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Is There An Amazon Fire Stick Remote App

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Using The Fire Tv Remote App

Lost Firestick Remote? Can This App Actually Replace Your Amazon Firestick Remote?

Upon installation, the Firestick remote app is available for use with the same features of your original remote but with some added extras to boot.

Shown below are screenshots of the app on an iPhone XS. However, this should be similar for all Apple devices including iPad.

Once the App is installed, you will need to connect the Firestick or Fire TV to your phone via Wi-Fi. The phone and Fire TV must be connected to the same Wi-Fi Network for use.

After opening the App, it will detect your device.

To Pair the Fire TV Remote App with your Device you must:

1. Select the Fire TV/Stick device you will be using

2. Once chosen, look for a 4 digit code that will appear on your TV

Your online activity is logged by your Internet Service Provider, app/addon devs, and government through your identifying IP address.

3. Type this code into your phones App

4. When recognized, it will access the Fire TV Remote App

The center of the Application is a touchpad for navigating through your Fire TV.

Swipe left, right, up, and down to move and operate the device. Tapping the center of the screen will click or select.

The buttons on the bottom function exactly the same as a typical Fire TV remote would. And on top is a toolbar that can be used for numerous capabilities within the device.

One of the best features of the remote app is the one-click launch ability for any app on your firestick device. Click the button next to the keyboard on your Firestick remote app to access:

Control Your Fire Tv Stick With Your Smartphone

Every Fire Stick and recently Fire Smart TVs come with a dedicated physical remote. The Fire TV remote comes with all the controls you would expect including media controls, volume, power and Alexa voice control. In most cases, I usually reach out to the remote to change an app or increase/reduce volume. However, Amazon also has a Fire TV App which includes a virtual remote for controlling your Fire TV.

Ultimately, the physical remote is what you would use for the most part. However, you might resort to the virtual remote especially when you can not find the physical one. Your smartphone is always with you, but TV remotes tend to like playing hide and seek with their owners. Comparatively, the virtual remote offers everything you would find with the physical remote except for the mute and power off buttons. Even if you dont intend to use the virtual remote, you might want to have it setup and installed on your smartphone as backup. Alright, heres how to do just that.

Amazon Fire Tv Game Controller

Another official Amazon remote is the Fire TV Game Controller. It takes its design cues from the controllers for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The controller has instant voice search and a headphone jack for private listening. And, thanks to its increased number of buttons, it lets you play . Naturally, you can still use it to navigate your Fire TV Stick in the regular way.

Unfortunately, the gaming controller is not compatible with the 4K Fire TV, the 4K Fire Stick, Fire TV Edition TVs, or the Fire TV Cube.

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How To Setup The Fire Tv App

Download the virtual remote from the Google and iOS app stores. Its called Fire TV. Before you start the App, ensure that your smartphone and Fire Stick are connected to the same WiFi network. This is really important because the app uses this to easily discover and Find compatible Fire TV Sticks on the network. Now start the Fire TV app. You should see a prompt to connect to one of the discovered Fire Sticks on the network. For my case, the app found the SFTSS_14RN. Tap on the discovered device.

You should see a message displayed on your Firestick showing the App connection request with a security PIN code that you should enter on your phone. Enter it. Now the Fire TV App should be connected to your Fire TV Stick. You should be able to control your Fire TV with the remote app now.

Another reason you might prefer using the virtual remote app is the ease and convenience ofentering text in form fields. This comes in handy when registering or signing in to your streaming services or even Amazon account. Sure you can use the physical remote along with the on-screen keyboard, but its painstakingly slow for anyone whos tried typing text in Smart TV. The virtual remote takes advantage of your smartphones QWERTY keyboard making entering your usernames/passwords a snap. You can always find the keyboard at the top right corner of the virtual remote.

Heres our video step by step video tutorial on how to setup the FireTV App as a virtual remote for controlling your Firestick.

Use The Fire Tv App To Pair Your Remote

Amazon Fire Stick with Alexa Voice Remote  A Beautiful Space

To pair a new or replacement Fire TV Remote, use the Fire TV app.


  • Open the Fire TV app on your mobile device.
  • Use the Fire TV app to go to Settings on your Fire TV device.
  • Select Controllers & Bluetooth Devices.
  • Select Amazon Fire TV Remotes.
  • Select Add New Remote.
  • For more help, try our .

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    Do Without Your Amazon Fire Tv Remote

    The Fire TV app offers a convenient way to operate your Fire TV device without the physical Fire TV Remote. If you have issues using the Fire TV app, the above recommendations should fix them. Otherwise, for further assistance.

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    You Can Download The Fire Tv App On Your Smartphone And Use It As A Remote For Your Amazon Firestick Here’s How You Can Do It

    : With the help of your Amazon Fire TV Stick, also called Firestick, a media streaming device, you can stream videos, play music and also install various applications on your television. The Amazon Firestick comes with a remote, a handy and small device, but one can also lose it.

    You don’t need the remote that comes with the Firestick to control it to enjoy your Netflix web series. You can still watch your favorite web series even if you lose your Amazon Firestick remote.

    You can download the Fire TV app and use it as a remote control if you are an iPhone or an Android user. After the app is downloaded, it will allow you to connect to any Firestick on the same Wi-Fi network.

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    Cetus Play Universal Remote

    Cetus Play is another Fire TV Stick remote app that lets you control your device with your mobile. This app is supported on Android, iOS, and Kindle mobile, tablets, and other handheld devices. It is available by the name Fire TV Universal Remote Android TV Kodi CetusPlay.

    Cetus Play also works with Android TV devices.

    Note: Your FireStick/Fire TV and mobile/tablet must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network for Cetus Play to work

    1. Look up for Cetus Play app on your mobile device in the respective app store and install it

    2. Open the app. It will ask for the following permission . Tap Allow

    3. Tap Get Started if you see this screen

    4. Cetus Play will now scan your Wi-Fi network and look for any Fire TV/FireStick or Android TV devices.

    This is how it displays the connected Fire TV devices

    Tap your FireStick device. You can identify your device with its IP address. If you dont know the IP address of your Fire TV device, I have provided the steps above to locate it.

    5. You will also see the following prompt on your TV screen Allow USB debugging? Check the box Always allow from this computer and click OK

    6. Get back to your mobile device on which you installed Cetus Play Fire TV remote app

    For Cetus Play to work, it must be installed on both your mobile and FireStick.

    You will see the notification Installing Cetus Play on the TV device

    7. When Cetus Play has installed on your FireStick, the following Connecting screen appears for a moment

    Choose one of the other modes

    How To Download And Install Amazon Fire Tv For Pc Or Mac:

    Fire TV Stick: How to Download/Install Apps
    • Open the emulator software from the start menu or desktop shortcut in your PC.
    • You will be asked to login into Google account to be able to install apps from Google Play.
    • Once you are logged in, you will be able to search for Amazon Fire TV and clicking on the Install button should install the app inside the emulator.
    • In case Amazon Fire TV is not found in Google Play, you can download Amazon Fire TV APK file and double clicking on the APK should open the emulator to install the app automatically.
    • You will see the Amazon Fire TV icon inside the emulator, double clicking on it should run Amazon Fire TV on PC or MAC with a big screen.

    Follow above steps regardless of which emulator you have installed.

    Related Apps

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    Ipazzport Mini Bluetooth Keyboard For Fire Tv

    As we’ve noted, one of the biggest frustrations of using a regular remote with an Amazon Fire TV device is the lack of a keyboard.

    Many apps have a sign-in process, but more importantly, there’s also a choice of web browsers to use on your Fire TV Stick that let you surf the internet. The lack of a keyboard makes the browsers almost impossible to use efficiently.

    The solution could be the iPazzPort Mini Bluetooth Keyboard for Fire TV. The backlit device is about the same size as the regular remote. It also has basic navigation controls to let you move around the screen and select content.

    About Amazon Fire Tv For Pc

    Free download Amazon Fire TV for PC Windows or MAC from BrowserCam. Amazon Mobile LLC published Amazon Fire TV for Android operating system mobile devices. However if you ever wanted to run Amazon Fire TV on Windows PC or MAC you can do so using Android emulator. At the end of this article you will find our how-to steps which you can follow to install and run Amazon Fire TV on PC or MAC.

    When was the last time you watched anything on Cable or DTH? Quite a while, right. Nowadays, were more inclined to streaming platforms that give us the opportunity to explore a wide range of content whenever we want. The Amazon Fire TV is a great app that works when you have the Amazon Fire TV Stick. The app is free to use for all mobile platforms. The app gives your Fire TV an enhanced experience. Weve compiled some of the best features of the Amazon Fire TV app for you.

    Simple Navigation

    Navigating an app for your TV is troublesome on its own, so its crucial to have good navigation throughout the app. The app lets you navigate comfortably without any problems. The app also lets you have a simple keyboard with easy entry of text. You dont have to hunt or peck anymore. You also have a quick access feature to access your favorite games and apps.

    Playback Controls

    Pair All Devices

    Voice Search

    So, if youre looking for some great content and an easy way to watch, Amazon Fire TV is your best friend. Download it today on your smartphones and tablets!

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    Best Buy Customers Often Prefer The Following Products When Searching For Fire Stick Remote

    The Amazon Fire TV Stick is a nifty, inexpensive streaming media player. It’s easy to use and works with a variety of apps and services. It makes watching your favorite movies and shows easy and convenient. Browse the top-ranked list of Fire Stick remotes below along with associated reviews and opinions.

  • Top comment

    Needed a new remote for my wife’s firestick and the remote cost more than buying a new stick but all was in stock were the remotes so I just purchased it….lost my original firestickremote this one pairs perfectly with firestickFireStickRemote…Amazon FireRemote

    See all Streaming Media PlayersTop comment

    Needed a new remote for my wife’s firestick and the remote cost more than buying a new stick but all was in stock were the remotes so I just purchased it….lost my original firestickremote this one pairs perfectly with firestickFireStickRemote…Amazon FireRemote

  • Amazon Fire Tv App For Ios Or Android

    Weve Chosen One Clear Winner

    The Amazon Fire TV app is a great option for replacing your remote, or for if youre feeling especially lazy and dont want to get up to go find the remote. Its a very simple, stripped-down app that gives you all the buttons youll need to manage video content, adjust the settings on your FireTV, and even use the phones microphone to ask Alexa questions, tell it to search for shows for you, or connect it to your soundbar for better audio.

    With just a swipe, you can control your Fire TV Stick from your phones app , meaning you dont need to get a replacement if you use yours. On top of the obvious functionality of the app, you can also do more than just reproduce the experience of having a remote. You can manage your recordings, and in some cases you can even see whats on those channels now right from the app.

    The way the remote works is through WiFi, so your phone will have to be connected to the same WiFi network as the Fire TV Stick, so be aware of that. One thing the app cant do is act as a remote for playing games. This is a bit of a bummer since most games on mobile devices have no problem using the touch screen for input and so youd think it would be easy to reproduce those controls on the Fire TV App.

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    How To Setup Firestick Remote App On Your Device

    Now that you installed the Amazon Fire TV app on your mobile device, the setup process is pretty straightforward at this point. The service that is needed for communicating with the Fire TV app already comes pre-installed on Fire OS. This eliminates the need to install an app on the Firestick for the setup process. You can follow the rest of the steps below to set up the Firestick remote app with your Firestick.

    • Turn on your Firestick, then make sure that you are connected to your home Wi-Fi network .
    • Open the Amazon Fire TV app on your mobile device. Also, dont forget to connect to the same Wi-Fi network your Firestick is connected to.
    • Click Sign In at the bottom.
    • Enter your Amazon account credentials. You can also use the app without signing in to your Amazon account. However, you miss out on a few functionalities of the app.
    • In a while, you will see your Fire TV device in the list of devices.
    • When you select it, a 4-digit code will appear on your TV.
    • Now enter the code in the app and let it pair with your Firestick.

    Upon successful pairing, you will see the virtual remote layout that resembles the Firestick remote.

    How To Control A Fire Tv Stick Without A Remote

    The Fire TV Stick is an incredibly handy device. In the streaming-stick world, the other competitors cant really compete with the backend of Amazon, which allows all the apps you want as well as direct access to Amazons streaming video library. The Fire TV Stick even comes with a handy remote, although you dont technically need it to control the device.

    Methods for Controlling a Fire TV Stick without a Remote Control:

  • Use the Amazon Fire TV App
  • Enable HDMI CEC and Use the TVs Remote
  • Use a Compatible Universal Remote Control
  • Use Voice Control from an Amazon Echo Device
  • Maybe you lost the remote for your Fire TV in a move or, more likely, your dog discovered just how satisfying that soft-touch coating is to destroy. If you dont have the remote that came with the Fire TV Stick, you can order but it may be easier to use one of these options to control the Fire TV Stick without the original, matching remote.

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    Use Alexa Voice Controls To Control A Firestick Without A Remote

    Finally, if you have an Echo device somewhere in your house that is linked to your Amazon account, you can use Alexa to control and manage your Fire Stick with just your voice. Heres how to set it up.

  • Head to the Alexa app on your phone, then select the More tab along the bottom of your display, followed by Settings.
  • Under Alexa Preferences, select TV & Video.
  • Tap Fire TV from the list of options.
  • Tap Link Your Alexa Device, then follow the final setup instructions to link your gadgets together.
  • You can also link individual service providers in this menu, including Prime Video, Hulu, NBC, and more. These skills allow you to use commands for specific services rather than your Fire TV in general, and theyre all worth setting up for the services you pay for each month.

    Using The Sideclick To Add Extra Functions To The Fire Tv Remote

    How to sync a Amazon fire stick remote control

    If youre reading this article, youre probably here because you want to know how to control the Fire TV Stick without any remote at all but this discussion around remotes and the Fire TV wouldnt be complete without a quick mention of the Sideclick Universal Remote Attachment . This really clever device clicks onto your Amazon Fire TV Remote and adds more buttons and more functionality.

    Its worth knowing about, because if you read this article and then choose to purchase a replacement Amazon TV remote, you may want to add the Sideclick for the added functionality. Its designed to control your TV or Receiver, really any IR-based home theater equipment, in the same way, that a universal remote is.

    It has an IR blaster and is super simple to set up and train with the existing remotes. So as you plan your next step in how to control your Fire TV Stick, be sure to quickly peruse Sideclicks product page to see if its something youd like.

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