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How To Watch Amazon Prime Movies On Iphone

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How To Watch Amazon Prime Video Online

How To Update To iOS15

You also have the option to watch Amazon Prime Video on your computer through your preferred web browser. There are caveats, though. Your browser and computer need to be up to snuff, per Amazons requirements. That said, the minimum requirements are more than modest, and as long as youre using a modern web browser on your device, youre unlikely to run into issues.

Chrome, Safari and Firefox are among the most popular web browsers, so make sure youre using the latest version. If youre a Windows user, youll at least need to be on Windows 7. For macOS, 10.7 is the oldest supported version. Though Linux is supported, the best combination seems to be using Google Chrome, as it supports the HTML5 player.

Once youre set, go to Amazons Prime Video website, sign in or sign up for a subscription, and get to binging.

Watch Prime Video On Apple Tv From An Ios Device

When you want to play your movies on the Apple TV instead of your iOS device, use the AirPlay feature on your iPhone or iPad to direct the videos to the Apple TV.

  • Ensure your iOS device is on the same Wi-Fi network as the Apple TV.

  • Launch the Prime Video app and log in to your account on your mobile device.

  • Choose the movie you want to watch and press Play on the app.

  • Tap once on the playing video, and you will see the AirPlay icon in the upper right corner.

    Swipe upward from the bottom of your iPad screen in earlier versions of iOS to display the Control Center, where you can also find the AirPlay control.

  • Tap the AirPlay button, which resembles an upward-pointing triangle with a rectangle that looks like a television.

    If you don’t see the AirPlay button, enable it first and then try again. The steps for turning on AirPlay are similar on the iPhone and on the iPad.

  • Choose the Apple TV you want to stream the movie to and tap its name in the dialog box.

  • The Amazon Prime movie or TV show should now be playing on your Apple TV.

  • What Is Amazon Video And How Much Does It Cost

    Amazon Video is the name given to Amazon’s TV show and movie streaming application and service available on multiple devices. It comprises two elements: there are thousands of films and TV box-sets to rent or purchase digitally, which you pay for on an ad hoc basis there is also Amazon Prime Video, a subscription service that offers thousands of other TV shows and movies to watch as part of Prime membership.

    Prime content is clearly marked as such, and much of the TV programming available is homegrown. Amazon Originals is the name of the many series made by Amazon itself, plus localised exclusives, such as Vikings and Mr Robot, that might be screened on TV in the US but are first available to Prime members in the UK, for example.

    You can either gain access to Prime Video through an a year or $12.99 a month. Or can pay $8.99 a month in the UK for just Prime Video access. A 30-day trial of Amazon Prime is available for new users.


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    Start Watching Amazon Video Offline

    Enjoying movies and TV shows from your Amazon Prime Video library really is that simple. I’ve written this guide while sitting in my favorite cafe, listening to the LEGO Star Wars spin-off, The Freemaker Adventures. You’ll find plenty of other great movies and , too.

    While the cafe’s Wi-Fi is woefully inadequate for streaming movies, it doesn’t matter. Thanks to being able to watch Amazon Prime Video offline, I was able to download the video in advance before heading out and still watch it when I could. The same is true on any Android, iOS, or Amazon Fire tablet—just not any desktop or laptop.

    If you need to legally to your PC for viewing on the go, there’s always Netflix, which offers some of the best movies available for streaming. Its Windows app will run on any Windows 10 PC or tablet, and features the facility to download videos for offline viewing.

    How To Download Amazon Prime Movies To Iphone And Watch Offline

    How to Download Amazon Prime Movies on iPhone

    Submitted by Jon Reed on March 7, 2016 – 7:07am

    Until recently, some of the most popular content streaming services such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon would not allow movies and TV shows to be downloaded for offline viewing, much to the disappointment of their subscribers. While Netflix and Hulu haven’t budged from their position, Amazon broke from the pack last September by adding Prime Video downloads to its mobile app, which allows Amazon Prime members to download content to their iPhones or iPads and watch it even when an internet connection isn’t available or is too lousy for streaming video.

    If you are an Amazon Prime member and want to stock up on movies for your next cross-country flight, here’s how to do it:

    1. First off, you will need the app, which you can download for free from the App Store. Once you have the app, open it up and sign in with your Amazon login. Remember you need to have an Amazon Prime membership, which costs $99 per year and gives you free shipping for Amazon purchases, plus access to Prime Video content and Prime Music.


    3. Now that your settings are in place, tap Browse in the bottom left, then choose TV Shows or Movies at the top. Use the Search function to find your movie. Tap on the movie when it appears in the search results.

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    How To Download A Movie Tv Show Or Series On Amazon Prime On Your Iphone

    1. Once you’ve found a movie or TV show that you wish to download for offline viewing , find the download icon under the title and tap it.

    2. To download individual episodes of a TV show or series, tap the download icon to the right of the episode’s title.

    • For some available TV shows, you can download an entire season by selecting “Download Season.”

    3. You can find all of your downloaded content in the “Downloads” page, which can be found on the homepage of the Amazon Prime Video app.

    How To Get Amazon Prime Video

    In order to gain access to Amazons streaming service, you have to be a Prime member. You can choose to pay $119 annually or $13 per month. If youre a student with a valid student email address, you can subscribe for $59 per year.

    Compared to rivals such as Netflix and Hulu, theres a couple of points where having an Amazon account has an advantage. First, Prime Video is the only streaming provider to offer high dynamic range-enabled content.

    Second, Prime Video doesnt charge extra for 4K ultra-high-definition video. That means if you have a high-end smart TV or home theater set up and want to stream 4K at the lowest price, Amazon Prime Video is currently the best bet.

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    How To Watch Amazon Prime Video Offline

    Like most streaming services, Amazon offers the ability to download certain content. That is especially helpful if youre on the go away from home and run into WiFi dead zones for example, when youre on the bus or a plane, which is the perfect time to be watching your favorite series on your laptop.

    You have to be a paying member with a subscription to Prime Video content, though. Household members, or users with whom youve shared your Amazon Prime benefits, cant download video. Read Amazons support page for more on that.

    Youll see a download option associated with eligible content, as long as youre using a compatible device: with a Fire tablet or with the Amazon Prime Video app for iOS or Android. You can choose to download videos or TV shows at different quality settings best, better and good depending on your storage situation.

    Afterward, the downloaded content should show up in your library. You will have a limited time to watch it, though.

    Streaming Media Player And Set

    How I made the iPhone 13 Pro MAX look gorgeous | MOUS Iridescent ð¥°

    1. Download the Prime Video app.2. Open the Prime Video app.3. Register your devicehere are two ways: Select Sign in and start watching and enter your Amazon account information. Choose Register on the Amazon website to get a 56 character code, then sign in to your Amazon account and enter your code.Access Prime Video on Xfinity X11. Xfinity X1 customers say show me Prime Video into your X1 voice remote OR use guide on your X1 voice remote and search for streaming online services.2. Enter your Amazon username and password once to stay signed into Prime account on X1

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    How To Watch Amazon Prime On Pc Or Mac

    This article was co-authored by wikiHow Staff. Our trained team of editors and researchers validate articles for accuracy and comprehensiveness. wikiHow’s Content Management Team carefully monitors the work from our editorial staff to ensure that each article is backed by trusted research and meets our high quality standards.The wikiHow Tech Team also followed the article’s instructions and verified that they work. This article has been viewed 128,284 times.

    This wikiHow teaches you how to sign in to your Amazon Prime account, and watch a movie, TV show or Amazon original in your internet browser, using a computer.

    Using Airplay From Mac Browser

    If you watch Amazon Prime Video on Macbook, is there any way to cast the video that you are playing on Mac to the Apple TV? Of course, it is extremely easy for Mac users to stream content from Amazon Prime Video from Mac to Apple TV by using the AirPlay feature on the web browser. But noted that it requires a Mac running macOS 10.11 or later. The guide is similar to method two.

    Step 1 On your Mac, go to on a web browser and log in to your Amazon Prime or Prime Video account.

    Step 2 Choose a title to play, click the AirPlay icon at the top right corner of the Mac Menu bar and choose Apple TV as the device that you want to watch the content to. A password will be required to AirPlay to Apple TV.

    Step 3 After that, your desktop screen should show up on your Apple TV. Tap the full-screen button so that the full image displays on the Apple TV. Now you can enjoy the movie or TV show on Apple TV.

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    Prime Video And Androids Features

    Contrary to streaming devices and smart TVs, watching Prime Video on your Android device has a few different features. Fortunately, its pretty simple to figure things out. Lets explore what you can do with Amazon Prime Video on an Android device.

    To start, you can cast Prime Video to another screen such as a TV or computer monitor. All you need to do to activate this function is connect your Android device and receiving display to the same WiFi network. Then, tap the cast icon. Your content will immediately begin casting to the display you select.

    Note: The icon will not appear unless your device is connected to WiFi.

    Next, you can easily enable subtitles by tapping on the comment icon in the upper right corner of your show. Turn the Subtitles on and select the language youd like to view them in.

    Another helpful feature is the ability to download titles to watch later. If you know you wont have internet access at some point, this option is for you. On the movie or shows home screen, tap the download icon to save it for later.

    How To Watch Amazon Prime Video On A Set

    How to Watch Amazon Prime Video on Vizio Smart TV?

    Amazon Video apps are also available for a selection of set-top boxes and this is generally the cheapest an easiest way to watch Amazon Video on your TV.

    Amazon’s own streaming devices – the Amazon Fire TV Stick and Fire TV Cube – have access hardbaked into their operating systems, so you see the content as part of the home screen menus and search results. They are compatible with Alexa and offer a direct route to Amazon content.

    Amazon Prime Video is also available on common streaming sticks and boxes:

    4K Ultra HD and HDR support is available through the latest Amazon Fire TV set-top-box, along with Dolby Atmos sound. Some other devices only support sound up to 5.1 surround sound. It requires a HDMI 2.0 port with HDCP 2.2 copy protection enabled on your TV to work.


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    Select The Apple Tv Box You Want To Connect To

    The last step to connecting your iOS device to your Apple TV to watch Prime Video is to select your Apple TV from the list of devices that appears on your iOS device screen.

    Now youre all set to enjoy Amazon Prime Video through your Apple TV. You can easily go through this process any time you want to play something from Prime Video on a bigger screen.

    Thats all you have to do to watch Amazon Prime Video through your Apple TV. If these systems are rather new to you, we have a bit of extra information about each of them to help you get a better understanding of what Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV are.

    How To Download Amazon Prime Movies On Android

    To enjoy downloaded Amazon Prime movies on your Android device, find the Amazon Prime Video app in Google Play. Once installed, sign into the app and start browsing for videos.

    If you have an existing account, you should be able to find your watch list. Otherwise, browse the movies and TV shows to find something you want. Once added to your library, you’ll be able to download the movie, show, or entire season to your device, just as with the Amazon Fire tablet.

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    Using Prime Video On An Iphone Or Ipad

    If you’d rather use an iOS app to watch Amazon Prime videos, you can get the app on your iPhone or iPad. After you install the app, you can use it to stream Amazon Prime videos to your Apple TV as well as browse, watch, and rent your way through the available catalog.

  • Tap the App Store icon on your iPhone or iPad and download .

  • Open the Amazon Prime Video app and sign in with your Amazon Prime account and password. You can immediately access the Prime Video content on your iPhone or iPad.

  • How To Download Amazon Prime Movies On Ios

    How to Airplay From iPhone to ANY WESTINGHOUSE TV

    The process is just as simple for iOS users, who should find the Amazon Prime Video app in the App Store.

    Once downloaded and installed, sign into the app with your usual credentials and start browsing. When you’ve found the television show or movie you want to download, open it, and tap the button. Again, with TV shows, the option to download full seasons and individual episodes is present.

    By default, downloads are set to the highest quality. Should you have an iPhone or iPad struggling with low storage, the best option here is to tap the app Settings button, open and adjust the quality between Good, Better, and Best. Obviously, the higher the quality is, the larger the downloaded file will be.

    After this short and simple process, you’re then ready to enjoy the movie on the go. Don’t forget to take a good pair of earphones with you to get the best mobile movie watching experience possible.

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    Common Amazon Prime Video Problems And How To Fix Them

    Amazon Prime membership provides users with access to thousands of shows and movies and original content like The Wilds, Utopia, and The Expanse, but that doesnt mean anything if you cant get Amazon Prime Video to work correctly. Whether episodes wont download for offline viewing, you keep getting error code after error code, or your internet connection isnt strong enough, missing out on your guilty pleasure or must-watch sensation is frustrating, to say the least.

    Fortunately for you, weve compiled the most common Amazon Prime Video problems and how to fix them, so you can get back to binge-watching in no time. Note that you will need a paid Amazon Prime Video account and be located in the United States or a U.S. territory to access the services full features.

    Tool Requirement: Tunepat Amazon Video Downloader

    TunePat Amazon Video Downloader

    • Support downloading the HD Amazon video.
    • Keep audio tracks and subtitles in all languages.
    • Require no additional apps, including Prime Video app.

    In the next part, we will show you how to use TunePat to download videos from Amazon Prime Video and transfer them downloaded files to a USB drive.

    Step 1 Sign in to Amazon Prime Video

    Launch TunePat Amazon Video Downloader on your computer. Just enter some words to the search box in TunePat and click the search icon, you will be asked to sign in to Amazon.

    Step 2 Choose the Output Settings

    Click the “Settings” icon on the top right of the program to set the output format, video quality, audio type, the language of audio tracks and subtitles and more. After choosing the settings, close the window directly.

    Note: If you want to change Amazon account, you can log out of the current account in the settings window.

    Step 3 Find Amazon Prime Video Content that You Want to Download

    Enter the name of the video or copy and paste the video’s lnik from Amazon Prime Video web player to TunePat to find the content that you want to download.

    Step 4 Download Videos to Computer

    Step 5 Transfer Downloaded Videos to USB

    Plug a USB drive into your computer and open it. Copy and paste the downloaded files to your USB drive. Then, remove the USB drive from your computer and turns to insert it into your Apple TV and start playing the videos.

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