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How To Write Plan Of Action Amazon

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Amazon Suspension: How To Write An Amazon Poa

How to Write an Amazon Plan of Action! (Amazon Seller Appeal 2019)

In order to sell products on Amazon, brands and retailers must adhere to the companys strict code of conduct while maintaining high performance metrics, otherwise, they risk facing penalties as severe as account suspension and having entire listings removed.

When a suspension occurs, sellers have the ability to appeal these decisions and ask to have their account privileges reinstated by submitting to Amazon a plan of action .

Overall, an Amazon POA details the specific steps a seller will take to rectify any outstanding issues, which can range from having poor marks on key performance metrics like Order Defect Rate and Cancellation Rate to being suspended over price gouging or selling counterfeit items.

Get the facts about Amazons write-up policy for creating an appeal letter and explore this guide for expert tips on how to write a POA the right way.

A Solid Fulfilment And Procurement Strategy

Fulfilment and procurement are going to operate differently on Amazon than elsewhere particularly compared to brick and mortar operations. You need to ensure ready access to products, and make sure you remove listings if you run out of stock.

Logistics is one reason that starting slow can be useful put one or two of your products on Amazon to experiment with the outcomes. However, Amazon does seek to make this process as easy as possible, and knowing your options can simplify getting started.

The Dos And Donts Of Getting Your Suspended Amazon Account Reinstated With An Amazon Plan Of Action

Under normal circumstances, its great to tell Amazon how much you love selling there because it sounds positive and upbeat. Unfortunately, you have no added chance of getting reinstated simply because you find Jeff Bezos irresistible. If suspended, you will need to provide concrete steps, in your Amazon Plan of Action, addressing what went wrong with your seller account in order to be allowed back. You only have so much space to make your case. As it is, investigators will go through several emails quite like yours all day.

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Product By Product Competition

When selling online, your competition becomes far more product-focused than brand focused. This is because customers are looking at your products within the context of search results placing that product directly next to the most relevant competition for that search term. This disintegrates far more predictable branded competition, and forces merchants to think on an ASIN level.

Pro tip: ASIN is effectively Amazons version of a SKU, and is a good example of an Amazon-specific term you should know before you start selling on Amazon.

Fundamentally, Amazon is built on its search engine, and the goal of its search engine is to sell products. Amazon’s search/product cataloging approach aims to ensure your products end up at the most appropriate location for Amazon consumers. You need to play by Amazon’s rules and list your products in line with Amazon’s guidelines.

Your Plan Of Action Only Covers A Specific Issue And Not Your Account As A Whole

FBA Seller Kev Blackburn Shares His Amazon Account ...

Unless you need to raise the specifics of an ASIN, consider the account as a whole rather than just individual products, you need to address the root cause of the problem in your plan of action, picking out ASINs will just complicate and lengthen your plan of action.

ASINs B00XXXXWJC, B00KXXXEQ, B003XXXXXOYG, B0XXXXUXI, not being Authentic. These Asins are authentic

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Dont Waste Time Or Space Playing The Blame Game Seller Performance Doesnt Want To See Lots Of Finger Pointing

Seller Performances time is precious because they only have X number of POAs to review and reinstatement decisions to make, per hour. They have metrics, just like sellers and anyone in the Amazon ecosystem.

Why does Amazon suspend so many sellers? They want to force them to take detailed steps that will improve their account operations. Amazon promises every buyer a positive experience. Theyre willing to suspend you if theres any doubt around your ability to provide that to their customers. Arguing or debating the validity of a suspension, unless its an obvious error, wont do anything beyond burning through your appeals. You only get so many!

Amazon tasks their investigators with protecting the integrity of the marketplace in order to protect buyers. If they think youre throwing those same buyers under the bus in your Plan of Action, theyll toss it aside and move on to the next appeal. Given what is known about Seller Performance, theres really no excuse for sabotaging yourself that way. Dont do it!

Many sellers who receive suspensions after too many Not as advertised warnings, different item condition warnings, inauthentic items, or used sold as new policy warnings go straight to pointing fingers. The usual reason given, either the buyer made it up! to get free shipping on the return or this is from a competitor! typically falls on deaf ears.

Violations Of Amazon Selling Policies

Amazon believes in maintaining a safe and enjoyable experience for buyers with clear rules, so the company will suspend sellers if you violate any of their five community rules:

  • Honor your commitment to buy or sell.
  • Maintain current account information.
  • Amazon keeps these guidelines broad to encompass a lot of situations sellers could encounter. Some of these rules are pretty obvious though, such as not faking your identity or selling counterfeit goods, and should be easy for most sellers to follow.

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    Why Me When Amazons Safety Policy Affects Your Brand

    Amazon launched in 1995 with the mission to be Earths most customer-centric company. And, they continue to hold fast to that credo. If the Amazon ecosphere revolves around the Customer, it stands to reason that it cannot also revolve around the Seller. So, if a customer is unhappy with a product experience, its the sellers responsibility to remedy the situation or face the consequences. In this case, the consequences are the dreaded Amazon Safety Incident notice and the subsequent suspension of your product listing.

    Amazon has been working to stop sellers from hawking problematic products like counterfeits. They also have a safety policy in place to discourage sellers from stocking recalled or shoddy items. However, even the highest-quality brands on the marketplace may get caught in the crosshairs by the Product Safety Team. Their vigilant bots crawl your listings for negative reviews that implicate your product in safety issues. This can lead to an Amazon Safety Incident even if the issue is simply a customer misunderstanding.

    When reviews indicate that your product may have created a hazard or caused bodily harm, Amazon will deactivate or even remove your listing over the safety concern. They never want to see signs that a product purchased on their site could be dangerous. From their perspective, the customer should receive your product, be happy as a clam, and go on her merry way.

    You Open Your Email And Bam You See A Notice Its An Amazon Suspension Notice What Do You Do Now That Your Amazon Seller Account Privileges Have Been Suspended

    Amazon Plan Of Action – How To Write An Amazon Seller Appeal

    Creating a Plan of Action

    Well, after a few deep breaths, its time to start crafting a Plan of Action. You can write your own Plan of Action or get help from our team that drafts numerous Plans of Action each week for suspended Amazon sellers.

    Whether you write the Plan of Action yourself or you get help, you need to know the basic information every Plan of Action should contain.

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    Ignoring Complaints About Intellectual Property

    If you’re going to take a look at the Amazon marketplace, you’ll see how much infringed items there are on the platform. Usually, businesses or brands that already have IP rights to these will file a claim against the seller. Amazon then gives the seller a warning. This warning should be enough for the first time for the seller to rectify the situation.

    Ignoring the notification will merit an account suspension. It may also be due to the accumulation of intellectual property complaints filed against a seller. It’s important to address the situation as soon as you get the first warning. The only way for you to rectify the situation is to file an appeal. However, the more intellectual property claims you receive, the harder it is for you to get your account reinstated.

    Dont Send An Immediate Response By Clicking The Appeal Button

    I have read many POAs that simply vented aggravation and offered no new steps taken to correct inventory, supplier or account operational problems. Ive seen sellers lay out convoluted appeals that were difficult if not impossible to read I knew full well that no one on the other side would bother trying to understand what they meant. I have seen terrible punctuation and grammar that was just as difficult to follow. I have read begging that had no information other than pleas for help because of how many employees were involved. None of these emails included true Plans of Action content or addressed any factors behind their suspension.

    And none led to reinstatement until I intervened to help those clients write a real POA. Lay out an actual case that motivates Amazon to reinstate your account. In other words, think things through before appealing to Amazon.

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    Where To Get Information For Amazon Web Services Case Study

    You need to consider what will be the main theme of the essay, what questions it asks and what answers will be given to them. Then you should plan the size of your essay, what points will be there and what is planned to be described there. Then it will be much easier to determine which information about the corporation is needed and how to get it. Do not forget to write down all the sources from which you get data for a case study.Information on Amazon can be found in the following sources:

    • Paper and electronic books
    • The site of the company
    • Other marketing sites
    • Research of marketers and other specialists
    • Reports of Amazon representatives

    The goal of the author is not only to describe the company but also to analyze the collected information.

    The following data can help here:

    • History of Amazons activities
    • Company reports for certain periods
    • Analytical articles that mention Amazon.

    It is necessary to pay attention not only to successful years but also to the controversial moments of Amazons history, legal proceedings, and other difficulties. It is important to understand how the company managed to pass them and use it to its advantage.

    Phony Complaints From Buyers

    Help needed on how to write a plan of action needed for ...

    One reason why some sellers receive suspensions is because of inauthentic complaints from buyers. These are considered to be inauthentic since the claims weren’t true in the first place. Since Amazon is very much geared towards customer obsession, it’s expected that the company takes complaints very seriously. These complaints are usually centered on counterfeit products.

    However, what most consumers do is that once they are not satisfied with the goods, they report the sellers to be selling counterfeit products. The moment that you are reported for such, Amazon will immediately suspend your account. There are some ways you can avoid this. One way is to be proactive in responding to negative reviews.

    Usually, when customers are dissatisfied, they leave a negative review first, or they might request for a refund. Make sure that you address this as soon as possible. Next is that you should make sure that the product packaging is intact before you send it out for shipping. Most consumers usually report products to be counterfeit or fake if they receive the products, particularly the packaging, in bad condition.

    When writing your Amazon seller suspension appeal letter, you have to make sure that you highlight the steps on what you need to do. This includes making sure how you’re going to deal with these problems properly, moving forward.

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    You Can Prioritize Your Work Easily

    In the process of creating your action plan template, you write down all your tactics and what you need to do to achieve your goals.

    This process is important because when you do so, it tells you what are the important and high-impact works that need to get done to achieve your goals faster.

    A lot of people are not making much progress because they focus on doing the less important work rather than the high-impact ones.

    For instance, when it comes to building a successful blog, what you need is content and marketing, all the rest such as blog design and beautiful logo can wait.

    You need to get the high-impact work done first before you put your time on other less important work.

    This is what you can do when you have an action planner.

    Rely On The Amazon Experts

    Acting as an extension of your internal team, ChannelAdvisors Managed Services team combines the strengths of our technology with our unmatched industry expertise. Our Managed Services team Client Strategy Managers help monitor our customers ODR year round, along with account health concerns, to help ensure success on Amazons marketplace. During strategy calls, CSMs address any potential risk factors and offer guidelines on how to resolve and/or proactively notify Amazon of any outstanding issues. Our Managed Services team will not own any appeals, but we can offer guidance and best practice recommendations. While these services are year round, there is also an increased focus during Q4s holiday season.

    Contact us today to learn more about how we can help manage your Amazon ODR.

    Editors Note: This post was originally published in August 2017 and was updated in October 2021 for accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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    Bonus: What Does Amazon Want You To Do

    As we read the replies in the Seller Central forum, one seller commented that perhaps this is Amazon’s way of urging a third-party seller account to use Amazon-partnered carriers and only applies to LTL and FTL shipments . These are only assumptions, though, and need clarification from Amazon first.

    But suppose you are keen to opt for Amazon-partnered carriers and think it is beneficial to your business. In that case, you might consider including this in your Amazon suspension Plan of Action.

    Identifying Your Reason For Suspension

    Amazon Seller Account Suspension – How to Write a Plan of Action for Inauthentic Product Complaints

    The best place to start in writing your Plan of Action is to revisit the notice that Amazon sent to inform you of your suspension. This email should note whether your selling privileges were removed because of a performance issue or because you violated a seller policy or product rule.

    • Performance issues:

    If Amazons notice indicated that you were suspended because ofpoor performance, check your Account Health Dashboard under the Performance tab of your seller account to determine which metrics are not meeting Amazons targets.

    The suspension notice should indicate whether the performance issue is a high order defect rate, a high late shipment rate, or a high pre-fulfillment cancel rate, but its a good idea to check the Account Health Dashboard so that you can note the exact metric amounts to include in your appeal.

    • Seller policy violations:

    If Amazons notice indicated that you were suspended because of a seller policy violation, youll need to consider whether your selling practices are consistent with Amazons community rules.

    Their rules are somewhat broad, so youll need to consider how your individual selling practices might fall under each guideline.

    At the same time, there are some rules, like whether your account information is updated, that can be easily checked on your seller account.

    • Product rule violations:

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    Write Out A Plan Of Action

    In the final step, you must list down all the steps you will take to ensure the same problem never occurs. The best plans of action offer a systematic analysis of the root causes of the suspension. For example, if you were suspended because you of a high Order Defect Rate, your appeal letter should answer the following questions:

    • What kind of defects was the most common?
    • Why was the defect found?
    • What problems arose during the quality assurance process that caused such a product to be sent forward?
    • What steps you will take that will prevent each of these problems in the first place?

    Try to go as deeply into the problem, using as simple a language as possible, draft a plan that convinces Amazon that you truly recognize what the problem is. Then tell them that you are taking the appropriate measures to prevent repeated offenses of the same kind.

    Once youve followed through with these steps, youll find that Amazon is more charitable than most vendors give it credit for. Theyre just looking for vendors who possess the business acumen to thrive in the marketplace and keep Amazons customers happy.

    Strategies To Create An Impeccable Amazon Plan Of Action

    Before one goes into writing an , it is ideal to understand that you will require an actionable response, be it now or the coming future. An Amazon Plan of Action basically comprises of three things:

    Understanding Root Cause :

    With the understanding of the problem, half of the fight is already successful. The starting point of it would be to read and understand the suspension notification. This is the email sent to you before suspension. Also, if there are any warnings then do look into the matter and understand it properly.The capability to understand what is wrong is the point where you often realize the solution. For this, you may have to deep dive and simply go through the policies as stated in the seller central.Now for instance suppose your account got suspended because of ODR or Order defect rate. The first thing would be to check the programs policies related to ODR. One should look at the previous order in which issues like this occurred and check if there are really faulty products present in your inventory that are being sent to the customers. Also, it is important to know what problems can be defined under the umbrella of ODR. Approaches like this will help you to reinstate your account and make a successful plan of action.

    Solution :

    Steps to prevent future suspensions :

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