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Is Amazon Advertising Worth It

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How Can You Lower Your Cpc

Advertising on Amazon. Is It Worth It + How To

When you lower your CPC, you get more clicks for your budget. This leads to more valuable leads finding your businesss products. So, how can we help you lower your CPC?

1. Choose the right keywords

Lowering your CPC starts with choosing the right keywords. When you select your keywords, you want to choose ones that will drive valuable leads and have a low CPC.

We can help you find the right keywords for your campaign. Our team will conduct keyword research to optimize your campaigns and help you find the right keywords for your products. We know how to conduct keyword research to find the right keywords to help your products reach more leads.

2. Optimize product listings

If you want to earn valuable leads for your business, you must optimize your product listings. The more relevant and informative your product listing is, the more conversions youll earn for your business.

When you partner with us, well help you optimize your product listings. Well help you provide valuable information for your audience that gets them to choose your business over the competition.

Well help you integrate keywords, optimize your title, and provide your audience with important key features to get them interested in your products. Our team can help you create product listings that drive better traffic to your page.

3. Monitor your campaigns performance

How To Sell More Books With Amazon Ads For Authors

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If youre a seasoned indie author, theres a chance that youve already used Amazon to create ads to help sell more eBooks. However, if youre new to the writing and self-publishing game, the world of Amazon ads for authors might be totally unfamiliar to you. As the largest platform in the world for purchasing and publishing eBooks, Amazon holds a huge amount of power. Through your Kindle Direct Publishing account, youre able to harness that power for your own benefit. .

As a self-publisher on KDP, something you may have asked yourself is probably

Whats The Cost Of Advertising On Amazon

Generally speaking, advertising on Amazon tends to cost less than advertising on Google Ads or Bing Ads. Amazon ads operate on a CPC basis, meaning you pay only when a user clicks on your ad. According to Practical Ecommerce, the average CPC of an Amazon ad is generally below $.35. Note that , the minimum cost-per-click for Product Display Ads is $0.02. You will not be charged more per click than what you bid.

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Twitter: Great For Quick Snippets Of Inspiration

It might seem like pivoting from Facebook marketing to one of their top competitors at Twitter is just swapping out one social media channel for another with similar issues. But that is not the case. Twitter is an entirely different platform. It offers advertisers a myriad of ways to get their messages out to consumers in a unique way. There are three exciting ways for a marketer to get their message out on Twitter that you should know about.

Promoted Tweets

The thing that is special about promoted tweets is often just how ordinary they really are. This is to say that any advertiser can take something that they want to speak to a broad audience and pay to have it promoted. It is relatively easy to pay for promoted tweets as the barriers for entry from a cost perspective are very low. A marketer can set their advertising budget for the tweet, send the message out, and then watch the interactions light up their notifications tab as people favorite, retweet, and reply to whatever they have to say.

Promoted Account

People aren’t going to hear what you have to say if they arent following you in the first place. An excellent way to expand your outreach is to build your follower base. And a great way to make that happen is to pay to have your account become a promoted account.

Promoted Trend

How Amazon Ads Work

Amazon Advertising Cost: Are You Spending The Right Amount ...

Although their locations and types differ may differ, all ads are placed via the same process: an auction. In fact, pretty much any ad you see anywhere online has been chosen via an almost identical process.

Every time a web page is served to a user , there are designated slots for ads. This is true of almost any webpage you view anywhere all that differs is who is selling the ad space. Those slots are termed impressions . Think of them as very short-lived billboards. To determine which ad is shown, an auction is conducted for each. This all is done very quickly behind the scenes. Well, not *so* quickly. Guess why webpages are so slow to load

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Ensure Your Target Keywords Are In Your Product Listings

Organic and paid traffic across platforms have one thing in common: They all want to provide the best user experience possible. The best way platforms accomplish this is by providing relevant results for any user search. Therefore, its expected that Amazon and other advertising platforms would avoid showing ads that dont seem to be related to their respective landing pages.

To avoid your ads from not showing up, prove to Amazon your product listings are relevant to your ads by adding your target keywords in the copy of your product listings. Keep in mind, this addition has to be strategic and cant seem obvious. Otherwise, your listings will not be easy to read by potential customers, and the main priority is to convert them.

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And see how Visiture can grow your revenue online through award-winning transactional focused marketing services.

Ron Dod

Ronald Dod is the Chief Marketing Officer and Co-founder of Visiture, an end-to-end eCommerce marketing agency focused on helping online merchants acquire more customers through the use of search engines, social media platforms, marketplaces, and their online storefronts. His passion is helping leading brands use data to make more effective decisions in order to drive new traffic and conversions.

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Amazon Advertising: Is Hiring An Agency Worth It

Should you hire an Amazon advertising agency or run your Amazon PPC ads by yourself? This post is a case study that I conducted with my own Amazon account to help you answer that exact question.

A while back, I published an extremely comprehensive guide on .

And in this guide, I compared notes with other 7 and 8 figure Amazon sellers to teach you the right way to setup and run your Amazon Sponsored Ad Campaigns.

But because this post was monstrous and weighed in at over 7000+ words, many people were intimidated by the sheer number of steps involved.

Now if my went over your head or if you were not able to run ads profitably, remember that running your own Amazon ads takes practice and some amount of trial and error.

If you have no desire to put in the time and effort to learn Amazon advertising properly, then you should consider hiring an Amazon advertising agency to run all of your ads for you.

Because I teach a course over at Create A Profitable Online Store, I typically always run my own Amazon PPC ads so I can stay up to date with the latest Amazon ad tech.

But Ive gotten so many Amazon PPC troubleshooting questions over the years from my students that Ive come to realize that running your own ads is NOT always the right path to take unless you are willing to put in the work.

As a result, this past year, I decided to run a case study with my friends over at Seller Labs.

What Are Amazon Sponsored Products

I Tried KDP Amazon KDP Advertising – Was It Worth It?

Amazon has a confusing amount of advertising programs, with often nondescript and confusing names. The best way to explain Sponsored Products, for me, is to show what they look like.

Sponsored Products are image ads. They appear in a several different places in Amazon. Sponsored Products can look an awful lot like search results and intermingle with them, which is part of their power. Of the six products in this screenshot, below, the top three listings are ads, labeled Sponsored in dark gray font.

Sponsored products on Amazon look a lot like normal products, with only a line of dark gray text distinguishing them.

Sponsored Products also can be set aside from the search results, appearing more like Google Shopping ads. Here Amazon Sponsored Products are seen on the right, boxed off, and labeled Sponsored.

Sponsored Products can also appear on the side of search results, similar to Google ads.

Amazon is not shy about selling the space on its search results page. You may well see ads occupying both the top and side space. Once a shopper clicks through to a product detail page, sponsored listings can be there, as well.

Sponsored Products ads can also appear in the Related section of product pages.

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My Experiment With Amazon Advertising

Brimming with newfound enthusiasm, I created an AMS account and created 10 parallel campaigns to test different variables. I created a few different combinations of relevant genre-based interests and carefully curated portfolios of similar books for product-based targeting. Then I assigned $250 to each campaign, scheduled them to run for a month, and pressed go.

The results were …disappointing.

Across all 10 campaigns, I ended up spending almost $10 for every $1 of incremental sales. Marketing enthusiasts might point out that the $1 doesnt take into account customer lifetime value because readers might very well decide to buy more of my books later. While true, I dont have rigorous enough analytical tools to eliminate that effect from the data. Regardless, Im quite confident that the discrepancy wouldnt come close to materially impacting the results.

Why Do Some Marketers Think That Advertising On Amazon Offers A Clearer Roi Than Other Options

Because Amazon is closer to the point of purchase. Think about it: when you advertise on Amazon, youre running ads on the same platform that people use to buy stuff. On the other hand, if you run search ads, you still need to get people to your site before they make a purchase. So theres an extra step involved. Its easier to see how much ad spend actually converted when you advertise on Amazon.

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Amazon Ads For Authors: Boost Your Sales Today

Amazon ads have been the talk of indie author town since Amazon opened its AMS platform to all KDP users in 2016. While Facebook ads become increasingly competitive, as , Amazon has made huge improvements to their advertising platform, and are progressively becoming one of the most favored channels for .

Like any other advertising platform, the Amazon ads platform comes with its own challenges and learning curve. And like any other platform, success largely depends on data analysis and iteration. In this post, well analyze two case studies and try to understand what these authors are doing right.

How Do Sponsored Products Work

Is selling on Amazon worth it if youre already selling on ...

Sponsored Products use keyword-based targeting that is much like advertising in Google or Bing. You can provide the keywords, or let Amazon find the keywords for you automatically. While this keyword-based targeting is technically similar to AdWords or Bing Ads, the strategy on Amazon greatly differs

Like classic paid search ads, with Sponsored Products you pay a per-click fee only when a shopper clicks your ad. That click takes an Amazon shopper directly to an Amazon product detail page, where the shopper can buy the product from you. The Amazon product detail page acts as the landing page of the ad.

There are requirements to being in the program. Before starting, read Amazons overview. Here are the basic prerequisites:

  • You have an active seller account on Amazon
  • You can ship to all United States addresses
  • You have active product listings in at least one of the categories listed in the official Sponsored ProductsTop Questions
  • You sell new products, not used or refurbished.

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Lifting The Conversion Rate

If your conversion rate is nowhere near the 9.47% average even though youre listing a good quality and useful item, then something is clearly driving customers away from your product.

It could be because theres a listing issue, you dont own the Buy Box, or theres a cheaper item visible during checkout.

If its none of those things, then it must be a keyword inconsistency. In other words, your ad gets clicks, but its not what the customer came looking to buy.

Use Ad reports to find better keywords for your Manual and Auto campaigns. Ask yourself if you should use broad, phrase, or exact keywords.

Look up the keywords on Amazon and see what you get. For example, a keyword like white magnetic fly screen can work for you and get you featured on the SERP for each of the three keyword match types. But not all of them will yield clicks or conversions.

Heres what searches you could display for:

Broad Match when the customer types in Magnetic mesh or mesh partition, but also Screen door.

Phrase Match if the customer types in magnetic flyscreen or fly screen, but also Magnetic Fly.

Exact Match only if the customer types in white magnetic fly screen, using the same character case.

Dont Pay For Promotion And Waste Money Until Your Book Is Ready

Before you think about spending money on book marketing and advertising, make sure your book can tick all the following quality criteria.

1. It has a professionally designed and attention-grabbing book cover.

2. It is well written and error-free.

3. It has at least 10-12 positive book reviews.

4. It has a star ranking of 4 or better.

5. It has a fantastic book description.

Once you have your book looking its best, the choices of free and paid advertising and book promotion are almost endless for every genre.

Unless you want to break the bank, you will need to be extremely selectiveresearch which options are going to work best for you.

There are a lot of ways you can promote a book for free.

Personally speaking, I never see the logic in spending money on using promotion sites for free ebooks or even discounted ebooks.

These are promotions in themselves, which are designed to lift a books sales rank.

You can do these types of promotions for free by enrolling in KDP Select to offer free Kindle books on Amazon. Your ebook is also then available in Kindle Unlimited.

If you published with either Draft2Digital or Smashwords, you can discount your book price or offer it for free for as long as you want.

If these campaigns are successful, you can then use targeted PPC paid promotion to take advantage of the higher ranking, and of course, at your full book price to hopefully recover some of the advertising costs.

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Businesses Covet Access To Amazon’s Customers

Amazon accounts for ad revenue in its “other” segment. Yet considering the rapid and accelerating growth of advertising, the company may want to rename the “other” segment accordingly.

In the most recent quarter, ad revenue made up just 7% of Amazon’s overall revenue. However, over the previous five quarters, ad sales have increased 41%, 49%, 64%, 73%, and 83% consecutively — taking ad revenue to $7.9 billion in Q2 2021, or nearly double what it was in the year-ago quarter.

Management is working hard to make it a success. Here’s what they had to say on the company’s Q2 2021 earnings call about the fastest-growing part of its business:

On advertising, advertising is, again, another part of our flywheel. We have traffic coming in for the consumer business. And if we do a good job with advertising, we’ll make it an additive experience for our customers and our sellers and vendors. So that’s what we work on is to make sure that it’s a relevant experience and adds to your shopping experience and helps you find selection that perhaps you wouldn’t have found otherwise or it would have been harder to.

Amazon continues to develop its capabilities in this area, making it more convenient for marketers to use its advertising services. So it’s no surprise that businesses would want to advertise on Amazon — and reach out to its 200 million Prime members who pay an annual fee for fast and free shipping. Those customers are ready, at a moment’s impulse, to make a purchase.

My Year Over Year Results

Are Amazon PPC Ads Worth It?

Here are the full results ending in February of 2020. The March numbers were not usable for comparisons unfortunately due to the Coronavirus pandemic skewing the numbers.

+$26200.48 +$5815.99

Overall, Seller Labs was able to generate an additional $26200.48 in revenue at the expense of $5815.99 in additional ad spend and $4k in management fees.

Total Return On Ad Spend Without Management Fees = 4.5XTotal Return On Ad Spend With Management Fees = 2.67X

Did they achieve their goal? That depends on the following factors.

  • Your Profit Margins The higher your margins, the more you can afford to pay the management fees.
  • Your Amazon Advertising Skill If you are at good running Amazon ads, then you probably wont see as much of a benefit.

In my case, I believe that Seller Labs did an excellent job of scaling my ad spend to generate revenue that I otherwise would not have had.

And because my profit margins are extremely high, I came out with a positive ROI even factoring in the management fees.

In fact, February was an extremely good month and March would have been even better if the Corona virus didnt affect sales. As a result, I suspect that my numbers would have been betterhad this experiment not ended so abruptly.

The other factor that must be considered is that more sales always begets more sales on Amazon. As a result, increasing sales due to ad spend almost always leads to higher and more revenue. This is why looking at TACOS is very important.

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