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Is It Better To Sell On Ebay Or Amazon

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Which Has Less Seller Competition: Ebay Or Amazon

Should You Sell On eBay Or Amazon In 2022?

Both eBay and Amazon are selective with what data they reveal about their sellers.

they had 200,000 sellers with revenue over $50,000 and 50,000 sellers with revenue over $500,000. In 2021, the company reported that 27,000 sellers in the US alone passed the $500 million revenue mark, while those who surpassed $1 million in sales grew by nearly 15%.

Compared to eBay, Amazon has more serious and bigger sellers, so its more competitive. More importantly, as well get to shortly, competition for advertising is also significantly less on eBay so its cheaper.

Should I Sell On Ebay Or Amazon

There are specific reasons and benefits to selling on each platform that should be considered before choosing your preferred platform.

You should choose if:-Amazons FBA program, which takes care of product storing, shipping, and customer service, sounds appealing-Youre more concerned about the number of sales you want to make-You dont plan on selling from Amazons restricted list, and your items are primarily new-The target market youre looking for is in the United States.

Consider choosing eBay if:-You prefer to manage storing and shipping of your products instead of using a company-Youre looking for the lowest seller fees available-The international market is your target market-You sell rare, collectible, high-priced items or items on Amazons restricted list.

Reason #: Amazon Has A Single Listing For Each Product

When you buy a book on Amazon, you visit a single product page that contains all of the offers from every merchant selling that book on Amazon.

When you buy a book on eBay, every offer has a separate listing. If you want to compare multiple offers, you have to scroll and click through each individual listing from all the different eBayers selling that book.

Amazons corralling of offers onto a single page means they drive all potential buyers to that single page.

This can work to your benefit and enable you to sell your books extremely quickly if you can make your offer stand out from the competition.

The best way to make your offer stand out is to use automated repricing software to make sure your offer is the lowest price.

While repricing software exists for both Amazon and eBay, using that software will be more effective on Amazon because all of the offers are clumped together on a single listing page. Using repricing software on eBay will still be helpful, but its effect will be diluted because all of the competing offers are on separate listing pages.

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Fulfillment By Amazon Rocks

Many shoppers want their orders fast. With Etsy, youll need to ship your orders. With Amazon, Amazon can ship your orders for you. You simply ship your products in bulk to Amazon and then Amazon takes care of the rest. This is how you can get your products to qualify for Amazon Prime Shipping.

With FBA, you pay a heavily reduced shipping rate to send your items in bulk to Amazon. Amazon in turn is able to use their reduced rates to ship your products to orders placed through Amazon for your products. If you want to fulfill orders from Amazon or Etsy yourself, youll be paying much higher shipping rates than Amazon gets.

Ebay Vs Amazon The Complete Comparison Guide

Selling on Amazon vs eBay  Which is Better in 2020?

Who would win the fight in eBay vs Amazon? This is a tricky one! Both eBay and Amazon are ecommerce powerhouses whose reputations go before them. They both rank among the top online shopping sites in the world, and between them make billions each year from millions of members. So is it any wonder that both are attractive platforms for sellers both experienced and start-ups?

As established brands, most online shoppers are familiar with eBay and . Still, there was a period, around 10 years ago, when the question of Where should I sell eBay or Amazon? wouldnt even have been considered.

Why? Well, because quite honestly, eBay would probably have won, hands-down at that time! For years, eBay was the most recognised place to sell online.

This was not only for second-hand goods, which is where it all started, but it was the perfect starting point for small businesses who wanted to launch quickly, with minimal start-up costs and a ready-made, devoted audience, accessible 24/7.

Then Amazon, initially known only for being the place to go for books, videos, computer software and CDs began diversifying further until the present day. They now stock products from A to Z as their logo suggests!

So, you can understand why for ecommerce entrepreneurs, it might be challenging to decide whether to sell on eBay or sell on Amazon.

So, on which of these two impressive ecommerce monsters should you choose to sell your products? versus eBay is an important decision.

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The Downside Of Ebay’s Auction Model

If you use eBay’s auction model, you cannot control the selling price of your product.

Consequently, you won’t be able to control your profit margin and scale your business.

On Amazon, you can set fixed prices. Thus, you can control your profit margin, making it easier for you to scale your business.

Of course, you can also publish fixed-price product listings on eBay, but they are harder to sell since people are looking for something cheap on eBay.

Makes Shipping Orders A Snap For You And Your Customers

Remember Amazon Prime mentioned above?

How would you like your products to qualify for free 2-day shipping to millions of potential customers?

But wouldnt offering free, 2-day shipping cut erase your margins/profits?

It might if you have to ship each order that way, but not if youre using the right that ships your orders for you even when youre asleep!

You dont have to go crazy during the Christmas selling season shipping onesie-twosie orders. You dont have to worry about warehousing your products or about going on vacation and missing sales.

Does eBay have this for its sellers? Nope.

Winner: Amazon for making your products more readily available to customers with fast, free shipping.

There is a something to keep in mind there, this refers to items that are new. If youre looking to sell used items, youre going to find a playing field that favors eBay a little more as customers expect used items to be on eBay. You can buy used items on Amazon as well, but usually without the Amazon Prime benefits.

So what do all these points have in common?

These 7 points are better for the customer, and whats better for the customer will be better for you as a seller.

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Walmart Marketplace For E

Walmart has been slowly trying to get a foothold in the e-commerce market for years. Despite being the largest retailer in the world they have been behind the 8-ball as far as online selling goes. For this reason they have been trying desperately to catch up to Amazon.

Thats why its such a big deal that in September of 2020 they finally launched Walmart Plus which is essentially their answer to Amazon Prime. Walmart is going to continue to make gains in the e-commerce market which is why sellers should start considering them when choosing where they want to sell.

What Can You Sell On Ebay Vs Amazon

Better sites to sell on than Amazon and eBay

One of the most important factors you need to consider when deciding if you want to sell on Amazon or eBay is what youre selling. Amazon is a pickier about what you can sell on their website and the condition of the items youre selling. Ebay is much less restrictive.

The simplest way to put this is:

If youre planning on selling a brand new item with a barcode you can probably sell it on Amazon.

If youre planning on selling something used or that doesnt have a barcode, you should probably go with Ebay.

This obviously doesnt work across the board, but its a pretty good place to start.

On Ebay pretty much anything goes, unless it falls under their list of prohibited and restricted items. The list includes things like alcohol, used cosmetics, and a few dozen other items that either arent allowed or have certain restrictions. Many resellers sell used clothing that they source from thrift stores or yard sales which is fine on Ebay.

On Amazon, its a little more complicated. In general, brand new items with barcodes are good unless theyre on their restricted products list. This includes animals, explosives, etc. As far as used items go, Amazon allows many items that are used, but one thing to consider is that Amazon doesnt allow used clothing.

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Amazon Vs Ebay: Which Marketplace Should You Sell On


Amazon or eBay, which is better for sellers? Its a difficult question, as each marketplace has its advantages and disadvantages. Amazon is currently the biggest online marketplace in the world, with eBay in third place. While there are a growing number of alternative marketplaces available to sellers, these two titans of online shopping still stand head and shoulders above the rest.

Lets take a detailed look at Amazon vs eBay, so you can make an informed decision on which ones best for your business.

An Easy Purchase Process For The Buyer Makes A Big Difference

Ever thought, Gee, Id like my life to be more complicated.

Nope. Most of us are trying to find ways to make things easyto simplify.

Do you want your customers to become frustrated because its hard to find your products?

Although eBay is trying to be better about this, when you search for a product on eBay, everybodys listings come up.

Your potential customers will have to sort through page after page of listings for the same item! Its crazy! Its complicated! Its silly!

When you shop on Amazon, its simple. Its elegant.

Amazon has one single listing for each product.

If there are different sellers for the same item, the item listing is not reproduced over and over again in the search results.

The item appears once. When you click on the item, its easy to see who the featured merchant is and the new/used options available to you from other sellers.

A frustration free shopping experience means a better buying experience for your potential customers. for having only one listing per product.

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Which Is Easier To Manage: Ebay Or Amazon

In terms of management, eBay is a victim of its past success when it used to rule the world of used products.

eBay has a terribly confusing decentralized product management system. There can be thousands of different listings for the same exact Instapot.

eBay allows HTML/CSS in its listings, which means sellers are constantly trying to edge one another in the sophistication and design of their listings.

Contrary to eBay, Amazon has an extremely easy-to-use product management system. There is only one listing per unique UPC . Amazon essentially only allows photos and plain text product descriptions making listings much easier.

The Conclusion: Market Size And Selling Potential

Is it better to sell on eBay or Amazon?

The comparison here borders on unfair. Comparing Amazon and eBay in terms of raw market size is a decisive win for Amazon, who are beaten only by Alibaba and the sheer consumer might of China.

Its not all doom and gloom for eBay, however. Theyre still a major global player in eCommerce, with more than half of their annual sales revenue coming from tens of millions of buyers outside the US.

eBays audience is also slightly younger, with 32% aged 35 to 49. Compare that to Amazons average shopper age of 45 to 54 and you get a target market that is starting to come of age and really flex their buying power.

If you have a niche product and a laser-focused audience profile, eBay might be right for you. But in the majority of cases, Amazons market share simply cant be touched.

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Amazon Ebay And Etsy Selling Fees

As a seller, you may wonder which is the most convenient seller plan to choose, a fortiori, if you are a multichannel retailer. Sometimes finding that information could be tricky, and that’s why you are probably looking for a comparative guide to achieve a clear understanding and a general overview of the costs according to every platform. Lets sort this out together!

Selling On Amazon Vs Ebay: Which Is Better For You

  • 2.9Kshares
  • 2.9Kshares

The two most popular places to sell your goods: Amazon and eBay. These household names collectively made billions of dollars. And for seasoned sellers who want a cut of the pie, theyre the go-to online marketplaces for novice and seasoned sellers. But which should you be selling on: Amazon or eBay?We put them head-to-head in multiple categories to see which one fared better. Lets see how selling on Amazon vs. eBay compares.

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Where To Sell Online Amazon Ebay Or Walmart Marketplace

It seems like new e-commerce marketplaces are popping up everyday. Amazon and eBay have been giants of e-commerce for years but Walmart is hot on their heels. Each one is very different as far as their sellers, customers and policies go.

So Lets dive in and dissect which marketplace is best for you!

You Can Use Amazon Seller Tools

Selling on Amazon or eBay – Which is Better?

Amazon sellers can use tools like Helium 10 to do product research, keyword research, listing optimization, and more.

These tools help sellers build their Amazon business, maximize profits, and automate business processes.

Although there are also some tools for eBay sellers, there are significantly more Amazon Seller Tools on the market.

You can learn more about Amazon Seller Tools here.

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Ebay Overview: Where Buyers Can Start A Bidding War

Best for: When you want a fair and flexible price for the things you want to sell. gained its popularity as the online auction website where users could place bids on items they saw, and the highest bid would win the item at the end of the auction. This made it a great place for the kind of items that are typically sold at auctions, including antiques, collectibles, even cars! Its also great for something you need out of your life by a certain date, as you can set a time frame for the auction to make sure your item sells.

For sellers, eBay is a great platform for these kinds of products, or when what you have is simply valuable. Auctions can drive the selling price of your item up, but you have to be willing to be patient and wait for the right buyer. If you have thousands of items of inventory and want to unload them as quickly as possible, eBay probably isnt the best website for you. Just remember that the eBay fees for sellers, in comparison, tend to be quite high. To learn more, check out this complete list on how much eBay charges to sell items.

How Jungle Scout Can Help Launch Your Success:

Rather than pay thousands for training, Jungle Scout provides training, plus one of the best tools out there to help you:

  • Locate Niche Products and Suppliers with the Supplier Database
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  • Increase Sales with Automated Emails with the New Launch Tool
  • Generate Keywords that Convert with Keyword Scout
  • Find Profitable Niches with Profitability Finder
  • Learn Insider Tips and How to Get Started Selling Training with the Included Academy and Live Q& A Sessions.

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Amazon Vs Ebay Revenue

As of 31 August 2018, Amazon showed incredible growth. It had a trailing-twelve-month revenue of 208.13 billion USD, inclining by 30.8% from its last years revenue.

On the other hand, eBays revenue was only 10.07 billion USD, inclining by 6.6% from its last years revenue.

As far as the figures of the last 3 years are considered, Amazon definitely has outranked eBay in terms of revenue growth.

Is It Easy To Sell On Etsy

Selling on Amazon vs eBay: Which is Better?

Etsy is another important marketplace focused on craft, vintage, and handmade products.

Like eBay, Etsy is very beginner-friendly, and creates a seller account from scratch takes just a few minutes.

One important thing to bear in mind is that on Etsy, attention to detail could make the difference in terms of customer engagement and sales. Indeed on Etsy, you can open a sort of customizable virtual store with an intriguing name and pleasant graphics. Thats why many sellers decide to buy Patterns to personalize their little Etsy e-store.

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How To Get Paid

Amazon has a multi-step procedure to set up a sellers account. Users are automatically signed up for a Professional account and Fulfillment by Amazon. Account information is input based on a users existing account . Finally, theres a section for Tax Identity Information.

For eBay sellers, the process is simpleopen an eBay account and start selling. Getting money into a bank account is a bit more complicated. Amazon users get paid via a direct deposit to their bank account, whereas eBay users get paid through PayPal.

Getting Paid On Amazon

When someone buys your product, Amazon sends you an email to let you know, and you ship the product to the buyer. If you plan to sell a whole lot of products on the site, you can use to let the company store and ship your products for you.

Amazon deposits the payments you receive directly into your bank account at regular intervals after deducting its seller fees. The site sends you a notice whenever it transfers a payment to you. It can take up to five days for the money to appear in your bank account.

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