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Is There Amazon In Mexico

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Amazon: The Strategy Behind Autonomous Ride Hailing

Step by Step Amazon Remote Fulfillment Service – How to sell in Canada and Mexico FBA

Amazon acquired Zoox to help bring their vision of autonomous ride hailing to reality

In June 2020, Amazon announced that they signed an agreement to acquire Zoox a startup pioneering the future of ride-hailing. The team at Zoox is designing autonomous technology from the ground up with passengers front-of-mind.

According to TechCrunch, Zoox has chosen one of the most expensive possible paths in the autonomous driving industry. The company is using the software and AI end to provide its autonomous driving capabilities. could run deeper and closer to its core business than just taxis that drive themselves.

Not long after being acquired by Amazon, Zoox unveiled its self-driving robotaxi. Amazons strategy that involves expansion into auto industy is likely to bring excitement to both logistics and autonomous driving industries.

Using Fba For Amazon In Mexico

Using FBA for selling in Mexico makes fulfillment so much easier:

  • You dont have to worry about anything in the process except having enough product in stock at Amazons warehouses.
  • It cuts shipping costs considerably.
  • It almost ensures that you get better scores because of Amazons guarantee.
  • You dont need a Mexican Tax ID, knows as a RFC ID.
  • Returns go to Amazon warehouses where they can be reshipped, removed or destroyed as you see fit.

Why Won’t Amazoncom Ship To Mexico

The main reason is Customs. As you may have already experienced, getting products shipped through Customs in Mexico can take time, and money. If a friend or relative has sent you a package from abroad, it was likely held up, inspected, and subjected to import duty, which you then had to pay to have the package released and delivered to you. It’s such a poor customer experience that many US stores and brands prefer to avoid it altogether.

The second reason is added complexity. Some products , require local customizations to function in Mexico or comply with its regulations. Beyond the product itself, there’s the added complexity of offering an international warranty, dealing with returns, and localisation of marketing, packaging materials, and after-sale support.

Then there’s the shipping itself. To ship a product from US to Mexico, the shipper needs to:

  • Fill out itemised customs documents with correct duty categorisations
  • Validate your Mexico address, which is formatted differently to US ones
  • Calculate, compare and offer you much higher international shipping costs
  • Offer detailed tracking that matches your domestic shopping experience
  • Support much longer delivery times, which can leave customers frustrated

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Amazon Announces $100 Million Logistics Investment In Mexico

By Daina Beth Solomon

2 Min Read

MEXICO CITY – Inc AMZN.O said on Thursday it has invested $100 million in opening new warehouses in Mexico, including its first shipping centers outside the populous capital area, in a bid to offer faster deliveries.

The new sites include two so-called fulfillment centers – one near the northern city of Monterrey and another near the central city of Guadalajara – as well as a support building in the State of Mexico, just outside Mexico City.

Amazon also opened 12 delivery stations, bringing its total to 27 across the country, it said.

The construction of a solid infrastructure network allows the company to stay closer than ever to clients, and thanks to that, its possible to offer fast deliveries, Amazon said in a statement.

Monterrey and Guadalajara are the two biggest metropolitan zones of the country after the sprawling Mexico City area.

The new facilities represent 69,000 square meters altogether and create 1,500 direct and indirect jobs, Amazon said.

Amazon in total now runs five fulfillment centers, two support buildings and two classification centers in Mexico, where it launched its marketplace in 2015.

Enrique Alfaro, the governor of Jalisco state that is home to Guadalajara, said the new local warehouse would help more small and medium sized businesses ship their products faster and at lower costs.

Reporting by Daina Beth Solomon Editing by Amy Caren Daniel

Does Amazon Ship To Mexico


If you live in Mexico and have tried to buy something from Amazon, chances are youve run into some difficulties. The most common issue is that your item cant be shipped to Mexico, but there are plenty of other problems that come up, too.

Fortunately, Amazon will ship just about any item to Mexicoas long as you know the right way to do it. Our 2-step strategy shows you exactly how to get just about any item on delivered to Mexico.

Note: As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. There is no additional cost to you.

Important Note: You should always do your shopping on Amazon.coms USA site, because it offers a larger selection at much lower prices than other Amazon sites around the world.

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What Items Are Restricted For Shipping Into Mexico

Here Is A List Of Prohibited Items To Ship To Mexico, always check the official Mexican import laws before shipping any item in question

  • 1-phenyl-2-propanone
  • Textile articles
  • Thallium sulfate
  • The salts and optical isomers of the aforementioned substances, whenever the existence of such salts is possible
  • Tobacco
  • Toxic Gases
  • Toys
  • Transfers, Stamps, prints and photographs, printed in colors or in black and white, known as “Garbage Pail Kids,” for sale in packages or envelopes, even including chewing gum, candy or any other article, containing figures or illustrations showing childhood in denigrated and ridiculous manners, inciting to violence, to self-destruction or to any kind of antisocial behavior, and mentioning to have been printed in the U.S. or any other country by “Topps Chewing Gum, Incorporated” or by any company or firm
  • Turtle and “Caguama” turtle raw hides and skins
  • Used Clothing
  • Wallpaper
  • How Do You Ship Items From Amazon To Mexico

    To have your Amazon orders delivered to your address in Mexico, you will need to change a couple of settings in your Amazon account online.

    The first step in getting your products shipped to Mexico is logging in to your Amazon account on your computer. Then hover your cursor over the Accounts & Lists section and click on the Your Account tab.

    Next, click on the Your Addresses option under Ordering and Shopping Preferences. After selecting Add A New Address, input your address information for your location in Mexico.

    Make sure you remember to input your country in the top dropdown menu. After you save your information, select the Set As Default option next to the international address you have just added.

    After these steps, you can ship items to your address in Mexico.

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    Amazon: The Strategy Behind Growing In India

    Amazon goes deeper into the Indian Online Retail Market

    The Indian eCommerce market is being seen by many as a hot contested battlefield all credits to the huge potential it holds. According to Morgan Stanley, the online retail market in India will grow at an incomprehensible pace, reaching $200 billion by 2026 vis-a-vis $15 billion a couple of years ago.

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    Hence, it is not a surprise that eCommerce giant Amazons global strategy has turned out to be aggressively penetrating in this market, having already spent close to $5 billion in the Indian market. Amazon considers India as one of its fastest-growing international markets. Hence, Amazon is doing everything to get an upper hand against local player like Flipkart.

    Amazon recently opened 25 new delivery stations and 6 new fulfillment centers across India. It now has a total of 62 fulfillment centers in the country and offers next-day and scheduled delivery in 30 cities. The new fulfillment centers focus on the delivery of furniture and large appliances.

    Inside Amazon’s Shadow Workforce In Mexico

    Outcry as Amazon warehouse in Tijuana stands in stark contrast to surrounding deteriorating shacks

    After six months of shifts moving boxes at an Amazon warehouse near Mexico City as a contract worker, Jaime Hidalgo believed job security and brighter prospects beckoned when he received the company’s “blue badge” making him a member of staff.

    Hidalgo, 35, was convinced the mandatory overtime and 60-hour weeks had been worth it as he became a fully-fledged Amazon employee – but within weeks he was fired when a stomach bug meant more bathroom breaks and less time on the warehouse floor.

    He is one of 15 former Inc workers in Mexico who told the Thomson Reuters Foundation that they were mistreated or unfairly dismissed after being recruited through labor agencies to work in warehouses for the e-commerce giant.

    Interviews with workers, copies of pay slips, and WhatsApp messages from Amazon HR reveal that many had to work overtime beyond legal limits while others were let go without severance, forced to resign, or laid off after falling ill with COVID-19.

    “I felt the world crashing down on me,” Hidalgo said of his dismissal by Amazon having initially been recruited by one of the third-party firms used by the company to grow its workforce.

    “You feel betrayed and disappointed,” added Hidalgo, who was fired in December and now works for another online retailer.

    The conditions described by the former Amazon workers could be grounds for an inspection by labor officials, he said.

    “The phenomenon is a metastasizing cancer,” he said.

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    What Are Some Good Mexican Forwarding Services

    What should you look for a good forwarding service in Mexico? Price and reliability or two of the biggest factors. Fortunately, most of the forwarding companies are competitive in this area.

    We have partnered with MyUS, the No. 1 international shipping service to bring your favorite brands to you. With MyUS, you will be assigned a U.S.-based address where your package will be processed for shipping straight to your Mexican address.

    MyUS uses trusted delivery services like FedEx, UPS and DHL to ensure you receive your merchandise in the shortest amount of time.

    To get started:

  • and get your MyUS address to use at checkout
  • Shop online at US stores, and have your packages sent to your MyUS address
  • MyUS will let you know when you package has arrived and allow you to create a shipment request for all your purchases
  • Your shipments will arrive at your door in 2-4 business days
  • If you are ordering multiple items, be sure to select the “Premium Membership” for greatest savings!

    Here is a list of some other forwarding company you can check out


    While you can shop on and and have items delivered to your home in Mexico the best selection and delivery options come with using a dependable forwarding service. You can

    Questions & Answers

    How do I get to display English? Go to the language settings page here and set to English and save changes.

    Option : Shop On Amazon Usa Using A Shipping Forwarder

    This option tends to be a little more expensive but it makes buying from Amazon in a different country possible. It enables you to buy any product that Amazon wont ship directly to Mexico.

    Package forwarders provide a US address so that you can ship any product to the forwarder and then have them ship it to your Mexico address.

    Step 1:

    For Mexico customers, we recommend using Weve shipped more than 1,000 packages with six different package forwarders and MyUS has the lowest rates, is tax-free, and is the most popular US shipping forwarder by far.

    Signing up is easy, plus youll be able to see how much your shipment will cost before shipping anything to Mexico. Also, if you have any issues ordering in Amazon to Mexico, MyUSs concierge service can place the order for you.

    If you want to learn more about how MyUS works, just watch this short video:

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    How To Pay For Your Foreign Amazon Purchase

    If youve already read the section on fees above, and youre ready to go ahead and buy, this is what to do:

  • Select Add to Cart on the items page, and it will go into your shopping cart.

  • Repeat this for every item you want to buy.

  • Go to your cart via the Cart icon in the top right of the screen.

  • Check through the list of items youve added, and the price of each of them. Make adjustments to your cart as necessary.

  • Hit the Proceed to checkout button to start the payment. You might be prompted to log in at that point, to confirm your identity.

  • Select a shipping address – you can use an existing one or add a new one.

  • You may then have a choice of delivery options – for example, Standard, Expedited or Priority – which will affect how long itll take to arrive. Of course, each of these will cost something different. Dont be surprised if Amazon doesnt show you the cost upfront.

  • On the next page, you should see a full breakdown of costs, including the shipping cost. If youd rather explore different shipping options, you should still be able to change it at this point, and see what each costs. Watch out for how it affects the Import Fee Deposit, too.

  • If youre happy, place your order and wait for confirmation. Youre all set.

  • Conservation And Climate Change


    Environmentalists are concerned about loss of biodiversity that will result from destruction of the forest, and also about the release of the carbon contained within the vegetation, which could accelerate global warming. Amazonian evergreen forests account for about 10% of the world’s terrestrial primary productivity and 10% of the carbon stores in ecosystems of the order of 1.1 × 1011 metric tonnes of carbon. Amazonian forests are estimated to have accumulated 0.62 ± 0.37 tons of carbon per hectare per year between 1975 and 1996. In 2021 it was reported that the Amazon for the first time emitted more greenhouse gases than it absorbed.

    One computer model of future climate change caused by greenhouse gas emissions shows that the Amazon rainforest could become unsustainable under conditions of severely reduced rainfall and increased temperatures, leading to an almost complete loss of rainforest cover in the basin by 2100. However, simulations of Amazon basin climate change across many different models are not consistent in their estimation of any rainfall response, ranging from weak increases to strong decreases. The result indicates that the rainforest could be threatened through the 21st century by climate change in addition to deforestation.

    In April 2019, the Ecuadorian court stopped oil exploration activities in 180,000 hectares of the Amazon rainforest.

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    Shopping Tip : Pay Attention To Region Codes For Dvds And Blu

    There are numerous types of DVDs, indicated by region codes, which affect the territory in which theyre meant to be played. So, DVDs in the US usually have region code 1 and are therefore intended for US DVD players which play discs with the same code. In Europe, on the other hand, the region code is 2 – so European DVD players might not be able to play American DVDs³.

    You need to know the region code of both your DVD player and the DVD you want to buy – otherwise you might not be able to play it at all. Similarly, there are 3 Blu-ray region codes, so the same issue applies.

    Heres a quick table to show you the different regions for both DVDs and Blu-rays³.

    Country or Region
    Central Asia, South Asia, Mongolia, Russia, and China Code C

    Choose A Package Forwarder

    Choosing the right package forwarder is a big deal, because that decision will determine how quickly you receive your Amazon order, and how much you have to pay for the service. I recently spent 10+ hours doing some deep research on more than a dozen package forwarders, scoring each of them on a variety of metrics. Here are five of the main metrics I paid attention to:

    • Service Fees: How much do they charge to provide their core service of accepting and shipping packages, plus ancillary services such as long-term storage, re-packing, package consolidation, and more.
    • Monthly/Annual Fees: How much do they charge in monthly or annual fees, if anything.
    • Pricing Transparency: How much do I know about their fee structure before sending my order to their warehouse.
    • Speed: How quickly will they process my package.
    • Customer Service: How satisfied are other users with their service, and how thoroughly/quickly do they respond to my questions.

    After reviewing the data I collected on these and other metrics, it became clear to me that Planet Express was the best package forwarder for my Amazon orders. Their customer service team responded to my emails quickly and thoroughly, they have thousands of 5-star reviews online, and their fees were consistently lower than all of the other package forwarders I looked at.

    Here are a few other things I like about Planet Express:

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    Consider International Mail Forwarding / Freight Forwarders

    If Amazon doesnt offer shipping of a particular item to your country – or even if it does, but the shipping cost is too high – there might be another way. Forwarding services offer what could be an easy solution.

    A company like that, probably based in the US, can make Amazon orders on your behalf, ship the items to their address in the US, and then forward your purchases on to your home with international shipping.

    Many companies offer this service – one of the better-known ones is Flycrates, and various others are discussed on the Parcel Forward website. Of course, using a third-party like this complicates the process a little.

    It will likely mean the package takes longer to arrive to you, and naturally, youll have to check the cost carefully and make sure its good value for money.

    Amazon itself is careful to explain that using a freight forwarder does affect your ability to return items if theyre damaged or defective. But, depending on your location, this could be your only option to get stuff via Amazon.

    Good luck looking for your international purchase from Amazon – just make sure to keep an eye on the total cost.

    You can always get the mid-market rate on your international purchases with the Wise account. Sign up for free, and start saving money today!

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