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Is It Hard To Sell On Amazon

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How To Compare Product Ideas

Is it hard to sell on Amazon in 2021?

Next, narrow down a few product types to look at more closely and compare the following:

Demand: Is there enough demand to make it worth selling? You can also use a tool like to see whats popular.

Competition: If you look for the product on Amazon today, whats the competition like? Pay attention if Amazon sells the item through their private label, . Its hard to compete with Amazon itself.

Product Margins: will differ by the product and directly impact profitability. For example, youll have to sell large volumes of low-margin products before you make any significant profit.

Regulations: Be aware that you cant just sell anything on Amazon, including popular items like CBD oils. Be sure to check .

Shipping costs: Some products are more expensive to store and ship, which affects profitability. For new sellers, its easier to focus on small and lightweight items like books to avoid any complications.

Availability: How easy or hard is it to source the product? Is there only one supplier available?

Seasonality: Relying solely on a seasonal product like holiday decor wont bring in consistent sales.

Another helpful way to research and compare products is through these online tools.

Did You Know? We recently conducted a survey of our customers to find the top selling items on Amazon. The top five product categories include Home Goods, Health & Personal Care, Toys, Kitchen, and Beauty so keep these in mind as youre buying inventory.

Leave The Reader Wanting More

Finish strong with a snappy takeaway that explains why readers should pick up your book in particular. What will they get out of it?

Draw connections to relevant bestsellers in your genre explain why your YA romance will tug at the heartstrings of people who cried at The Fault in Our Stars, or why your self-help book is the Gen Z-friendly update to The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Highlight the value you bring to readers.

Account Setup Get It Right The First Time

This is one of the key steps in creating your online Amazon selling business and most sellers spend their time here, though it varies based on management automation or agency.

The provides a holistic view of the current or ongoing orders, purchased products, and whats listed on the platform. Its also where you as a seller manages your inventory, product performance, define settings for your campaigns, and track feedback too.

Right course of action: It is critical to get this step right and set a solid foundation for your online store and products to avoid failure in the short or long-term. Additionally, dont have two seller accounts. simply states the one seller account per Amazon seller anything outside that is a violation, and it can land you into trouble. Review the best practices constantly, test, audit and refine your seller account to avoid violating the policy or your account may not be optimized.

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Other Amazon Sellers Will Copy You

I actually have my own personal horror story to share here which occurred during my first year selling on Amazon. One day, I was checking up on my listings when I noticed that products from our online store were being listed on Amazon without my permission.

When I took a closer look, I discovered that a seller under the name bee had stolen all of our product photos and all of our product descriptions and were selling our items on Amazon!!!

They literally ripped everything off! They stole our photos, our verbiage and even our product numbers. It was wholesale piracy on a large scale with over 400 SKUs.

When we sent an email to Amazon, they sent us an automated response asking us for documentation on each and every product to show proof that we owned the photos and descriptions.

To put together a thorough response would have taken a ton of work and time and we were unable to get a human to take care of this for us. Fortunately, we politely reached out to the vendor and they took everything down without a fight.

But what if they refused? We could have been mired in a battle for months and forced to navigate through a series of automated responses for over 400 products.

While its easy for a customer to file a complaint on a seller, its much harder for a seller to file a complaint against another seller. Be aware!

Can I Drop Ship On Amazon

Is It Hard To Sell On Amazon? 10 Tips To Make Easier (2021 ...

The short answer is yes, but the actual answer is no. Confused? Dont worry, it will all become clear as you read on.

The way that most people think about dropshipping is that theyll be sitting on an island somewhere, not having to deal with customers or suppliers. And, thats exactly where youll wind up if you try to dropship on Amazon.

Selling on Amazon does allow dropshipping but there are many rules attached to this type of selling.

Here are some examples of the Amazon dropshipping rules:

  • Be the seller of record for your products
  • You must identify yourself as seller on all product packaging
  • Not identify any third-party drop shipper on your packaging
  • Be responsible for all customer returns
  • Comply with all of your Amazon seller terms

If youre looking to hand off a lot of the sellers duties to another party, you may want to sign up for Amazon FBA. With an Amazon FBA business, you store your products at the Amazon fulfilment centers and the Amazon team will pick the products, pack them, ship them to your customers, and also provide customer service for these shipped products. A lot of vendors are using Amazon FBA for their sales.

Amazon FBA offers all-in-one sales assistance and makes it easy for sellers to entrust many sales duties to others. When you entrust these tasks to the Amazon FBA team, youre using a method that can be carried out in an efficient way by those in the know. Fulfillment by Amazon makes the job a bit easier for you.

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Amazon Fba Review Final Thoughts: Is Selling On Amazon Worth It

So in my opinion, is selling on Amazon worth it?

I would say, YES, BUT!

Yes, it could be a great side hustle and a really fun work from home job.

The BUT part is just like every job, its not for everyone. If youre going to feel uncomfortable scanning in stores, selling on Amazon is probably not for you. If you are someone who doesnt even like shopping in the first place , this might not be the best pick for you.

On the other hand if you think the idea of getting paid to shop sounds awesome and youre looking for a flexible way to make extra money, this just might be your perfect business. There is FANTASTIC income potential to be had with this business. If you are interested, my advice would be to learn from the folks who have it all figured out and have a thriving Amazon FBA business already.

I hope this Amazon FBA reviewed helped you. If you are serious about selling on Amazon FBA and want to learn from the best you can find out all about The Selling Familys . It leads you through step-by-step on how to start up your Amazon FBA business. The videos are screen share and will walk you through the entire process of setting up and selling on Amazon.

Ready To Get Serious About Starting An Online Business

If you are really considering starting your own online business, then you have to check out my free mini course on How To Create A Niche Online Store In 5 Easy Steps.

In this 6 day mini course, I reveal the steps that my wife and I took to earn 100 thousand dollars in the span of just a year. Best of all, it’s free and you’ll receive weekly ecommerce tips and strategies!

Note: This post above may contain affiliate links, which means that I may receive a commission if you make a purchase when clicking a link. Please consult our privacy policy for more information.

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Evil Strategy #: Amazon Sellers Can Steal The Buy Box And Ship Poor Quality Items To Sabotage Your Listing

Over the holidays, one of the students in my Create A Profitable Online Store Course had a product that absolutely killed it. She managed to for a competitive keyword and she was making 5 figures per month off of a single product.

At the time, her product had a 4.5 star rating and things were great. But one day, she noticed that her sales had dropped to just a trickle and when she checked her listing, she noticed that someone else was selling her product for significantly cheaper and she no longer had the buy box.

Heres the thing.

She designed these products herself so it was highly unlikely that this seller was selling the exact same thing. As a result, she did a test buy and when she received the item, she was shocked to see a poorly made imitation with a cheap copy of her packaging.

Even though she contacted Amazon, she got the run around and they did nothing about it. Meanwhile, negative reviews started trickling in and her search rankings started dropping.

Eventually, this seller went away but the damage was already done. She was left with a crippled listing that still hasnt fully recovered.

Unfortunately, this student learned the hard way not to depend on Amazon for 100% of your sales. Today, shes focusing a lot more time on her own website and diversifying across other channels.

How Much Does It Cost To Sell On Amazon

Is Selling On Amazon FBA Really That Hard?

Whats great about selling on Amazon is that you can .

However, if youre planning to use the private label business model there are costs involved in order to purchase your inventory before you sell it . But, it may not be as expensive as you might think.

In fact, according to a of more than 1,000 Amazon sellers, 17% started their businesses with less than $500 though the .

Plus, regardless of your chosen fulfillment method, there will be some fees associated with your seller account.

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Complement Your Shopify Store By Selling On Amazon

At first glance, Amazon can seem like a challenger to your small business: a global marketplace, a massive audience, a go-to destination for consumer search. However, when approached properly, Amazon can actually help you make money online.

Listing optimization can help you get discovered by a global audience and unlock new markets for you. In-Amazon promotions can elevate your brand atop the competition, giving you center stage in front of a highly qualified audience.

Your online store is your home base, and Amazon is your opportunity to reach massive new audiences. Strategic planning, experimentation, and some hustle will get you a long way to successfully selling on Amazon.

Use Shopifys step-by-step guide to open up your new Amazon sales channel. Refer to this guide as you begin launching new products on Amazon.

Don’t Explain Every Detail Just Give The Reader A Taste Of What To Expect

The blurb is where you tell readers what your book is about without giving away the goods before theyve paid. Dont overwhelm them with a blow-by-blow summary. The last thing you want is to sound like youre trying to prove youve actually read your own book.

Instead, focus on high-impact keywords that play to your target market. Terms like serial killer for a thriller or personal development for a self-help book will signal to readers that they will find exactly what theyre looking for. In the end, your blurb is all about building intrigue and drumming up anticipation for the moment when buyers get to read the book in full.

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Getting An Amazon Seller Account

To sell on Amazon, you need to get an Amazon Seller account. This is separate from the account you use to buy things on Amazon, although you can sign up with the same email if desired.

There are two types of Seller accounts: Individual and Professional.

The Professional Account offers a lot of advantages over the Individual account, but it also costs $39.99 a month. Benefits include:

  • The ability to earn the buy box
  • Option to run promotions
  • Bulk-uploading of items from a spreadsheet
  • Ability to use 3rd party tools and apps

Of these, the ability to earn the buy box is likely the most significant if you will be selling products with other sellers on the listing. Well cover what the buy box is shortly.

Individual accounts do not include a monthly fee, meaning you can create one for free. Every sale you earn with an Individual account includes a $0.99 per item fee that the Professional account doesnt have though.

So right away, if you plan on selling more than 40 items a month, the Professional account is the better deal even without the extra benefits.

Is Selling Books On Amazon Worth It

âItâs hard to find things that wonât sell online.â? â Jeff ...

In my experience selling on Amazon, yes! In a short time, working very minimally at selling, I turned a profit selling books on Amazon.

I chose to sell books on Amazon FBA because books take up less space to store than a lot of other products you can sell, there are no entry requirements or permissions needed to sell, and its a category Im interested in

You dont at all have to sell in an area of interest and this probably isnt the most important requirement when youre thinking about what to sell. Your ability to make a profit from a category is way more important. But for me and my personality I knew I would lose interest quickly if I was trying to sell in a category I didnt like shopping for For me was worth it.

I sold a few video games here and there because I happened to find decent ones when I was out book hunting but this was not my main area.

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Amazon Best Sellers Rank

Amazons algorithms might sound like black magic, but they work according to an elementary principle: they prioritize the books they think people are most likely to buy.

What do they use to figure that out? The #1 factor, by far, is how well your book is already selling. While Amazon wont tell you how many copies a given book is selling, you can estimate it through a figure called the Amazon Best Sellers Rank , which is listed in a books product details.

Just take the ABSR, plug it into a rank-to-sales calculator, and youll get an idea of how many copies a book sells on a daily basis. To give you an estimation, heres a chart taken from David Gaughrans must-read ebook, :

  • #1 to #5 = 5,000+ books a day
  • #5 to #10 = 4,0005,000
  • #10 to #20 = 3,0004,000
  • #20 to #50 = 2,0003,000
  • #100 = 1,000+
  • #50,000 = 5
  • #100,000+ = fewer than 1 a day

Does this mean that if you sell 7,000 copies in a day, your book will get to #1? It depends on the competition But its likely, yes. However, unless you maintain that level of sales for a few days, your rank will immediately plummet.

Amazons algorithms are suspicious of books that suddenly get a huge influx of sales before they sputter off into nothing. Instead, they favor books that achieve a high level of sales and manage to hold on to it for at least a few days. Spikes dont make the algorithms happy plateaus do.

Check Amazon Best Selling Categories

Whats one of the best ways to come up with product ideas? Check the Amazon best sellers list!

Since youll be peddling your wares on Amazon, it makes sense to see what Amazon sellers are hitting it big with when it comes to item sales on the site.

From toys and games to electronics, youll see the top hot sellers on Amazon when you visit the Best Sellers section.

Knowing what items are the best sellers on Amazon will help point you in the right direction as you select your inventory to sell on Amazon.

Combine this tip with #2 and youll come up with some interesting ideas.

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Your Products Can Become Restricted And Unsellable At Any Time

Amazon works closely with large manufacturers and established brands. If a brand decides they don’t want third-party sellers listing their products on Amazon, they can have Amazon deem their products restricted at any time.

This means that no one but the brand owner can sell the product on Amazon’s platform. While this seems like an all-around negative, if you’re a seller that has your own brand, Amazon has developed a brand registry and other protections to help you as a brand owner to sell more successfully on the platform without having to compete with people who obtain your products through liquidators or unethical means, or who attempt to counterfeit your products.

For example, a seller could be selling Dunkin’ Donuts coffee on Amazon, that they had purchased on sale at grocery stores and Target. Say that they sent about 40 bags of coffee into an Amazon warehouse for future customer orders.

These storage facilities are known as Fulfillment by Amazon warehouses. One day, with no advance warning, the seller receives an email that Amazon has partnered with Dunkin’ Donuts. From now on, third-party sellers can no longer sell this brand, meaning they would have to pay Amazon to get the 40 units of coffee out of the warehouse and sent back to them.

How To Find Out If Your Item Sells


If you receive a seller fulfilled order, you will receive an email every time that you receive an order.

Your email will say sold, ship now and have the details on the item. Then you will be able to login and purchase a shipping label to ship the item to the customer. You can also set up alerts on the Amazon Mobile App to receive a push notification every time you receive a new Seller Fulfilled sale. The process for FBA orders is slightly different.

You will not receive an email until the item has actually shipped. At the time the item is shipped, you will receive an email that says Amazon has shipped the item you sold. They will then deposit the payment into your Amazon Payments account. The main difference for FBA is that the customer order will show up in your seller account before it actually ships. To see your real-time sales, you will need to go to log in to seller central, go to orders, and manage orders.

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