time. To use more than one device at once, you will need to upgrade to the Unlimited Family Plan.
    • Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan. The Unlimited Family Plan allows Amazon Music access and simultaneous listening on six devices.
    • Amazon Music Prime. can access a small selection of Amazon Music on numerous devices but are limited to one active session at a time.

    You will need the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan to listen on multiple devices simultaneously. The Unlimited Individual and Amazon Music Prime plans support multiple devices, though they are limited to one active stream at a time.

    What About Rhapsody And Tidal

    Why isn’t Rhapsody included in the roundup? Simple: It’s not competitively priced. Family plans start at $14.99 per month, which nets you just two user accounts. And each additional user adds $5 to the subscription charge, so a family of four would be on the hook for $25 monthly.

    Apple Music has finally made its way to Android, but is it the best option for families?

    Amortize that out over a year and you’re looking at $300, versus $180 for one of the other three services. Is the added expense justified? Rhapsody does boast a library of some 35 million songs, versus 30 million from the others. But I don’t think that’s worth an extra $10 per month.

    Why no Tidal? At the risk of offending fans of the service, it doesn’t strike me as particularly family-oriented. Rather, it’s all about high-fidelity streaming, with a pricing model identical to Rhapsody’s. In fact, if you were to choose the Hi-Fi option, Tidal would cost you $19.99 per month and $9.99 per additional user — so $50 for the family.

    I’m not saying you should rule out any of these three streamers, merely that there are better and/or less expensive options. In fact, recently Spotify dropped its family-plan price to $15, putting it in a four-way price tie with Amazon, Apple and Google. So let’s take a closer look and see if there’s any compelling reason to choose one over the other.

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    Who Is Music Unlimited Best For

    If you’re a Prime subscriber, especially if you’ve got Alexa-enabled devices, you should seriously consider Music Unlimited. Not only will you save $2 per month over Spotify Unlimited or Apple Music, but you’ll be using a service that’s made for the speakers you’ve peppered your home with.

    Also, one last note: if you know the difference between Garth Brooks and Chris Gaines, Amazon Music Unlimited is definitely right for you. That’s because it’s the only service that streams all 16 of the country western superstar’s studio albums.

    Amazon Music Unlimited Free For 4 Months

    Amazon Rolls Out Music Unlimited

    . At Just $14.95 a month, your entire family can listen to music on up to six different devices at the same time.

    Score Amazon Music Unlimited free for four months until July 13, and enjoy over 90 million songs and podcasts.

    Sit back, plug in your favorite headphones, and let Amazon Music Unlimited do the rest.

    For more content, check out the New York Post Shopping section.

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    Switch Amazon Music Unlimited Plans

    Change your subscription plan.

    • If you subscribed using iTunes, visit the Apple website to manage your subscription.
    • If you are switching to an Amazon Music Single-Device Plan from an Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan you must first cancel your existing subscription before signing up on your device.
    • If you are switching to an Amazon Music Single-Device Plan from a Monthly Amazon Music Unlimited Individual Plan, you can say “Alexa, downgrade Amazon Music”.
    • If you subscribed through a third-party, such as a mobile service provider, contact them for further assistance.
  • Go to to select a different plan or renewal option.
  • Using Amazon Music Unlimited With Your Echo

    Using Amazon Music Unlimited is relatively simple since you use your voice to control the music. There’s no real step-by-step process for playing music on Amazon Echo, Instead, here some examples of ways to interact with Echo and use Amazon Music Unlimited.

    • “Alexa, play the song with the lyrics ‘We’re no strangers to love, you know the rules and so do I.'”
    • “Alexa, play some sad jazz songs.”
    • “Alexa, play some music that will cheer me up!”
    • “Alexa, play the song of the day.”
    • “Alexa, I want to hear new music from Nicki Minaj.”
    • “Alexa, turn up the music!”
    • “Alexa, what’s playing right now?”
    • “Alexa, who sings this song?”
    • “Alexa, pause the music.”
    • “Alexa, stop playing music in a couple of hours.”
    • “Alexa, skip this song.”
    • “Alexa, I’m tired of this song.”

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    Amazon Music Hd Promo Codes 2022

    If you want to get the most out of your listening experience, get the premium quality Amazon Music HD subscription. Its an HD and Ultra-HD streaming service with over 50 million songs in a quality range of High Definition while millions of others in Ultra High Definition . Use Amazon Music HD coupons and Amazon Music promo codes to start enjoying the higher quality, lossless audio at an incredible price. You can currently choose from two plans: Amazon Music HD Individual Plan and Amazon Music HD Family Plan. Current Amazon Music Unlimited individual or family plan subscribers will be able to upgrade to this lossless music streaming service at a small additional charge. Others would need to pay the full specified price unless they find an Amazon Music HD promo code to save money. New subscribers to Amazon Music Unlimited will enjoy a special 30-day free trial offer on the Amazon Music HD family or individual plan. After the Amazon Music HD free trial, youll automatically be moved to the normal monthly price. So, if youre new, its your best chance to get 30 days free of Amazon Music HD individual or family plan.

    How Much More Does Music Unlimited Cost

    How to stop Alexa from signing up to Amazon music unlimited on your Echo device

    Music Unlimited costs an extra $7.99 per month for Prime per year annual billing) members.

    Without Prime, you’ll spend $9.99 per month for Music Unlimited, though if you only want to use Music Unlimited on an Echo, Echo Dot or Tap speaker, that costs just $3.99 per month.

    Prime Music
    $12.99 per month or $99 per year $9.99 per month

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    What Don’t We Like About Music Unlimited

    Amazon recently dropped a feature that some will miss: user uploads. The cloud locker feature is a valued option to many Apple Music and Google Play Music users.

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    Still, I couldn’t find any holes in Amazon Music Unlimited’s selection when I ran the playlists I rely on through its search engine. An Amazon spokesperson told us that it has “deals with all the major labelsUMG, Warner, Sony as well as hundreds of independent labels like PIAS, The Orchard, TuneCore, INgrooves and more.

    What Is Amazon Music Unlimited And How Does It Work

    – Amazon Music Unlimited is Amazon’s music streaming service, competing with the likes of Spotify and Apple Music. The HD version no longer costs extra and is included in the main subscription.

    Here’s everything you need to know about Amazon Music Unlimited, including how much it costs, where it’s available, whether it’s ad-free, how it works, and what features it offers.

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    How Does The Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan Work

    This plan allows up to six members of your family to receive all the benefits of Amazon Music Unlimited with a monthly subscription. Enjoy up to six individual streams at the same time.

    You can invite or remove family members from your plan, and manage the payment method for the subscription.

    To invite family members, you can share the invitation link through emails or text messages.


    • Family members must all reside in the same country, and can only join one Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan at a time.

    Invited family members, including children can:

    • Join the plan by accepting invitations
    • Remove themselves from the plan
    • Stream music on up to six devices at a time

    Related Help Topics

    Amazon Music Unlimited Cost: Family Plan

    Amazon launches Music Unlimited, another on

    If you’re looking to kit the whole family out with the latest tunes, the family plan may be better suited. This plan on Amazon Music Unlimited costs $14.99 / £14.99 / AU$17.99 a month, and offers up to six accounts for unlimited use by your family. Again, that price is comparable to Spotify and Apple Music’s own offering.

    Even if just one more person is going to be using your Amazon Music Unlimited account, that price makes a family plan worth it. You’re paying an extra $5 / £5 for the full six-accounts, which makes it cost-effective whether you use all of them or not.

    Plus, you can still upgrade to Amazon Music HD for just a little bit extra each month, which adds plenty of value over other premium music streaming services.

    Try an Amazon Music Unlimited family plan free for 30 days | US | UK | AU

    Amazon Music Unlimited – family plan | $14.99 / £14.99 / AU$17.99 An Amazon Music Unlimited family plan costs the same as other providers, and offers access to a massive library of songs and curated playlists. That’s perfect if you’re already using Amazon’s services, and want to add music to your family’s package.

    US | UK | AU

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