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How To Watch Gaia On Amazon Prime

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Viewing And Canceling Subscriptions

How To Cancel A Channel On Amazon Prime

After you have signed up for a subscription, you can easily view it within your account. Just select Your Account> Your Video Subscriptions. A list of your subscriptions will be displayed along with the renewal date, price, and option to cancel.

If you select the Cancel Subscription option, a pop-up box will display asking for confirmation. Be sure to cancel by the renewal date to avoid being charged the subscription price.

Enjoy Free Trials With The Help Of Donotpays Virtual Credit Card

Use free trials without the risk of getting charged with the help of DoNotPays virtual credit card. Our app will provide you with a credit card number that you can use as a payment detail.

The company will allow you to use it because they cant tell the difference, so you can relax. When the free trial ends and the company tries to charge you, they wont be able to.

What Features Does Amazon Prime Video Have

The Prime Video interface can be clunky and difficult to navigate, but the service does come packed with premium features that make watching content a breeze.

Multiple profiles

Similarly to Netflix, Prime Video allows you to create and manage multiple profiles within your account with content tailored to each profile. In other words, each profile will have separate recommendations and a separate watchlist based on individual profile activity. You can have up to six user profiles within Prime Video on a single Amazon account.

4K video quality

A big chunk of the catalogue is available in 4K video quality, so you can watch on the big screen in style.

Watch Parties

With Watch Parties, users can chat with up to 100 friends in the same country while watching movies and TV shows online together. Titles that are included with Amazon can be enjoyed as part of a Watch Party, but only on desktop browsers for now.

The feature provides synchronized playback which the host controls and a chat feature to communicate with participants. Once you find a movie or TV show to watch with friends, all you need to do is click on the Watch Party icon to get started. You will then send your Watch Party link to friends so they can join in the fun.

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How To Cancel My Gaia Free Trial

  • 1. first go to, we recommend using web browser as its always easier
  • Click the âCancel Planâ button and follow the instructions.
  • For Non-US members you may have to submit a request
  • If you signed up on itunes then you will have to cancel on your itunes account
  • For Amazon Channels members go here
  • For Roku users follow instruction here
  • Where To Watch Gaia

    How do i watch GAIA.TV? I have both a prime membership and GAIA ...
    • Gaia will be available in theaters when it releases in the US on June 18th.

    The film will only be released in a limited number of venues, however, which you can read more about via the films publishers, .

    According to IMDb, Gaia is only slated to arrive in the US, as no other release dates have been announced at the time of writing.

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    Will Gaia Be Available To Stream

    • Yes, Gaia will be made available on digital VOD stores from June 25th.

    The film will be available to purchase/rent from the likes of Amazon Prime Videos store, Google Play and Vudu among others.

    However, the film will not be available on any of the major streaming services including Netflix, HBO Max, Hulu or Amazon Prime Videos standard subscription.

    Gaia arrives in US theaters on June 18th, 2021 and will be available on digital VOD stores from June 25th.

    How To Add Video Subscriptions To Your Amazon Prime Account

    Amazon Prime members in the U.S. can now subscribe to premium channels to view even more TV shows through Amazon Video. In this article, we explain how to do so in simple terms.

    If you are an Amazon Prime member resident in the United States, you can now subscribe to premium television channels. These allow you to view even more TV shows . So, if you have always wanted to see Homeland on Showtime, sing along to Fleetwood Mac on Qello Concerts, or join the Power Yoga class on Gaia, now is your chance.

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    Amazons Streaming Partners Program With Gaia

    In accordance with Amazons innovative Streaming Partners Plan, Gaia recently confirmed the debut of its programming on Amazon Prime Video. Paid Gaia material, such as personal growth, uplifting movies, biographies, seeking-truth content, yoga, and mediation, is now available to millions and millions of Prime subscribers.

    Because Gaias content provides a roadmap to individual changes, being able to attain large numbers of people through Amazons Streaming Partners Plan is an amazing opportunity for them.

    Gaia was recently rebranded from Gaiam TV to Gaia and debuted as a local application for the latest Apple TV.

    Amazon, in collaboration with Gaia, introduced the Streaming Partners Program, which includes SHOWTIME, STARZ, A+E , and AMC.

    The introduction of Amazons Streaming Partners Program with Gaia coincides with the holidays, giving users unrestricted access to revolutionary material to enjoy with friends and relatives. Gaia will assist subscribers in kick-off with custom-curated guidelines to encourage a season of healthy living for less than $10 / month.

    Gaia: Release Date And Plot

    The Manor – Official Trailer | Prime Video

    Gaia made its first appearance on screens at the SXSW Film Festival in March and is being released to wider audiences on June 18th.

    Set in a dark primordial forest, Gaia tells the story of a park ranger who is saved by two survivalists who follow a grim, post-apocalyptic lifestyle.

    The young boy and his father share a cultish devotion to the forest but when their cabin is attacked by a strange creature, it becomes clear that the forest holds more deadly secrets than first thought.

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    Does Prime Video Have Live Channels

    Prime Video does feature free and paid live channels, which are 24/7 loops of shows and movieslike Pluto TV and Sling Free. You can access these by clicking Channel Guide on the right side of the Channels menu. The dark-shaded My Channels section features free shows, as well as content from channels youve subscribed to.

    Prime Video also streams some TV content live, like the NFLs Thursday Night Football, and sports channels like PGA Golf, MLB.TV, and NBA League Pass.

    How To Cancel Gaia Tv Subscription Through The Company Website

    If you decide to cancel your Gaia membership through the companys website, these are the steps youll need to follow:

  • Log in to your account
  • Click on your Avatar
  • Select My Account
  • Click on Cancel Membership. They will offer you an option to stay one month for free. To decline click on the X and continue with the steps
  • Wait for the cancellation confirmation
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    Features Of The Gaia On Amazon Prime

    • For one modest monthly fee, Gaia subscription offers you unrestricted entry to their complete video collection.
    • You may search through hundreds of movies, with the latest videos being published on a regular basis.
    • Find the greatest yoga and exercise videos by organizing them by instructor, genre, difficulty, and length.
    • Create a collection of your favorite videos for quick access.

    How To Add Premium Channels To Amazon Prime Video Subscription

    Watch Orion: Origin of the Gods

    Most people probably don’t think of Amazon when considering premium TV channel subscriptions. With more and more people cutting the cable cord and moving to streaming services, is an excellent option to get your favorite premium channels in one place. If you already have a Prime account, you can add networks like HBO and Showtime to Amazon’s already expansive lineup.

    Follow these steps to add premium channels to your Amazon Prime subscription.

  • Mouse over Account & Lists in the upper right corner of your screen, then select Sign in.

  • When you arrive at the Amazon sign in page, enter your account username and password. If you have multiple accounts in your household, make sure you’re using the account you want to stream from.

  • Amazon will drop you back on the home page. Select Account & Lists again to display the menu, and then select Your Prime Video.

  • Select Channels.

  • You will see featured content from some of the available channels on Amazon. Although you may find the channel you’re looking for right away, there is a more complete list to browse from. Select See More to view the complete list.

    If you’re having a hard time finding the Prime Video Channels row or if Amazon has changed the layout a bit, use this link for the .

  • The channel listing consists of more rows of channels broken down into categories. Use the arrows at the end of each row to scroll through categories and view more options. Select the channel to subscribe to.

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    Alternate Method: How To Get Gaia Tv On Firestick By Sideloading

    Some apps are not available in certain regions in Amazon App Store. In such cases, you can use sideload method to install those apps on Firestick.

    1) Turn on Firestick, and under Settings, select My Fire TV.

    2) Now, select the Developer options under My Fire TV.

    3) Click on Install Unknown apps under Developer options.

    4) From the list, select and enable turn it on.

    5) Open Downloader, Enter the URL of the Gaia TV apk, and press Go.

    6) Once downloaded, click Install to get the app on Firestick.

    7) Further, launch the app and provide your account details.

    8) Finally, start streaming your favorite content on Gaia.

    Gaia is the best destination to explore spirituality and meditations. Stream Gaia on a big screen with Firestick and follow the instructions to unblock your chakras.

    Let Us Learn The Steps To Install And Activate The Gaia App On Amazon Fire Tv

    • From the home screen of your Amazon Fire TV click on the search icon and type Gaia
    • After getting the app on your device you need either to proceed further with the activation process that is a one-time thing using some other device and entering the code at or you can even login with your email
    • If you wish to log in with your email then just enter your credentials i.e, username and password so that the Gaia app can be opened
    • Now you just have to select the login option and then there will be an option of login with your email, so you have to click on that
    • Simply click on log in as soon you are done entering username and password
    • So now you are all done if you want to login through email but if you want to use some other device then you need to launch the app and then select login
    • You will get a unique activation code after logging in.
    • Note down the code somewhere or you can even try to remember it and then go to the other device and type the URL
    • You have to enter the code and follow the instructions that are popping up on your screen
    • Now after following all the instructions you will just have to wait for 30 seconds and the activation will be confirmed

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    Some Important Things That You Need To Know If You Want To Use The Gaia App:

    The Gaia app provides a free trial for 7 days and the monthly charges are $11.99 which are 875.25/- in Indian rupees and the yearly charges are $99 which in Indian rupees 7,227/-

    You can cancel the subscription anytime you want. You will also get unlimited access to 800+ titles. And you already know that you can watch the shows and content of the Gaia app on any platform. All the processes of activation are explained above.

    You also have access to all of its past libraries. You can even have live access to all its content which will cost you $299 per year and in Indian rupees, it will be 21,827/-, this can be also canceled aunty,e you feel like that you do not want it anymore. During the live streaming, you can even chat with members. With the event speakers, you can also participate in the Q& A session.

    Besides all the activities, you know what else to watch- your favorite shows which are not available to you anywhere else. You just have to enjoy your time while watching shows, movies, or whatever you feel like. You can even take the free trial first and then you can take the subscription if you love the services.

    How To Cancel Gaia Tv Through Third

    The Priest – Official Trailer | Mammootty, Nikhila Vimal, Manju Warrier | Amazon Prime Video

    In case you subscribed to Gaia with Amazon Prime Video, Apple/iTunes, Roku, or your cable provider, you will need to terminate your subscription directly through them. These are the links that should help you:

    Easy-peasy! When your subscription has been canceled successfully, DoNotPay will let you know.

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    Is Gaia Available With An Amazon Prime Video Membership

    Unfortunately, accessibility to the Gaia stream via Amazon Prime video is a distinct account from a Gaia membership. In case you join Amazon Prime Videos Gaia network, you can only view the material through Amazon. Similarly, if you join Gaia, you will not be able to watch Gaia on Amazon Prime Video.

    How can I obtain access to the Gaia channel?

    Gaia is simple and quick to run on your Smart TVs.

    Just complete the instructions below to get started:

    • With the keypad symbol in the top left corner of the display, choose search.
    • In the search box, enter Gaia.
    • After that, pick Gaia for Android TV and then Setup.
    • Choose Open after the installation is complete.

    Will my Amazon Prime Video Gaia stream membership include access to all content accessible on Gaia?

    Certain content may be unavailable on Amazon Prime Video, and fresh material may be delayed in becoming accessible. Other services and features, such as the Events+ yearly membership, collections, and alerts, may not be accessible on Amazon Prime Video.

    How can I unsubscribe from Amazon Prime Videos Gaia stream?

    This membership is controlled by Amazon Prime Video, and it should be terminated through Amazon properly there. They are powerless to assist with any financial difficulties related to the Gaia network on Amazon Prime because all payment is managed by Amazon.

    Activating Gaia App On Android Tv

    • The first step is the same to switch on your Android device
    • Type Gaia on the play store
    • Once the app comes up on your screen click on install so that the channel can be added to your device
    • To get the activation code, launch the app
    • Make your to the official activation link i.e,, and save the code
    • You will be asked to enter the login details so that you can proceed further with the activation process
    • Select the login option and then click on the login with email option
    • Enter your valid login credentials and then click on the login button so that the process can be finished
    • That is it! This was the simple process that needs to be followed when you want to activate your Gaia app

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    Amazon Prime Video Frequently Asked Questions

    • Can I create multiple profiles on one Prime Video account?

      While initially this wasn’t possible, Prime Video started rolling out profiles to customers in Australia in July 2020. The feature enables Prime members to create and manage multiple profiles within their account. Subscribers can have up to six user profiles within Prime Video on a single Amazon Prime account. If you don’t have access to multiple profiles yet you should soon, as the feature is rolling out in phases in Australia.

    • Do I need a separate account for video to my Kindle?

      No, you sign in with your Amazon account and everything is the same. If you’ve already set up your billing details, Amazon will just use those so you don’t need to enter credit card details again.

    • How much content is available on Prime Video?

      The list is constantly updating. As of April 2020 Amazon’s library is larger than that of Netflix and Stan in Australia. We’ve compiled a list of movies and TV shows available on Prime which you can find above.

    • Am I charged in AUD or USD with Amazon Prime Video?

      After launching its full Amazon Prime service, Amazon now charges Australian subscribers in Australian dollars.

    • Can I watch in 4K?

      Prime Video does offer 4K streams for compatible 4K smart TVs and Apple TV 4K. Generally speaking, if you bought a 4K TV from LG or Samsung in the last year or so, you should be fine, but it’s worth checking if your new TV has an app before purchasing any new 4K panel.

    What Is Gaia About Gaia

    Gabi and Winston, two national park rangers, go outside to explore lesser-known uninhabited regions in South Africas Tsitsikamma Forest, with the hope that they will get to experience something exciting. They use a drone to keep an eye on the area, but unfortunately, it crashes, forcing Gabi to venture deeper into the unknown territory. Unbeknownst to the dangers in the region, she mistakenly hurts her feet and is left with no other option but to look for help. Gabi somehow manages to find a cabin where she is rescued by the survivalist father-son duo of Barend and Stefan.

    Their post-apocalyptic lifestyle intrigues Gabi, who could never imagine living the way those two lived in the primordial forest. What shocks her further is that they appear to have no traditional religion and follow their own philosophy of life that seems to have branched off animism. However, just as Gabi begins to get acquainted with Stefan and Barend, the cabin is attacked by a mysterious entity. Gabi realizes that the forest is hiding far more frightening secrets than she could have ever imagined. If the premise intrigues you, and you wish to watch the film, heres all the streaming you will need.

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