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How To Use The Amazon Echo Dot

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Adjust Your Echo’s Sound Options

How To Setup And Use The Amazon Echo Dot And Most Alexa Devices

Your Dot doesn’t play sounds super often, but you should tweak the options it offers to your liking. After tapping your device’s name in Settings, tap Sounds.

Try out a new alarm sound by tapping the Alarm entry. Then make sure your Alarm, Timer and Notification Volume is high enough that you hear it. You don’t want to miss an alarm! You can also disable the Audio option under Notifications if you don’t want to know when a new message arrives.

We recommend that every Echo owner turns on both the Start of Request and End of Request sounds. Whenever you say Alexa, your Echo will play a little tone so you know that it heard you. You’ll also hear the same tone whenever your Echo recognizes that you’re done speaking.

Sharing Accounts And Switching Profiles

It’s time to stop being selfish and learn to share. Yes, Alexa might be your new best friend, but it’s a friend to others, too. To that extent, you can store multiple accounts to use on a single Echo and jump between them simply by saying “Alexa, switch profile”. To add additional accounts, you’ll need to go into the app and head to Settings > Alexa Account > Amazon Household. You can also go through .

Here, you’ll be able to enter the Amazon account details of the person you want to add to your profile. Can’t remember who’s account you’re logged in with? No worries, you can figure it out just by asking “Alexa, which profile am I using?”

Should You Get The Echo Dot

If youve never tried Alexa before, the Echo Dot is a fantastic and affordable smart device to try. With the features and skills that we mentioned earlier, youll see how valuable and fun Alexa can be.

For starters, to keep it simple, use your Echo Dot as an alarm clock, to play music, to set reminders, and to create to-do lists. You can also treat the device like Google by asking Alexa any questions that you have. This is a great way to break into the smart device world.

From there, you can play around with other Alexa features and browse the skill list. With over 100,000 Alexa skills , you can personalize your Echo Dots Alexa to the fullest.

If youre interested in Alexa and Amazons Echo line of products, the Echo Dot is the least expensive hardware that you can buy. We highly recommend it, although the larger Echos offer better sound quality, if thats what youre looking for.

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Use It As An Intercom

Similar to calling, Amazon added an intercom option to Echo speakers within a household. This gives you a direct line of communication to the Echo devices spread around your house.

Say, “Alexa, drop in on the living room,” and anything you say will be played through the Echo speaker in the living room.

Is Echo Dot Wireless

How to use your Amazon Echo Dot to learn something new ...

You must plug the Dot into an electrical source to work, so technically, it’s not “wireless” from that perspective. However, technically it’s considered a wireless device because it works on Wi-Fi networks and is Zigbee- and Bluetooth-compatible.

The term “wireless” refers to any equipment that doesn’t require a physical wire to relay information to another device.

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How To Set Up An Amazon Echo Dot

One of the most valuable tools in a smart home

Amazons Echo series of smart speakers are some of the most popular options on the market, standing toe-to-toe with the Nest lineup of speakers. The Echo Dot is the most affordable entry-level option at just $50.

These devices are easy to set up and user-friendly to operate. You can do a lot with an Amazon Echo Dot, including adding items to a shopping list, streaming your favorite music, and controlling your smart home.

Customise Your News Or Flash Briefing

When you say “Alexa, what’s new?” or “Alexa, play my flash briefing”, you’ll be given a catch-up of information based on news and weather. You can change the services in the Alexa app. Head into More > Settings > News and you’ll see where your news is coming from, and you can decide what you want in your Flash Briefing. You can add more content to Flash Briefing and change the order in which it is delivered.

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Disable Voice Purchasing On Your Echo Or Add A Pin

Spending money on Amazon using only your voice might be too tempting for some people. If you don’t want the ability to buy with Alexa, navigate to Settings > Voice Purchasing and disable the slider for Purchase by voice. You can instead specify a four-digit code that’s required when making voice purchases. This prevents guests from goofing off and buying a bunch of junk.

Setting Up Echo Dot By Using The Alexa App Initially

Amazon Echo Dot 101 – Setup and use

For readers who’d like to set up their Echo Dot device with the help of Alexa here’s what you’ll need to do.

Firstly, ensure you have the Alexa app on your tablet, iPad, or smartphone of choice. You can download the app from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store for free.

  • When trying to set up Echo Dot with Alexa, make sure you’re standing not more than 3 feet away from the device.
  • Next, turn on the Bluetooth connection of your smartphone or tablet.
  • Log in to the Alexa app and choose the devices’ selection. Next, select the Echo & Alexa’ heading.
  • You should see your Echo Dot device pop up in the list of devices choose your relevant device.
  • Next, choose the pair a new device’ selection from the BlueTooth Devices’ option, and you’re done.
  • If you’re wondering how to link your Echo Dot via Bluetooth according to your existing smart device/assistant here’s what to do.

  • Open your smart device’s settings and choose the BlueTooth’ heading.
  • Next, select Alexa from the drop-down list of options.
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    Totally Frozen Factory Reset Your Echo

    If you’ve tried all the above steps and your device is still unresponsive, you might need to take the nuclear solution. You can perform a factory reset on your device to send it back to default settings. Note that this will erase all preferences and skills, so you’ll have to set it up again from scratch.

    For the second generation Echo Dot, press and hold the Microphone off and Volume down buttons together for about 20 seconds. You’ll see the light ring turn orange, then blue. After this, your Echo is ready to set up again.

    The first generation Dot has a dedicated reset button. Find the small Reset button on the base of your device and use a paper clip to press and hold it. The light ring will turn orange, then blue and it’s back to factory defaults.

    Get An Amazon Echo Device: Echo Show Echo Dot Echo Flex Or Others

    It probably goes without saying, but if you want to engage in Echo-to-Echo communication, you’re going to need an Echo device. At least, sort of. You can technically use the Alexa app, too, but that seems like a stretch given how many other ways there already are to use your phone as, you know, a phone.

    Here are the Echo devices that offer Echo-to-Echo calls:

    The new Echo Show 15 offers Echo-to-Echo calls.

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    Why Wont My Echo Connect To Wi

    We actually have an article here to help walk you through troubleshooting your Alexa Wi-Fi woes. To start, make sure that your phone is connected to the right Wi-Fi network.

    Next, try restarting your router or your Echo device. You may need to perform a factory reset and start over from scratch if the connection issues continue.

    Can You Use Alexa As A Speaker Without Wi

    How to use your Amazon Echo Dot to learn something new ...

    Yes, you can switch to Bluetooth if you do not want to connect the Alexa with Wi-Fi. All you need is to pair the appliance with the Bluetooth-enabled device. Get the smartphone, switch on the Bluetooth and start searching for the device. From the available Bluetooth device list, pick up the Alexa or Amazon Echo. Connect it and youre ready! Feel free to enjoy the calls, music, and much more!

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    How To Set Up Your Alexa Speaker

    Getting your Amazon Alexa speaker set up and ready to go is pretty hassle free. Just follow these steps.

    This will work for standard and Echo Dot speakers, which are the most popular. Echo Show devices, such as the new Echo Show 10, need to be plugged in and you follow the on-screen instructions. You’ll still need the Alexa smartphone app though.

    1. Download the Alexa app on your smartphone or tablet. It’s available via iOS/Android and of course there’s a Fire OS version if you own one of Amazon’s own devices. You’ll need to log in with your Amazon ID , and this will now be your account for Alexa. Naturally, if you have an Amazon account with Prime, make sure you use that for the set-up.

    2. In the app go to More> Add a Device > Amazon Echo. Choose the type of Amazon Echo you’re going to be adding.

    3. Now just plug in your Alexa device and sit back and wait. It will go through its cycle, displaying a spinning blue light before changing back to orange.

    This means it’s in pairing mode, so in the Alexa app feed it your Wi-Fi settings. You can opt for these to be stored and used by future speakers at set up.

    4. If you need to put your speaker back into pairing mode then just press the button on the top.

    5. You’re now good to go just say “Alexa” and look below for some cool things to ask.

    Link Up To Your Insteon Hub

    You just need to follow some simple on-screen instructions within the Insteon for Hub application and you can link your dimmer switch to your hub.

    You’ll be prompted to press and hold the Set button and then you can take in-app.

    From here you’re ready to set up your on off switch for easy dimming action.

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    What Is Amazon Echo

    Amazon Echo is a voice-activated speaker that lets you control your home, do shopping, get news updates, and play music. The Echo serves as a hub for the rest of your smart home products and an always-on microphone thats always listening for your commands.

    It is a hands-free speaker you control with your voice. It can also connect to other speakers using Bluetooth or audio cables. Amazon Echo has seven microphones and beam forming technology so it can hear you from across the roomeven while music is playing.

    When you want to use Echo, just say the wake word Alexa and Echo responds instantly. It is also an expertly tuned speaker that can fill any room with immersive sound. You can ask Alexa to play music, read the news, provide weather reports, control compatible smart home devices, call almost anyone, set timers and alarms, and more.

    The Echo can also play audiobooks, radio stations, news briefs, educational games, and more. Plus you can use it to send messages, set reminders, create to-do lists, and more.

    Amazon Echo Dot Aux Output

    Amazon Echo Dot with Alexa – Complete Beginners Guide

    Well, if you are new to dot, you might not know about the AUX output service of the device.

    All the Echo devices including the Echo Dot also come with the facility of AUX output facility. We mentioned it because some of the Echo Dot devices do not have the AUX-in facility.

    But the best part is, even those devices can work with AUX output easily! With this one, you are free to use the device, add it to the external speaker, and listen to good music or audio.

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    Units Not In Sync Cannot Redesign Lists Order

    Our sons and our bedroom are close together. He has an echo kids. When we say good morning Routine it plays on our echo in our bedroom instead of his bedroom. We constantly miss listening to our morning news and weather. Other than changing Alexas name we wish you could make Alexa ignore a 2,3,and 4 year old. It was cute at first but now it totally annoying to the point where we just want to get rid of Alexa and the 4 units we bought. I like being able not to have to talk to Alexa and being able to type commands or to switch buttons. I dont like the volume control as it blasted as it jumps several volume levels at a time and help destroy my new very expensive speaker system on my stereo which also is hooked to sound our TV. This is bad having Alexa listen to your 3 year old crank up the volume. A lot would have to change for me to ever give it 5 stars. There are some nice features but are outweighed by the bad. Alexa needs more and better Setting Controls and a way to ignore small children who like to change music every 5 seconds. I want to turn on my garage lights first and after I scrolled through every other light in the house I finally arrive to where I can turn the switch on you should be able to arrange the switches the way you want. Still havent figured Kids Free time out. Hard to have other main adult family members use the app too only one master.

    How To Use Alexa: Tips Tricks And General Instructions

    ByKate Kozuchpublished 22 December 21

    How to use Alexa: Guides, tips, tricks and how-tos for getting the most Amazon’s voice assistant

    Knowing how to use Alexa will help you make the most of your virtual assistant. Alexa, the brain that powers all the best Alexa speakers, is an asset in your smart home as long as you’re using it properly.

    Alexa is available in all shapes and sizes. If you own any Echo speaker, including the fourth-generation , , and , the Alexa voice assistant is ready for you to use.

    When you know the best Alexa skills, you can ask the assistant to navigate you to a destination, keep track your schedule, order products off of Amazon, read books, find local restaurants and answer your questions.

    Several third-party gadgets have Alexa built in, too, especially in the smart home category. All of the best Alexa compatible devices, be them the best smart light bulbs or best smart plugs, can be controlled using Alexa.

    The voice-controlled assistant lives inside the Fire TV Cube and other Amazon streaming devices, too. There’s also a free companion app for Android and iOS devices that shows you how to use Alexa wherever you are, so you can control the best smart home devices while you’re out.

    Youll want to make sure you’re taking full advantage of this personal assistant. These tips on how to use Alexa will help you set up your Alexa speaker, connect it to your smart home devices, play music, and much more.

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    Watch Youtube Videos On The Echo Show

    If you have an Echo Show, you can use it to watch YouTube videos, be it for cooking instructions or just catching up on your favorite YouTubers while doing chores. After YouTube unexpectedly removed its video service from the Alexa speaker, support quickly returned the following week. Though, now, you’ll need to access videos through the YouTube website.

    Now you can say, “Alexa, play cat videos on YouTube.” To make the video fill the screen, say, “Alexa, zoom in.”

    Make Calls And Send Messages

    How to use your Amazon Echo Dot to learn something new ...

    Echo speakers can also make calls and send messages to other Alexa users.

    Anyone in the contacts list on your phone — who is also an owner of an Echo, Echo Dot or Echo Show and has enabled calling — will show up in your Alexa contacts list. You can send them a message by saying, “Alexa, send a message,” or call them by saying, “Alexa, call .” The message or call will ring all of their Echo devices and the Alexa app on their phone.

    Separately, you can enable Drop In with loved ones so you can check in on them. Drop In works much like voice or video calls, except the person on the other end does not have to answer.

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    Guest Connect To Other Echo Devices

    Want to connect to someone elses Echo to access your Alexa account? If youre over at a friends house, you can use Guest Connect to temporarily connect using their compatible device. You just need an Alexa account, an Alexa voice profile, and a phone number linked to your Alexa account. If you have those things, you can just say connect to my account to get started with Guest Connect. Once youre in, Alexa uses voice recognition and then gives you access to your music and news.

    Access Alexa From A Computer

    You don’t need one of Amazon’s speakers or even a third-party Alexa speaker to take the assistant for a spin. All you need is a desktop web browser.

    From the web, you can navigate to and log in to your Amazon account. To interact with Alexa, click and hold on the microphone button and speak a command or ask a question. Alexa will respond just as she would from official hardware. Almost all Alexa features can be accessed through, as well. You can enable skills, control smart home devices and so on. However, you cannot stream audio, and while you can set a timer or alarm, there will be no sound when the timer has elapsed or the alarm is set to go off.

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