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Is Amazon Hard To Work For

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What Do I Do If I Suspect A Fraudulent Source Is Offering Me A Job At Amazon

Amazon employees work hard to keep up with demand on Cyber Monday

Please be cautious of common scams that offer unauthorized Amazon employment opportunities. Our recruiters who contact candidates whether it be via text, call, or emailwill never ask for banking information, or request an enrollment fee. We encourage those who think they may have been contacted by a fraudulent source offering a job on behalf of Amazon to report it via . We actively investigate reported employment scams, and as a result, dozens of fraudulent recruiting websites have been taken down.

You’ll Be Put On Probation If You Can’t Keep Up With The Work

A “Performance Improvement Plan,” or “PIP,” is a three-month track that Amazon uses for employees it thinks are underperforming. Though PIP is ostensibly an opportunity to get an employee back on track, past accounts of PIPs make it seem as if the program is essentially a way to get workers to resign.

“In Amazon, PIP is being used as a tool to fire employees. That is, once you are into a PIP you can be sure that you would be made to quit within a maximum of 3 months,” a former employee told Gawker in September 2014. “But the point to be noted here is, there will not be any coaching or training to the employee during this period. They will have to work just normally like others, but each and every movement of them would be monitored.”

Why Millennials Want To Work For Top Companies

There are many millennials out there who try very hard to get into the top companies like Amazon, Google, Microsoft, Tesla, etc. The main reason for it is that these big giants provide them with things they would actually like to have. Some of them are,

1. Career growth and development2. Flexibility3. Sense of purpose.

According to a recent study done by Surveymonkey, Millennial are primarily interested in opportunities for career growth,Jon Cohen, chief research officer at SurveyMonkey, tells CNBC. Look at Microsoft, Apple, Google. They all have that same characteristic: growth

Some of the top 3 reasons are,

1. Techs quick expansion makes the opportunity for many more jobs2. Millennials value flexibility more when compared to freebies3. Young professionals always aspire to make an impact

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What Its Really Like Working For Amazon

Jeff Bezos founded Amazon in 1994 as an online bookseller. Fast-forward to 2020, and Amazon is one of the worlds largest, most powerful, and controversial companies.

Amazon now employs nearly a million workers worldwide. At the end of the first quarter of 2020, the tech giant had more than 840,000 full- and part-time employees, according to its earnings report.

The multinational company also reported its net sales rose 26% in the first quarter to a staggering $75 billion. Though it started with selling books and music, Amazon has become the Everything Store, an online retailer of numerous products, the new owner of Whole Foods, and much more.

So, whats it like to work for the worlds most valuable brand? It depends on who youre asking. Amazon has several subsidiaries and business functions, so it would be difficult to cover every area of working for this tech behemoth. Working in an Amazon warehouse is much different than working as a delivery driver, in the corporate offices, or as a remote employee.

As one of the Big Four tech companies like Facebook and Google, Amazon is also a frequent target of criticism for a hyper-competitive work culture and its role as a corporate monopoly in the American economy. Major media sites have run multiple investigations into Amazons work culture over the years.

Empire Resume has sifted through the research and will give you a general overview of what people say its like to work for Amazon.

An Innovative Company That Is Perfect For Geeks:

Amazon employees, robots hard at work fulfilling Cyber ...

Amazon is also an innovative company. It comes with a long term view, is great if you are driven by data as well. If you are a geek and want to work for a company that will give you assignments regularly, Amazon is the place to be. The company is also ideal. It likes geeks and is a creative and inventive environment to be in. Your job here will also be long-lasting. They plan on keeping their workers for very long.

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Amazon Warehouse Employees Have Vending Machines That Dispense Medication

Working at an Amazon warehouse can be physically challenging, with lots of bending, lifting, and moving. As a result, their vending machines offer more than just candy bars and potato chips. We have no-cost medical vending machines, Alex, a packer at an Amazon warehouse, tells Mental Floss. They hold individual dosage packets of things like Advil, Tylenol, Tums. I’ve used them before when I ran out of my own stash that I bring in my bag, and they come in handy.

Amazon also maintains a nurses station dubbed AMCARE for anything requiring medical attention. People would go there for headaches, pulled muscles, cuts, etc., Alex says. It’s basically like the nurses office in school.

Amazon Customer Service Jobs

Average Salary: $16/hour

Amazon is all about its customers. Most of Amazons virtual call centers offer remote and home-based positions, so there are many excellent opportunities if youre on the search for a job helping customers.

An Amazon customer service work from home job is highly coveted. Employees in the department endorse the position for its higher-than-average salary, positive and friendly coworkers, job security, and career growth.

Amazon only hires remote agents that reside in certain states. You will need to check their remote job site for the most up-to-date state restrictions. Remote Amazon customer service jobs tend to have a higher pay rate than similar remote jobs helping customers at a different company.

Openings are typically seasonal and fill quickly. You will want to set up job alerts to stay on top of finding out when your favorite companies are hiring.

These positions also tend to be temporary positions with the possibility of becoming permanent if you meet your metrics and attendance requirements. Amazon customer service work from home jobs can be part-time or full-time, and there are requirements having a dedicated phone line and access to high-speed internet.


Technical requirements vary depending on the role but experience with computers is always helpful when youre working remotely. You may also want to mention having familiarity with standard chat services, email programs, Microsoft Office, and experience with online shopping.

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Interview Questions Answered: Why Do You Want To Work For Amazon

The question may seem like a no-brainer when you are interviewing for one of the mid-level or senior managerial or engineering role with Amazon . In such a case, the remuneration package is just from another dimension, and you get a chance to work with some of the smartest people in Washington . But we should realize that most job interviews at Amazon are for jobs falling within levels 1 to 4 of their classification, and here they certainly have competition. Logically they want to know why you want to work for them, instead of Google, Facebook, Uber, or any other famous tech company.

Lets have a look at 7 sample answers to the question. I tried to include on my list answers for different jobs, interview scenarios, and also levels of experience. You should pick one that resonates with the message you try to convey to the hiring managers at Amazon, and fits your level of experience and your expectations on the job. Do not forget to read also my notes below the answers, for additional hints on how to impress your interviewers.

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What To Expect Working At Amazon Warehouse

Milbys job here in Kentucky is a world away from Amazons rapidly expanding campus in Seattles South Lake Union neighborhood, where high-tech talent has created one of the cutting-edge companies of the Internet age.

She has been part of the massive blue-collar work force required to fulfill founder Jeff Bezos ambitious vision of Amazon as a company that rivals Microsoft and Apple in technological prowess, but also offers one-stop shopping worthy of a Wal-Mart.

From the Behind the Smile series:

According to Amazon, more than 15,000 of the companys full-time employees work in its U.S. warehouses, called fulfillment centers. Amazon is expanding its work force at a breakneck pace to staff its global network of some 70 centers 17 opened just last year.

In an industry that often offers scant benefits, Amazon provides full-time employees with stock shares after two years on the job, a matching 401 and health insurance. Temporary workers, such as those hired during the holiday rush, can buy medical coverage through staffing agencies.

Just as Amazon tracks and analyzes the habits of online shoppers, the company has created a hyper-efficient warehouse culture where worker performance is continually monitored and measured in pursuit of slashing costs and shipping times.

To put it simply, its safer to work in an Amazon fulfillment center than in a department store.

Unrelenting efficiency

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How Hard Is It To Land A Job At Amazon

Since Amazon is such a large company, it can be a very competitive job market. There is quite an intense job application and interview process, so you will need to find a way to stand out to the hiring managers.

Although it can be difficult to land an Amazon company job, it is totally possible. By taking the time to ensure the qualities you possess will put you ahead of other candidates, you can practically guarantee a position with the company.

Education And Tuition Reimbursement Benefits At Amazon

Much like rival retail giants such as Walmart and Target, Amazon offers free college tuition to nearly all of its employees. Through Amazons Career Choice training program, employees can get their college tuition paid for and avoid taking on huge loans.

The program also provides assistance to employees who are working towards their high school graduations and GEDs and funds English-as-a-Second Language for every one of their employees. This benefit is available to most employees, aside from Whole Foods staff, and covers textbook costs and class fees as well. Amazon will be investing $1.2 billion in the Career Choice training program over the next 5 years, and you can learn more about the .

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Amazon Warehouse Employees Have Some Complaints About Break Times

Because Amazon monitors activity, employees tend to adhere pretty strictly to the allotted 30-minute and 15-minute break periods. The problem, according to Kyle, is that these windows dont account for the fact that it takes time to navigate the massive facility to get to a break room, bathroom, or to the parking lot.

When you take a break, you log out and are supposed to come back within 30 minutes, so theres no more than 30 minutes between the last time you scanned an item and the next item, Kyle says. But the problem is it takes five to seven minutes to walk to your car or to the break room, so its not really a full 30-minute break.

Taking a load off at your workstation, at least in Kyles warehouse, is off-limits. Youre not allowed to sit on things at a station. There are no chairs provided. You can make chairs with totes or sit on the steps. I usually choose to go to my car.

Positive Impact On The Environment And Economy ABE2

By employees working from home, companies can reduce the negative impact on the environment as many vehicles will be taken off the road. By making environmentally friendly choices, remote works can help reduce greenhouse gas emissions. In fact, since the pandemic, we see reduced pollutions, congestions, and traffic.

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I’m Not A Robot: Amazon Workers Condemn Unsafe Grueling Conditions At Warehouse

Employees under pressure to work faster call on retail giant to improve conditions and take their complaints seriously

Rina Cummings has worked three 12-hour shifts every week at Amazons gargantuan New York City warehouse, called JFK8, on Staten Island since it first began operations in late 2018. As a sorter on the outbound ship dock, her job is to inspect and scan a mandated rate of 1,800 Amazon packages an hour 30 per minute that are sent through a chute and transported on a conveyor belt before leaving the facility for delivery.

Workers such as Cummings helped Amazon achieve its best ever Christmas this year. Faster shipping drove Amazons revenues to $87bn for fourth quarter of 2019, adding another $12.8bn to founder Jeff Bezoss $128.9bn fortune. Amazon has just signed a deal to take another 450,000 sq ft of warehouse space on the island to speed delivery to its New York-area consumers.

But while New York customers, and Amazons shareholders, may be happy, some workers are not. In November, as the holiday rush got into full swing, Cummings was one of 600 workers at the Amazon warehouse who signed and delivered a petition to management calling on Amazon to improve working conditions.

Cummings first became involved with worker organizing efforts after witnessing several cases where, she claims, her colleagues were treated unfairly and the safety concerns she works through during her own shifts at Amazon.

Amazon Warehouse Employees Handle A Lot Of Sex Toys

Amazon prides itself on being the everything store, and they mean it. Kyle, a picker who grabs items from inventory to prepare for shipping, tells Mental Floss that adult novelty items are steady sellers. Such as? Dildos, he says. Sex toys. I pull out a dozen every night. BDSM shibari straps. Stuff Ive never seen or heard of.

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What’s Amazon’s Interview Process And How Do I Get Started

Visit to learn about each step of the application and interview process with us, from completing the online application to preparing for phone and in-person interviews.To learn more about our warehouse and Fulfillment Center associate positions, please visit . You can also visit the fulfillment center associate positions FAQs.

Why Do Amazon Warehouses Have So Many Injuries

Working At Amazon | Easiest Vs. Hardest Departments

The OSHA data showed that after two back-to-back years of rising injury rates, Amazon was able to improve workplace safety in 2020. Outgoing CEO Jeff Bezos said recently that Amazon needed to do a better job for our employees, according to CNBC.


The Washington Post reported that Amazon pushes many of its warehouse staff particularly those at fulfillment centers, sorting centers and delivery stations to meet hourly rates to stow, pick and pack items. Critics say those metrics are too onerous and lead to injuries.

  • Eric Frumin, the health and safety director of the Strategic Organization Center a labor union coalition blamed Amazons high injury rate on a stunning degree of incompetence, the Post reported.
  • In 2020, Amazon workers who experienced lost time injuries were forced off work for an average of 46.3 days more than a month and a half, SOC found in its own analysis. That is a week longer than the average recovery time for workers injured in the general warehouse industry and more than two weeks longer than the recovery time for the average worker who suffered a lost time injury.

Amazon has set a goal to reduce workplace injuries by half by 2025, reported CNBC.

Bezos told shareholders in April that Amazon doesnt set unreasonable performance goals, but achievable performance goals that take into account tenure and actual employee performance data, according to the Post.

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Lets You Learn A Lot:

Finally, if you want to learn a lot of things, Amazon is the place to be in. It will help you examine, observe and gather new ideas and perspectives. Not just that, you will also be given a clear vision of where the company stands at this point.

Whether it is good or bad, you will get to know the company even more. Plus a company like Amazon has all the resourceful people you will love to meet. They will guide you throughout your journey in Amazon and help you work on the technical skills too.

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Secrets Of Amazon Warehouse Employees

When we last checked in with Amazon warehouse workers in November 2015, the consensus was that life as an employee at one of the companys 110 domestic fulfillment centers was physically challenging but financially rewarding. On their feet for most of the day, these Amazonians receive, stock, sort, pick, pack, ship, and problem-solve the hundreds of thousands of items carried by the e-tailer in massive facilities between 600,000 and 800,000 square feet in size. Each can employ over 1500 full-time associates.

These days, the pay is going up. Amazon recently announced hourly raises between 50 cents and $3 for 500,000 warehouse workers and other fulfillment jobs, adding to the existing minimum starting wage of $15. Employees generally agree that if you dont mind some manual labor, you can find benefitsjust not Prime benefitsinside these massive buildings.

For more on the job, Mental Floss reached out to several current and former employees. Heres what they had to say about working with robots, finding time to pee, and the overall experience of what social media has dubbed Amazon vest life.

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How About Vacation Time

Employees earn paid time off and receive six company paid holidays a year.

The number of vacation days are accrued on a per pay-period basis and depend on whether a worker is part time or full time. Full-time workers, for example, accrue a weeks vacation after one year and two weeks after two years of working for Amazon. After six years, they get three weeks of vacation.

Amazon says it grants paid sick time based on local, city and state ordinances.

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